Lady Liddy Ch. 02

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*This continues the explorations of the lovely, curvaceous Lady Liddy and her husband. Please feel free to leave comments or send me suggestions for future chapters. Thank you for reading–you truly make this fun!*

Chapter 02

Lady Liddy’s Lucky Neighbor

“Laurie, this is Liddy. What time does your husband leave in the morning?”

That call was at 10pm last night, and Laurie had been playing it over in her head ever since. Her heart had nearly leapt out of her chest, and it had kept thumping so hard she was afraid she was going to wake her husband. It was everything she could do to keep from touching herself–even so, she’d already ruined two pairs of panties, and she’d just gotten the kids out the door to school.

Laurie had made an ass of herself yesterday afternoon at lunch, after Liddy had told her about her husband Paul’s secret fetish for forced pussy licking. God, Laurie thought, she couldn’t believe she actually asked if she could borrow her husband’s tongue. She’d nearly died of embarrassment. Elizabeth had stammered a reply, and she couldn’t get away fast enough. Still, for the rest of the day, all Laurie could think about was Paul’s head between her thighs, his face sticky with her juices.

And then the phone rang. “Laurie, this is Liddy. What time does your husband leave in the morning?”

“Uh, what? Why?” Laurie had answered, laying in bed next to her husband Todd. She whispered into the phone as he snored away. “What’s up, Liddy?”

“What time will you be alone tomorrow?”

Laurie’s mind went blank. Was this real? Holy Shit! Was this something she really wanted? She didn’t waste time thinking about it. “8:00am, Liddy. Todd leaves at 7:00, and the kids are out the door by 8:00. Are you kidding me?”

“No, Laurie, I’m not.” Elizabeth’s voice sounded deep and breathless. “Be ready at 8:15.”

Laurie looked over at her sleeping husband and thought about yesterday morning’s wasted attempt at seduction. He hadn’t satisfied her in months, and though she’d begged him to finish her off yesterday, he’d just used her, shot his load inside her, and left her laying on the bed while he got dressed for work. “I’ll be ready,” Laurie whispered, her hand cupping her breast inside her sheer nightgown.

The morning went like most others. Todd got up, ignored her, and got dressed for work. She tried for a repeat of yesterday, but he was running late, and ran out the door without so much as a goodbye kiss. After six years, this was the usual treatment. Laurie deserved better. Even after two children, her body was great. She worked hard to keep her toned, tanned figure, and her breasts were the envy of the neighborhood. She was proud of her ass, and as she sent the children out the door, she paused in front of the mirror to admire herself. The blonde soccer mom who smiled back wasn’t supposed to have an unhappy Bostancı escort sex life–she was supposed to be making men drool with her fantastic legs and her perfect, pert nipples. And in twenty minutes, she was going to have someone drooling for her again. She shuddered with excitement as she ran upstairs for her third change of underwear.

No sooner had Laurie slid her pink panties over her tanned and toned thighs than the doorbell rang. Heart pounding in her chest, the suburban housewife wrapped herself in her best house coat and raced down the stairs to meet Paul. She paused in front of the hallway mirror to check her shoulder-length blonde hair, making sure every hair was in it’s place for her best friend’s husband. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the doorknob and turned.

And came face to face with Elizabeth. All 250 pounds of her. She wasn’t the spouse Laurie had been counting on. “Can I come in?”

“Uh…yeah,” Laurie stammered. “Always.”

Elizabeth stepped inside and shut the door. “You look lovely,” she said. “I just wanted to talk to you for a minute.”

“Look, Liddy, if you’re not OK with this–“

“Oh, no,” Elizabeth placed a finger to her lips. “I’ve been thinking about this all night.” She leaned in close and whispered in her best friend’s ear. “And my pussy’s been soaked all night thinking about my husband between your legs.” She stepped back. “So you can’t back out now.”

Laurie smiled. “Oh Liddy. I’m on my third pair of panties this morning! I’m so excited! I can’t believe you called me last night.”

“Paul’s outside. He’s waiting. But I wanted to talk to you first. Just to make a couple of things clear. First,” Elizabeth looked at her slim friend, “he’ll do as he’s told. He’s her to please you–but not the other way around. So oral only. He should get on his knees and stay there.”

“Mmm…A man who’s here to please me, and not just fuck me an leave me? I can handle that, Liddy.”

Elizabeth fixed her with a stern gaze. “I thought you might, you naughty girl.” She reached out and stroked her cheek. “Second, send his ass–and his hard cock–straight back to me when you’re through with his tongue. I plan on using him. Can you do that?”

“Oh, honey,” Laurie said, feeling the beginnings of dampness in her new lingerie, “I can do that for you.”

“OK, babe. I’m counting on you.” Chubby Elizabeth extended her big arms and wrapped her slim friend in a powerful hug. “Have fun,” she said with a smile.

She slipped out the door, and in seconds was replaced with her husband, Paul, dressed in a grey suit and a red and black tie. Laurie inhaled sharply. Paul was an attractive man, slim, with dark hair and a short, well-groomed beard. He was a concert producer, often rubbing elbows with rock stars and music industry big shots, and Laurie often wondered what he saw in Elizabeth. But today, she didn’t Anadolu Yakası Escort care. For right now, Paul was hers, and she was going to enjoy her moment. “Hello Paul.”

Paul, looking nervous, stepped inside the door. “Hello,” he said, sheepishly.

Laurie looked outside and watched her friend Elizabeth walk back home. She turned back to Paul. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get your sexy as upstairs!”

The suited man bounded up the stairs with the enthusiasm of a schoolboy on Christmas morning. Laurie smiled at his excitement, and could feel her own building. She resisted the urge to run up the stairs after him, instead gliding silently up to her bedroom, where she found Elizabeth’s husband waiting respectfully at the foot of her bed.

“What would you like from me?” he asked. Laurie walked past him, running her finger along his bearded chin. “I want you on your knees, Sir. Now.”

Paul dropped immediately to his knees, looking up at the blonde woman who now towered over him. She looked down and tousled his hair. Though it took all of her restraint not to rip it off, she slowly, seductively untied her silk housecoat and let it fall open, revealing her breasts to the cool house air. Immediately, her nipples stuck out, and she rubbed one without thinking about it, eliciting a moan from her lips–and a groan from Paul’s.

Her free hand rested on his head, her fingers weaving into his hair. She let him watch her for a minute, teasing him until she couldn’t wait any longer and she tightened her fingers into his hair and pulled his face into the front of her already moist panties.

He breathed deeply, taking in her musky scent. “You like that?” she asked, tilting her hips forward to give him a better angle. “Can you smell how excited I am?”

Paul’s reply was muffled, but Laurie assumed it was positive, so she leaned back on the bed and pulled him even deeper between her thighs, pressing his nose into the drenched gusset of her pink lace panties. She could feel him burrow excitedly into the wet fabric, the friction on her clit sending little jolts of electricity up her spine and more liquid flooding her already wet pussy.

Laurie couldn’t take much more. After years of neglect, her clitoris was begging for direct attention. She pushed Paul away, even as he tried to push his face back to her. “Easy, boy,” she said, putting a hand on his forehead and standing up. Laurie took a step away, and let Paul watch as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her underwear and slid them over her hips and down her tight thighs and muscular calves. She stepped out of them and then, with a wicked smile, wadded her sodden pink lace panties into a ball and stuffed them into the breast pocket of Paul’s tailor-made suit coat.

“Now,” she said, leaning back on the bed, “you can do what you came here for.”

“Oh,” Paul Kadıköy Escort said, leaning forward. “Thank you.” He almost jumped forward, ready to devour her, and slipped his tongue directly into her juicy folds. Laurie wasn’t prepared for a direct assault, and jumped, letting out a gasp as his tongue found her sensitive button. She grasped at the bedspread as he sucked her clit into his mouth, twirling his tongue around it, causing her to thrash wildly.

“Fuck!” she screamed, and struggled to catch her breath. After begging her husband to make her cum, she was going to have to beg Elizabeth’s husband to slow down. But Paul didn’t need to be told. Instinctively, he slowed his pace, backing off her clit and running his tongue over her swollen lips, nibbling on the tender skin of her inner thighs. He licked her deeply, pushing his tongue inside her, and then running it up to her clit, causing her to issue a deep, low moan and coating his face with a thick coating of her sticky juices.

“Do it now, Paul,” she begged him, grabbing him by his hair and pulling him to her. “Make me cum!” Paul’s tongue attacked Laurie’s swollen clit with new intensity, alternating between circling round it and lapping at it, driving her insane with lust. Laurie gasped, tossing her head back on the bed,as Paul licked her over and over. She squeezed her thighs tight against his head as she edged ever closer, and Paul, sensing her impending orgasm, wrapped his lips around her clit and surrounded her with a blanket of pleasure, flooding her senses as she flooded his face. She felt herself explode and fall over the edge, letting loose with a scream of release as she clamped her powerful thighs around his face. Paul stopped his relentless assault on her pussy, and Laurie slowly relaxed her legs, releasing him. He didn’t move, though, content to stare at her wet crease as she panted and caught her breath. Laurie laid on the bed, her hands above her head, covering her eyes, struggling to maintain her composure with the handsome man between her knees.

“That was incredible,” she said breathlessly. “Thank you.” She sat up, and kissed him on the forehead.

“You’re welcome.” Paul grinned from ear to ear, and Laurie looked down and saw the magnificent bulge in his trousers. Wicked thoughts passed through her mind, like how she wanted his cock inside her so bad it hurt, and how that cow Elizabeth didn’t deserve a man like Paul. But she pushed them out of her head and pulled Paul to his feet.

“That was wonderful,” she said, pulling him close to her, “and I want you badly. But I have to send you,” she reached down and stroked his rock hard cock through his pants, “and that, back home to Liddy. She’s waiting for you.”

Paul smiled. “You tasted so good.”

“You can taste me anytime you want, lover,” she said, kissing him on the mouth. “And you’re right, I do.” With that, she led him down the stairs and to the door. She opened it and he stepped outside.

“Oh,” he said, “do you need these?” Laurie looked down and saw that Paul was holding her pink lace panties. She smiled.

“You know what,” Laurie said with a sly grin, “just bring them back next time.”

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