New Class Rules

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This story takes place at Collins High School which has a graduation age 22 so in the last two years many of lessons are some what un-real

Mrs Myerscough stood in front of the class wearing a loose blue blouse and tight black skirt; all five of us were sat in semi-circle facing her waiting for her to start the lesson.

“Now as I said last week we are going to have a test.”

As one the class let out a small sighed

“Now don’t look like that,” said slowly leaning on her desk.

She then turned and looked at the notes on her desk, she removed her reading glasses and unfastened her hair, letting it flow down her back. I smiled, as I had an idea what was going to happen next.

She turned back too face us and She craned her neck and looked around the sea of face.

“As you know Emma is off ill today so we are going to do things a little different.” Without taking her eyes off us she pushed her self on to her desk sat there with her leg a little apart showing her soft thigh

“Now girls I would like all of you too stand up and take down you panty’s without removing your skirts. Then put them into this box and without showing the boy your honey pots.”

She reached back around her desk showing the class white lace knickers I saw some of the lads had there hands covering there already growing bulges.

“And too make the numbers up I am going to taking mine off.”

The three girls just sat there a watched as Mrs Myerscough inched up her skirt and reached up and pulled down her knickers and place them in the box.

“Your turn girls.” She said passing the box over to Jane, Who stood up put the box on her chair and looked around the class most of the lads had there hand in there pockets trying too hide there huge hardon’s Jane sighed pulled up her short school skirt, then reached up with both hands and slowly pulled her red knickers to just before her knees, she picked up the box and sat back down on her chair and pulled her knickers the rest of the way down so non of us could she her pussy she then put them in the box there was a very slight smile on her lips as she sat down on the cold chair as she pasted the box on too Helen she quickly stood up and with one hand and without touching her any part of her skirt pulled down her light pink knickers. Sarah was the last one too go so all the boys were very eager too see how she was going to keep from showing her pussy too the whole class she pulled out some of her white school blouse and pushed her hand down the front of her skirt and then stood up bakırköy escort still with her hand down her skirt she then moved around a little her knickers fell to the floor, and she bent down to pick them up and put them in the box Mrs Myerscough took the box from her and then stood in front of the class again.

“Now the next thing I am going to do is too get the boys too put there hands in the box and each time a pair knickers are pulled you will pair up.”

At this my mouth fell open I couldn’t believe what Mrs Myerscough had just said ever we were going to be tested on it didn’t matter now. I had too shake my self back down too earth as Mrs Myerscough shook the box and passed the box over to Nathan who almost dived into the box I held my breath as he pulled out Helen’s pink knickers, he then past it on too Daniel. I still held my breath as he drove his right hand into the box, once again I almost fainted when he slowly pulled out Jane’s knickers my hart shank but when I was the look on Mrs Myerscough’s face I felt a little better, there were now only two pairs of knickers left in the box and it was Jonathan’s turn to pick he slowly put his hand into the box and I almost fell from my chair when he pulled Sarah’s pair. I could believe my luck I had been past up by the cuties girl in the whole school for an exquisite, busty blonde.

“Ok spilt into pairs and girls be careful not to give the game away.”

The rest of the class slip up but I just sat there not knowing what to do.

“Well are you just going to sit there, the girls needed to be tested on what they have learnt.”

I looked around the class room each pair had found a part class with each person sitting on chairs facing each other.

“Right you lots the point of this lesson is for the each of the girls is make you man cum without touching him.”

Some of the girls looked at her blankly.

“Look I will show you.”

Mrs Myerscough walked over to me straddling my legs, sitting so that her

crutch was placed squarely on my hard dick. Leaning forward, she

whispered “Now listen up, what I’m going to do is rub

myself all over you, my breasts, my butt, my pussy, making you really hard,

harder than you’ve ever been before. And just when you think that it can’t

get any better, I’m going to unzip your pants, take out your cock, and let

you spurt all over me, wherever you want to cum, wherever you want to stick

it, I’ll let you. Don’t hold back though,. Whenever you want to cum,

just beşiktaş escort tell me, and I’ll finish you off. Ok?” I just nodded.

She stood and took the bottom of her shirt with both hands, pulling it up

slightly, exposing a couple of inches of her bronze stomach. Her hips began

to sway and she slowly began to turn around, pulling her shirt

up further and further. Now facing away from me, her shirt was pulled up

over her head. The clasp of her small, silky black bra came into view.

Letting her shirt fall to the floor, Mrs Myerscough turned back to me her bra accentuated her breasts, pushing them together into an impressive cleavage.

She began to lightly stroke the top of her chest. With her right hand she

fully cupped her left breast, while her left hand snaked down her toned

stomach to the top of her trousers. She Give me her best innocent, wide-eyed

look, she sank her fingers under the waistband of her skirt, running them through the neatly trimmed bush above her aroused cunt and quivering clit. Her movements became more animated, her whole hand started to disappear into her skirt, rubbing against her clit and teasing her lips. Her right hand delved under the cup of her bra, rubbing her hard nipple, sending thrills through her body. She looking back up at the class, she took two steps forward, bringing her hand out, her fingers noticeably glistening with her own juices. She extended her hand to my face, allowing me to take in the scent. She teased my open mouth, darting her fingers near before snapping them away with a smile. With that, she sank to her knees, her hands magnetized to my crotch, rubbing my shaft through the material before reaching to the waist and unfastening them. Slowly, Mrs Myerscough pulled down not only my trousers, but my boxers as well, allowing my painfully hard dick to spring free in the air. Her eyes widened at the sight of

the thick eight inch prick. “Well, well, what have we here? If I’d known you

were packing this much down there, I would have had us do this some time

ago.” With that, she lightly blew across the helmet of my cock, which

noticeably twitched at the sensation. Placing one hand around my thick base,

she took her other hand and smoothly began massaging my shaft. My

whole body trembled at her touch. After beginning slowly, Mrs Myerscough

gradually increased her speed, occasionally bringing her head down, extending her tongue and lightly flicking the throbbing beylikdüzü escort helmet in front of her.

Her flicking gathered speed until she was actually lapping at the dick with the tip of her tongue. She then began running her tongue up and down the whole length of my dick, caressing my balls with one hand. I could feel that I wasn’t too far from cumming. Across the room the boys just sat there open mouthed trying hard than I was not to cum while Jane and Helen were taking notes and Sarah had her left hand resting on a small damp patch on her skirt then Mrs Myerscough ground her panty-free cunt along my shift a few times, allowing sufficient tension to build up,

before raising herself slightly, taking a firm grip on my cock she, lowed herself fully onto my dick until she rested with him firmly imbedded in her. Pausing for a moment, Mrs Myerscough contracted her cunt muscles around my shaft. our faces just centimeters away from each other, the whole class could see the intensity on my face as I was desperately trying not to orgasm. “Come on, don’t hold back… aahh…come on, that’s it. Start thrusting up into me, come on. Oh, there’s a good boy.”

We began to move in unison, she moving her hips in tight circles, attempting to milk all of my spunk. She leant back, her legs wrapped around me, my cock now pressing straight up into her, rubbing her G-spot. “Are you going to cum for me? With my whole body tensed, it was all I could do to pull out my pulled his dick out of her wet cunt and erupted all over her midriff. The weight shift was too much for the chair, which gave way, and we collapsing onto the carpet.

Mrs Myerscough stood up and did her best to pull her skirt down over her wet pussy. “That went a little too far but you get the idea, now it’s your turn. But remember boy’s if you cum on the carpet you will need to clean up your own mess” The rest of the class stared and she reached over and held onto my knee.

“You can sit this one out, you if you want , sit over the there out of the way for the rest of the lesson and masturbate into my knickers but I want you come and see me after class in Ms Ahern’s classroom.” so I stood up walked over to one of the spare chairs in the classroom, sat down and as Mrs Myerscough went thought the task with rest of the class, She walked over to were her blouse had fallen picked it up and buttoned it up and stood in front of the class. “Right I going to put you boys out of your pain, take your dicks out of your pants and girls one at a time I want you too begin just as I shown you and I am going to mark on how long it takes you to make the boys cum.”

Mrs Myerscough winked at me and then bent down to the nearest group and begin too teach the lesson, So I sat there and masturbated into her knickers I could only imagine what was going to happen next.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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