My Girl Friends View of Our First Fuck

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The Girl’s story. My view point to my first fuck

Over years, I had dreamt that one day I would meet a boy who would make me beg to fuck him. I would get wet thinking of such a circumstance. Yet, all I could do in my conservative home was to look out of the window and look at boys and later lock my room and masturbate.

In one early, humid and particularly dreadful summer, my family decided to drive down to the nearest sea resort. After we left our home town, I suggested to my Mother that we should swing by the town where one of my brother’s friend studied. May be we could pick him up and take him across to the sea resort for the holiday. We owed that to him since his family was known to us in some way.

I would be lying if I stated that I did not know that he had in the past looked at me askance and made it clear to me that he would actually give his right hand to fuck me. But, then he was very young. I was younger.

While we drove to the resort I sat with Ravi (that was his name) in the front seat and fought like two brats. We shoved and pushed and snatched and scratched each other. Most like two co-eds, who only teased each other. My Mother admonished me when the noise became too much between dropping off to sleep in the rattling car.

In reality I was scheming whether it were possible for me to seduce him and to fuck. I wondered, would his cock feel good? Would be make love or would he rape me? Would he fuck at all? Would he reject me? Would he prematurely squirt his sperm all over me? What did a full grown and erect cock look like? Did it taste good? Was it as nice to fuck as it was to masturbate?

In masturbation, there were no failures. Only success and pleasure.

Would he hurt me while fucking?

We reached later than sooner. We checked in with the extended family of 6 in a hotel with two rooms. The rooms were interconnected by a door. Immediately after reaching, Ravi said ‘I am going and changing’.

I went to the bathroom and lifted my petticoat and slowly ran my hand over my pussy and thought what it could look after a couple of fucks. I shivered at the though of being laid.

As per our norms I was not permitted to change into a swim suit. I had to do with the saree.

On the beach, I had to stay back in the shallows while the boys had fun. Some of the larger waves would lift me six inches above the ground and land me back. It was a slightly tipsy feeling.

Ravi came bye and teased me many times that I was chicken and that I just do not have the guts to get into a swimming costume and take a swim. May be I not have a good figure. May be I had nothing to show and thus hide!!!

I felt slighted. But told myself, “Just wait till you fuck me, you bastard”.

I schemed and went into deeper water and let the water throw me onto the floor. He rushed towards me and helped me get up. I let my breasts touch his legs as I was pulled up. He glanced at me and continued. I told myself “How do I tell him that I am aching for him”.

“He is so dumb. How does a girl say FUCK ME!!!”

My Mother saw this happening and called out me in her stentorian voice and asked me to go back to the hotel and become decent.

I saw it as a chance which would be wasted if I did not take Ravi along and try out my womanly guile to seduce him. Or to show him that I was a full hot blooded woman.

I asked my Mother whether any one could escort me back. My Mother looked and saw Ravi near enough and asked him to escort me back. After saying this, she simply sank back into the sand and looked into the sea.

On returning to the hotel with I went into my room and changed into dry clothes. While drying myself, I inadvertently dried my pussy also. Than I though, :Oh no.. I have spoilt is all for myself”.

I returned the room where he was but with hair open and wet. On returning I asked Ravi to help me dry my hair. Quite clinically, he picked up a large towel and rubbed my hair dry.

We then sat down and started to talk to each other. In order to egg him on more, I asked him impishly “What do you think of my figure? Is it that bad?”

He said “It is good”. I asked “Do you have steady girl friend?”. He said ‘No”. I thought “Shit he has not even kissed girl. What is he going to fuck?” I wanted more fucking experience.

I asked him why he was not changing into something dry. He said “I have nothing to change into!!”.

I teased him and said “Then get into nothing!!!”. And laughed.

Suddenly I remembered that after that fall on the beach she had sprained my ankle. I told him so. He looked concerned and asked whether he could massage it for me.

I told myself that he was too gentlemanly and that he would not catch me and kiss me or try to fuck me. I despaired.

He pulled a foot stool near, lifted my ankle softly and stared to massage my ankle.

Each time his hand would stray inched above the ankle I would feel electrified with desire.

I asked him “Would you mind massaging my leg”.

He primly massaged my calf and lower leg. All from over the saree. He was Bahçelievler escort so good. I almost went to sleep.

Suddenly he shifted his position from the stool to the floor and started to relax his angle of massaging.

Ravi then asked me “Why don’t you lie down. I can then massage your calf better”.

I could feel his warm and firm hands holding my calf down and massaging my legs. It was both relaxing and exciting. No man had ever touched my legs.

The saree and the petticoat are large items and have folds all over. Sometimes the saree would get into a bundle and pinch my flesh. I would yelp “Ouch”.

Ravi asked “Why don’t I massage your back too?” I said “I will love it.”

He massaged the back of my thighs, the small of my back and my back. It was really relaxing.

He started to slowly massage the sides of my rib cage. His hands would brush my breasts and then go away. It was tantalizing.

A few times he would massage hard and the bra hook would bite into my back. I yelped “Ouch”.

Ravi made the first move. It took me by surprise. He said “Why don’t you just take off this silly thing you are wearing. I will massage you better without it”.

I kept quiet to see what he did.

He asked again. I did not reply.

Then I shyly said “ “Why don’t you take it off for me”.

Ravi turned me around onto my back effortlessly and pulled me into his arms and made me sit up. Put his arms around me and slowly unhooked the blouse one by one. He verrrry slowly peeled off my blouse and then very slowly unhooked my bra.

He slowly lifted off my bra from my breasts.

Did he gasp on seeing my beasts? I don’t know.

He slowly helped me lie down on my back. Turned me over again with one flip.

He was strong.

Ravi continued to massage my back. Once in a while he would lift me off the bed and firmly hold my breasts and squeeze them hard. It would hurt. But I liked it too. In all my masturbating, I did not know that it was nice to hurt a little.

Soon I was feeling raw on my back.

Ravi softly asked me “Should I apply some cream on your back?”

I nodded “Yes”.

He leant over the dresser and pulled the bottle of Nivea cream and started to apply cream on my back. That was soothing.

Once in a while he would lift me up and apply cream to the sides of my breasts.

Suddenly he stopped. I looked at him and could see the bulge on his crotch. Seeing me peeking, Ravi caught me and turned me over.

My proud and swollen breasts were looking up. He took some more cream on his palms and started to apply cream on my face and on all but my breasts.

I could make out, he was teasing me. Tantalizing me. I decided to wait and see what he did.

Each time he came near my breasts, I would arch my back and hope that he would fondle them, he would not and leave them. He would slow down as if to softly cup them and excite me. The anticipation exited me more. I was hot.

I could feel my pussy wet and hot and eager.

He suddenly said “ “You are beautiful. You have beautiful breasts’.

I kept quiet for a while and the decided to go for it and asked “Aren’t you having a hard on?”.

Ravi asked “Where?”

I shifted and firmly said “Stand up”.

Ravi looked worried. May be he had gone too far.

I took matters onto my hands and sat up. I put my hand on his waist band and said, “This is wet and must go”. I unhooked Ravi’s shorts, unbuttoned all the silly buttons in a hurry, pulled the zip of my shorts and pulled his shorts down with one swoop.

Not waiting for him to react, I then hooked her forefingers into his jocks and pulled it down.

Ravi’s cock jumped out. It was huge. Hard and erect.

Ravi tried to cover his cock. I softly moved his palms away and held his strong and erect cock in my hands and said “Why are you so shy? Let me see it”.

I held it firmly and pulled the foreskin back. I leant over and smelt the cock with its pre-cum. It smelt heavenly. I brought my face near to smell it. But I felt like kissing it. I did not wait. I kissed its tip.

Ravi appeared shy. I boldly suggested to him that if he was so shy, why didn’t he take off my clothes. The we would be equally clothed?

He hesitated and said something. I did not hear it. My head was dizzy with thoughts of how I would be fucked soon.

To goad him further, I insulted him by adding “Wouldn’t you like to see my entire body? What I look like? Do you think I have all the things that you think a full blooded girl should have?” She added “May be you like the girl to take command”.

Ravi looked a little peeved. He smiled and answered back firmly ‘No. That is wrong. I like to take command.”

I mumbled “Then take me over!!!!”

Suddenly it appeared to me that my years of prayers had come true. He roughly caught me by my hairs and pulled me down on the bed. All my soft noises of how it hurt me did not work any more.

He said once again firmly “Now I will tell you what to do. Do you understand? Bahçelievler escort bayan You will not touch me here (pointing at his swollen and hard cock) Any mistakes will be met with ruthlessness”.

I melted under his demanding approach to my sexiness.

I waited to see what he did next. I though he would catch me and rape me. But he did not.

He dropped a glob of cream onto his palm and applied it to my breasts. In round swirling motion he applied the cream. A little more cream and a little more of massaging my whole upper body.

She looked at me and said “Okay”.

I waited when he would make me fully naked and would fuck. Each time, while massaging his fingers slid below the drawstring of my petticoat I would arch her back up a little.

I truly wanted him.

His cock was erect and jumping. Yet he was controlled.

He then stopped massaging and started to get closer to me. He pulled off his vest and kissed me on my face. He bit my lips and drove his tongue once in a while into my mouth. While he did that, he fondled my breasts. Quite suddenly he lifted himself up from the position and parted my legs as much as he could. I thought this was it.

But no. He slowly lowered himself between my legs and brought his mouth near my nipples. He swirled his tongue teasingly over each nipple one by one.

My hands instinctively ran over his hair and I moaned with pleasure and anticipation of the impending sweet fuck.

He growled, “Take your hands away”. He caught my hands and pinned them above my head and continued to lick and suck the nipples.

In order to lift me by my sides he took his hand off my wrists and lifted me up. My head fell backwards.

I was lifted off the bed. He started to suck my breasts deeply.

My hands were free. I just could not help it. My hands went for his cock. I held it and started to caress it.

This time he was angry. He commanded me “Leave my cock alone”.

He lifted me up again and started to kiss my whole body madly and violently.

Suddenly he stopped and with a naughty look said “I will not kiss any covered area”. I offered “Let me take the saree off”.

Ravi answered back “What?? You will take it off????. You are mine and you have to take my permission”.

I realized that he was the lord and master of my pussy and that he would call the shots. But still to tease him I said “Or else??? What!!!”.

Ravi got up, distanced himself first, then brought his cock close to my mouth and said, “I wont fuck you”.

I protested at his notion that he decided who would fuck me.

Ravi caught me by my hair and dragged my head up near his cock. I thought he wanted me to suck it. I opened my mouth and was about to close my lips around his hard and big cock, when he slapped me lightly on my face.

Ravi dragged my face up more and started to kiss me deeply and violently. Ravi then told me “You ever tell me something like that, I will not fuck you till you beg.”

Suddenly, Ravi dropped me on the bed and walked away. I thought now what.

He sat down next to me and looked at my wet body with my saree crumpled near my knees. One knee was crooked away from the body, the other leg straight. My hands above my head and my swollen breasts looking up with pride.

I could not take his looking any more. I wanted more. What was he thinking? Some plan?

Ravi got up and walked away with his huge cock in front of him.

A few moments later I said “Why don’t you come back and do what you were doing?” Ravi asked whether I was pleading for the fuck. I said in desperation “Yes. Please come. Do what you want to.”

Instead of picking me up and ripping my saree off, Ravi walked away. He went to the fridge and took out the ice tray.!!! I

I thought, “Oh God. Ice torture ahead for me”.

I asked “What are you doing?”

Ravi did not reply. He also took out the butter tray and walked back. “What is he going to do?” I thought.

I again asked “What are you doing?”

Ravi naughtily answered back “I think you need some treatment. Just keep quite and enjoy”.

He sat himself on the bed. Slowly grasped my waist and lowered his mouth onto my navel.

He was tender yet strong. No stopping him. I only Oohed and Aahed.

Slowly he lowered his hand towards my drawstring and inserted his fingers in. The fingers came very close to my pubic hair. I was far too excited with the thought of myself being felt where it mattered. He slowly removed his hands from under my petticoat. While taking his hands out he pulled my drawstrings out.

He started to tease my navel while feigning to pull the drawstring. I arched and expected to be made naked. Yet he did not.

Suddenly he took the largest pillow and placed it under my head and raised my head. He told me “I want you to see what is done to you”.

Slowly he pulled the cord. I tried to hold his wrists in mock modestly. I said “No please don’t”.

Ravi asked me “Will you simply let me do what I want to or Escort bahçelievler do I do something else?’. He simply said “Put your hands away. Just watch what I do to you and enjoy. If you try to stop me I have some special treatment for you”.

I asked “Like what?”.

Ravi said “I will tie you, beat you and then fuck dry you many times. Do you understand”.

He caught my hands and pulled them up.

He then put his palms below my buttocks and raised my hips. He raised my hips almost a feet up from the bed and kissed my pussy from over the saree.

He lowered me down and loosened the petticoat.

He again left me and started to massage my legs from below. Slowly he lifted my saree all the way up.

He took a handkerchief and placed it over my pussy. With my lifted head I could see he massaged all around the pussy bet never touched the pussy.

He signaled to me to raise my buttocks. He slowly started to pull off the saree. I tried to hold his wrists. He was angry. He said “I am playing with your pussy you bitch. Your hands will not move from here. Do you understand?”

I kept quiet

Ravi took up one ice cube and held it over me. The cold water dripped down over me drop by drop. My stomach started to have cramps. This was too much of sexual arousal. . Ravi ran the cube directly over my body over the stomach and then over towards my crotch. He ran it directly towards my slightly open crack.

Ravi slowly and deliberately removed the kerchief from my pussy. I was totally naked.

He caught me by my ankles and started to part my legs. He lifted the legs up and bent the knees back, as if I was squatting. Then he pushed my knees apart as far as he could.

I brought my hands down and tried to hold his cock and guide it into my pussy. I said “Fuck me”.

He pushed my hands away and started to slowly touch my clit.

He lowered his face into my open pussy and played with my clits with his tongue. That was too much. I said “That hurts”.

Ravi stopped and withdrew his face and asked “How would you like to be fucked?”

I pleaded “Any way you like. But just fuck me soon”.

Ravi asserted “I am the boss. I will fuck you when I like. The way I like and as many times I like”.

I kept quiet. Ravi picked up some more cream and started to massage my inner thighs and my buttocks.

Slowly he applied the cream into my pussy lips and then on my hole.

He then took some butter and applied it over my clit and then into my hole.

Ravi lifted my legs towards my chest and slowly applied the cream into my arse. I was tensed immediately. I though “God he will bugger me as well”.

I said “I am a virgin you know”. Ravi asked “You want to remain a virgin?”.

I pleaded “No. Just fuck me NOW”

Ravi slowly lowered himself between my open legs and took his hands from between my legs and held my wrists down. He started to eat my pussy with all the butter. He was licking it all up as if he was hungry. All I could do was to squirm and moan.

I started having my first shuddering orgasm.

The bastard was masturbating me. While I was having my first climax, I went on saying all the dirty words I could think off. I went on saying “Please fuck me”.

When it wore away, I was sore. I wanted to rest a little. So I started to push his hand away.

Ravi sternly asked “What is your problem? You can’t take an instruction?”

I saucily said “No”. I added for good measure “If you want tie my hands up!!”.

Ravi got up. Took my crumpled petticoat from the floor, pulled the drawstring out and roughly caught my wrists and tied them together. He pulled up my wrists to the bedpost and tied them to the wrought iron railing on top.

Having tied my hands up he again lowered himself onto my pussy. He pulled my complete back off the bed and sat below it with his legs splayed. My pussy was not only up, it was open and I could stop nothing.

While I fought him, he simply went on licking and sucking my pussy.

All I could say was “Oooh – Aaah . . .”

I simply had quick second orgasm.

Ravi kept me back on the bed.

He dug up some more butter and applied it liberally on his fingers.

Ravi the sat between my wide open legs and applied the butter on my pussy.

He said “I will now have breakfast on the pussy”.

He proceeded to knead some butter into and around my pussy. My clitoris was hot and red.

Once more butter was applied; he then lowered his face on to my pussy and started to lick every corner of my pussy.

I had a very quick third orgasm.

I was really raw. Ravi simply dipped his finger into the butter and started to probe my virgin hole.

I cried out in slight pain and said “It hurts”.

Ravi took his time. He teased my pussy while slowly getting me ready for breaking my hymen.

The he parted my knees as wide as he could and lowered his face onto my clit. While he licked it, he slowly pushed hard and harder onto my hymen.

Then suddenly, he pushed one strong finger hard into my hymen.

It broke. It did not hurt that much. Besides, it was so much of pleasure.

Ravi pulled his finger out, applied more butter on it and stared to slowly finger fuck me.

First he was slow and rhythmic. Then he became erratic and I did not know hen the next thrust would come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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