Naughty Night in Nashville

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Naughty Night in Nashville

My wife and I have enjoyed a few threesomes and foursomes over the years but haven’t partied with others for quite some time. Between 2 surgeries for her, the pandemic, and a major move due to a career change, we felt like virgins in a nightclub recently.

We were celebrating our 30th anniversary in Nashville. I’m a traditionalist so I bought her a set of pearls for nice occasions. I also bought her a necklace with a black pearl pendant to wear when she wanted to be naughty instead of nice.

We couldn’t believe it when we ran into an old friend we hadn’t seen in several years. He was traveling for business, staying the night near our hotel. He had the same idea of grabbing a drink to unwind. Ray is a few years older than us, but is tall, lean and handsome. Amy and I are a mid 50s couple that’s fit and attractive. I’m muscular, 6’2″ tall and she’s a very petite 5’0″ blonde with 32D boobs. She’s a head turner for sure and loves dressing to get attention. She’d always had Ray’s attention, especially when we all partied on the lake many summers ago.

We were all feeling very good from our drinks and had gotten comfortable with each other when Ray asked Amy to dance. A slow song started as soon as they stepped onto the dance floor. At first they kept friendly form but I did notice Ray looking down her open top. Eventually he pulled her closer and in just a few seconds she backed up slightly, escort ankara looked down and smiled. She then snuggled into a close embrace for the remainder of the dance.

She rejoined me at the table as Ray fetched another round of drinks. I asked her if she enjoyed her dance and she replied “very much, did you enjoy watching me flirt?” Of course she already new the answer. She did surprise me a little when she asked just how naughty I’d like to see her get. I knew then the night was going to get a lot more interesting. I told her not to hold anything back. I also asked if she felt something interesting while dancing. She said, “let’s just say it was something substantial and I think he likes me”.

Ray returned with our drinks and our conversation grew more bold. He kept complimenting Amy and telling me how lucky I was. She rubbed my cock under the table while chatting and flirting with him. She then excused herself to the lady’s room. Being a true Southern gentleman, Ray immediately apologized to me for being forward with her. I told him not to worry that she was in control of the evening. He was happily surprised when I told him he may want to bump into her on his way to the men’s room.

Approximately 20 minutes passed before Amy returned. She looked a little flushed but still very sexy. I asked what took so long and she smiled and said she ran into our new friend in a dark corridor. She wouldn’t tell me exactly ankara escortlar what happened but said he’s a very hungry boy and will be riding to our room with us. As she spoke I ran my hand up under her skirt and found a very wet pussy, sans the panties.

Ray was back within a few minutes and off we went in my truck. Ray naturally got in the back seat and was ecstatic when Amy did too. I hadn’t cleared the parking lot of the club before they were making out. I heard slurping noises and could see him devouring her beautiful tits in my mirror. She must have also removed her bra in the lady’s room.

As we neared our hotel, Amy slid off the back seat and pulled Ray’s cock out. We sat at the longest red light ever, but it allowed me to watch her suck his engorged cock. I could see her bare ass as her skirt had ridden up. Just as we pulled into the hotel, she slip up on his lap and he impaled his thick member in her tight little pussy making her gasp loudly. I parked in a dark corner and let them fuck while recording a bit on my phone.

I twisted in my seat so I could reach around Amy and squeeze her breast. She leaned back into me moaning as Ray thrust deep and hard. After a few more seconds she pulled off and said let’s all go get comfortable.

The elevator ride was fun and playful and allowed me to make out with Amy as Ray watched. He kept saying “damn that’s hot”, while squeezing his cock. sincan kaliteli escortlar I think he was on the verge of blowing his load.

After entering the room, Amy went to freshen up and instructed us to make drinks and get naked. She soon returned in her cowgirl boots, short skirt, open blouse and of course her black pearl necklace. She sat between Ray and I on the small sofa so everyone was very close. As we told her how hot she looked, we both rubbed her thighs and caressed her breast. She alternated passionate kisses between us as she stroked both cocks simultaneously. Ray gradually worked her skirt up and began fingering her wet pussy.

Amy got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth, pushing her pussy into Ray’s face. He must have been skilled as it wasn’t long before she shuttered hard through her first orgasm. She caught her breath, smiled at me and took my cock deep in her throat. Ray got behind her and slid his cock back in the wettest and tightest pussy he’d ever had.

Everyone was so worked up we were about to explode. Amy told us she wanted us to both cum on her tits. Ray announced he was really close so Amy laid back on the sofa and we stood over her as she jerked us until we splashed her with loads of hot cum.

Amy went to clean up as Ray dressed. We agreed to not take so long getting together again. After he left, Amy and I cuddled and talked about the night, sharing our thoughts on what turned us on the most. She admitted surprising herself and enjoying being slutty. She obviously liked having two cocks. As you would expect, I was hard again in minutes and she was needing more cock. Our naughty night in Nashville was one worth repeating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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