Long Lost Lovers

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Quick Note: I found this on my notepad from early last year and I have no recollection of writing it, so enjoy.


The hours ticked by slowly for Lewis as he patiently waited for the clock to strike 3am. He found himself sat in the front room of a strip club where, quite by chance, he had found a woman whom he’d lived and lost more than once. The woman in question was Casey Stone his private tutor while he’d been in university. Casey was older than Lewis by about 9 years and they’d had an on and off relationship since Lewis’s nineteenth birthday.

The pair had found themselves drifting apart after Lewis finished his Master’s Degree in History but after a friends insistence to visit a strip club for his 26th birthday he’d found himself face to face with the voluptuous blonde. She’d just got on to the stage as Lewis had arrived and he’d been staring at her as she paraded up and down the catwalk in an almost see-through black lace bra and panty set.

The first thing he’d done had been to get as close to the stage as he could, taking in the details of her still covered body and listening to the hoots of the other men there, all the while knowing that he’d seen her in more detail than amy if th could hope to.

She’d recognised him straightaway of course and put on a little show for him, flashing a sultry smile before dropping the tiny bra from her perfect D-cup breasts. Without thought Lewis slipped a few notes into the garter which accompanied her outfit, with very little other motivation Casey began to get right to the edge of the stage and pushed her tits as close to Lewis as she could escort bostancı get but still out of his reach. She’d then turned round and made the same display with her perfect, tight, round ass. Lewis had a raging hard on and he’d only been in the club 10 minutes. The last straw was when she leaned over the barrier and whispered in his ear

“We close at 3am, meet me in my dressing room, I’ll leave the rear entrance open.”

She got up off her knees and walked back off the stage with a gratuitous wiggle of her perfect ass, which Lewis was convinced was the reason she heavily articulated the word rear.

At 2:40 Lewis found himself still sat at the bar, watching the final dancer make her show before they finished for the day. Downing the rest of whatever cocktail was in his hand Lewis got up from the bar stool and walked out into the street, following the wall of the club until he found the open door.

Walking slowly into the dimly lit room he saw her, in front of the mirror stood that beautiful, sexy girl who had had missed so dearly. She was there checking her makeup in the mirror, her blond locks draping over her shoulders, she was wearing a tight black miniskirt and an equally tight red top that showed off her ample cleavage. Lewis walked up to her straightening the collar of his leather jacket as he did, she caught his eye in the mirror with a smirk.

“Right on time.” She remarked simply.

She turned around to face him, leaning against the table, smirking up at him.

“Couldn’t keep away.” He said with a smirk to match hers.

With a mischievous grin ümraniye escort Casey took his face in her manicured hands, pulling him into a heated kiss. He couldn’t describe how good it was to have this feeling again, her lips against his, her tongue demanding entry to his mouth.

It felt amazing to be able to touch her, letting his hands roam over her back and the bare skin of her arms. He kissed down her jaw and neck, softly kissing and licking the exact spot that he knew would drive her wild until she moaned against him.

“Oh,” she moaned, dragging her fingers through his hair.

He let his hands roam down her back, grabbing her ass and squeezing before lifting her up onto the dressing table. She immediately wrapped her legs around Lewis’ hips, pulling him into another hard kiss as he cupped one of her breasts in his hand. She pushed his jacket off and into the floor. Lewis only became aware that Casey was undressing him when she pulled the shirt over his head, he was so absorbed by her soft lips and soft moan, kissing her like she was in charge, which she obviously was.

He rolled Casey’s top up without pushing it over her head, pleased to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra, he quickly dipped his head down and took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking it until she cried out in pleasure.

His hands soon found their way up her skirt, pushing the small thong aside and her pushed his fingers inside her soaking cunt.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned loudly, throwing her head back in pleasure.

He fingered her quickly, as her hands undid the zip of his trousers and released kartal escort bayan his hard cock, taking it in her hand and stroking it as fast as his fingers fucked her. She let out a soft whimper of disappointment when he removed his fingers, which turned into a loud cry of pleasure when he pushed himself inside her.

He had to take a moment to breath against her neck, attempting to calm himself down before he came straight away. It had been so long since he held felt this, the amazing sense of closeness to the woman he loved.

At the feeling of impatient tugging on his hair Lewis began to move. There was no starting off slow and gentle, he had waited too long for that. His thrusts were hard and fast, so much so that the dressing table shook beneath them. She cried out louder and louder, begging him not to stop as her fingernails scratched down his back. He could tell she was right on the edge, holding on to make it last longer as he tried to do the same.

All to soon neither of them could hold on any longer. Casey shook hard against him biting into his shoulder to muffle her scream as her climax hit her, and Lewis came only seconds later thrusting messily until he had completely emptied out inside of her.

He held her close in the afterglow, pressing a soft kiss to her head and the two breathed heavily against each other. She untangled herself from his arms and made her way over to the sofa-bed with that irresistible come hitter look in her eye, he smirked profusely and quickly followed her.

Lewis wrapped Casey in his arms and the pair collapsed into the thin bed. Lewis ran his hand up and down Casey’s spine while her soft hands slowly stroked his still hard length.

“Private tutor to stripper, what happened?” He asked.

“A story for another day.” Casey replied, rolling on top of him and pressing her lips to his in another filthy kiss.

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