Massage Package #7

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She threw a pillow. “Damn! I’m bored.” She muttered. She almost threw her laptop but think otherwise. Her parents won’t buy her another. Her current laptop was just bought five days ago after she “accidentally” drop her old laptop when in fact she was in the heat of frolicking with her boyfriend, now ex. She giggled at the thought but was short-lived when she remembered how bored she was. Suddenly her cell phone rang. Her friend’s name Angela was on the screen.

“Hello, Angela! What’s up?” She asked. Her voice tinged with boredom.

“You’re bored!!!” She exclaimed. “And I’ve got the great summer activity to ease your boredom. Let’s meet at the old place.” And then she hanged up.

She looked at her cell phone as if it was Angela’s. “You better have a good reason for hanging up on me like that,” She muttered.

She dressed up quickly. Halter tank top, skirt that barely reaches up the middle of her thigh, sandals with three-inch heels. She didn’t bother for any underwear. It’s too hot for anything like that. She dashed for her cell phone and for her credit cards. She was on the middle of the stairs when she remembered to say goodbye to her mom. She backtracked and was on the act of knocking at her parent’s room when she heard a moan. She noticed that the door was slightly ajar. She pushed it a little to give her a minimum view of the room. Her jaw dropped open when she saw her mom moaning wantonly while massaging her breast. Her dad was pounding at her mom, doggie style. Both were oblivious that they’re daughter was watching them fuck. From her position she could see her dad’s cock slid in and out her mom’s pussy.

She clamped her mouth to prevent her giggles. Her hand strayed to her pussy which was now wet and tingling. She sighed, “I really need a good fucking.” And idea struck her. She brought out her cell phone and took a video of her parents while her free hand played with her pussy, imitating the tempo of his dad’s thrusting. They continued to fuck in different position before they lay spent in the bed. She hurriedly went to her room, brought out her dildo, removed all her clothes and began pleasuring herself. She moaned as she slid the fake cock inside her waiting pussy. It was slippery and her juices where running down her thigh.

“Oh, god…yes…oh! Yeah…hmmm,” she moaned as she increased the tempo of thrusting the fake cock inside her wet hole. “Aahhhhhh….” She screamed as she reached orgasm. She let the cock slid out of her pussy as she laid there, her juices running down her pussy and drenching her bed sheets. Minutes later, she dressed again and hurriedly went to their meeting place.

“What’s this?” She asked incredulously. “You made me come here just to give me this card?”

“Yes, and it’s not an ordinary card.” Angela said without even looking from her laptop. She was busy typing as if her world depends on it.

“Angela!” She screamed.

Her friend glanced sideways. “Whitney, you are creating a scene.”

“I will create a scene if you are not going to tell me what the purpose of this card is?” She flipped it in front of her friend.

“You want summer adventure right?” her friend asked and had the audacity of looking pissed off. She raised her brow to answer affirmative. “Then here it is your ultimate summer adventure that you haven’t done before.”

“Angela, massage? I always go to a spa to get a massage and you are giving me a massage advantage card?”

“And not just massage advantage card. By the way, I’m going. Jeff and I have a date. Bye,” And without further ado, Angela kissed me in the cheek and playfully massaged her left breast and licked her ear. “Hope you enjoy!”

She looked at the brochure. The massage parlor opens at 2pm until 12mn. Her brows shut upward to the unusual opening time. “Pleasurable, unique, satisfying massage package”, it was written on the one-page brochure. “Hope you enjoy!” Her friend’s last words rang in her head. It’s the way she said them that intrigued her. Unknowingly, she was on Bursa Escort her way to the place. It was one-hour drive from downtown. And another thirty minutes wasted because she couldn’t find the exact place. She was disappointed to see a rather well used office, not her sophisticated first class spa. A friendly receptionist greeted her.

“Oh, yes. I would like to inquire about your massage package.”

“Yes. What massage would you like? Full?” The receptionist asked.

“I really don’t have an idea about your packages. My friend gave me this card and she said all I have to do is present this to you to gain access.”

The girl looked at the card and flashed a sweet smile. “I’m sorry about that. Please follow me.”

She followed the receptionist. All of a sudden, the all-business-like demeanor of the lady was gone. She was ushered to a more comfortable lounging area. The change in ambience was quite dramatic.

“Ma’am, may I see your card please.” Another girl was asking her. This one was petite and her dress is a little daring from the other girl. The receptionist was nowhere to be found. She handed her the card and the girl entered another door which was hidden among the ornamental plants. She sat down and went on browsing a magazine. The magazine was three months old issue of Playgirl. That caught her attention. What does a Playgirl magazine doing in this ordinary place? After ten minutes, the girl emerged from where she disappeared. She was holding a clear book.

And she started to present to her the massage packages. Each package has a picture of the person who will do the massage session. A guy, yes a guy would do the massage. Her wild imagination is now at work but then nothing about the entity reveal something to solidify her imagination except for a magazine. A guy captured her interest. This package includes a full body massage, foot spa, and hair treatment. She was surprised with the price. 10,000 dollars!!! “Don’t you think the price too much?”

“Don’t worry, Miss. Your card can compensate any packages you choose. Miss Angela made sure of that.”

“How do you know that my friend’s name is Angela?”

“Every Advantage card given to our clients are unique and has different code when we swipe it to our terminal,” the girl answered. “Well have you chosen a package?”

She pointed Package

“Please put this on.” The attendant gave her a blindfold.

She looked at the girl suspiciously.

“Don’t worry, Miss Whitney. This is part of the adventure,” The girl said teasingly as her hand rested in her right leg and slowly went up to caress her thigh. “I guarantee you, you will enjoy every minute you spent in here. And you will come back for more.” The girl said seductively.

She gasped when the girl slide a finger between her pussy lips. She has no idea that the teasing of the girl turned her wet and tingling and she haven’t tried fucking with a girl before. But with the girl’s voice, she has an inkling to do just that, now!

“Now will you put this on?” The attendant handed her the blindfold. This time she got it and blindfolded herself. “Good girl,” the girl said, slide another finger, and pinched her clit.

Unconsciously, she arched her back and spread her legs wider to give the girl more access. The girl just giggled and left her in the couch, panting and frustrated. She lay there for a full two minutes; legs spread wide, her skirt hiked up exposing her trimmed pussy.

“Time to go,” Another attendant guided her to a car. She didn’t know how long they rode. And finally, she was ushered to a room and she has no idea where she was. She just hoped that it was not a gang that makes women their sex slaves.

“You may remove your blindfold, ma’am.” Someone said behind her back.

Her breath caught when she heard his voice. He’s voice so sexy and she couldn’t wait to see him. She removed the blindfold and slowly turned around. She thought her heart stopped when she saw him. The prettiest eye Bursa Bayan she has ever seen if ever there is one. And he smiled. He has the sexiest smile.

“Shall we?” He gestured to a direction.

That was the time that she looked around. She couldn’t contain her surprise. They were in a garden. A bed was situated in the center wide enough for three people. An inclined chair was place a few feet away from the bed, which contains the amenities for a hair treatment, a lovely girl is sitting beside it, waiting for her. At the other side there was a man-made waterfall with a pool that is at least five feet wide.

“You can remove your sandals,” the guy said and proceeded to remove her footwear. She held his shoulder for support. She gasped when he kissed her foot and slowly trailed kisses upward but stopped when he reached her thigh which was clad in skirt. “My apologies, I can’t perform the hair treatment. It’s one of the training I have never mastered. It’s a good thing I’m handsome enough so the management tolerate that for my other good performance.”

Questions started to form in her mouth but he stopped her with his finger. “Shhh, you came here to enjoy, not to ask questions.” His hand went to the edge of her tank top and started to undress her.

“What are you doing?” She asked holding his hands to stop him.

His thumbs found her stomach and started a slow circle which made her stomach lurched in anticipation. She swallowed as if to quench a sudden thirst. “Undressing you. You seem overdressed.” He answered.

“What’s your name?” she blurted out.


“Real name?”

He nodded, “And what’s yours?”

“Whitney,” she almost whispered. His thumbs, making a slow, seductive slow circle is weakening her.

“May I?” He asked gesturing to her tank top. She just nodded. Slowly, he removed her tank, caressing every inch of her skin along the way. She moaned when he deliberately brushed the underside of her breasts. It took every ounce of willpower not to arch her back. His hands found the zip of her skirt all the while maintaining eye contact. He cupped her bottom, slowly massaging them. Her lips parted inviting him to kiss her. Without hesitation, Kevin kissed her. When she opened her mouth, he launched in an open-mouthed kiss.

“Time for your hair treatment, Whitney,” He said as he broke their kiss. Her disappointment must have shown in her face for he laughed and proceeded to dress her with a robe. He walked to the bed and propped himself. Her gaze fell to his cock which was peaking between the slit of his robe. She laughed out loud when he demurely covered his cock and blushed as if he was a virgin waiting for his deflowerer. He grinned and motioned for her to proceed to the chair and finish her hair treatment.

She must have dozed off because when she woke up she was lying facedown in the chair which now at even level. Kevin was doing the massage. His hands reached her ass cheeks. She pushed back to indicated that he touches her there more intimately. Her unsaid request was granted when he slightly brushed a finger in her already wet pussy.

“Turn around, please,” he said. She obeyed. “Beautiful.”

“Shall we?” She dropped a leg at the side of the chair as a silent invitation. Her gesture exposed her even more. She felt his cock poking at her side.

He kissed her hungrily as his hands traveled down ward. His hands caressed her inner thigh and finally stroked her wet slit, easily slipping a finger inside and another one followed while his thumb did his magic with her clit. He stopped kissing her but his mouth substituted his hands in fondling her tits. He suckled her breasts not stopping until her nipples were pebble hard. Her hips followed the tempo set by his hands.

“Oh, ahhhh, faster, faster!” She moaned as she grabbed his hair pulling him to her. She was lost as his fingers slid in and out her wet pussy, fucking her with two fingers while his thumb pinched, and teased her clit. “Ahhhhh!” She stifled Escort Bursa her scream as her pussy walls tighten in his hands, soaking him in the process.

She still hadn’t recovered from the first orgasm when he teasingly rubbed his cock to her pussy. He continued to do that until she begged for him to enter her. “Now, please, fuck me now!”

He leaned over and kissed her passionately but he kept his teasing. When she tried to grasp his cock and guide him inside her waiting pussy, he just grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head. A less intense orgasm gripped her pussy wall. Her hips were arching ferociously, desperate for him to fill her. When he slid in his cock, she moaned her satisfaction.

“Faster, ohh, harder…” she moaned, desperate for him to fuck her faster and hard. She heard him chuckle and grabbed her hips, supporting her as he thrust faster.

“Oh, god, you feel good. Ah, ah, ah,” Kevin uttered.

She opened her eyes and saw his chest coated with sweat. She reached out and traced his wet nipple. Her eyes moved downward as she watched his cock slid in and out her wet pussy. “Ohhh, yes, yes, ah. I’m cumming…I’m….ahhhh!!!”

Moments later, she felt his cock swell inside her and his balls spurted his load inside her. He lay on top of her, panting as the aftershocks of their sex waned.

“I..God…I unloaded inside you. That’s…”

“Shhh.” She stopped him. “My massage is not yet finished, I think?”

He looked at her, disbelief in his eyes. “Whitney? Do you know…?”

“Then why didn’t you bother to put on a condom?”

He sighed. “All precautions escaped my mind. You definitely took all my common sense away.”

She smiled. “I see. Which is new for you. The bed is waiting. And my back will be sore if we continue to fuck in here.”

He grinned and carried her to bed. Without any further foreplay, he entered her doggie style. His cock was still rock-hard. She could here the slapping of their bodies, his balls hitting her inner thighs. She felt his hands touched her very sensitive nubbin, massaging it in circular motion. She was closed to cumming again. Kevin must have felt it for he stopped suddenly. She started to protest when suddenly she was flipped around and now lying in her back, without any further ado, Kevin entered her again. He continued to fuck her in that position, his thrusting at a steady pace, building a rising pressure within her pussy walls. A minor orgasm hit her but he continued to thrust in and out. His hands suddenly supported her back as he stood; her legs instinctively wrapped around his back. His hands cushioned her back as he slammed her into a wall? She has no time to think. In their position she could feel every inch of his cock sliding in and out her wet hole and in the process rubbing at her clit. His pace increase. She knew that he was close to cumming; she could tell it in his breathing, as his moan grew louder.

She felt his body went rigid, as her pussy walls tighten around his cock. The second time he ejaculated inside her. But it doesn’t matter. She would think of the consequences later when her mind was not fogged up with desire for this man she just met.

His legs felt weak as she carried her to bed. Their sex was still joined. ‘What’s happening to me? Every time I enter her wet pussy, all common sense escaped me. All I want is to pound her as if there is no tomorrow.’ He silently said. He was looking at her. Her eyes were closed savoring the aftermath of their lovemaking. He kissed her lips very gently.

“Whitney, whitney,” he whispered.

She opened her eyes and smiled. “Kevin is there something wrong?”

He smiled and planted a feather kiss on her forehead. “Let’s rest. We still have plenty of time. We’ll put the waterfall to good use when you have rested.”

She teasingly traced a finger at his back. “Kevin, don’t you think rest is a waste of time?” She lightly thrust her breast in his chest in emphasis.

He chuckled and playfully spanked her bottom. “Bad girl. We need rest my dear. I intend to extend our acquaintance. Now, rest.”

She looked at him with questioning eyes but his were already closed. Whatever he meant on that, she intended also to further their acquaintance as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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