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Ray didn’t have time to notice that it was a particularly enlightening self-exploration of sorts to be licking Steve’s cock. He didn’t notice that he was doing all the things he always wanted done to him. He was completely in the moment. On his back, naked save shoes, in the woods, in the middle of a trail with Steve, naked but for boots, squatting over him, facing his head. Steve rocked back and forth with constantly diminishing stability, lingering particularly with his balls in Ray’s mouth — he loved that. Coincidently, so did Ray. It’s the thing he always wanted, and to be able to give it seemed the ultimate reward. Even more so than getting it. He didn’t notice this irony either.

Leslie, also naked save her shoes, walked around them looking on and feeling hotter every second. She’d been looking forward so enthusiastically to witnessing the destruction of this barrier between Ray and Steve. Being the lone woman of the three had meant she was always the pivot point for everything. While she loved the attention, she longed for the group to simply explore all the obvious permutations.

The three had been playing strip and dare games for almost a year. Basically they’d play poker or anything they could lose their clothes to, awarding each person dares to the owners of the clothing for each article of clothing they’d won. The last person not naked at the end won virtually unlimited dares for the next few hours. Essentially master and slaves. The dares stared as dares, but progressed to punishments that were always carried out. Everyone fairly quickly developed a taste for receiving, making the contest more of a race to lose at times.

Today’s game was poker. Leslie had begun with a few strong hands that put her firmly in the lead so she decided she was going to win and be pleasured for it. The men were naked in little time having only a few of Leslie’s clothes for retaliation. Her first command was a walk in the woods behind Steve’s house in only their shoes. The men used Leslie’s shirt, won in the game, to command her to be naked also.

Finally Steve could take no more. He rocked back, straightened his knees slightly and fell forward onto his hands. It was time for Ray to blow him for real. Ray knew this was coming — he’d been starting to taste cum on the smooth, round, circumcised head of Steve’s cock for the last few passes. He was ready. In fact he wanted it. He wanted to finally suck a cock. Everything was so very familiar, yet completely foreign. He imagined it was what an out-of-body experience felt like – an out-of-body experience devoted completely to pleasuring one’s self. Steve’s cock, just larger than Ray’s, conveniently matched Ray’s self-impression, making the out-of-body trip very real.

Steve thrust in urgently, but then remembered Ray and pulled back in favor of slower strokes. Pinned on his back, Ray couldn’t move much, so Steve had to control the strokes. Steve liked to control the strokes anyway to keep himself teased just enough at all times.

Steve’s teasing was a full-on taunt when the two girls walked up behind them. Jessica and Amy had slowed as they came around the curve in the trail, frightened at first, but then very curious. They walked slowly in the smooth, soft dirt of the trail unnoticed until Leslie, hand buried in her crotch, circled the ramming man pile and caught site of them. She jumped, pulling her hand free. Locking eyes with Jessica who stood in front of her friend, Amy, Leslie assessed the strangers’ intent. After a couple seconds when no one had done anything alarming, Leslie smiled invitingly and looked back at her men.

Steve’s thrusts were getting harder and faster quickly. Ray would occasionally move his head a little with Steve to slow the movement so he could feel the shape. Feeling a penis from the front end back made it so new. Feeling its heat was also strange because it wasn’t his own body this time. Suddenly inspired, Steve slowed to a near halt and commanded Ray to open wide for deep thrust. Ray obliged and Steve was able to get over half his 9″ rod into Ray.

In the quiet of the small thrusts that followed, Leslie announced the visitors. Steve and Ray froze, but Leslie firmly told them to continue reminding them that this was why they were outside in the first place. Steve craned around to see their audience and clocked Jessica as looking comfortable enough to perhaps join and Amy as petrified, but curious enough to be persuaded. Ray couldn’t see anything and while waiting for Steve to thrust again wondered if the girls were impressed by his rock-hard cock bobbing away at their feet. It was in fact the first thing they’d noticed after Leslie’s naked ass. But they wanted to see the action, so they gingerly circled to Leslie’s side and got their first live view of man on man. Leslie slowly resumed her clit rubbing, sensing camaraderie. Amy shifted from leg to leg trying to do the same without her hand.

Steve’s strokes were getting faster again. Ray was taking it all in. Leslie was rubbing harder and getting terribly hot from the men and the two rapt girls beside Ankara escort her. After a second round of slow, deep thrusts, Ray began to notice the head of Steve’s cock swelling. Just as he finished translating the sensation from the cock in his mouth to his own experience and realized the implication, Steve froze. Ray sucked hard and slid his tongue forward under the rigid cock head, dipping into soft, sensitive skin just beneath the cleft in the underside of the head. This pried Steve from any grip he’d had on control. Ray took all his hot load of egg white cum. The taste was a magnified version of the drops he’d lapped from the head of his own cock or from a lover’s mouth. But the heat was completely unexpected. The heat was amazing; it made all of this real.

The women sighed and began breathing again. They didn’t move, though. They all wanted to see the wind down, the slow strokes after the blow, the finishing sucks of the spent cock. Ray gave them all of it. He sucked until Steve couldn’t support himself anymore and had to roll off. Steve broke the silence by congratulating Ray on an amazing blowjob, and thanking Leslie for commanding it. Leslie remarked that she’d loved it, and that she looked forward to much more of it in the future.

Jessica and Amy conferred with one another while looking anxiously down the path they’d come from. Then Jessica summoned the nerve to ask Leslie, “Could we, uh, ask a favor from your men?”


“What kind of favor?” Leslie replied, wondering how interesting a favor these girls would ask for.

“Well, my boyfriend and his friend and Amy and I were all debating whether boys or girls would be able to give the best blowjobs. The boys said that boys probably would but wouldn’t dare prove it. I was wondering, well, if you’re men would… suck them off and end the debate.” Jessica was stammering a bit, but was determined to not miss what seemed like their only chance like this they might ever get.

“That’s very thoughtful of you. And generous,” Leslie cooed, feeling her first real power in this situation. “I have no problem having my men suck your men off, but it will cost you.” Leslie was worked up and reeling from the blowjob scene. She was determined to get everything she could out of this.

“OK. Like what?” Jessica asked, growing nervous. Amy just looked at her, too afraid to speak, but doubting the event could ever really happen.

“Your asses!” smirked Leslie. “I will whip your asses with your men’s belts while they’re being blown. It certainly won’t hurt their experience, and it will make me happy.

Amy started looking uncomfortable at the idea. “I don’t know if I can do this, Jessica.”

“Of course you can. What’s the big deal? You’re not touching or anything,” Jessica assured.

“Who’s afraid of touching at this stage?” questioned Leslie. Now she feared these girls would never go through with it. Amy looked at Jessica pleadingly.

“Amy,” Jessica comforted, “so what.” She turned to Leslie, “Well, Will is my boyfriend, but Dave is Amy’s brother.”

Leslie thought for a second at how Amy was brokering her brother’s blowjob in the first place. “Don’t worry. He’ll love it. It’ll turn him on harder then anything he’s ever seen.”

“What?” Amy asked defensively.

“When’s the last time you saw each other naked? 10-15 years ago? You were young. By now you’ve each wondered about the other, but mostly he’s wondered about you. He’s a boy. It doesn’t make him sick or anything, he’s just a boy. Seeing his sister’s naked ass getting whipped while getting a blowjob in the middle of forest from a stranger will make him so hot, your discomfort won’t even register.”

“I wasn’t that worried about him,” Amy answered, wondering quickly what her brother looked like getting a blowjob. “And what makes you so sure?” Amy asked, reaching for a rationale.

“I have a brother who spent a lot of effort trying to see me naked. And show his friends.” Leslie remembered how it pissed her off, but later turned her on despite her efforts. The issue was clearer though when it was someone else’s brother, and when she was this hot and bothered. Leslie had only limited experience with other women, and craved more. Getting Ray and Steve to experiment was partially driven by her own desires for the same.

“So, what do you say?” Leslie broke her recollections.

The girls looked at each other. Jessica again assured Amy that everything would be all right. “Yes,” they replied. Jessica and Amy went back down the trail to the 20′ rock face that Will and Dave had stopped to climb. Will was on top and Dave was trying to finish, but stuck at the top edge.

“We have a gift for you,” The girls announced in their sexiest voices.


Ray and Steve had recovered but hadn’t followed the transaction between Leslie and the girls. Leslie didn’t elaborate but assured them they had duties to perform, and were expected to without protest. Ray and Steve knew Leslie’s tone and feared it. Leslie had them wait on their knees in the trail facing away from Jessica Ankara escort bayan and Amy’s direction. Ray was losing his hard-on but was still sufficiently worked up. Steve was charged but satisfied. And a little smug. Leslie chose Ray to suck off Steve because Ray had been the one to make Leslie walk naked today. He knew this excited her, but she had to escalate lest Ray think he’d gotten the better of her in some way. Steve knew eventually he would have to blow Ray, but he was glad to have let it slide another day.

The voices approaching from behind them cleared their minds of stray thoughts and put them exactly here, in the moment. They heard men. Women were exciting. Men were threatening. They didn’t sound threatening though, so they relaxed a small degree.

Leslie instructed Ray and Steve to turn around. The four strangers stood still, scanning the naked people. Ray hadn’t yet seen the girls and was inspecting everyone. They were college-aged. Ray felt old in his late 20’s, but he gathered no one was really focusing on his age at the moment. Everyone looked a little nervous and afraid to speak.

Leslie, not wanting this to slip away, grabbed the silence and spoke. “Hello everyone. I’m Leslie. This is Ray and Steve. We’ve met Jessica and Amy, but not you two gentlemen.”

“Hi,” spoke Will trying a little too hard to appear calm. “I’m Will and this is Dave. Uh, nice to meet you.”

“Well, we have quite some fun planned here,” charged Leslie. “Ray and Steve here lost a game of cards so they are doing my bidding. I have offered their services to help your investigations on the nature of blowjobs, Will and Dave.”

At this point, Steve felt a warm flash. He looked again at the boys and began to notice how sweaty they were. Ray felt confident he could blow anyone now that he’d done it once, but suddenly he wasn’t sure about a stranger.

Will chuckled, “Yeah, that’s right. We’re really excited about this. It’s hard to get this sort of information. But we’ve come to the right place.” He couldn’t stop saying stupid things. He was nervous and was trying more and more desperately to not appear so. He also couldn’t believe his girlfriend had engineered a blowjob in the middle of the woods for him. This made him very hot. He stared at Jessica who was beaming back at him while rubbing her ass slightly with her hands.

Dave and Amy felt the excitement but couldn’t look at each other. Childhood memories of baths and trips to the beach flooded Dave’s mind. Amy thought of how her brother had been such a nuisance in their teens. Even though they were friends now, she felt this could undo some vestige of power she held over him. Some unstated measure of control – if not over him, then stronger than his own. Dave thought of how the first time Will had mentioned that his sister was really cute, that his view of her had changed. Suddenly she was not just his sister; she was a woman like all others who just happened to be his sister.

Leslie spoke again, “Ray and Steve, turn around to face away from us. Will and Dave if you would arrange yourselves in front of Ray and Steve respectively. Jessica and Amy, please remove the belts from your men’s pants and lower their pants and underwear to the ground.

This was happening fast. Will and Dave’s hearts beat with anticipation and excitement. Ray and Steve trembled a little with fear. Jessica and Amy trembled too. The belts reminded them of the cost of their treat for the boys. Amy also felt particularly nervous at even the thought of touching her brother’s belt while it was on him. The girls approached. Will and Jessica were playful and frisky. Amy and Dave finally looked at each other. Dave shrugged, ‘shall we give it a go?’ Amy raised her eyebrows, ‘I don’t know.’ Dave nodded, ‘OK, I’ll take off my pants. This is a bit much.’ Amy watched Jessica pulling out Will’s belt in a quick motion the way a father might pull a belt before using it on a child. Suddenly Amy felt at ease enough to pull the belt in a quick motion. Then she noticed Jessica lowering Will’s pants with her face brushing against his cock. Amy let Dave open his pants, and then motioned that he should lower them. She saw his penis for the first time since they were kids. It was flaccid but full of blood on the way to an erection. He had a large dick. She stared at it for a second then turned away quickly to present the belt to Leslie. Jessica presented her belt and filed over by Amy.

“Both of you, please remove your clothing, turn away from your men, spread your legs and bending at the waist, grab your ankles.” Leslie said in a sultry voice. She was becoming comfortable with her power and feeling hotter for it.

Amy and Jessica looked at each other. Jessica eagerly nodded to Amy to go ahead. Jessica was clearly in the mood. Amy was feeling her last control erode. Jessica stripped, looking at Amy, trying to encourage her. Amy Faltered.

“Let’s try not to keep those cocks waiting ladies.” Leslie chided. Amy gave in and, looking at the ground, stripped. The two admired each other and bent over as instructed. Escort Ankara Leslie forced their legs open wider so she could see everything. Leslie’s desire to see and touch another pussy was growing feverously. She let the tips of the belts glide over her waiting ass cheeks and into their furry crevices below.

Will and Dave stood mesmerized by this view of the women they knew. Jessica and Amy could clearly see through their legs that the boys couldn’t stop looking. Amy especially noticed Dave’s erection forming before her eyes. She felt control slipping farther away and bravery filling in its place in only the way bravery can — irrationally.

Leslie moved toward her men to remind them, “to give these boys the best blowjobs they’ve ever had or you will find yourselves on the receiving end of these belts.

“You may begin.” Leslie wound up and struck Jessica with a sharp crack. Jessica yelped but held on to her ankles. Amy felt herself getting wet. Again Leslie struck Jessica, leaving Amy to soak in her anticipation.

Ray leaned in forgetting to use his hands and gently grabbed for Will’s hardened dick. He could smell the sweat as he leaned in. It smelled like the musky smell of his own crotch after sweating a lot. It both repulsed and attracted. The strangeness returned as he became aware that Will’s dick was completely different in feel than Steve’s. It was thinner and harder with more ridges and ripples. It was like concrete and strained at the top of Ray’s mouth.

Leslie continued to whip Jessica. Will was already feeling like bursting. The site and sound of Jessica’s ass being whipped by the naked Leslie was too much. Ray was really working Will’s cock-head.

“Don’t forget these lovely lollipops have balls!” Leslie snapped. “And assholes,” she added, savoring the thought.

Steve was slower starting. He was working hard to summon the courage. The absurdity of a cock that wasn’t his, dangling in his face, bobbing up and down was growing faster than Dave’s cock was. Leslie, knowing he would be slow, snapped Dave’s thin long belt on Steve’s quivering ass causing him to jump forward falling face first into Dave’s stiffening dick. The insult of this would not wear off soon, but knowing he would not win this, Steve charged anew. With hands now on Dave’s hips, he pulled in and lipped the growing cock head. It was moist from sweat, ripe with musk and, though growing, still somewhat soft. Steve lunged again, this time taking more. He was still just lipping, creating more the effect of running fingers in a ring down the shaft. With each stroke Steve began to use more mouth until he was sucking fully. Dave’s breathing spoke approval.

Amy was drenched and starting to desire the belt. As Jessica’s whimpering turned to moans, Amy wanted it more and more. Leslie could no longer keep her hands off the beautiful display of pussy she had designed. She started by rubbing the welts on Jessica’s ass cheeks and eventually she slipped down to her asshole and pussy. The more she rubbed, the closer her mouth came. She could smell Jessica’s cunt, which made her rub harder. Will couldn’t take his eyes off of Leslie’s hand. Just as he felt he was going to burst Ray pulled back and at Leslie’s command began to suck Will’s musky balls.

Leslie regained control and moved on the Amy who was gyrating to Jessica’s moans. She gave no warning before delivering a full-strength crack with Dave’s belt. Amy shrieked but didn’t stop gyrating. Upon seeing this, Dave pushed forward shoving his semi-erect cock into Steve’s mouth. Steve gagged but recovered to catch the head on the way out. Leslie cracked again, harder. Again Amy shrieked and Dave shoved. This continued for several more blows after which Dave’s cock was hard, full and very large.

Will’s sweaty balls were still muskier, but Ray lapped hungrily. Will’s breathing steadied at heavy. Ray reached up with his left hand and held up Will’s cock higher exposing more of his sack. He hadn’t yet held another dick. It felt familiar but disconnected. He cupped his right hand around Will’s left butt cheek and pulled all the man flesh in. Will’s ass was slick with sweat and clinched from holding back. Ray reached farther under Will’s sparsely haired ball bag straining to get all the length from his tongue. His right hand slipped around Will’s cheek and started hunting for his asshole. Will spread his legs wanting to allow anything Ray was offering. Ray’s middle finger found the soft, rippled opening as he was sliding back up the length of Will’s shaft. Will bucked forward trying to fuck the air, driven by the sensation of Ray’s probing finger. Ray quickly grabbed the wild dick and steered it back into his mouth.

Jessica could hardly believe the fever that was consuming Will and herself. She wriggled back and forth bumping Amy’s hips with her own trying to make any friction against her swollen clit. Dave’s eye’s shot open suddenly and took in his red-assed girl friend with breasts reaching towards her upside down head whose eyes locked with his. Will discharged into Ray numerous small missiles of cum. Compared to Steve’s slower, eggy juice, Will’s was steamed and frothed milk that was coating Ray’s entire mouth and throat. He shot load after load of the frothed juice making Ray concentrate on containing it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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