Office Mating

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I was sitting at my desk at work when I heard someone say, ‘we’re out of printer paper.’

I looked over to see Kim standing by the office printer. Sure enough the box was empty. I am an office assistant. I help out other co-workers with problems as well as take care of things like keeping the printers running. I reached into one of my drawers and got the key to the stockroom. Sure enough Kim followed me back to the room where the office supplies were stored.

I didn’t like Kim following me around. For the past couple of months she was hanging around my desk. I am pretty sure she has a thing for me. The problem is, Kim is married and I know she has a child. Why she thought I would be attracted to her I didn’t know. Kim did have an attractive face but she was overweight. Her other good feature was her big tits. She liked to show them off and lots of men in the office paid attention.

The stockroom was down this empty hallway. The only room being used was for office supplies. I unlocked the door and we both stepped inside. We no sooner got into the room when I saw Kim lock the door from the inside.

“Why don’t you pay attention to me Scott?”

“You are a married woman Kim,” I told her.

Kim made this face as if she didn’t like my answer. The next thing I know, Kim is pulling her top up over her head. I think my eyes got big. What was she doing? That soon followed with Kim unsnapping her bra. Those big tits came tumbling out. I can tell you those were the biggest breasts I have seen live. They rested on her chest and I could tell that those enormous nipples were already hard. Kim walked over to me and she stood right there for me to see.

“Touch them,” she said to me.

I just stood there paralyzed. Kim then brought her hands up around my head and pulled me towards those big tits. Like a fool I wrapped my lips around a nipple.

“Oh my God!” Kim said as I took as much tit into my mouth as was possible. I knew this kadıköy escort was so insane but there I was kissing and licking one nipple then the other. This went on for just a few minutes. Kim pulled away from me. She sat down on the edge of a table there in the stockroom. I watched as she slid out of the pants she was wearing. She definitely was thick down below and one other thing, her panties were soaking wet.

Kim slipped off those panties and I saw her pussy. Kim had shaved down completely. I was looking at two giant pussy lips all flared out. Kim got up from the table. she walked over to me and placed her hand on my crotch. I hate to admit it, I was hard. Once Kim felt my dick she unzipped my trousers. She freed my dick from my pants and underwear.

Kim moved back to the table and sat on the edge of it.

“I need you Scott,” she pleaded.

I was knee deep in being stupid that day. My hard cock was ruling my actions. I walked over to the edge of the table. Kim reached out and took hold of my dick. She guided me to her opening. I pushed into her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Kim cried out.

I only hoped no one heard that. You probably can guess what happened next. I started to feed Kim my erect cock. Her pussy was making those slurping noises as I drove my cock inside her the whole way. Kim reached out and placed her hands on my hips. I guess you can say I just lost it back there in the stockroom. I was pounding her fat pussy for all it was worth. Kim’s pussy was dripping with her juices.

I know Kim had gotten loud. She was moaning and telling me to fuck her as hard as I could. That is just what I did. Our pubic bones were hitting as I slid all eight inches of my cock into her body. I’m afraid I didn’t hold out too long that day. Surprising, Kim had me in a tight grip. Her pussy muscles were milking my bone and I lost control of myself. We couldn’t üsküdar escort have gone more than fifteen minutes. I told Kim I was close and going to pull out.

“Don’t pull out, cum in me!” She said.

Jesus, I was fucking a co-worker with my bare cock in a back room at work. How stupid could I be. Now Kim wanted me to unload inside her. I had no idea if she was on birth control or not. So what did I do? I blasted Kim with my load of cum. I grunted as I squirted hot wads of my seed deep into Kim’s hole. You should have seen her face. Kim had this look of ecstasy as she took my love offering. One thing was for sure, I had a big load stored up that day. I lost count as to how many times I blew my cream into Kim’s pussy.

I finally was empty and I pulled my dick out of Kim. My sticky load immediately came spilling out. Kim sat on the edge of the table, her body was shaking from the fucking she just took. Kim did stand up and she grabbed a box a tissues that was back in the stockroom. I watched her clean my spunk from her opening. We were actually quiet as we got cleaned up and we dressed again.

“I better leave first and don’t forget the paper,” she said to me.

Kim unlocked the door and walked out. I had to stand there for a few minutes longer. I needed to get my cock calmed down before I went back out into the office. I picked up that heavy box of paper and carried back to the printer.

“It’s about time, what took you so long?”

It was Janet, a busy body who worked in our office. If she only knew what just happened. I finally got back to work. I could see Kim looking over at me from her desk. Maybe a half an hour passed and she walked over to me.

“We need to do that in a real bed,” she told me.

I knew right then I had make a big mistake. Kim was going to expect sex from me whenever she needed it. I had to find out something right then.

“Tell me you are on the pill,” tuzla escort I whispered to her.

Kim got this big grin on her face. She shook her head, no. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I just fucked a married woman with my bare cock and gave her a load of my seed. My mind was racing. What if I impregnated Kim. What an asshole I was. Later that day Kim walked by my desk and dropped a piece of paper on it. I quickly reached for it.

“I can be free this weekend. I have a place we can meet… Kim”

I should have told her it was over right then and there, but I was afraid she would start leaving rumors about her and me in the office. I gave in to having sex. I did meet Kim at some seedy motel on the edge of town. It was one of those one room places with a bed and little else. I took Kim all afternoon that day. She made me hard with her mouth and then she told me to lie down. Kim mounted me and then slid down onto my stiff cock.

You guessed it, I didn’t use a rubber that day. Kim slid up and down my bare dick the whole time. I got her so worked up. I was squeezing those big tits and pinching her nipples. We didn’t need to worry about getting loud. Kim was practically screaming there on that small bed. She told me my cock was so much bigger than her husband’s dick. She also said something that sent a chill up my spine. She said she wanted as much of my cum as she could get.

“Impregnate me Scott, you know you want to.”

Maybe I just lost it right then and there. I told her I was going to fuck her until I gave her a big belly. After I said that the fucking got so intense. I ended up flipping Kim onto her back and I lifted up under her knees. I pushed her legs forward and I drove my dick deep into that fat pussy. Kim had these orgasms that were amazing. I thought she was going to throw me off her body.

I gave her multiple loads of my cum that day. Cum was leaking out all over the bed. Kim finished me off by sucking on my spent dick. I had pulled out and she licked up and down my rod until she cleaned all of our juices from my pole. I have no idea how all this will play out. Kim did tell me that if she gets pregnant she will tell her husband that the baby is his. All I know is we have continued to see each other away from work and I fuck Kim constantly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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