Laura and Rachel Meet

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I didn’t know who the young lady was but I somehow felt a connection to her once I saw her at the bar. I was sitting in the corner; I had just finished eating lunch when I saw her come in. As soon as I saw her my heart began to beat fast and my eyes couldn’t get enough of her. She seemed to be five feet and nine inches, with beautiful red hair and an amazing body. I couldn’t see her face that well but I imagined that it was beautiful. She sat down at the bar and ordered a drink; clearly she just came for a quick drink. She left to the ladies room at one point and as soon as she came out she immediately walked out the front door. I noticed she had left her bag so I went after her grabbing her bag on the way out. “Excuse me miss you forgot your bag.”She turned around and I was finally brought face to face with this beauty. She had the face of an angel so beautiful with deep forest green colored eyes and a smile that would immediately make you smile, which is exactly what I did when she smiled. “Oh my, I had forgotten all about this bag, thank you.” She said in the most beautiful melodic voice.

“Your welcome, I just assumed you would want it.”

“Yes of course thank you, I’m Rachel by the way.”She said as she shook my hand with a firm yet soft grip.

“I’m Laura, nice meeting you, but if you’ll excuse me I must go back to work.” I said as I shook her hand once again and my heart began to beat quickly at her touch. I began to walk away I didn’t understand why I hadn’t asked her out but it really didn’t matter as she called my name.



“I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner with me tomorrow?”

I couldn”t believe my luck she was actually asking me out. “Yes, of course I’d love to.” I replied in an eager voice.

“Great I’ll pick you up tomorrow at six. Is that ok with you?”

“Yes of course, here let me write down my number and my address.”I wrote my number and address on a sheet of paper and handed it to her, our fingers grazing each other and a shiver erupted from my neck to my stomach at her touch.

“Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow Laura.” She said before she went back to her car, I couldn’t stop my eyes from noticing her ass swaying as she walked away; and into her car. After she drove away I just stud there amazed at the events that had just occurred. I went to work later that day but it seemed that even though I tried to concentrate my thoughts always returned to Rachel and her beauty. Finally I just told my boss I felt sick and headed home; on my way home I picked up some pizza and headed to my apartment. Once I got home I relaxed on the couch and turned on the news, even though I wasn’t going to watch it. As I ate my pizza I kept thinking of Rachel, her eyes that mesmerized me, her luscious lips that I want to capture with mine in a passionate kiss, her body so beautiful that I want to explore. I didn’t know how long I’ve been thinking about Rachel but it must have been a long time for when I looked up it was 8 o’clock I had been thinking for four hours about Rachel. I got myself up from the couch and headed to the restroom to take a shower. As I was undressing I caught myself looking at the tattoo, designed by a Celt, on my neck that led all the way to my pussy. I quickly finished undressing and headed to the shower as I got in, the water was just hot enough to relax my bones and wash away my stress and memories of Rachel. I finished showering and headed to my room, changed into my pants and t-shirt as soon as I was done I laid in bed and began to drift off before I could think of Rachel again.

The next morning I woke up as soon as my alarm started beeping and got dressed for work. As soon as I was done dressing I ate some cereal for breakfast and was heading out when I noticed an envelope under my door. I picked it up and opened it.

Dear Laura,

I forgot to tell you to wear something comfortable for dinner tonight. I hope you don’t think I was stalking you outside your apartment or something. I hope you still decide to come with me tonight.



Well that was a nice surprise I put the letter on my couch as I realized I would be late for work if I didn’t leave now. I headed to work and got there just in time, as I began working my boss came by and asked if I was feeling better and I politely replied with a yes. During lunch break I didn’t feel hungry so I headed to Starbucks and ordered a coffee. As soon as lunch break was over I headed back to work, luckily by the end of the day I had finished all my work including the one I didn’t do yesterday. I left work at 4 o’clock and headed straight home to take a shower. Once I was out I couldn’t decide what to wear. At the end I choose some blue jeans and a black button up shirt with my leather jacket. I went to the restroom and washed my teeth and combed my hair luckily I had shoulder length hair, so I was finished quickly. I was chubby but man did I look good in leather for a 21 year old. I went back to my room, put some perfume esenyurt escort on and my black Nikes, they were nice looking with the rest of my outfit. At 5:45 she wasn’t here yet so I decided to take a drink of wine while she got here in order to relax. At 6 o’clock sharp I heard a knock on my door and I opened it and came face to face with the red headed beauty. She was wearing a pair of leather pants with a red buttoned up shirt and a black vest with 2-inch high-heeled boots. “Wow.” Is all I could say at that moment. The leather pants were hugging her thighs and ass perfectly, as well as her shirt. I could see the buttons straining, trying to keep her boobs from jumping out.

“Um ah. I’m sorry come in Rachel.” I stammered out.

“I’d love to but we actually should be leaving.”

“Of course, let me just grab my keys.” I said as I headed back to my room and grabbed the keys.

As soon as I came back she headed outside to her car and I followed as my eyes kept traveling to her ass.

“You better not be staring at my ass Laura.” She said with a hint of laughter in her voice, which caused me to blush.

Once we got to her car we both got in and she started driving towards the restaurant

“Your very beautiful Laura.” Rachel had whispered these words to me so quietly that I wasn’t sure if I had heard her right.

” Thank you, but I’d have to say that you’re the beautiful one Rachel.”

“Thank you.” She whispered to me with a blush.

We got there in no time and headed to the restaurant as soon as she stopped the car we got out. As we went in, there was a waiter already waiting for us. According to his nametag his name was George.

” We have a reservation under the name Vaughn.” Rachel told him.

“Of course Ms. Vaughn, please follow me.” George said as we began to follow him to our table that was hidden in the corner. We sat down and ordered drinks and began to look over the menu. When George came back with our wine we gave him our order and just sat there drinking and staring at each other. I couldn’t get the fact that I was on a date with this beautiful creature that was way out of my league.

” Thank you for inviting me here Rachel.” I said.

“Your welcome Laura.”

“So what do you have planned for tomorrow Ray?”


” I’m sorry I meant Rachel.”

“No Ray is nice, I kind of like it.” Rachel said with a smile.

” Are you sure?”

“Of course Laura, so tell me about yourself dear.”

” There really isn’t much to tell Ray, I work at an office, love playing volleyball and swimming, I tend to drink a lot, I have no pets or family, and I’m a messy person when it comes to my room. I’ve been told I’m very outgoing and fun to be with as well as kind hearted and adventurous.”

“What happened to your family?”

“I’m the only child, my father left a year after I was born, my mother died in a car crash when I was twelve. After my mother died her parents took me in since I never meet my grandparents from my father’s side. According to my mother both my parents were the only children. When I turned 17 my mother’s parents died and I moved out from where I was living and began my life here. Luckily for me my mother comes from a rich family that had money so I don’t really need to work, yet I love doing it. I don’t like to just depend on my family’s money. How about you tell me about yourself Ray. “

“God I’m so sorry Laura.” She said with sympathy as she put her hand over mine. We had finished our dinner but decided to stay a little while, drink wine, and just relax. “Well, what can I tell you about me, I’m a neat freak, I tend to drink on a daily basis, I have no pets, the only family I have left that hasn’t died yet are my brother Michael and my father James. I come from old money, so I don’t ever have to work.”

” I’m sorry for your loss Ray, but we seem to have a few similar things.”

“Indeed we do.” She said with a grin as she finished drinking her wine. “Shall we go now Laura?”

“Sure thing Rachel.” We left the restaurant and as we headed to Rachel’s car she was about to slip but stopped when I put my arm around her waist pulling her up against my body. We were so close that I could feel every single curve on her body. We were a perfect fit, she wasn’t taller then me and she wasn’t too short, she was on three inches shorter and yet she was perfect. I had my left arm around her waist and with my right hand I gently caressed her cheek looking deep in her eyes. Without acknowledgement Rachel leaned her cheek closer against my hand and closed her eyes at my touch. ” God Rachel you’re so beautiful, I don’t even know how to describe your beauty.” I whispered to her. I leaned my lips towards hers and as soon as I touched her lips I moaned for she had the softest lips that I have ever kissed. We stud there, her arms around my neck and my hands were now around her waist holding her against me, the world lost to us. Once she opened istanbul escort her lips I slid my tongue in her mouth, before we knew it we were French kissing like some horny teenagers. We pulled away from each other so we could catch our breath, ” wow that was amazing Ray.”

“Your telling me Laura I could go on forever just kissing you, god your amazing.” Rachel said as she caressed my cheek before giving me a peek on the cheek. ” We should go somewhere more private, don’t you think love?”

“I was thinking the same thing.” I told her as we headed back to her car.

Rachel gave me her keys to her car and I looked at her blankly.

” I don’t think I can drive right now love, maybe you should drive us to your place?” she whispered to me. I just nodded as we got in her car and headed to my apartment. Once we got there I got out and helped her out of the car and into my apartment, luckily my place was cleaned except for my room.

“Make yourself at home Ray, I’m a change clothes, there’s drinks on the top cabin over the TV, I’ll be right back. I told her as I left towards my room. I ended up changing into some shorts and a large hoodie. As I was walking back to my living room I found Rachel lying on my couch with some tequila on the small table in the middle of the room and salt on her hand licking at it. Yet that’s not what caught my eye, what caught my eye was the fact that she was naked; all my senses circled in on her, she took my breath away, and I imagined my mouth was hanging open. I started walking towards her making sure my mouth was closed as I got near her. Um ah well. you look um amazing,” I stammered out as she looked at me already a bit drunk from the wine at the restaurant and now the tequila.

Rachel blushed and this time I could see that it wasn’t just her face that blushed but almost her whole body did. She scooted up putting her knees under her and making space for me, I sat right in front of her we were so close yet so far apart. I took a shot of tequila as and licked the salt of her offered hand in a sensual way making her take a deep shuddering breath.

“You know Laura there’s something wrong with this picture don’t you think?”

“It seems that whatever is wrong Ray I can’t figure it out, do you mind telling me what it is?”

“My dear Laura can you not see that you’re wearing clothes and that is what is wrong with this picture, she slurred in a melodic voice. She sat up and began to undress me, clothing was flying everywhere in my apartment as she got me naked as the day I was born. She put her arms around me and laid back down stretching her legs, which caused me to lay on top of her my body in between her legs our bodies pressing together. I reached out for the tequila and drank my shot, Rachel still had salt on her hand but as she was getting it close to my mouth it fell on her neck. She was about to reach for some more salt on the table but I stopped her when I began to lick her neck where the salt had landed.

“Mmmmm, baby that feels so good, keep licking my love.” She whispered in my ear as she moved her head backwards exposing more of her neck. I kept licking and sucking her neck until there wasn’t a single trace of salt left, before I pulled away from her neck I bit her causing her to gasp. I placed the tequila on the table before I pulled up a bit to look deep into Rachel’s eyes asking her silently with my eyes. She nodded after awhile and put her arms around my neck pulling me towards her for a kiss. As soon as our lips touched the fire inside me was unleashed. I kissed her with passion sliding my tongue in her mouth exploring it; our tongues it seemed were dancing to there own rhythm. I started to caress her sides with my hands rubbing her skin as I deepened my kiss; I pulled up a bit to look in her eyes, to find the lust plainly visible in front of me. I sucked on her bottom lip before trailing kissing to her neck, I began to kiss it and nibble on it making her moan softly. I bit her causing her to moan louder, letting me know the pleasure she was feeling. I moved my lip to her earlobe and gently bit it before pulling my lips away to kiss her again. This time I didn’t stop at her neck I went directly to her nipples and began to suck on her left one. My tongue was flicking against her hard nipple making her breath shorter and coming out quicker. As I licked both her nipples and also sucking and biting them, making them harder than they already were, I began to rub her pussy lips. “God baby your so fucking wet.” I whispered as I trailed my lips lower kissing her stomach. “mmm I know babe, maybe you should take care of all my wetness “oh god mmmm babe oh fuck, stop teasing me Laura and just fuck me!!!” I smiled, as she got tired of my teasing, I put 2 fingers in her pussy easily from all her wetness. ” oh fuck babyyyy god go deeper” I moved my fingers deeper in her pussy sliding them in and out of her, making her groan and moan with pleasure. I couldn’t stand it anymore needed to taste her beylikdüzü escort to feel her under my tongue, quivering with pleasure. I lowered my mouth to her pussy, taking in her womanly smell, as soon as I smelled her feminine aroma I lost it, I slid mytongue deep in her pussy making her hips grind against my face as I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me. I couldn’t stop myself from licking her pussy tongue fucking her and sucking her clit taking it deep between my lips and sucking the life out of it, I was sucking her clit pretty damn well as I slid 3 fingers back in her pussy deep and hard, I began to slide them in and out of her going knuckle deep each time I put my finger in her pussy. “Oh fuck baby I’m coming fuck god fuck fuck fuck, go faster Laura deeper baby, suck my clit baby finger my cunt make me your bitch baby mmmmm gosh, oh god baby im coming I’m coming mmmmmm.”I took all of her cum in my mouth not missing a single drop as I licked her pussy until she was all clean, I pulled up and kissed Rachel deeply leaving her panting and short of breath. I pulled her body on top of mine as she began to drift off to sleep, I couldn’t help but think that I would never get enough of this woman laying in my arms, soon we both fell asleep with a smile on our faces.

The next morning I woke up when I a felt a tongue on my stomach going downward, I looked down to find Rachel looking up at me. ” You know I can get used to this tattoo, it’s very sexy on you, I’ve enjoyed trailing it with my tongue, love. “she whispered as she kept going lower. As her tongue flicked across my clit I couldn’t help but moan in response. She pressed harder against my clit making me shudder with pleasure. It didn’t take long for me too cum as she kept teasing and biting my clit. She moved on top of my body once she was finished. “You know I can get used to waking up like this Rachel,” I said as I kissed her gently on the lips while putting my arms around her, holding her against my body. ” So what are your plans for today Rachel? “

” Mmm I have no idea, my love.”

” I think that we should go check out some movies and come back and rest while we eat popcorn, how does that sound Ray?”

” I believe that sounds like a good plan, but first lets take a shower,” she said as she stood up and took me with her to the shower. Since we were both naked all we had to do is turn on the water and get in. Rachel went in first and I enjoyed the view of the water running down her body, her nipples were hard and all I wanted to do was run my lips over her nipples and suck on each one. ” Are you going to stare at me all the time or are you going to take a shower, my dear Laura?”

I chuckled at this as I replied, “I think I am going to do both.””

Rachel smiled at me as she looked at me and turned around, her back facing me as well as her beautiful heart shaped ass. I moved up behind her and kissed her shoulder as I cupped both her breast from behind. She arched her back against my body as she felt my fingers playing with her nipples and my kisses on her shoulders. I grabbed the soap and lathered soap on a rag; I began to run the ra over her neck lightly washing it in a massaging way. The water took the soap away almost as soon as it touched her skin. I started washing her nipples as I kissed her neck. As soon as I finished with her breast I began to wash her back and her stomach. I began to wash her ass groping it in my process, causing her to push her ass against my hands. I turned her around so I could wash over her pussy causing her to close her eyes and moan with pleasure. “Open your eyes Rachel, look at me baby.” I got on my knees and washed her legs looking up at her; once I finished I looked up at her to see that she was washing her hair. I laughed as I looked at her with shampoo running down her face and body the water washing it away. As soon as she was all washed up I stud up and quickly washed my hair and body. ” So Laura you get to wash me but I don’t get to wash?” she asked with a smile on her face. “Maybe you can someday baby but not today” I said as I pulled her against my body. I put my hand around her waist and pulled her against my body and with my other hand I caressed her cheek as I kissed her, immediately she pulled me closer and kissed me deeper. I fisted her hair and pushed her against the bathroom wall moving my hand from her waist to her pussy and began rubbing her pussy. Before we knew it we were both lying against the wall panting from our release, she was lying on top of me gently kissing me before we finally rinsed ourselves and got dried. Since she didn’t have clothes here I let her borrow some shorts and a t-shirt that would fit her perfectly, I then went to the kitchen and cooked some spaghetti for us since it was already 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

“Mmmm something smells good baby,” Rachel said as she came behind me and hugged me before giving me a peck on the lips and began setting the table. Once the food was cooked I served our food and got out some of my Bordeaux wine, making this an Italian dinner. We sat down for dinner and as soon as we were finished, I washed the dishes and she dried them. I couldn’t help but think that I could get used to this. Once we were finished we went to my bedroom and just laid her head on my shoulder with her arm around my stomach and her leg between my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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