My Husband’s Golf Partner

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Wednesday is golf night. I don’t golf but my husband does. I love golf night. Not because it’s a night alone (although that’s a perk) but because of the 10 minutes between when my husband’s golf partner arrives to pick him up and when they leave. I watch discreetly out the window to see his truck pull up. He always looks so smoking hot in his golf attire. I meet him at the door wearing a low cut blouse and short cutoffs. He looks me up and down appreciating what he sees. He’s always been pretty flirty, but he’s like that with everyone so I don’t really think anything of it. I do plan to step my game up though.

“Hey Carlie, are you golfing with us tonight?” Usually I’m in my after-work attire of yoga pants and a T-shirt.

“No, Grayson won’t let me golf with him.” I said disappointed.

“That’s a shame” He said. “You could pick up the balls for us. I’d like to see that.” He added that last part in almost a whisper, but I heard it.

“Maybe I could hold your club.” I said in a low voice as I walked past him into the kitchen, making sure to brush up against him a little. I handed him a beer from the fridge. As he cracked it open and took a swig, I took a moment to appreciate the sight. His hair was still a little damp from the shower. His stubble casting the sexiest 5 o’clock shadow I’ve ever seen. His golf shirt clung nicely too him and when the beer was lifted high to drink I could see the skin right about his belt buckle and it took all of my effort not to reach out and touch it. The bulge in his pants seemed to be calling my name. I imagine it’s a tool he knew how to use quite well. I’d heard stories around town. He was quite the ladies man, and left a trail of satisfied women everywhere he went. I seemed to let my gaze linger a little too long because he cleared his throat and when I looked up he was grinning at me, his blue eyes dancing with held in laughter.

“Are you still thinking about holding my club?” He said. “I’m not sure you would know how to grip the shaft.” He leaned forward so his face was inches from my ear. “I’d be happy to teach you.”

His breath on my ear had a startling effect on me. I couldn’t quite get my voice to work, my simple flirtation skills suddenly gone out the window and I stood there like a 13-year-old girl with a crush on her teacher, awkward as hell looking like a fool.

I’m shaken from my trance by the sound of my husband’s voice on the stairs “Is that you, Adam? I’ll be right down. Just grab my clubs and I’ll meet you in the truck.”

Adam reached over and put a strand of hair behind my ear, and let his fingers trail down my neck and shoulder. “You’ve got my number. I’d love to give you a golf lesson sometime.” Finally he leaned down right next to my ear and whispered “call me” and walked out the door, leaving me in a pool of jelly on my kitchen floor. I needed Rize Escort a release.

I ran up the stairs and bumped into my husband as he was walking out of the bedroom. I kissed him on the cheek and wished him luck. I made it to the bedroom window just in time to see Adam lifting Grayson’s golf clubs into the back of the truck, his muscles tight. He turned around and glanced up and saw me in the window. He smiled but he didn’t wave. I watched him climb in the cab of the truck. Seconds later my phone vibrated. It was a text from Adam. “I bet you’re going to practice your golf skills after we leave :)”

After typing and deleting 5 stupid responses I send the message “that’s the plan ;)”

After I hear the truck leave I remove my clothes. My panties already soaked through. My fingers find their way down and I skillfully bring myself to climax while picturing Adam’s perfect body pounding into me.

I was so caught up in the fantasy I didn’t notice the text message come through. Adam again. “My golf game sucks tonight thanks to you. I wish I had stayed and helped you with yours.”

I type out a quick reply before hitting the shower “I got a hole in one.”

Later that night my husband got a real treat. I was still horny as hell and could not stop thinking about Adam, so I fucked Grayson like my life depended on it. I attacked him in the kitchen and next thing I knew we’re on the kitchen floor and I’m bouncing on top of him while he cried out. He asked me what got into me, I’m not usually so impulsive. I told him he looked so hot in his golf clothes tonight that I couldn’t help myself.

Sunday night Grayson informs me that he’s going out of town on business this week, won’t be back until Thursday.

“Oh, so no golf this week?” I asked, more than a little bummed.

“I’ll have to tell Adam he’ll need to find a new partner for this week.” He left the room.

Damn. No Adam for a whole week. After my “hole in one” text he didn’t text back. I realize I’m his friend’s wife, so flirting is about all I’m gonna get no matter how much more I want. He’s not going to cross that line. Grayson’s a good man and a good friend and Adam is not a dick to his friends.

Wednesday rolls around. The doorbell rings. For a minute I’m excited until I remembered golf was cancelled for the week. Must be a neighbor kid selling something. I’m in my yoga pants and an old ratty T-shirt. I open the door to see Adam standing there smiling. “Hey Carlie.” His deep voice sending my name through the air like smoke rings.

“Uh…didn’t Grayson tell you that he’s out of town?” I’m suddenly very aware of how disgusting and sloppy I look. My hair is pulled into a messy bun and I probably have stains on my shirt.

“He did. I asked him if I could take you golfing instead, told him you seemed to show a Rize Escort Bayan real interest in the sport. He said I could give you lessons.”

Some real panic spread through my body. Did he think I meant actual golf? Oh shit.

“Ummm…you know Adam, I didn’t really mean that I wanted to play golf out on the golf course.” I tugged on my shirt and bit my lip as I tried to confess.

He stepped into the house and shut the door and walked closer to me “neither did I…” His mouth lowered onto mine. His tongue parted my lips and I felt electricity course through my body. His hands cupped my face as his mouth devoured mine. He pulled my shirt off revealing no bra and he moaned. “I’ve wanted to get my hands on you for so long.” His mouth made a trail down my neck, his tongue circling my nipple while his hand played with the other one. In one swift move he picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me upstairs to the bedroom. He laid me down and pulled my pants off. His fingers danced over my body finding their way between my legs. His eyes were locked with mine while he brought my body to ecstasy with his fingers. My pussy contracted around his hand while he slowly massaged my clit with his thumb.

He brought his hand, covered in my juices and licked his fingers clean. He closed his eyes and let out a little moan. “I’m going to need you to do that for me again.” He said seductively. “This time I’m going to need to get a closer look at your technique.” His mouth slowly made it’s way down my body. He further parted my already spread legs and lay down for a feasting. He was gentle at first, knowing everything down there was still reeling from the first orgasm. He licked and touched and nearly brought me to tears begging for him to grind his face in my pussy. He sensed my need for more and he moved faster, harder, with an urgency. His fingers moving in and out of my hole like pistons, his tongue and mouth devouring everything they can. My hands gripping his hair, pulling him into me. Just when I’m on the brink, about to lose all control again, his fingers slip out of me and he inserts one very lubed up finger into my ass and I cry out. “Holy fuck!”

When I’ve come down and my body is no longer shaking and I can breathe normally, he stands up and removes his clothes. Underneath his golf attire he is hiding the body of a god, perfectly toned chest and abdomen, and a beautifully trimmed 7″ inch cock that was standing at full attention and I was ready to give it. I crawled on my hands and knees across the bed so I am face to face with what was about to become my favorite toy.

“I approve of your technique so far, but now we need to see how you can handle a club.”

I reach out and touch the velvety shaft and bring my lips down on the tip. His breath quickens as he enters my mouth. Escort Rize His hand fists my hair as he guides me up and down. “Shit, Carlie, I don’t know if I can last long with your mouth on me and seeing your ass in the air like this. Fuck.” I speed my pace up. I want to feel him lose control, empty himself inside my mouth, taste every last drop. I feel his cock twitch in my mouth and taste the warm, salty substance as it fills my mouth. He pulls me up so my face is inches from his. “I didn’t want to do that, but I couldn’t help myself. You clearly know your way around a club. Might be the best I’ve ever seen.”

My hand doesn’t leave his dick, I’m slowly bringing it back to life, because I’m far from done with him. I smile and whisper in his ear. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

He grabs me by the wrist and quickly flips me over so my face is buried in the pillow and my ass is in the air on full display. He gives my ass a whack. “No, I’m in control now and YOU haven’t seen anything yet. It’s time for me to show you what I can do with a club.”

I feel the head of his dick rub up and down my slit. It’s already soaking wet and has no trouble sliding in. I feel him fill me up completely. He grabs my hips and brings them into him slowly. “The view on this hole is breathtaking.” He says. “I could stay here all day.” His hands massage my hips and ass, occasionally giving my ass a spank, sometimes a hard one, sometimes a gentle one. His pace quickens and his finger circles my asshole. “The next hole looks like a good one too.” He pulls out and lowers his face to my ass, his tongue darting all around and inside, adding some extra lubrication. The feel of his face buried in my ass cheeks, his fingers sliding into my pussy and I’m losing control. He stands back up and slides his dick easily into my now lubed up ass. His fingers find my currently throbbing clit and I’m cumming hard on his fingers while he’s emptying his load deep in my ass.

I collapse on the bed, unable to hold myself up anymore. He lays down next to me and we lie face to face. “Golf is so much more exciting than I expected.”

He laughs. “It’s not always that good, that’s for sure.”

“I hope you and Grayson don’t golf like that.” I run my hand down his rock hard abs.

He lowers his lips to mine. “I don’t understand why he leaves the house when he’s got you here. I’d never go anywhere ever again.” He moves on top of me and we start all over again.

Hours later my phone rings. It’s Grayson. I answer it with Adam spooned up behind me, kissing my neck.

“Hey babe, I forgot to tell you that Adam offered to give you a golf lesson today. Did you call you or come by?”

“Uh, yea he did.”

“I told him you don’t really care about golf, but he didn’t think so.”

“Actually, I learned quite a bit today. He’s a great teacher.” Adam’s mouth slowly moving down my body. “I think I surprised him with how good I am with a club.” His tongue swirling expertly around my lips.

I made excuses and got off the phone because I had a feeling I was about to shoot the best round yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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