Mother Tricked into Betrayal

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This story contains and includes offensive language, and it includes themes of cheating, betrayal, adultery and tricking. If you do not like these themes then this story is not for you.


We were a very proud lebanese family who lived in San Diego, California, I lived together with my dad, my mother and my sister, my sister was just some years older than me, she was 22 years old. My mother was 43 years old and my dad was 22 years older than her. Father looked old, but my mother looked very good looking and young to be in her 40s. She was not just a good looking woman, she also had a great shape and a very good body, she worked a lot to keep an athletic and nice body. Mom is 5 ft 9 and without exaggeration, my mother looks very, very good.

It basically goes back to early january of 2015, I had my 18th birthday last week and I now had only 4 months left of my senior year and then I am graduating. I came home from school and saw mom sitting on the couch and having a loud conversation with dad, it was about her job. She worked as a fashion designer in a clothing company and she loved her job, she had been working for this company since 2001.

I joined them in the living room and I asked, “What happened, why do you talk so loud and look angry?” Dad then explained to me that mom had received an email from the company’s board reading where they had made an order where about half of the female employees at the company would have to go down to the company’s other building and workplace in Montgomery Alabama and work there for a couple of months, until to the first june. And then return back home to their workplace here. Mom was apparently one of the employees who needed to go down there and work there from January to June.

Dad wanted her to quit the job after this order, but mom refused and she was determined to continue the job, she said she loved this job and couldn’t quit it. Almost everyone of the other female employees who were picked to go to Alabama, quit the job. Some of them couldn’t leave their families, others couldn’t afford a house or hotel to stay in during such a long period of time. We also couldn’t afford a hotel of anything else for mom to stay in.

A few days later we were visited by Janine, an American woman who is my mother’s best friend, she also works in the company. She was not among the women who were called to go down to Alabama, but she informed mom and us that she had found a solution to the problem. Janine had talked to her son’s friend who had an apartment there in Alabama, the apartment were also located very close to the building that Mom would work in. The guy’s name was Aaron, he was one year older than me and he had agreed to give my mom a room in his apartment during this 4 months she would spend there.

However, it was a problem, my mom would have to sleep in the same apartment with a stranger, with someone she wasn’t related to or had any connections to, that made it very hard to accept Janine’s proposal.

Dad said, “No, no that’s impossible, I can’t accept that.”

Mom answered immediately, “Do you have any better idea? This is our only and best chance!”

Although mom seemed to really want and accept the proposal, she didn’t really want it, but she had to, so that she didn’t lose her job, her passion. She explained this to me after taking me aside and telling me. After a long conversation and arguments with the whole family along with Janine, dad finally accepted, he asked if he could follow with mom and also live there, but Janine said that the apartment were very small and that Aaron can’t have more than one person there.

After days of preparation, it was time for mom to fly down to Alabama, we said goodbye to her at the airport, it was really emotional for me and my sister, but especially my dad, he had never been separated from mom for more than one day since they married in 92. Janine took also farewell and wished mom good luck, mom hugged her and thanked her for the help. Mom then took the flight and flew down to Alabama, during the flight she thought of the family and started to cry.

After about 6 hours mom arrived in Alabama, there in the airport Aaron was waiting, he then approached mom and asked, “You must be Samira?”

Mom replied, “Yes I am, how did you know me?” with a hesitant and nervous voice.

Aaron said, “Well… I had a picture of you sent from Janine, so that I would know you when arriving”.

After they were done talking they took an Uber to the apartment. Mom wasn’t impressed with Aaron, he looked like bad news. Janine had told my mom that Aaron was a polite, humble and respectable young man who was really nice, but mom didn’t see any of it after the first meeting with Aaron. He was Ankara escort a fairly tall American guy, who had piercings on his eyebrows, nose and lips, he had worn clothes on and his entire upper body was tattooed, there was tattoos of satanic figures and symbols. Mom thought he looked scary, but she didn’t care, she was here to work.

When they arrived in Aaron’s place, mom realized how small the apartment was. There was a living room, a small bathroom, a small kitchen and two small bedrooms. Mom got the room with the single bed and Aaron had his usual room which contained a double bed. Mom then called and told us that she had arrived safely and was in the apartment, we told her that we would call at least twice a week or more if we could, she said that would be great and then said goodbye to us and we back. It was late, close to 11pm, my mother tried to avoid Aaron for the first few hours, after all it was a strange and uncomfortable experience for her to live with a stranger in a small house far away from her family. That it also was a man didn’t make it better.

Mom took her things and bags into her bedroom, she locked the door to start changing and then sleeping. There, my mother realized that she did not have much to choose when it comes to clothes to sleep with. Janine had helped her pack and she apparently hadn’t added well to clothes you could sleep with. There were only very short shorts, jerseys that made the belly appear, thin underwear and lingerie intended for dad, mom only used this kinds of lingerie in front of dad, when they’re alone in their room, for example when they show and make love with each other. She was ashamed right away and just wanted to throw them away because if Aaron or anyone else saw these with her they would think wrong about her and it would look very inappropriate and shameful. She then hid them in a wardrobe. Then switched to something that at least worked and then went to sleep.

The day after was Saturday, mom was free until Monday when work would begin, so she needed to waste time and get the clock to go forward as quickly as possible to start working and focus on work. So mom went out for a short walk and then went shopping at a mall nearby. She came home late that day, she had spent almost the whole day outside, Aaron was sitting in the living room watching TV, he asked mom about her day and she said it was great, she actually had fun. Then she went directly to her room, to avoid talking with him, she still couldn’t believe that she was actually living in the same apartment with a stranger.

Mom went into the bathroom afterwards to shower after a long day, she was sweaty and tired after all the walking and shopping. She took off and went into the shower. After a while, Aaron went to the door outside of the bathroom, he heard that mom was in the shower and then started thinking, he saw that the door was open, mom had forgotten to lock, so he opened the door.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” screamed mom.

“I’m so sorry Samira! I didn’t know you were here,” he said.

Mom then screamed again, but this time louder, “Get the fuck out, now! Right away! Don’t just stand there,” while covering her tits and private parts.

Aaron then left and went to his room, mom got out of the shower, covered herself with a towel and quickly went into her room and put on clothes.

Aaron then entered her room and tried to apologise, mom said, “I don’t want to talk about it, just do never ever, open a door without knocking first, especially the bathroom,” with a angry voice. Aaron nodded and looked at her in a very weird way, mom then told him, “Can you please leave me alone, I want to do some things before I go to sleep.” He walked out.

The next day, mom woke up and to her surprise, Aaron stood in her room watching her, she immediately jumped out of bed in panic. “Easy Samira!” he said loudly.

“What are you doing here?” mom said.

Aaron replied, “I just wanted to ask you if you want to eat breakfast, I am making scrambled eggs.”

Mom answered, “No thank you, I’m good,” while shaking of what just happened.

It was evening time, mom was sitting in her room chatting with her friends on Facebook with her mobile phone, Aaron knocked at the door and then came in. He asked mom if she wanted to watch a TV series with him, she declined first, but saw that he became sad, she didn’t want to be rude so she then said that she could watch a little bit, but that she could not stay up so long, because it was workday tomorrow. Aaron became overjoyed and put on the series on television, mom always tried not to get into any conversation with him while watching and then after about half an hour she apologized and went to the bedroom to sleep. While Ankara escort bayan sleeping, mom woke up several times during that night, she heard sounds coming from just outside her room, but she was so tired that she didn’t bother to go up an see what it was. She noticed that her door was a bit open, but she still was too tired to get up and close the door.

Then it was monday and mom’s third day in Alabama, she woke up early in the morning and left for work, it was finally here, the work had started and she could know focus on it and let go of other things in her mind. When mom got home that day after work she saw that Aaron wasn’t there, it was a relief for her because she could finally have the apartment for herself for a while and feel at home without being tense and stressed all the time with a man around her. She went to her room and was shocked by what she saw, the room was completely clean and looked fresh. When Aaron came home she asked him about it and he told her that he cleaned her room because it needed to be cleaned, she didn’t say anything but thanked him.

In the next couple of days mom began to feel uncomfortable because Aaron started to check her out and had a look of lust, he had found mom’s private lingerie and kept them in his room. After being there for a whole week, mom started to get a little bit more confident than her first days. It was now saturday, a free day for her, mom was sitting in her room talking to dad over the phone, after finishing talking to him, Aaron came into her room, it was around 11.30pm. He sat down at the edge of the bed, mom said straight away, “Excuse me Aaron, can I help you with anything?”

Aaron calmly said, “I need to talk to you about something very important, something I have wanted to talk to you about since I first saw you.”

Mom looked at him and didn’t understand what he is talking about, she said, “I don’t understand.”

Then Aaron said, “I haven’t been with a woman in a very long time, since I broke up with my girlfriend a year ago.”

Mom then interrupted him by saying, “Why are you telling me this?” with a stern voice. “This is a very sensitive and private topic you should be talking with your parents or friends about, not with me, I don’t know you and it is a bit inappropriate to talk with me about such things,” mom said with a louder voice.

Aaron then started to look very focused and serious on mom, “You’ve now been staying here for a week, and I have tried so hard to get your attention and make you see me,” he said. Mom without understanding anything tried to change the subject into anything else, but Aaron was eager to continue and wouldn’t talk about anything else. He said, “Samira, we shouldn’t be sleeping in separate rooms, we should be sleeping in the same room and on the same bed, otherwise we won’t make it. You will stay here for four months, we need to have sex with each other, to serve our needs and our interests.” Mom tried to go up from the bed and leave the room, but Aaron put his hand on her thigh and said, this time louder and looked very serious, “Samira! I am not looking for a long term relationship with you, or to marry you, or to hurt your reputation, or to make you leave your family. I just want us to have sex and enjoy ourselves during your 4 months period you’re going to spend here. We must meet our needs, sex is nothing to be ashamed of, we all want it, it’s only natural.” He continued, “Let us help each other out, no one will find out.”

Mom began to think about what he was saying and started to get wet in her pussy, Aaron saw it clearly because she was wearing gray tight pants. She tried to cover it with her hand, but Aaron had already seen it, he then put his two fingers in it, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING! OUT! YOU NEED TO GO OUT! LEAVE NOW!” Screamed mom. Aaron then kissed her, they both looked at each other for some seconds, then mom began to shed tears, she then kissed Aaron back, holding his head with her hands and moving them around, she agreed to his proposal. Aaron then carried mom with joy in his eyes and thanked her, he carried her to his room and threw her on the double bed and jumped on top of her. They began to kiss each other wildly. Mom then pulled away from his lips and said with a breathless voice, “Wait, wait, I need to think about this more, it feels like we were too fast.”

Aaron, who was incredibly horny, responded immediately “Too late, there is no turning back now.” Aaron then tore mom’s t-shirt she was wearing and took off her tight pants and began to lick her pussy, in the same time with his left hand, he was holding her breast and with the right hand rubbing her pussy while licking it.

Mom began to scream, “Ohh, OMG! You little bastard! Escort Ankara What have you gotten me into!” He began to lick her more intensely and holding her tits with his both hands, squeezing them hard. Mom couldn’t hold on and orgasmed. He then took of his clothes and threw them away, he lay himself down on the bed and guided mom to his cock, she began to suck him, after some minutes he grabbed her under her armpits and laid her down on the bed, pushing his big cock directly into her pussy and started fucking incredibly fast and hard, the bed began to hit the wall as he kept pounding mom. She screamed, “YOU ARE LIKE A MONSTER! I have never felt this good fucking before! THIS FEELS SO GOOD!” He began to lick her tits and kept pounding her pussy fast, mom kept screaming, “This is the best sex I have ever had in my life, I didn’t know that there was men that could fuck this good, OMG! My husband has never fucked me like this!” Aaron then switched position and allowed mom to ride on top of him. “OHH, OMG, OMG, I REALLY NEEDED THIS! She screamed. Aaron switched positions and fucked her all night long, then orgasmed and they both went to sleep on the bed.

During the next months, mom always told us that she was happy in Alabama and that the work was good and that there was nothing bad here. Mom and Aaron fucked almost everyday during her 4 months stay in Alabama. They started to sleep in Aaron’s room on his bed as they always fucked, they went to the cinema together, they ate at restaurants and they shopped together. It was like she had a new life there in Alabama. Then after here 4 months there reached an end, mom called us and informed us that she was on her way back to San Deigo, we waited very excited at the airport for her, when she arrived and we saw her, we all rushed and hugged her for so long. We kissed each other and hugged. To our surprise we also saw the guy named Aaron also come back with her, we thanked him for everything and that he allowed our mom to crash at his place, he told us that it wasn’t any problem. His parents apparently lived here in San Diego but he lived in Montgomery Alabama for his college and work.

As we drove back home from the airport I saw dad with tears in his eyes, it was my first time I saw him cry. When we arrived at our house I took him to the side and asked him about it, he said, “I am thinking about your mom, she spent 4 whole months alone with that guy Aaron in his place”.

I replied with confidence, “So what dad? Why are you thinking like that, this is mom we are talking about.” He then put his hand on my shoulder and said that I always must take care about my mother and sister, whatever happens, I agreed.

After some time I started to feel that mom has been acting different since she came back home last week, she is always outside, she doesn’t come home after work, she says that she is out with her friends, but when I talk to Janine, who is mom’s best friend, she almost everytime tells me that they hadn’t been out together. Then one day something suspicious occurred, I was heading home when I saw Aaron and two other guys with him, they began to look at me and laughing, I then greeted Aaron and one of his friends said, “Is this Samira’s son?” with a big smile on his face.

Aaron replied, “It’s him.” I didn’t understand anything, so I just walked away. When I got home I noticed that Janine was at our place, it’s normal, she usually comes her to hang with mom or just walk by to borrow something. I then walked in to the house without making any noise so that she wouldn’t see me or know that I am home.

As I was walking by to go upstairs to my room, I heard Janine talking on the phone with someone, I don’t know who it was, but I heard Janine say, “So you actually banged that bitch? Haha, omg, that’s so good and wonderful to hear, keep fucking her, she will be yours, as I promised.” I started to think about Janine, was she helping a friend with an affair, or was she talking with her son about his girlfriend etc… I didn’t know, and paid no attention to it, what so ever.

One day later when I was walking by Aaron’s parent’s house, I saw a woman who looked like Janine standing in the backyard of the house and filming with a phone to something inside of the house, I got very, very curious, because she looked very excited and happy. So I sneaked in to the house through an open window from the other side of the house, as I got in I heard sounds, that sounded like moans, like someone were moaning. I approached the voices/sound and heard a very familiar voice screaming, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy with that huge fucking dick!” I then came to the room and peeked from the side of the wall, and there I saw something I never thought I would see, something I never thought were possible. I saw my mom lying over a tattooed guy who was fucking her extremely fast, her head was buried in the bed, the guy moved his head towards me and I made eye contact with… Aaron.

To be continued…

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