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He was so hot! It was the first day of summer after high school graduation and Eddie my secret crush all throughout those years finally noticed me.

My best friend Gale was having a pool party and had invited the entire graduating class. There were about 150 partying graduated seniors in and around her pool area, dancing, swimming and just having a great time. I suppose there was drinking and pot around but I didn’t see it. I just had eyes for Eddie.

During school I had always been the third wheel in Gale’s whirlwind romances. Gale was cute, friendly and rich! She’s had a string of friends and boyfriends for as long as I could remember. But we had been best friends since kindergarten and we always included each other in our lives.

There she was now, showing off in her latest bikini. She was on the diving board with a couple of guys who were trying to throw her off the board. She was squealing and clutching at the boys who were jostling each other and trying to cop a feel of Gale’s perky breasts while trying to force her off the board. They finally succeeded and Gale flew off the board with the crystal beads that hung from the ends of her braided hair glistening in the afternoon sun.

Gale has a fabulous figure. She’s tiny, only about 5 feet tall with a perfectly proportioned shape. She is a dark skinned African American with athletic muscles. She’s never had to watch her weight or work out. That used to irritate me until she told me how much she envied my voluptuous curves.

My name is Lydia and I’m Mexican American. I’m 5′ 6″ and have had large 36D breasts and curvy hips since I was about 12 years old. Instead of getting positive reactions with all my curves, my mature body intimidated most of the boys and I usually got made fun of. Older boys and men would try to come on to me and since I was shy about my body, they would frighten me with their forward approach. They often thought I was older than I was.

Gale had coerced me into wearing a bikini today and we had spent most of the morning at the mall picking out the perfect one. Gale was comfortable in a lime green bikini with a tiny top and thong bottom but I thought I should have a little more coverage. I finally let her talk me into a white halter style top with a bottom that gave me a little more coverage than her thong did. The halter style really emphasized my tits and the bottom played up my tiny waist and round ass. I had never had them so exposed but I was surprised how confident I felt and how good I looked. The white against my naturally golden skin was perfect.

I guess I was feeling pretty good because I had a small crowed of admirers around me and I was making them all laugh as I flirted with one and then the next. Eddie was among them. I didn’t flirt with him and he didn’t make an effort to draw my attention. He just sat behind the others watching me. I would occasionally catch his eye, smile and continue flirting with the others. I know my face was flushed from the attention but I couldn’t believe the words that were flying out of my mouth! I had them all eating out of my hands! All, except Eddie.

Normally when Gale and I were with our a small group of friends I could be as loud and boisterous as the rest but as soon as I was in a larger group I couldn’t think of a single thing to say. And would trip over my tough trying to say something interesting or witty. But here I was, joking and teasing with playful insults and complimenting each captivated boy in turn.

Eddie is smart and a natural athlete. I couldn’t help sending admiring glances at his hard, tanned body. His dark brown wavy hair would fall over his caramel colored brown eyes when he was playing basketball and tennis. And I have to admit that my eyes would often glance at the bulge in front of his pants and admire the well muscled back-side through his jeans or shorts.

The sun was starting to set on the pool party and the barbeque was started up. Gale caught my eye and motioned to the house. She hooked her arm through Tony’s, her sometimes boyfriend and headed into the house. I knew this signal and moved into the house as well. I took my time, knowing just what was going to happen. This was something that both Gale and I did and enjoyed very much. I loved to watch Gale fuck her boyfriends.

I went up the stairs and entered the bathroom that connects to Gale’s bedroom and locked the door. As usual she left her door open to the bathroom so that I could watch them through the crack. Gale’s bikini top was already on the floor and Tony was sucking her nipples into hard points. She looked over his head in my direction and winked. She turned him so that his back was to me and she stroked the rippling muscles of his back. She ran her hands down into the waistband of his swimming trunks and began moving them down his ass. They dropped to the floor and she grabbed his ass and kneaded them hard and pulled them apart so that I could bakırköy escort see the puckered darkness between his cheeks. Tony is quite tall, so he had to bend over and spread his legs pretty far to kiss and suck on Gale’s tits allowing a perfect view of his dark hanging sack and the beginnings of his hard-on. I had watched them before so I know he was packing 8 inches of hard cock.

He grabbed Gale around the waist and laughingly tossed her on the bed and flung himself down beside her. She laid spread eagle on her back laughing up into his face as his hand immediately moved down to her moist opening. He locked his full lips onto her mouths and sucked and licked her lips and tongue. Gales small hands stroked his chest and hard abs finally moving down to his stiffening member. Tony chuckled and then groaned when her hand began moving up and down his shaft. She rolled him onto his back and began peppering his chest with small kisses while she continued her stroking. He smiled down at her, reveling in the smoothness of her skin and the sensations she was giving him. Tony’s eyes closed when Gale’s lips finally found his cock.

“Girl! You know what I like!” Tony shouted and laughed, his hand moving to her head, gently guiding it lower. Gale smiled around the shaft in her mouth, her hand cupping his sack, her fingers adding pressure to the tender area behind his balls. Tony shouted again. “I’m on fire, baby!” He quickly disengaged her mouth from his throbbing cock and pulled her up to straddle his waist.

I was getting pretty hot myself watching the scene before me. Gale made sure I saw every stoke and lick. I love watching her enjoy herself so much. I like that there is always laughter and fun when Gale has sex. I was looking forward to that happening to me. I wasn’t a virgin but the couple of times I had sex were less than stellar.

By now Gale was slowly impaling herself onto Tony’s cock. He was watching his dick penetrate her tight pussy. Gale looked my way and grinned as she finally touched all the way down. Tony held her hips in his large hands and began lifting her easily up and down. Gale lifted her hands to her glistening tits, rubbing the darkened nipple into hard buds. She let her head roll back and arched her back as she pistoned faster and faster. Tony thrust up with his hips as he brought her down.

Gale started a moan deep in her throat that turned into a high-pitched keening. “Give it up, Baby! I want to feel you cum in me! Yeah, right there! I want to feel it!” Gale lurched forward, her hands pushing on Tony’s chest as she road out her orgasm. “Oh, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” She said with each thrust as Tony came inside her, pushing hard into her with each spasm.

Gale let herself fall forward onto Tony’s chest, panting and chuckling. “Oh, my God, that was good!”

Tony had a huge grin on his face, “Baby, you always know how to push all the right buttons. I always like it when Lydia watches. It’s so hot!”

Gale’s head sprang up off his chest, “What!?”

Tony laughed, “I always know when Lydia’s watching. I know you girls too well. You can’t stop yourself from showing off a little.” He was enjoying her surprise. “Everybody knows Lydia likes to watch.”

I backed away from the door, amazed and embarrassed by this bit of news. I scrambled out the door and back down to the party. Oh, my god! “Everybody knows Lydia likes to watch.” I kept hearing those words over and over again. I know my face was aflame with shame.

I tried to act normally as I got in line to get a hamburger that was just now coming off the grill. I felt a presence behind me in line, but I was to wrapped up in my humiliation to notice who it was. “You look like you got a little too much sun today.” A smooth voice said close to my ear. I jumped and turned to see Eddie looking down at me with concern. “I’d hate to see that perfect complexion ruined with a sunburn.” His eyes sparkled into mine.

I smiled tentatively up at him and murmured, “Oh, I . . . um.” I grabbed a plate with a hamburger on it and thrust it at him. “Have a burger.” Was all that came out. I grabbed a plate for myself and moved away to assemble the burger with the condiments spread on the buffet table. My cheeks were flaming worse than before. “Have a burger.” That was eloquent.

He followed me to the table and began assembling his own burger. He kept glancing at me. My hands shook and I kept dropping the lettuce. When I practically bathed my burger bun with ketchup, he grabbed my wrist and took the ketchup bottle out of my hand. “Whoa! Are you ok? You’re shaking like a leaf. And I think the pink of your cheeks is a little bit more than sun.” He was smiling but there was concern in his eyes.

I put my plate down and impulsively grasped his arm. “Could you get me out of here? I really need to leave now.”

He seemed surprised but he nodded. I kept hold of his arm and pulled bakırköy bayan escort him towards the driveway. He followed, a little bemused. “Where do you want to go?” He asked still walking with me to his car. “I can drop you at home if you like.”

“No!” I said a little too forcefully. “I mean could we just drive around for a while?”

He nodded again. He had his street clothes on, while I was still in my bathing suit. “Do you want to get some clothes on? I’ll wait for you.”

My clothes were in Gale’s bedroom, and I definitely did not want go in there to get them. “No, that’s ok. Let’s just go.” I said impatiently. He just shrugged and unlocked the door for me to his car. I slid in and he closed the door for me. In the back of my mind I was thinking what a gentleman he was being. But it was a fleeting thought and I immediately went back to wanting to get the hell away from Gale’s house.

Eddie slid in next to me and started the car. “Anywhere special?” He asked as he pulled out onto the street.

I thought a moment. “I don’t know. Somewhere you can drive really fast. You do like to drive fast don’t you?” I asked.

He grinned still looking straight ahead. “I’ve been known to pick up the speed a little. I think I know just the place.”

I watched his hands handle the car with confidence. I wished he were handling my body like that. What the hell was I doing? I was sitting in my dream man’s car, wearing only a bikini, going I-don’t-know where. And I had asked him!

We drove in silence for about 10 minutes. He glanced my way on occasion but mostly concentrated on the road.

“Mind if I turn on some music?” He asked. He didn’t wait for an answer and pushed in a CD. It was my favorite group and I allowed myself to relax a little bit. He drummed his fingers in time to the music and again I wished he were touching me with those strong hands. He turned onto a dark road off the main street and slowed the car to a stop. It was a dark straight stretch of road that I knew went out past the lake to a deserted factory.

“You buckled in?” He asked. There was a glint in his eye, like he was raring to go. He turned up the music and revved the engine. He looked at me, smiling wide. I nodded back. I was getting as excited as he obviously was. He pounded on the gas pedal and the car responded immediately. I lurched back in my seat with a laugh and we were soon racing down the dark road at well over 90 miles an hour. He leaned forward and urged the car faster. Laughter was bubbling up in me as we sped through the night. I was soon laughing and screaming both as we passed the lake. He glanced at me and laughed right along with me. We were whooping like bandits as we came into the area of the abandoned factory.

Just as we made it into the large darkened parking area, Eddie slammed on the breaks and the car spun almost all the way around, kicking up dust as it ground to a stop. I was laughing and whooping so much that tears sprang to my eyes. Eddie was bellowing and whooping right along with me. The music was fast and throbbing in the car. I pushed the door open and ran into the night. Eddie called to me still laughing, “Hey! Lydia! Where are you going?”

I rushed in front of the headlights. My arms in the air, gyrating to the thumping beat of the music. I still laughed and I smiled into the headlights. Eddie got out of the car slowly. I could see his silhouette but I couldn’t see his face. I kept twirling and swinging my hips to the music. I loved to dance. And I was good at it. Finally, Eddie came into the light that shined on me. He danced next to me watching my body, trying to fit his moves to mine.

What was I doing? Here I was in the middle of nowhere just in a bathing suit, acting a fool, and loving every minute of it.

The music in the car came to a crashing stop, and then the next song began to play. It was medium tempo and I slowed my gyrations a bit, panting and finally really looking up into Eddie’s face. A small smile played about his lips and he moved closer to me. I inched back playfully and spun away, dancing just out of his reach. He made a light grab for my small hand and captured it in his large one. I kept up my swaying but didn’t pull away. His other hand quickly encircled my waist and he bent over me to plant a lingering kiss on my full lips. I pulled away slightly and twisted away playfully, spinning again. He just stood in the light of the car headlights, his eyes intent on me. “I have always wanted to do that.” He said simply.

I stopped a moment. I wasn’t sure if he really meant that. “Always?” I asked. I continued swaying my hips to the music, lifting my hair away from my hot neck. “That’s a mighty long time.” I teased.

“You were always with Gale. I knew you were smart and sexy, but I always thought that three’s a crowd. And the way you were acting today. . . I don’t know. You looked bayan escort bakırköy like you were doing it for my benefit.” He shook his head. “Sounds conceited, doesn’t it?” He shuffled his feet a bit.

I thought it sounded wonderful. I danced lightly towards him and put my hands to his chest and stood quickly on tiptoes and kissed his mouth. His hands came up my sides and I spun away from him again, laughing low in my throat. He lunged at me and I easily dodged his reach. I squealed in surprise as his hand made contact with the small of my back. I ran around to the back end of the car, laughing into the night air. He followed closely, running to keep up with me. Trying to stop my fleeing backside. “Come here!” He laughed. I twirled away from his grasp, just inches from his hands.

“Catch me.” I challenged. I knew I was no match for his athletic speed and long legs. It didn’t help that I was barefoot on the rocky pavement. I made it back to the front of the car before his hands encircled my waist and he pulled me to his hard length. I felt his warm breath in my hair as he lifted me off my feet, his arms completely around my middle just under my breasts. I held onto his arms tightly, loving the strength and the ease in which he spun me around so that my feet lifted out in front of me. I felt his chest rumble with laughter against my back. What a sensation!

Finally he set me down and I turned in his embrace, lifting my arms to his neck and bringing his head down to mine. His kiss was warm and inviting. I parted my lips and let his tongue roll over mine, twisting and probing just as mine did. My fingers twined themselves into his hair applying pressure to his head to bring it even closer to mine. His hands played over the smooth skin of my back, one moving up under the straps of my bikini top and the other down to the edge of the bottoms. He seemed reluctant to move down any further, so I let one had wander down his neck, then move to the inside along his hard chest. I let it rest there, moving a finger just over his nipple. I felt the nub harden under his shirt and a breath came out of his mouth into mine in pleasure. I let the hand continue to move down, then around to his side. I slowly lifted the edge of his shirt and felt the heat of his skin. It was wonderfully smooth and hard. I lingered at the waistband of his pants, my fingers running along the fabric and skin.

He shifted positions and one of his hands came up my side, feeling the ribs that rippled beneath my skin. It stopped just to the side of my tit, the thumb moving towards the soft mound. His lips moved from my lips to my jaw line then to my neck, small nips and licks along the way, then back to my mouth.

My hand became bold and slid beneath the waistband of his pants and boxers. I lightly ran my finger nails over his hip and ass. He didn’t lose the kiss but smiled on my mouth. His own hand boldly slipped into my bottoms, cupping my ass a little roughly, pulling me hard against him. I ground my pelvis against his hardening cock that was making its presents known there. He slowly pressed me backwards until I was up against the hood of the car. I dropped my head back to give him access to my throat.

It was Eddie’s turn to grind himself up against me. I chuckled, his lips on my throat. “Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” I teased.

He lifted his head to look into my eyes. “So happy. I can’t believe how beautiful you are.” His eyes smoldered with desire. He lifted me onto the hood. He searched my face and tenderly brought his hand up to my lips. His finger traced the form of my throbbing lips. “I could get used to this.” I captured his finger between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. My tongue ran around it and played along each side. He seemed mesmerized watching me take the finger like it was his cock. I flicked the tip with my tongue and then lapped at it from root to tip. He began shaking his head from side to side still unable to remove his eyes from mouth.

I felt so wanton, but I was in perfect control. I knew what I was doing and I delighted in the power I was having over him and the power he was having on me. “Fuck me.” I said, looking directly in his eyes.

His head tilted to the side and he had a half smile on his face, as he shook his head no. “I’m not going to fuck you.” His smile increased as my eyebrows flew up a little shocked. Had I really blown things up? Oh, no! Could I ruin things any more than they already were? He continued “But I would love to make love to you.”

I held my breath for what seemed like a whole ten minutes, but was only a couple of seconds, then I let it out with a whoosh. “Oh.” Was all I could think of to say. And then I looked at him from underneath my lashes, “Ok.”

He lifted me into his arms and took me over to the passenger side of the car and slid me in, closing the door behind me. He trotted around to the driver side and quickly got in and swiftly kissed my bare shoulder. “Hold on!” He said.

He started the car again and blasted out of the parking lot. “Where are we going?” I practically shouted over the loud music in the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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