Mnemosyne’s Hand

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Ball Squeezing

A girl and I were emailing back and forth, chatting, saying erotic things. She really liked this one, so for all you girls out there: here’s a story that I hope wets your… palette. This isn’t so much a story as an erotic description that leant itself toward being a story. And I’ve changed names to protect everybody I used to or do know. Enjoy…


Having read a few of your stories my erection has become very clear in my gray boxers. While reading some of the stories, I couldn’t help but to rub at myself. It feels so good.

I hang to the left, so my cock has started to climb down a thigh, peeking out of my boxers (which is all I’m wearing). I’m hiking them up and spreading my legs. I’m 5’10” with dark brown hair and blues eyes. Blue flecked with gold that happens to change the color of my eyes in different lights. I have an athletic build, just coming back from Iraq on military duty. While I was overseas I lost my wife and now we’re divorced. There’s so much pent up lust in me and no one to go to for now. My balls feel very heavy. It’s impossible to jerk off when you’re surrounded by other soldiers 24/7, so it’s been a long time. (Not that it’s impossible, but it’s very difficult and few chances are left in between). Ever since I’ve been alone, I can’t keep my hands off of myself.

Reading your stories brings me back to past moments, reminding me of erotic experiences I’ve had. Once, I was over at a friends place, sitting on their recliner. At my feet was a pretty 18 y.o. girl, wearing bed clothes: baby blue panties and pink tee-shirt (a sister of my friend’s), tickling her with my toes. With her legs apart, I could see her vulva snug in her panties and was getting very aroused. I moved a toe to feel her pussy, acting like it was a mistake and she stopped giggling, just looking up at me. I went back to tickle her and she giggled again, but Arnavutköy escort bayan when I moved my toe back to her pussy she still held her legs open.

Then I stopped and she asked me to keep doing it. It felt good. So I started caressing her pussy with my toes, getting harder and harder in my confined jeans. She wasn’t giggling, just watching me as I kept going. Then she pulled her blue panties to the side, exposing her vulva. I stroked her wet slit with my toe and she began to undulate, crying, “Ooooooh!” Her pussy grew red and swollen. I don’t know if she had an orgasm, but I remember that I was so horny that I ran to the bathroom and took care of myself.


Now, legs spread in this chair, my boner pokes up from between my legs and I have to stroke it, feeling my balls bounce between my thighs. I love the caress of balls on my thighs. They’re shaven and very sensitive. I had to touch them, stroke them, because they feel so tingly and full. I grab the bottom of my cock with a fist and push down to my belly, squeezing the sack of my balls. Tightening my fist around my cock and looking, I’m now seeing clear fluid pooling up and the slit on my head. It’s running down my dick. I scooped a bit of it up and I’m using it to rub just under the head. Oh, that area is so sensitive. That’s were I love girls to lick roughly when they’re going down on me.

I’m remembering when I met this other 18 y.o. girl, Ann. She was my first girlfriend that became more serious than past ones. Both of us were virgins. We met when mutual friends of ours started dating. They decided to set us up during a game of truth or dare. I said dare and my friend’s girlfriend dared me to let Ann play with my cock. Me and Ann found some bushes nearby and I let her touch it. She played with my cock and balls, telling me that it looked pretty Escort Avcılar cool. Later she asked if she could measure it, since she heard the average cock was 6 inches.

I was frightened, thinking that maybe mine was four or something, not knowing myself. It took a week of begging, but I finally gave in. She measured the length of me to be seven and three quarters, so I guessed it was good enough. Still average I thought, but I was relieved. It rained the same day; we wrestled in the mud and pools of water that were all over the yard. She rubbed up against me and I needed release. I told her I needed to go, but she told me to wait. She unzipped me and gave me my first hand job.


My cock is ribbed with giant veins. Girls have told me that it comes in very handy with the sensations in their pussies. Now, legs still spread wide open, I’m thinking of this moment with her and bracing the base with my index and thumb. The rest of my fingers crossing over my warm, smooth balls. I’m going to stop typing for a moment and use my other hand to shift the skin at the top of my shaft up and down over as much of the head as possible. I’m imagining a girl wanting to lick my pre-cum. The heavier my balls are with cum, the more I leak this stuff. God, it feels so good. I almost came, but there’s more that I remember.

I remember Vanessa. I’ve been watching her since our junior year at college. I asked her out and we date for about three months. The farthest we got during that time is kissing and some petting. I drive her out onto a country road late at night. The road is utterly deserted as we talk. She brings it up first and I’m relieved. She said, “Have you every masturbated a girl before?” I told her that I had, even with my toes. She thought that was sexy and asked if I’d finger her. I agreed, already sporting a boner. Bağcılar escort

She unbuckled herself and pulled her pants down around her knees. This looked so sexy and I told her to spread her legs as much as she could. She pushed her pants down further to get her legs farther apart. I looked at her nice, fair-haired pussy and I began to rub it. She pushed the back of the seat to lean back as I played with her pussy. It was soft and warm, as I rolled her vulva around. I opened her pussy up, searching for the clit that was supposed to get hard as I massaged it. I felt the small nub getting hard, so I knew I was in the right place.

With my other hand, I stuck in my middle finger to the first knuckle and slid the top of my finger back and forth by bending and straightening my finger repeatedly. She immediately began to moan pretty loud, stretching out her body, as her mind seemed to be concentrating solely on what I was doing to her. It’s lucky that I snuck away with my parent’s sex books, because I was doing rather well for my first time. Her body shuddered and she begged for me to go faster. The shuddering continued and I moved my fingers even faster over her clit until she began to wrack and jolt, loudly moaning out.

When she sighed and smiled at me I knew I’d done my job. I’d never smelled pussy or tasted it before, so my first reaction was to smell and lick her juices off my finger. Not bad. I knew going down on such pussies was something I’d have to try next. Maybe I’d bring this up to her later.


Okay, now I’m so hard and my legs are beginning to buck a little under all this pressure. I need to blow a load so hard. I’ve got to stop typing and Get Off. I’m imagining Steph, who was huffing away at my cock three years ago. She asked if I wanted to cum in her mouth, which I’d never experienced before and so I did. I couldn’t believe that some girls actually liked that.

Oh, I jerked on it until I finally came, shooting a thick, hard stream of cum onto my chest and stomach. I wish you could see it now. I have to clean up, so have fun and please cum for me. I’d like to jerk off again, knowing that this made you cum just as hard.

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