Max Directs His Revenge

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Max spent his last three years in school as the butt of many jokes and derogatory comments but now as an eighteen year old senior he consoled himself by concentrating on his love of the theatre. He was a dedicated artist on the technical end of the stage, designing and building sets and lights. It was during his senior year that a miracle occurred. The drama director abruptly quit his position when a script of his was bought by Hollywood. But before he left he recommended the senior student Max to the Principal as a substitute who could easily direct the senior play. The principal considered canceling the play but the drama club had many influential parents supporting it so he conceded and allowed Max to direct.

And so Max’s life changed when he was made director. Suddenly he received respect from his fellow students, especially those who wished to be cast in the play. But it was Julie and Olivia that became his main focus. The two beauties had been competing for years over the lead roles. Both were very talented and let the world know it. But when they became aware that Max would be directing the show both became extremely concerned for they had been very mean to Max the last three years, treating him like a nothing around the theater.

So Max was not surprised when he was approached by each of them shortly before auditions. The play was a modern style version of Hello Dolly, a star vehicle that would focus the major portion of the show on the lead female role. It would be the ultimate prize for whoever won the role.

It was Julie that cornered Max first just a few days before auditions. She caught him as he left the school and offered him a ride home in her new red convertible. A surprised Max smiled and accepted eager to find out what she had in mind. As they drove out of the parking lot Julie informed him that she might not be able to make it to auditions because of a possible conflict. Then she asked if she could have a private audition. Max tried to act cool as he looked over the large breasted blonde seated next to him. She was dressed as usual in a short skirt and tight, expensive shirt to show off her assets. He also noticed Julie licking her full bee-stung lips, a characteristic she possessed that he liked in particular.

“Okay Julie. Why don’t we go to my house? There’s no one there at the moment.”

“Now?” She replied.

“Yes. I’m free now and I have some other appointments and auditions in the next few days.”

Julie realized she better take this opportunity while she had it and she agreed. As they rode toward his house Max was very nervous for he was a virgin and had never been alone with a hot girl like Julie. His mind went over the possibilities. He knew Julie was desperate to get the lead and he alone would make the decision. Would she come on to him? And how far would she go for the role. Max had fantasized about Julie for years even though he hated her for the way she treated him and his friends. But for a virgin teen a hot chick was a hot chick even though she was a bitch.

As Max led Julie into his basement rec room Julie spoke up.

“You know Max, I really am sorry I treated you so bad in the past.”

“Cut the bullshit Julie. Your acting is showing.”

Julie’s fake smile faded as Max began setting up his camera.

“What’s with the camera?”

“I’m recording all the auditions this year in case I have to make a close decision. Now do you have an audition piece to do for me?”

Max sat down on a cushioned chair and watched as Julie performed one of her canlı bahis speeches from the speech team. Max paid little attention to it. He knew Julie was the best actress at the school so his focus was centered on her body. His eyes climbed up her shapely legs and over her round ass and up to her full breasts. He began thinking about all the fantasy scenarios he had imagined over the past three years that involved Julie Power and him. Each of them was composed of a different method of getting Julie’s clothes off but they all ended with him fucking her mouth, pussy and cumming on her bitchy, arrogant, snobby face.

Finally Max was brought out of his trance when Julie finished her speech.

“Do you want me to read from the script now?”

“Not really. You can do that if you make callbacks.”

“If???? You can’t be serious? If???”

Max was pleased at Julie’s reaction. He had her thinking. Then he began to play his game.

“Look Julie, I know you’re a decent actress but this part calls for someone special. The lead needs more than just talent. She has to be star-like material.”

“Who’s more star-like than me?”

“Well, Olivia for instance.”

“Olivia? Olivia Finn?”

“Yes. She’s talented, pretty and has a very nice physique.”

“I’m more talented and pretty than Olivia. And if you don’t think I have a better body than you must be gay. Besides, you don’t want a slut like Olivia in the lead.”

Then Julie began to tell a rumor of how Olivia was on medication for a bipolar disorder and when combined with other drugs or alcohol it occasionally turned Olivia into a nympho. Max found her story hard to believe so he got back on the subject.

“You do a good job of hiding your physical weaknesses.”

“You must be joking! Have you ever seen me in my swim suit?”

“No. did you bring it with you?”

“Of course not!”

“Too bad.”

“Alright. I see what you want. It’s pretty obvious. Just don’t you dare come near me. And turn off that camera.”

Max could barely move. If Julie was going to do what he thought…he might just pass out. He walked over and shut off the camera but as he walked back to his seat he reached into his pocket and hit the record button on the remote. Once he was seated he watched an angry Julie Power begin to unbutton her blouse. Max felt his heart begin to race as his mouth went dry. His living fantasy girl was taking off her clothes just a few feet away from him.

Julie reasoned with herself that she would just strip to her underwear which kept her as covered as much as her bikini. Actually more. If the little pudgy five foot five inch dweeb required a show to get her the role, she would concede. After all, it’s not as though she were giving him a blow job. That was something she saved for the boys that treated her very special.

It was all that Max could do to keep from shooting off in his pants. He worked very hard to appear to remain cool and calm but on the inside he was a volcano ready to blow. As Julie undid her third button Max could see the lacy white bra come into view. It was just as he had dreamed. When Julie worked on the last two buttons Max glanced up at her face and saw an angry glare in her eyes. She obviously wasn’t enjoying this but that was fine with Max. In fact he preferred it that way.

Max suddenly recalled back during his freshman year how Julie stood by and laughed at him as a group of senior boys took his pants off and tossed them over a limb of a tree behind the school. It was one of the most embarrassing bahis siteleri moments of his life and the image of Julie Power and a few of her friends standing there and laughing at him made it worse. There were others laughing too but Max had a crush on Julie and to see the object of his crush laughing at him was devastating. This youthful infatuation he had developed came shortly after he first spotted Julie but before he found out how much of a snob she was.

Now he was watching the gorgeous Julie Power losing her clothes. After finishing the last button she tossed her expensive blouse to the couch she stood in front of. Max wondered how far she would go. She had already gone farther than he had ever hoped she would. To be honest Max would have been excited if Julie had just taken off her shoes. But after a brief pause Julie reached for the button on her plaid skirt and began to work it, maintaining the cool expression on her face. Max momentarily took his eyes off the scene and gazed toward the ceiling as if to show indifference but he guessed his action looked insincere since beads of perspiration had already begun to appear on his forehead.

Max crossed his legs to hide his six inch boner that was pushing hard on his jeans. Julie began to unzip her skirt. She was uncomfortable undressing in front of someone she considered beneath her but she was determined to get this role for it would put the icing on her high school career, a career with many honors and accomplishments. Only her arch rival Olivia had a chance of ruining it for her and she wasn’t about to allow that.

As Julie began to work her skirt down over her hips Max could see that her silky white bikini panties matched her bra. While watching the show Julie was putting on he began to develop a plan in his mind to deal with her. Meanwhile Julie’s angry expression began to fade for she decided a different attitude might be more helpful. So after pulling off her skirt she turned around and posed for Max in a stylish but provocative manner.

“So, what do you think of my body now?”

“Not bad. Are those real?”

“My breasts?”

“Yes. Are they real or implants?”

“They’re real.”

“How do I know that?”

“Well you need to take my word for it because there’s no chance you’re going to touch them.”

Julie sat down on the couch behind her while wondering where this was leading. As she spoke about her breasts she subtly rode her hands over her bra which brought stimulation with it. The stripping and the sight of a boy with an erection in front of her began to turn Julie on.

“I don’t need to touch them. I can tell if you touch them yourself. Massage them and I’ll know.”

Julie didn’t say anything she just slowly slid her fingers beneath her bra and started massaging her breasts and nipples as her eyes occasionally dropped to Max’s swelling crotch. She didn’t feel threatened by Max but she was curious as to what his package looked like. Her effect on Max was obvious and she enjoyed this power she had. She smiled slightly and chuckled as she spoke.

“Well Max, do you have a problem you need to take care of?”

“Yeah. How about some help?”

Julie’s smile disappeared.

“I told you to keep your hands off me.”

“Then how about keeping your hands on me?”

Julie rationalized for a moment that for a handjob she would be assured the role she sought, so without another word she gesture for him to approach. She sat at the edge of the couch and began to undo Max’s zipper. She wanted them bahis şirketleri both to remain as clothed as possible. She knew that the only part of Max’s body that might be attractive to her in any way would be the part she could pull through his fly.

Now that they were next to each other Julie could actually see Max tremble. She was certain now that he was a virgin and that no girl had ever touched him before. This gave her another thrill. It took her a few moments to get his rigid cock out of his pants and she was surprised that Max’s cock was larger than her last boyfriend. Using her extensive experience she was certain this wouldn’t take long.

Max was immediately making a huge effort to hold off his climax which could come at any moment. For the first time in his life someone else was jacking his cock. And not just anyone but the girl he had fantasized of for over three years. He looked down at Julie’s face as she stroked his cock and noticed that she started out with a determined look as if she were working on a school project. Then her expression began to change. Her eyes began to widen with fascination and he noticed her wet, pink tongue come out to lick her lips.

It wasn’t till later when he watched the recording that he noticed at this point her other hand had snaked down to go into her panties and massage her pussy. But his focus at the time was holding back his climax for as long as possible. Julie occasionally let go of his cock so she could spit in her hand and lubricate it, a technique she had learned long ago. She also spit on Max’s cock which he really, really liked for it brought Julie’s lips dangerously close to his cock.

Julie had his cock aimed just below her chin as she began to speed up her hand. She looked up at Max and said,

“Let me know when you are going to cum so I don’t-“

But it was too late. Suddenly Max came, shooting large ropes of cum up into the air, raining down on Julie’s face and head. She quickly changed the angle of his cock to get it away from her face but Max’s cum landed all over her chest and bra. Julie couldn’t believe how much cum was shooting at her. She figured he hadn’t jacked off in weeks but in reality it was only thirty six hours. It was the most cum she had ever seen come out of one cock.

Max’s eyes almost popped out of his head as he watched his cum land on Julie’s sexy face. As if in slow motion he saw it rain down all over his fantasy girl and her expression changed from surprise to squinting anger.

“I didn’t want you to get any on me! Now look at the mess you made!”

“I’ll get you a towel.”

When Max returned with the towel Julie was dressed and he saw that she had wiped herself off with his sweater. She gave him a fake smile as she spoke.

“Well, I have a tennis meeting to get to.”

“Oh. Well, I’ll put your name on the callback list.”


“Is there a problem?”

Julie assumed her handjob had given her the lead not just a callback and she was pissed but upon noticing Max’s expression she hid her anger.

“No. No problem. I’ll see you at callbacks.”

As Julie turned and walked out the door Max noticed there was cum in her hair on the back of her head. But she shouldn’t have too much trouble explaining that to her teammates on the tennis squad, he laughed.

Max couldn’t wait to watch the recording of Julie. He also began to think about auditions and how Olivia would react to the possibility of Julie beating her out for the role. He could hardly wait for school the next day. Before he fell to sleep that night he had already decided to give Julie the lead but in a moment of inspiration he also decided to make her enemy Olivia the second lead and Julie’s understudy. That should make things very interesting.

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