Lunch Hour

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Big Dicks

We had finally shared an office kiss after weeks of flirting. I loved how his mouth was sensuously curved, and he immediately probed mine with his tongue backing me against the stockroom wall. No hesitation on his part as weeks of looks, “accidental” bumps in the hallway, and that passionate kiss finally culminated in where we were now–sharing a car ride down a remote country road during our lunch hour.

I had worn my favorite black lacy bra under my blouse and my skirt was just shy of being too short for work-appropriateness. My breasts are full and large, and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction when he finally saw them bared. I saw that he had removed his tie and unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt. My breath quickened as we neared our destination and I could feel my nipples tighten in anticipation as the car slowed to a stop off the road into semi seclusion under some low hanging branches. He immediately cut the engine and unbuttoned the rest of his shirt displaying beautifully sculpted pecs and a hard stomach with a line of dark hair tapering below his waist band.

Licking my lips, I had a moment to glance at the outline of his hardened cock between his legs before he put his hand behind my neck and dragged me to his mouth. Claiming my lips, he thrust his tongue into my mouth taking control. Forcefully dueling with my tongue, I desperately tried to get closer, our lips moving over each others, our tongues sliding and thrusting. I pulled my blouse open and his hands immediately cupped my swollen breasts, adiosbet yeni giriş our mouths bruising each others. Groaning, my head fell back as his fingers pinched and twisted my hardened nipples, torturing them through my bra. He moaned “more” as he squeezed them finally dipping his head to take a nipple in his mouth, tonguing it through my bra, using his teeth to graze and nip while my cries became more desperate, my clitoris swelling and throbbing. His hand moved between my legs while his mouth milked my nipples, his finger finding my swollen clit, rubbing it through my panties. I leaned back in the seat letting my legs fall open, moaning hoarsely as his finger delved under my panties and found my g-spot, pressing and rubbing roughly.

He leaned over me as I hiked up my skirt and slid my panties off. Spreading my legs as wide as I could and using my fingers to part the lips of my pussy, I offered myself and surrendered to his rough fingers, gasping as he lowered his head to my clit and replaced his fingers with his mouth. He circled his tongue around my clit, flicking and licking until he started rhythmically sucking. Crying and begging for release, my clit swollen and throbbing, he thrust two fingers into my pussy, his mouth taking my clit and sucking harder. Screaming in ecstasy I arched my back, begging for more, thrusting my hips up in desperation, aching for release. Ignoring my pleas, he continued his torture sucking my clit harder while fucking me with with his fingers. I unclasped the front adiosbet giriş of my bra freeing my breasts, roughly squeezing them, pulling on my nipples while his fingers thrust harder and faster into my pussy bringing me closer and closer to the brink, my clit hard, swollen and dripping.

With a desperate, loud groan, I twisted and pulled my nipples, lifting my hips as he thrust another finger into me roughly pumping three fingers into my pussy and using his thumb to rub my clit as the pressure built to a breaking point. Getting nearer and nearer, my head thrown back against the seat rest, my legs spread wide, my fingers squeezing and pulling my nipples, he cruelly raised his head, and grabbed my hand with his, pinning it behind my head as he roughly bit down on my nipple and then sucked it in time to his thrusting fingers.

I was too far gone to wait any longer. Impatient, desperate to share an orgasm I fumbled for his pants, yanked down his fly and freed his thick cock. I took him in my hand and, squeezing hard, started pumping the shaft, moving quicker and quicker up and down his thickly veined penis, circling the head with my fingers, and then jerking my hand up and down his cock. Groaning yes against my nipple, biting and sucking harder, he starting pumping his fingers rougher and faster into my pussy using his thumb to rub my clit, circling and pressing the hard nub. I started jerking my hips up, meeting each of his thrusts with mine, keeping my legs wide open and feeling the heat build and adiosbet güvenilirmi burn in my breasts and pussy. He thrust a fourth finger into me, biting my nipple and pulling with his teeth as I arched off the seat, pain and ecstasy pulsing through my veins. Feeling him start to gasp against my breast, his moaning getting more desperate, his teeth still pulling on my nipple, I knew he was close.

I took his hand from my pussy and placed it on my ass, my aching clit throbbing. I wanted to take him into my mouth, slide my tongue over the shaft, probe the opening, and make him scream his release but I wanted my orgasm more. I wanted to come together. I straddled his hips as he pushed his pants past his knees, arching my back so that he could still suck and bite my nipples. I tried to slowly slide down his erection, but he was too impatient for his release. Gasping then groaning, he took both my breasts in his hands squeezing painfully as he thrust into me lifting my knees off the cushion. Crying out, my head fell back as he took complete control pumping his cock into me, bruising my cervix as he jerked his hips up and down, biting and squeezing my tits, pulling my nipples with his thumb and forefinger, screwing harder and rougher and faster, my pussy milking his cock until, throwing his head back and with a guttural cry, he thrust one last time lifting me off the cushion, his seed pumping into me. My scream echoed his as my orgasm exploded, my clit pulsing and throbbing my release. I collapsed against his chest gasping for air moaning in pain as he still squeezed my tits, his cock slowly withdrawing.

Breathing hard, he lifted my head and we kissed a final, lingering kiss. His hands moved over my back with a final caress, both of us knowing that this was only the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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