Long Time Coming

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We are in the back seat of the car, leaving the airport and making our way back to your hotel. I am physically tired after the long trip, but even that can’t slow my pounding heart, mind racing at the thought of feeling you after being apart for more than two months. For two people who crave each other so much in every way, the time apart has been difficult. I love our sexy messages, knowing that even from the other side of the world I can turn you on makes me hot. But all that anticipation has me ready to boil over like a pot on a long, slow simmer.

I reach over and place my hand on your thigh and feel the desire rising off you like heat hovering above the asphalt on a sweltering day. Your cock is a monument to how long you have waited, and can no longer stand by idly. You try to avert your eyes from me, next to you now, inches away from the length of your body. You try not to notice the way my skin is glistening with sweat, or the glow of my tan…. You try not to fixate on the valley between my breasts, featured so perfectly by the v neck resting lazily there where you want your mouth… Or the peek-a-boo mesh of the light weight fabric, perfect for the heat and for teasing you to the brink with the hint of what lies beneath….

My hand squeezes your thigh and you murmur something about “not now” in an unconvincing manner, having given up resistance without really trying. I lean in and kiss your cheek suggestively, lingering for you to savor the scent of me, my hair tumbling across my face, silky against you… You reach up to run your hand through it and resist the urge to pull me forcefully to you, holding me by those long locks of chestnut tinged with natural highlights from the sun… Instead you stroke it gently and whisper in my ear in a punctuated manner, “I am going to take you back to my room, and pin you to the wall… And I am going to fuck you right there, standing at the door…”

We kartal escort bayan arrive at the hotel filled with urgency to feel and taste and touch each other… You motion a bellman to pick up the bags and place your arm around my waist, pulling me along side you with out wasting one second. Alone inside the elevator we are inseparable, burning as we touch and feel and taste each other, hands roaming, mouths connected as one, hearts pounding at the thought that someone could interrupt us at any moment.

As we make our way to the room, I can already feel the wetness between my legs, am dying to feel you there where I have not felt you in so long. I am beyond clear thought, dizzy with desire for you, to hold you, to feel you, to have you inside me in every possible way. Despite the number of times I have thought through this scene, told myself to practice restraint, we have an entire week to be one… I can not hold back.

We stumble inside the room, nearly drunk with lust for each other, and as promised you pin me forcefully to the wall. The weight of your entire body leaning against me is the most delicious sensation, torturing my nipples with the pressure of your chest against me. You rip the flimsy little shirt from my body, you must see those breasts, hold them in your hands, ravage them with your mouth… And there’s a knock at the door, “Bellman here…”

You dispatch the bellman as quickly as possible, trying not to give any hint that behind the partially opened door I stand nearly naked, breathing heavily and eating you alive with my eyes.

You return to me, seconds feeling like hours. More impatient now than ever you are done with clothes — you grab the side of my flowing skirt and tug it upwards, your hands grabbing greedily at my thighs… finding where I am waiting for you, wet already. Your fingers find their way inside my thong, stroking the silky, escort maltepe soft skin. You want to dive into my wetness, flowing in anticipation. Your mouth devours my breasts and nipples. I gasp in pleasure at the sensations of your hands and mouth on me, and you begin to kiss your way lower, tracing a path down the flat terrain of my belly, lower, making me pant as you approach my thighs, lower… until your mouth finds the place where your fingers have already opened me.

You sigh out loud as you taste my pussy, soft, smooth, wet… You lick me, lapping me up as if you have found water in the desert. You are feasting on my bare pussy, marked by a dark narrow patch of hair, eating me just as you have imagined, touching me like you’ve never been there… Finding every inch of me newly, exploring, tasting, touching until I can not wait a moment longer and I pull you back up to me. We kiss deeply, hungrily, tasting myself on your mouth I whisper in your ear, “I want you inside me now, I need to feel your cock inside me.”

I deftly drop your shorts to the floor and free your cock, stroking it wantonly in my hand. I want you inside me in the worst way, but there, pinned between you and the wall, feeling your swollen cock in my hand… I must first taste you. I drop to my knees in front of you and swallow you deeply. My god I’ve missed tasting you, feeling your hardness in my mouth. I slurp you greedily, pumping one hand the length of your thick shaft while the other massages your balls. My mouth surrounds your head with such attention, my tongue teasing the delicate underside while my hands are stroking you to the brink of exploding… And at that moment I extract myself from you. I stand to face you, kissing you deeply for you to taste the sex on my mouth.

You are driven, you must find release. You yank my skirt and thong down in one swift movement. The sight of me naked before pendik escort you is enough to make you pause, if just for a moment, while you soak up the body you have fantasized over all these weeks. You raise my hands overhead, pressing your legs between mine, kicking one foot out to the side to spread my legs widely… You thrust your rock hard cock into me so deeply I gasp, and as promised you proceed to fuck me right there, at the hotel room door, with me pinned against the wall.

My head is spinning, your body slamming mine, the room punctuated by the sounds of our frenzied moans. I lift a leg, wrapping it around your waist to both angle you more deeply inside me and feel you rub my clit with every wall thumping stroke into me. The sensations are overwhelming; I am beyond thought, my body has taken over. My hands dig into your shoulders, clawing at you. You drop your head to my breast, biting at my nipple in a way I can not sustain for long. “Oh my god, you are going to make me cum like that! I want to get on top of you,” I tell you.

You lay down right there and I am on top of you, impaled by the length of your cock, soaking you with my wetness, riding you, feeling you fill me completely, stroking my clit, pumping my pussy, pinching my nipples… until I can’t hold back and I throw my head back, arching my back forward as my entire body shakes in orgasm. Hearing my screams, feeling my pussy pulsating tightly around you has you ready to cum despite your every desire to draw out the pleasure even longer… And you watch me letting go, see your hands on my breasts, my brown nipples hard between your finger tips, my body yours… and you can’t stop, the orgasm is coming from deep, deep, and you let go, shouting, moaning, grabbing my hips, pulling me down harder and harder on your cock as your cum shoots deep inside me, over and over, filling me, feeling me clench you tightly as we shake together, moaning, panting, tingling, sweat dripping, as I collapse onto your chest, still one with you, trying just to catch my breath, my entire body still in orgasm, quivering, gently shaking now in your arms. Complete, satiated, you are still inside me as we nod off gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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