Mistaken for a Fluffer Ch. 01

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Anna Bell

The sun was slowly rising on another glorious Los Angeles day, breaking through the balcony doors spreading light throughout the penthouse apartment. Stevie lay there wrapped in the bed sheet, a glow on her face the likes of which she had never seen before.

The last month had been an absolute rollercoaster taking her life from that of a normal 22 year old living in her dreary one room apartment to laying in a huge queen size bed, wrapped in expensive sheets, on luxurious pillows waking up to the crashing waves of the pacific ocean. If someone had walked in and told her she was actually still asleep and this was all a dream, she would have believed them.

This wasn’t a dream though; it was very much real but to understand how Stevie had found herself in such a luxurious bed we have to go back, back to that day in June when this rollercoaster had begun.

June 14th

Stevie looked over at her phone as the alarm went off for the third time, hating the noise that blared out of it more than anything in the world at that moment. Reaching over grabbing it, she switched off the alarm, sighing in frustration seeing the time, 7.45, knowing she had no choice but to get up if she didn’t want to be late for work, again.

This daily ritual of hating her alarm clock and fighting to get out of bed; wasn’t due to how comfy in bed she was or how cosy she was, far from it. It had been another hot and humid Los Angeles summer evening; she lay there in her nightdress, her long dirty blonde hair a sweaty mess, heavy eyes due to her lack of sleep. No the reason for this ritual was her hatred of her job.

When she turned 18 and made the decision to move to Los Angeles to start out on her own, her reason for choosing LA wasn’t like all the other starlets, she had no desire to be famous. Stevie was the girl in the group who would stay in the background, allowing for her more flamboyant and vocal girlfriends to hog the limelight, just as she liked it and living in LA certainly helped with that, 90% of the girls that lived there wanted the limelight, allowing Stevie to sit in the shadows.

Even with her desire to stay out of the limelight, Stevie didn’t exactly want to move to LA and work in the dullest temp job that had ever existed but that’s exactly what she did. She worked for a firm that specialised in finding extras for movies, which doesn’t sound so bad but her job wasn’t finding the extras or engaging with the movies that needed them, her job was to ensure the hundreds of extras they supplied were paid correctly and dealing with the inevitable challenges about how much they were paid. Stevie hated it, but it paid well, was an honest living and allowed her to enjoy her weekends.

Finally, after another five minutes of lying in bed thinking of reasons why she shouldn’t go to work, she crawled out of bed and into the bathroom, running her fingers through her hair as she looked at the matted mess the hot summer night had left her with. Grabbing her toothbrush and starting to brush her teeth she looked herself up and down trying to make the decision whether she needed to get a shower.

Stevie was fortunate in that she had naturally good skin, she wasn’t the kind of girl that needed to spend an hour in the mirror applying make-up, she had light sun-kissed skin, with freckles on her cheeks but not too many, just enough to look as if she had applied them herself. This coupled with her 32c breasts, meant she was able to get away without too much effort because guys just tended to ogle her breasts anyway.

This thought process along with the fact she just worked in an office had made her mind up, today was going to be an au natural kind of day, so she grabbed some clean panties and a bra from her draws, sliding her nightdress off, observing herself in the mirror once more before sliding her underwear on, the bra hugging her breasts tightly pushing them in slightly as she grimaced, thinking to herself she really needed to go and get resized for her underwear and buy some new ones.

Glancing out the window into the busy street as she considered what clothes to wear, as if she needed to check the weather knowing it was going to be ferociously hot and sunny like every day in LA. She grabbed some denim shorts hesitating for a moment as she considered the last time she had wore them they had hugged her ass tighter than she remembered but had put it down to them shrinking in the wash not the real truth that her ass had grown a little plumper over the last six months.

Stepping into her shorts and then pulling her favourite white Converse on, she then pulled a white t-shirt from her closet with a huge yellow smiley face on, the have a nice day kind. Checking herself in the mirror once more as she started to put things into her handbag, she didn’t exactly look glamorous but working in a dreary office did have one perk, it allowed her to dress like this every day.

Little did Stevie know that today was going to be far from a normal day and her choice of t-shirt could come back to haunt ataşehir escort bayan her.

Having survived the daily commute, putting up with the glances at her breasts due to her t-shirt hugging her breasts and the eyes travelling down her figure to her shapely thighs on display in her shorts, she’d grabbed herself a coffee, enjoyed a flirt with the barista and made it to her desk all before 9am, as far as Monday’s going, this was a successful start to the week.

She had barely sat down and pressed the power up button on her computer when her boss, Tom walked into the office. Tom was a good boss to be fair, helped by the fact he was nice to look at. Just turned 40 Tom was one of those guys who had tried to follow Brad Pitt moving to LA with the hope of getting picked up and becoming famous, he certainly had the looks for it. That chiselled jaw, deep brown eyes that Stevie had got lost in several times, a killer smile and a body that had taken countless hours in the gym to obtain, Stevie knew because it was all Tom spoke about and was one of the only things she didn’t like about him, she’d never been the gym going type.

As he walked in he looked straight over at Stevie a look of surprise on his face, “What are you doing here?” This certainly hadn’t been the morning welcome Stevie had been expecting and she looked at him not sure what to respond to that. Tom continued as he walked towards her, “I messaged you last night, we had a late cancellation, I need you on set over at Dream Pictures.”

Stevie looked at him then down at her phone, being asked to step in and support on set as an extra when required was expected in her role, she’d done it countless times but just blushed as she looked at her phone once more, trying to respond, “I, er…” but Tom interrupted her, “I, er, nothing, they are hoping to start shooting at 9, get yourself over there now.” Quickly grabbing her phone and handbag, she quickly left the office and started to head over to the lot where Dream Pictures made their movies not even thinking about what set she was about to walk onto just knowing she needed to get their asap.

Dream Pictures was one of the adult studios that her company worked with, Stevie wasn’t a prude, she was far from a virgin but porn wasn’t exactly her thing, she’d had boyfriends who had enjoyed her watching it with them but she wasn’t like some of her girlfriends who openly admitted they watched it themselves, well today she was certainly going to get to watch some.

Her mind wandered as she walked, almost jogging over to the studio, her breasts bouncing with her brisk walk trying not to think about all the eyes she could feel glancing at her and her bouncing assets. She’d paid lots of extras over the years for working with Dream Pictures but never considered what use an extra could have in the adult industry, from her experience, the only people on camera tended to be the stars.

Stevie bit her lip subconsciously as she thought about it, thinking about what her role was going to be today and what she was going to be doing. She’d never had a steady boyfriend in her time in LA and it had been a few months since she had hooked up with anyone too and she couldn’t deny the idea of watching some people having sex in the near future was turning her on but she suddenly snapped out of her day dream as she arrived at the studio lot and eagerly headed inside.

Clutching her handbag not knowing what to expect as she headed in, Stevie was surprised as she stepped in to a well lit reception area, clean and tidy with what looked like brand new furniture. For some reason Stevie had been expecting the lot to be dark, dirty and less inviting but this room was far from it. She headed up to the reception desk smiling her cheeks slightly flushed from her walk at the receptionist sat at the desk, “Hi, I’m so sorry, my names Stevie, I’m here for the shoot this morning.”

The receptionist looked up at Stevie through her thin framed glassed, pursing her lips, looking her up and down with the gaze of someone who had seen a lot of girls walk through those doors then glanced back down at her computer as she spoke, “It’s OK, they’ve not started shooting yet, they are preparing the set so your services won’t be needed yet, take a seat and someone will come collect you.”

Blushing even more being spoken to like that, Stevie returned the favour looking the receptionist up and down, glancing at her name tag, Evelyn, the buttons on her blouse clearly struggling to contain her large breasts, Stevie bit her lip once more as she glanced up at Evelyn the thought that she’d probably been in front of the camera in the past entered her head. She quickly turned away as Evelyn looked up at her and caught her gaze, her cheeks reddening once more she quickly turned and headed over to an empty seat.

Sitting down in the quiet waiting room, it was the first moment since her boss had walked in that Stevie had considered what exactly she was getting herself into, she tried to think back to past escort kadıöy bookings she’d known for Dream Picture but suddenly a man burst into the room clearly looking panicked.

The man was in his 20’s, wear a shirt unbuttoned lower than someone with his physique should wear it and had what could only be referred to as a greasy ponytail, he looked at Evelyn and shouted, “Is she here yet, please tell me she is here”, a sense of desperation in his tone. Evelyn looked up from her computer, looking as surprised as Stevie was fumbling with some papers on her desk stuttering her response, “erm…”. The man then glanced over at Stevie a smile lighting his face up as he shouted over to Stevie, “Thank god, get your ass in here”.

Her cheeks reddening once more, not sure how she felt by her ass being referred to but quickly got to her feet, walking in the guys direction, feeling him ogle her. He held the door open so she quickly walked in, looking up at the guy with the ponytail as he commented, “Nice t-shirt” a grin on his face that should couldn’t quite understand but quickly ignored as she walked in to the room, looking around what looked like a high school locker room, with about twenty people milling around, some in a state of undress and all of them looking slightly panicked in the same way the ponytail guy had been.

As Stevie drank in the scene, never having been on the set of an adult production before, she felt a hand on the small of her back looking to her side as the ponytail guy started to guide her forward. Her cheeks still reddening as she felt like more eyes on the room looked in her direction, she quickly shuffled her feet allowing him to guide her towards two benches in the centre of the room, the kind that they had in locker rooms; that were clearly going to be used for the scene.

Stevie looked up to the ponytail guy about to ask what was expected from her today when around a hidden corner on the set walked what she would quite happily admit was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen and to add to it, he was completely naked except for some football shoulder pads. For once Stevie took on the role of pervert and couldn’t help herself, biting her lip as she slowly looks over his strong abs, down slowly, biting her lip harder as her gaze caught on his semi hard cock. She thought it was semi hard because it was limp but the size of it she couldn’t be sure as it hung down his thigh, bigger than any cock she’d seen before.

Snapping out of her gaze, as she heard him speak, looking up her cheeks flushing once more as she stuttered, “Oh, I’m sorry”, looking up at him as he smiled at her, almost falling in love with him again as he smiled at her the most gorgeous smile she’d even seen and those eyes of his, a dreamy blue, she just smiled in response.

She felt like time stood still as they both stood there looking at each other but was quickly snapped out of her daydream once more as she heard the ponytail guy behind her, “Okay, niceties out of the way, you’ve got a job to do and we are losing money” and felt his hand move slowly up her back onto her shoulder and push down gently but insistently”.

Turning her head to look up at the ponytail guy once more a mixture of emotions running through her, panic certainly one of them, excitement another and not sure which one was going to win, she slowly complied and dropped down to her knees looking up at the gorgeous star before her, his limp cock inches from her face. She watched as he reached forward, grabbing his cock and held it up in the direction of her mouth.

It was at this exact moment that everything she had seen started to make sense, the panic in the ponytail guys voice when he’d first walked into the room, the panic around the room as she had walked in, the limpness of the stars cock, the person they had been waiting for wasn’t an extra, it was the fluffer and they thought she was the girl they’d been waiting on.

A million thoughts once again, started running through Stevie’s mind as she looked up at the gorgeous man holding his cock out in desperation for her, she was in no way a fluffer and part of her wanted to stand up and get out of there but nothing could deny the fact she thought the guy was perfect, she had already admitted to herself earlier that it had been awhile and finally the reputation of the company she worked for was at risk, if she backed out they may never get another contract from Dream pictures again.

Milling everything over in that split second in her mind, sensing the eagerness from the star and the ponytail guy, Stevie took a deep breath, her eyes up on the star and opened her mouth as she moved her mouth towards his soft cock.

Seeing all the permission he needed the star quickly moved forward and pushed his cock between her lips, one hand still holding the base of his cock, his other hand reached forward and pressed on her head. Having used a fluffer dozens of times he knew exactly what he needed to do to get his cock hard and he wasn’t there for pleasantries, maltepe escort she was a mouth to serve a purpose.

Stevie’s eyes remained open looking up his toned torso into those amazing blue eyes as she kept her mouth open wide, closing her lips around his shaft as she felt him take control a hand on her head sliding his cock in and out of her mouth as he pleased. Stevie was kind of relieved he had taken control, she’d never had any complaints about her blowjob technique but she wasn’t sure she could live up to porn standards. So she just knelt there keeping her lips on his shaft as he slid in and out, feeling his cock swell inside her mouth.

Feeling his cock start to harden the star, looking down at Stevie, looking into her eyes a sense of relief washing over him and able to start to enjoy himself as he slid his cock in and out of her eager mouth. Not sliding deep just a few inches of his growing cock sliding in and out just as he liked it, the hand on the base of his cock letting go now as it hardened enough to stand upright by itself.

Still not quite believing the position she found herself as she knelt there in the mock changing room, oblivious to the eyes on her just focussing on the gaze of the hunk above her, Stevie couldn’t deny she was enjoying it and didn’t even think as a groan escaped from her lips. Her cheeks reddened at the sound but quickly calmed as she looked up seeing him smile down at her with that gorgeous smile.

He smiled down at her, hearing the groan escape her lips, knowing she was enjoying sucking his cock and happy to stand there and let her enjoy it. His cock hard again, he had his first change to look the fluffer up and down, smiling at her have a nice day top containing what looked like a lovely set of tits, admiring down her back to her plump ass, she certainly had a figure he could have a lot of fun with but he knew he had no time for that, there was work to be done.

Even more turned on seeing the hunks smile, making her think she was doing a good job, she was certainly enjoying it, as she suddenly realised his cock was rock hard standing on its own now and she had only managed the first couple of inches of what looked like a cock well over 8″. Eager to continue to please him, her eyes still up on him she pressed forward slightly, another groan escaping her lips as she felt his cock slide deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly, she heard, “Okay, I’m ready” and suddenly the heavenly cock popped free from her mouth. She looked up at the star as he gave her another of his killer smiles, “Thanks doll, have a nice day” and walked away leaving her kneeling there, incredibly horny and all of a sudden feeling very vulnerable.

Once again time seemed to stand still as she knelt there for what felt like a lifetime until the ponytail guy snapped her out of her lull once more, shouting urgently, “Unless you plan on being in shot, get off your ass and get out the way”.

Blushing once more Stevie quickly climbed to her feet backing away to the edge of the room standing there not sure what to do or say, her cheeks still rosey red as every now and again she would get a pat on the arm and a friendly smile saying “Good work hunni”.

Her emotions were once again mixed as the realisation of what had just occurred washed over her, mortified that she had just sucked a stranger’s cock in front of a crowded room and strangely proud that she had done a good job.

She stood there, looking over as she watched the gorgeous star and his now hard as a rock cock be sucked by a big breasted blonde girl, looking her naked form up and down a sense of jealously washing over as she bit her lip unable to take her eyes off the pair of them.

The star was in his element now, this is what he loved, the stress of getting hard and staying hard was always a pain but getting to fuck big breasted blondes like Kim was every guys dream. He stood there enjoying her working his cock as deep as she could manage, listening out for any directions and smiled eagerly as he heard the director order him to bend her over the bench and fuck her doggy.

Just as he was turning her around he looked up and his eyes caught the fluffer standing there in the corner of the room, he smiled and winked at her, as he reached down positioning his cock and sliding slowly into Kim’s wet pussy, gripping her hips and pulling her back and forth, he couldn’t help himself as he looked up once more and locked eyes with Stevie, looking her full figure up and down, he couldn’t deny he found her attractive.

Stevie couldn’t take her eyes off the blowjob, doing everything in her will power to stop herself touching herself; the scene was turning her on so much. Listening to the director shout out to fuck her doggy style, Stevie’s eyed widened as she was going to get to see them fuck.

Frozen in position, she looked at the girls face as she took his big cock, the reality of how long it had been since Stevie fucked anyone washing over her, her jealously only growing as she watched the girl grimace knowing she was enjoying that cock, there was no need to act right now. Stevie’s glance looked up and she almost yelped as she found herself looking straight into the deep blue eyes of the star as he fucked the buxom blonde porn star and he then winked at her.

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