Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 21

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The following is a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and as always, I recommend reading the prior installment first.

Comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


Once Sharon and I decided to take a shower together, I informed Maureen and Colette…”And we’ll most likely be a while, but I’m sure you two will be able to find something to entertain yourselves.” After which I returned to the master bathroom and made sure to close the door behind me so we all had our fair share of privacy.

Maureen’s master bath is like something you’d see in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine in a tropical green & white color scheme. It’s enormous for a bathroom. Even a master bath with an unusual slightly curved double vanity, along with the usual commode accompanied by a bidet, and a built-in linen closet. But what sets it apart is a huge shower stall big enough for two couples to shower comfortably together. Plus a very large jacuzzi bathtub, which could accommodate two people. There’s even a flat screen TV located above one end so you can watch your favorite soap opera while relaxing in it.

“If I had a bathroom like this Lacey, I’d spend most of my day here. The only thing missing is a chaise style lounge.”

“When Maureen and John decided to remodel the master bedroom and bath after they moved in, they went all out. Now I need to use the toilet before I get in the shower. If you want, I can get the water temperature set and running for you so you can start without me.”

“I better use the toilet too. Otherwise I’ll need to pee soon as the hot water hits me.”

After I relieved myself, but didn’t bother using the bidet since we’d be taking a shower, Sharon used the toilet. While she was, she noticed me smiling…”You seem to enjoy watching me pee Lacey.”

“Not so much watching you, as hearing you. But you are kind of cute the way you have your legs spread and propped up on your cute toes while you pee. It’s almost as if you’re posing for me.”

After she smiled…”Maybe I am. But you have me wondering, are you into ‘water sports’?”

“No I’m not. I just find the sound of someone peeing I’ve been affectionate with very erotic. I know, you’re probably thinking it’s weird, but…”

“I have to admit hearing you pee affected me too. So if it’s weird, then I guess I am too. I even thought about asking if I could wipe you instead of you doing it yourself. Don’t ask me why, but the more I’m into Sapphic sex, the more I’m amazed how it affects me. And in ways I never imagined.”

“Same here, and I can’t believe how sexually satisfied I’ve been ever since. Not that there was anything wrong with my heterosexual sex life, but I always felt like there was something missing. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to delve into it. I don’t think you need me to tell you the orgasms you have from sex with another woman are beyond anything you ever experienced before. And orgasms as in many and multiple ones.”

“Since we have, we both still have a few good years left to enjoy it. Speaking of which, I know we talked about it earlier, but it’s bothering me that we probably won’t see each other again after tonight.” After she paused for a second…”Truth be known, I want nothing more than to see you again. Actually, I dread the thought we probably won’t. Maybe it’s just me, but I never felt as close to someone I just met. Even if you take the great sex we’ve had out of the equation.”

“I feel the same way, but with it being nearly a two hour drive just one way to see each other, it’s not as though we could meet on a short notice for a cup of coffee, or something more intimate.”

After she thought about it…”I know we’ll keep in touch, but since I live alone, would it be possible for you to spend a night with me in the not too distant future? But only if you want to, and can manage it.”

It’s the first time Sharon mentioned anything about her domestic situation, and while I was curious about it, and the fact she lives alone, it wasn’t the time to pursue it further.

“With that being the case, I’m pretty sure I can work something out since my husband often goes away on business trips. I can’t make any promises, but if I can manage it, I will. I’d like nothing more than to see you again too.” Then I added jokingly…”Besides, I’ve never been much for one night stands.”

She laughed before finally wiping herself while I set the digital temperature control for the shower at a nice hot 112 degrees, and then added…”Since we’ll be in touch with each other, we’ll talk more about it later. Let’s leave it at that for now and take our shower. And I hope you like a hot one.”

Soon as she heard the water running…”I was wondering what that was on the wall. I thought it was some kind of fancy thermostat for the bathroom.

“There are additional controls inside the shower in case we want to adjust the water temperature after we get in. And there’s no need for us to rush with our shower since there’s a dedicated oversized water heater just for the master bathroom.”

“Seems güvenilir bahis Maureen and her husband thought of everything.”

“They did, and it doesn’t hurt when money isn’t a concern.”

Once in the shower, Sharon couldn’t help but marvel at how luxurious the four foot by six foot stall was with its green-veined marble tiling, built-in shelves and a bench, and a separate showerhead on each end. To top it off literally, there’s a large rectangular rain showerhead with its own control centered overhead in the middle of the stall that you can use instead of the regular showerheads. Of which we used one to wash each other’s hair first.

As we did, we couldn’t help but rub our tits against each other with our hands raised as they were. Against each other’s back, arms and breasts, as we circled around one another. When it came to the latter, it was especially arousing and caused our respective nipples to become as long and hard as miniature wine corks.

As soon as we finished with each other’s hair, I grabbed a scrubbie Maureen leaves hanging in the shower and loaded it up with body wash before we stepped out from under the water so I could soap Sharon from her neck down to her adorable feet. I then proceeded to wash every square inch of her with my bare hands as nothing feels more sensuous than a woman’s body covered in soapy water. Other than the feel of a woman’s soft hands washing you.

When Maureen and I shower together, my pussy never fails to flow like a broken water faucet, and now it was all but gushing pussy juice. My hands were almost shaking as I washed her. That’s if you could call it that versus all but mauling her. Albeit very lovingly. Especially her voluptuous breasts, which I spent more time washing than necessary. Not that Sharon complained.

When I eventually got around to doing her ass after washing her smoothly waxed pussy, Sharon leaned against the shower wall with out-stretched arms. After spreading her legs…”Now make sure you wash my anus. And don’t hesitate to use your fingers like I would.”

While her all but insisting caught me by surprise, it shouldn’t have. I knew very well how a soapy finger or two feels in your ass.

“As attractive as yours is, I had no intention of just politely washing it.”

I then stood perpendicular to her and ran my right hand down between her bum cheeks until I found her anus. I first teased her by just running my fingers over and around it. I even scraped my nails over her prominent anal ridges before inserting my middle finger in her puckered orifice in one smooth motion deep as it would go. Soapy as it was, it slipped in easily while Sharon moaned ever so softly until it completely disappeared in her ass.

“Now I want to make sure it’s squeaky clean Sharon, so please bear with me.”

I then proceeded to swirl my finger around in her rectum before I began to finger-fuck her now relaxed sphincter.

It wasn’t long before she requested a second finger, which I happily complied with before continuing to finger-fuck her, but more intently. As I did, I reached for her clitoris with my left hand and began rubbing two fingers over it in a leisurely circular motion. Between finger-fucking her asshole and stimulating her clitoris, Sharon started humping back and forth ever so slightly while moaning repeatedly.

I soon found myself wishing I had another pair of hands so I could also play with her incredible breasts. Big as they are, they couldn’t have been more inviting from the way they were hanging and swaying back and forth slightly with the nipples swollen as they were.

Gradually her humping became erratic as though she couldn’t decide what to concentrate on. Me fingering her butthole, which she kept trying to hump, along with attempting to gyrate her pussy as I masturbated her now very aroused love nob.

“God Lacey, I don’t know what I’m enjoying more. And whatever you do, don’t stop as I’m close to cumming.”

I didn’t, but it wasn’t another minute before her whole body suddenly stiffened along with a deep groan and she had a gusher of an orgasm. And with her legs spread as they were, pussy juice sprayed out all over the shower floor.

Fortunately I thought to act fast enough for some of it to spray on my hand, which I brought up to my mouth to lick clean. All except for two fingers, which I first ran across Sharon’s lips teasingly before inserting them in her mouth. She accepted them without hesitation and proceeded to greedily suck them clean.

“Seems you like the taste of yourself Sharon.”

“Very much so, but don’t you like the taste of yourself?”

“Yes I do, but not as much as you.”

Soon as she relaxed, I removed my fingers from her anus after which she stood in a fully upright position and turned towards me…”All I can say Sweetie, fingering my asshole when I shower will never be the same again.” Then after grabbing the scrubby and body wash…”Now it’s time for me to wash you.”


After we finished showering, if you could call it that, dried each güvenilir bahis siteleri other, and combed our still wet hair, we stood looking at each other in the mirror behind the vanity. And while it might be just me, I find there’s nothing sexier than a woman with slicked back wet hair. Especially as short as Sharon’s is.

“You look so frigging sexy with your hair like that Sharon. So much so, I’ll be sure it’s not the last time I get to see you after you shower.”

“The ‘wet look’ looks good on you too, Lacey. I just wish I knew it was all it took for you to commit to seeing each other again.”

“I already did earlier.”

“But you added the proviso of ‘no promises’ if I remember right.”

“I promise then. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

After which we turned towards each other and quickly embraced. Followed by some of the most passionate kissing we engaged in together.

Just when I thought we’d never stop, and likely be having sex again, there was a knock on the door.

“You two still alive in there?” It was Maureen.

“We’re just about finished and will be right out.”

“No need to rush. I just wanted you to know, Colette and I will be going to one of the other bedrooms so we can get some much needed sleep. Feel free to sleep in my bed when you’re ready.”

It was nice of Maureen to let us use her bed, although with her spare bedrooms being as large as they are, they also had big comfy queen size beds.

I then took both Sharon’s hands in mine and while looking her in the eyes…”So you’ll know, the one thing I never do is break a promise. Now I think it’s time for us to get some sleep too. Otherwise it’ll be getting light out before we know it.”


The next morning after some very teary-eyed goodbyes, and one last promise to Sharon, I checked my cell phone for messages while Maureen went to the kitchen to clean the mess from the breakfast she made for us earlier.

The first one I read was from my husband Jim, who informed me, him and John were going out for breakfast and should be finished by eleven. With it being only nine o’clock it would give Maureen and I a couple of hours alone for the first time since late yesterday afternoon.

The next message I read was from Louise, informing me of the wonderful evening her and Trish had, and she hoped we had one equally as good. No doubt she was referring to only Maureen and I, since she didn’t know Colette and Sharon ended up spending the night with us.

After I replied it was better than she could imagine, but would elaborate at another time, I checked the next message and was surprised to see it was from Julie, who I hadn’t heard from or seen in a while. But there was no text, just a photo. It was a selfie of her and Anna, who works for her, with one arm around each other’s back and their heads together smiling very happily. Although the photo was discreetly cropped it was easy to see they both were naked. And from what little of the background I could see, it was taken in Julie’s bedroom.

The photo made me smile and the fact there was no text was immaterial since in this case, a picture was truly worth a thousand words. My only response was to ask her if she would meet for coffee on Monday so she could tell me how she and Anna finally got together like they were.

The rest of the messages were from some of the girls in our club thanking Maureen and I for last night’s event. Some were a little more detailed than others with how much they appreciated it, and informative it was, and how they were looking forward to our next social.

Colette advised us from her practice of contacting people a week or two after she held one of her presentations for them, the next time the attendees were together there was a much different “atmosphere” than in the past. In other words, we needed to be prepared for the unexpected at our next social event, and possibly some unusual “interaction” between people you normally wouldn’t expect.

Just as I was going to log-off my phone a text message from Donna arrived, who I wasn’t expecting to hear from so soon. Or at all, in spite of her saying she’d be contacting me after Maureen unexpectedly interrupted us as we were just about to kiss in the bathroom. The message simply asked me to call her at my earliest convenience. That, along with her contacting me so soon gave me the impression she might be having second thoughts about how she acted, and how things transpired between us as a result. Since she specified at my earliest convenience, I decided to call her at a more opportune time and went to help Maureen in the kitchen.


When I entered the kitchen, Maureen was at the sink with her back towards me. I quietly snuck up behind her and after putting my arms around her waist, I began kissing the back of her neck and ears.

“You have a knack of always catching me busy at the sink, Lacey. But I love it when you do, and how you make the hairs on the back of my neck stand-up.”

“I love iddaa siteleri catching you at a disadvantage so I can. By the way, you smell good in the morning before you shower. And I think I even smell Colette on you, which makes it extra nice.”

“I’m sure there’s still some of Sharon on you too.”

“There might be, even though I made sure to wash my face afterwards.”

“It figures you had sex again this morning. You’re insatiable Lacey.”

“It was hard not to as nice as Sharon tastes. But it was reciprocal. You?”

“Same with Colette and I, but she doesn’t taste as good as you.”

“That’s sweet of you, although I know you’re lying. You seem to forget I went down on her last night and know very well how she tastes.”

“You can’t be a good judge of how someone else’s pussy tastes compared to your own. Besides, you alway under rate yourself when it comes to anything. Trust me, as nice as Colette tastes, you definitely taste better. Enough about whose pussy tastes the best. Why don’t you make us a cappuccino while I finish washing the dishes.”

“Be glad to, but I don’t know why you don’t use the dishwasher.”

“Because I find it easier and quicker.”

By the time I finished making the cappuccinos, Maureen was sitting at the breakfast counter. Once I was sitting next to her with our stools butted together…”Have you checked your phone for messages yet?”

“No I haven’t. Why?”

“First off, John and Jim went out for breakfast and should be here by eleven. Plus there’s a bunch of messages addressed to both of us from some of the girls thanking us for last night. Seems like the event was a big hit with everyone.”

“Are there certain ones I should know about?”

“Not really, other than in general from the comments our next social event might be more interesting than in the past. But time will tell.”

“Speaking of last night, you and Sharon seemed to take a big liking to each other.”

“She is kind of special.”

“She seemed to feel the same way about you. I never saw two people who were attracted to each other so quickly. It was almost like witnessing a love at first sight encounter between two people. Even Colette noticed it.”

“Although it was in some ways, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it love at first sight. We simply like each other a lot, and found we’re very compatible when it comes to sex. Besides, you only have yourself to blame.”

“Me! What did I have to do with it?”

“Until you dined on my pussy, I was a long-confirmed heterosexual. Albeit curious about other things.”

“You make it sound like no one ever ate your pussy before.”

“Strictly men, and nowhere near like you did. And I never cummed like I did from someone performing cunnilingus on me.” After I took another sip of my cappuccino…”Making me cum like you did, and twice, was bad enough, but watching how much you enjoyed it made me even more curious than I already was about what it would be like to go down on another woman.”

“It was hard not to enjoy it for as long as I fantasized about it. I can still remember what it was like to see your pussy and asshole for the first time. They were everything I imagined. Not forgetting how sweet you tasted, and the way you cummed like you did.”

“Don’t remind me. It was embarrassing the way I did and squirted all over you. I was mortified, and thought for sure you regretted going down on me.”

“Quite the opposite, I was thrilled about the way you cummed. It was the most satisfying experience I ever had from going down on someone.”

“While I wouldn’t have understood it at the time, I can appreciate why now. I’m sure you remember I wasn’t able to reciprocate, but when I finally got to go down on you I realized why you enjoyed eating my pussy so much. And making me cum like you did. Now when I’m with someone I’m attracted to it seems all I think about is what it would be like to go down on their pussy. I not only enjoy performing cunnilingus, but love making them gush like Old Faithful when they orgasm from it. It’s almost an obsession.”

“It is, but so you’ll know, it’s not unusual. I was the same way, and still am in some ways. Especially when it comes to you. But it does seem like you’re on some kind of quest. After me there was Julie, then Louise, and now Sharon. There might even be others I don’t know about.”

“There hasn’t been.” But she reminded me of how close I came to probably going down on Donna with her on the vanity if she hadn’t come looking for me when she did. But since I didn’t, I figured she didn’t count.

“All I can say, from my perspective they’re the lucky ones.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Putting aside how attractive you are, and your magnetic personality, you’re pretty incredible to have sex with. You’re the most loving person in that it’s never about you, but me. And when it comes to cunnilingus, you’ve mastered it to a fine art. Nobody kisses, sucks, nibbles, licks, or probes pussy with their tongue like you.” I couldn’t help but wonder if she’d still have listed the last item if she had experienced Sharon’s long tongue doing her pussy like she did mine. “Even Colette couldn’t help but comment on how incredible you were the way you went down on her. And as I alluded to before, you have the sweetest tasting pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure to go down on. And I’ve gone down on more than a few.”

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