One on One

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Big Dicks

Tanya was the star player for her high school basketball team. Her interest in the sport was such that she had always hoped to have enough success in it to enter college on a full scholarship. She was definitely an athletic girl of eighteen, but not masculine or overly muscular; still retaining enough femininity to attract many watchful male eyes. She was also, as would be expected for this sport, quite tall; stretching to a fine, lanky height of 5’11” though still retaining enough curves around her hips, and a reasonable sized 34c bust line, all of which indicated she was truly a girl. Unlike many of the girls on her team, Tanya was Caucasian, with pretty blue eyes and dirty blonde hair in a nicely bobbed style.

While practicing shooting hoops at her home, Tanya was approached by someone she had met before; albeit only in competition. Her name was Danielle, or Danny as her friends called her, she was from one of Tanya’s team’s chief rivals in town. Like Tanya, Danny was a tall lanky girl of about 5’10” or 11″ from what Tanya could tell; although of African American heritage, with shoulder length, thick dark black hair and flashing dark eyes and a slightly bigger bust line (36d) and with bigger hips too. Her breasts were always very obvious when she played, even with a sports bra, as they tended to leap about and often slap other players.

“Hey girl, I see you’re shooting a few hoops, ya wanna play a little b ball? Maybe a little one on one?” Danny enquired of her startled opponent.

“Shit, girl, I didn’t even see you there, you nearly made me crash into the pole!” Tanya quickly recovered and began to laugh.

“Well, aren’t you the jumpy one? Now I know how to beat you when I play you next time!”

“Oh I doubt that will ever happen, cuz you will certainly only ever be my bitch every game we play!” Tanya taunted Danielle, which just upped the ante of their increasingly tense conversation.

“Well, let’s just see ’bout that, why don’t we play here and now?” Danny again challenged Tanya, resulting in the ball being thrown to her.

“ok, game on, girl!” Tanya got into position, but first did her signature hip grind to show she was ready.

Tanya’s little move seemed to set off a certain sexual interest in Danny she had not felt before; watching Tanya’s short pleated practice skirt shimmied as she shook her ass, exposing the fact that Tanya had only a thong underneath. Danny also noticed Tanya had on only a sports bra once she’d removed her tee shirt, which Tanya had intended as a sign that she was ready for a real match, but seemed to accentuate Danny’s unexpected sexual interest in her. Danny was similarly attired, though wearing only a midriff bearing tee with no bra underneath, but otherwise almost identical type of clothing- including a thong. As with Tanya, Danny was also just eighteen and looking forward to attending college in the fall.

As the girls played their game of one on one, something was soon becoming increasingly apparent to both of them- though neither said it out loud. They were becoming very excited, and not just by the adrenaline rush of the game, but also by each other; especially as Danny’s buxom breasts seemingly flew about as she moved, sometimes to the istanbul escort point where her top would flip up and briefly exposed them to Tanya and other times when they would slap Tanya’s body.

Danny and Tanya became increasingly aggressive in their play, more than what was common for a practice or a ‘friendly’ game like this, where one or the other found themselves draped over the other; hips, buttocks, and occasionally mons rubbing hard on each other. Frequent attempts to grab at the ball led to hands roughly slapping, grasping, and sometimes twisting of the other’s breast. At one point, while Tanya was partially bent over and dribbling the ball- her back to Danny- Danny noticed that Tanya’s skirt had been pushed up and its hem forced under the waistband, leaving a somewhat dampened thong fully exposed. Danny felt her mouth water and made a little extra effort to rub herself against Tanya’s bared buttocks with her mound as she fought for the ball. Tanya became quite aware of this sensation, but did not resist; instead pushing her ass up against Danielle so that they engaged in a little playful frottage where the ball became an almost forgotten entity in their game before the two girls regained their composure- both looking very flushed and a little embarrassed – and returned to their original game.

Soon the game came to an end, with Tanya barely defeating Danny on the last shot, an event that was itself sexually highly charged as the two girls engaged in a mad scramble with plenty of body parts bouncing off each other.

Tanya turned to Danielle with a wicked smile, “I told you you’d still be my little bitch!”

“In your dreams, you only got some lucky breaks,” Danielle almost pouted, something that added fuel to the fire that was growing between Tanya’s thighs.

“Ha! Well, why don’t we go inside for a cool drink and clean up a bit and then we can discuss how much luck was really involved,” Tanya offered with a smile. As she finished she happened to glance down and was briefly fixated on Danny’s breasts. Between the sweat making her top cling to her body, its dampness making her tee nearly see through, and the obvious hardness of Danny’s nipples pushing through her tee shirt’s fabric; Tanya found Danny’s chest almost enthralling. It was Danielle’s clearing of her throat that startled Tanya back to eye contact and a blushing face, though by this time her own nipples were straining to poke through her sports bra- a sight Danny had not missed.

“Lookin’ for somethin’?,” Danny chortled.

“Sorry, I guess I was just a little ‘out of it’ after that workout!” Tanya fumbled for a not too convincing excuse, “I’ll get you a drink of cold water.”

With that, Tanya let Danny into her house where the two girls sipped their cool drinks before Danny made the unexpected move of removing her tee.

“Damn, that was one hard one on one, haven’t had that much of a work out in weeks!” Danny just smiled and began wiping down her chest with her sweaty shirt. Tanya was stunned, gawking at her rival’s large, firm breasts as they swayed with every move Danny made.

Danny looked up to notice Tanya’s gawking eyes and became incensed, “What the fuck are you looking at bitch?”

Startled şişli escort out of her stupor, Tanya jerked up to see the fiery eyes on Danny piercing her gaze, “um, nothing,” she finally offered.

“Nothing? What do you mean nothing? I’ll show you nothing!” and with that, Danny thrust her hands forward, grabbing Tanya’s relatively smaller breasts, twisting at them until her bra snapped and the straps fell down each side of her shoulders, breaking free her firm orbs as Danny twisted and pulled on each.

“Ow! shit, that hurts, what are you doing?” Tanya tried to pull away, but the larger woman physically overpowered her and forced her to stay.

“You see this? This is nothing!” Danny’s fingers clawed Tanya’s bra off her breasts before holding them up as far as she could to let Tanya see the objects she spoke of. Her fingers dug deeper into Tanya’s lovely, supple flesh causing Tanya to let out a small yelp of pain and a tear to well up in her eye.

“Stop it, you’re hurting me!”

Danny relented, but only long enough to force her much larger, swaying breasts up toward Tanya’s face and then into her hands.

“Now, this is what I call something, not like your nothing!”

Tanya felt to smooth, soft skin of Danny’s breasts in her hands, she could not resist a small squeeze of each which emphasized how large and firm they were, all of which brought forth a small sigh and a moaning utterance from Danny. The two girls’ nipples were now just as hard as rock, jutting forth toward each other, almost begging the other woman to touch and suckle upon. Yet, although both women were finding the other’s breasts enticing, they were not yet ready to accede to any lesbian tendencies they were then feeling. Instead, a new aggressive playfulness overtook them as a fresh game of one on one was about to begin.

“You’re a real skank, you know that?” Tanya arched her back in defiance as she said this, her breasts lightly brushing up against Danny’s.

“I’m a skank? I think we both know who the real skank is around here!,” with that, Danny grabbed at Tanya, pulling her to the floor. The two girls engaged in a thrashing game of wrestling that soon resulted in twisted, pulled and pinched breasts and- especially- nipples; as well as slaps of each others’ buttocks and the ever more intimate intertwining and rubbing of body parts on each other- especially their very pungent smelling, damp pussies.

In minutes, the two found their skirts pushed up so far that they fully exposed their nether regions, while their thongs were forced well up between their cunt lips and ass cracks, leaving little fabric for the eye to see.

“Oh fuck, girly, you are a real competitor aren’t you?” Danny grinned menacingly as the two women continued to claw at each other, fingers finding their breasts; twisting, squeezing, pinching , slapping them, as well as rubbing one upon the other.

Tanya’s hand tentatively made its way between Danny’s legs, her fingers soon stroking the fine, thick, and wet lips that protruded from her vagina eliciting a deep moan of pleasure from her rival. As Tanya’s strokes became more regular she found her confidence grow; resulting in one then two fingers plunging between Danielle’s hairy mecidiyeköy escort clam lips and ever deeper inside her sucking hole.

“Shit, baby, you are gonna make me cum so hard – I’ve never been this horny in my life!” Danielle grunted and began to grind her pubes on Tanya’s plying hand. In seconds, Danny returned the favor, each girl now digging and twisting their fingers inside the other’s cunt- while also pulling up on their thongs, thereby forcing them deeper inside their holes.

The grunts and moans elicited from each young woman’s throats became much louder and seemed to come from their bodies’ very core, as the two wrestled until they found their hips intersecting to allow for a mutual exchange of pubic frottage as they each tried to hold the other down; clenching round each others’ hands and wrists in a seemingly endless jockeying for supremacy.

Finally, Tanya grabbed Danny by the back of her head and began to force her down as Tanya pushed her drenched, barely panty clad cunt up Danny’s torso before resting it on Danny’s ample bosom.

“Take a whiff of this, bitch and then kiss it!” Tanya roughly forced Danny’s head up to her quim where, surprisingly, Danny relented and snorted Tanya’s heady odor before planting a very wet and long kiss on Tanya’s lower lips and clitoris. Tanya rolled her head and eyes while letting out a shocked but aroused cry that was soon followed by a more invasive application of Danny’s full lips and, soon after, tongue to Tanya’s hairy snatch.

“Oooooo yaaaaa, you’re soooo good at that baby, makes me sooo wet!” Tanya cooed and began to rub her pussy over Danny’s increasingly eager, not to mention wet, face. Danny pried her fingers into Tanya’s almost gushing tight hole, pulling her lips farther apart to facilitate Danny’s mouth’s advances. In short order, Tanya swiveled round and returned the favor to her rival’s exceptionally tangy cunt; with both girls delving deeper into the others’ pussies with tongue and finger.

“Mmmmm, no matter what the color is outside, I can sure tell we’re all pink in the middle!” Tanya giggled as she held Danny’s labial lips wide open with her fingers before returning to taste her sweetness and probe its tight, sucking hole.

“That’s for sure, doll face . . . I haven’t seen so much pink in one spot as long as I can remember!” Danny chortled at the thought and ploughed her opponent’s gaping field with her two prongs.

After several minutes the girls found themselves reaching a heightened climax, as they fidgeted on each others’ digits, face, and dripping wet clams. A growl of ecstasy ushered from Tanya’s throat as she bit her lower lip before collapsing between her rival’s thighs. Danny quickly followed suit, an unexpectedly girlish squeal informed both young women that she had peaked before she, too, found herself lying prostrate between Tanya’s lovely, long legs; her sopping, hairy cunt brushing up against her cheek. Danny turned and tenderly kissed Tanya’s lower lips, nuzzling her nose and mouth into her thick, matted hair.

“I don’t know who is whose bitch, but I do know I definitely want to play this kind of one on one game again!” Danny purred, the vibrations caused by her statement creating a tingling through Tanya’s vagina eliciting a shuddering through her entire body.

“Absolutely, baby!” Tanya replied, her hand caressing Danny’s head and stroking her hair as she returned Danny’s obscene kiss on an equally drenched and hairy poon.

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