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I ran a small contracting business, doing concrete driveways and paths and such. I picked up quite a bit of business, especially in the housing area as the big companies are too busy to worry about little jobs. With the mount of overheads they have a little job isn’t worth the trouble. For me it was my bread and butter, with enough left over for jam and cream.

One of the big jobs that the larger companies love is putting in fresh pavement for housing estates. They make a few bucks out of those. One of the little jobs that they hate is the repairs to that pavement when something stuffs up their nice work. Maybe a tree too close to the path has sent a root under it and broken a slab. Sometimes careless drivers in heavy vehicles have driven where they shouldn’t and crushed some pavement. These little things they palm off to me. I smile and say thank you, do a fix and pocket the money.

I currently had one of those jobs on the go. A footpath had three or four section where the concrete was cracked and broken up. If I was a betting man I’d lay odds on a prime-mover or a piece of earth moving equipment taking a short-cut where it shouldn’t have.

I’d finished the job and it was work well done. I’d put up a temporary barricade to persuade people to walk around the wet concrete and I’d be back in a day or two to remove it, hoping no-one had etched initials into the concrete before it dried.

While I was putting up the barricade a man came wandering over from the adjacent house. He wanted a quote for the replacement of some concrete at the rear of his house. I went around to the back of his hose and he’d had a section next to the garage concreted over. Done it himself from the look of it, and badly done at that. Parked on that square of now broken concrete was a prime-mover. What a surprise.

“Listen, mate,” I told him. “If you want some concrete to support that beast you’d be best getting some reinforcement in. She’s just too heavy for casual concrete.”

I gave him a fair and reasonable quote and referred him to a couple of other contractors who’d be only too happy to quote for him. I didn’t mind the competition at this stage as I had plenty of work on hand and I didn’t particularly want the job. Not that I’d knock it back if offered.

I did finish up getting the job, but with a time constraint. It wasn’t a case of wanting the job done as soon as possible which was normal, but for me to get the job started on or after a specific date and finished by another specific date. It appeared that the man had an interstate run and would be gone for two weeks. He wanted the job done while he was away.

That was a reasonable request and I agreed quite happily. I scheduled it to be done and promptly forgot about it until it came time to actually commence work.

I rolled up to the site with one of the boys. First order of the day was to finish breaking up the concrete already there and dump it in a skip to be carted away. Everything went as per normal except for one tiny detail.

The woman of the house came and sat on the back veranda and watched us work. I have to admit she was an attractive little thing, probably in her early twenties. The weather was hot and Bob and I were dressed for it, basically wearing shorts and singlets. The woman just sat there for most of the day, watching us. Not watching us work, but watching us.

She didn’t try to approach us or chat us up. She just sat back and watched. Bob confided afterwards that he felt as he was a slab of beefcake with a hungry diner watching him.

The next day I was there by myself. Basically it was going to be a day of marking out the area, putting down timber to define the edges, and clear the excess dirt away. Hard physical labour but one that really only required a single person to do it. The next istanbul escort day we’d put down some metal and drop the concrete over it. That would effectively complete the job.

The woman was there again to watch me work. In addition she had a friend with her, a friend who seemed just as interested in watching a man doing manual labour. Seeing it was just me and mainly shifting soil it was a lot quieter than the previous day. That turned out to be a little problem.

The two young ladies were discussing me. They dissected my build, my looks, my muscles. They wondered if I was married or if I had a girlfriend. They discussed the possibility of me being gay. They talked about the possibility of me having a wife and a girlfriend. They discussed what I’d be like in bed or would I rather play away from a bed. They fantasised about me jumping them. They made wagers about how big an erection I might have and wondered how to find out. They also discussed their husbands and how they performed in bed. Some details you just do not need to hear.

They also talked loudly enough for me to hear. I don’t know whether they intended to but they did. Sexual harassment at its finest.

By the time I’d cleared the site ready for the next day I wasn’t what would be described as a happy chappy.

I strolled over to the two young ladies, and I use the word ladies very loosely.

“I heard you taking guesses at my marital status,” I said. “For your information I’m not married and I’m between girlfriends. That leaves me free to indulge my fantasies. Right now my fantasies are centred on getting the pair of you naked and then fucking you both. Care to take your panties off so we can get started?”

Geez, you’d think I’d insulted them or something.

“Do you mind?” said the woman who I surmised was the wife of the bloke I was doing the job for.

“We’re married women. How dare you?” demanded the other.

I looked around.

“I don’t see any husbands on hand,” I pointed out, “so they don’t count. Neither do I see any neighbours looking over the fences so I think we can assume we’re reasonably private here. You’ll be able to remove your panties and get fucked right here.”

“What the fuck makes you think we’d permit any such thing?” demanded Mrs X.

“First things first. What are your names? It’s silly to keep on thinking of you as Mrs X and Mrs Y. I’m Peter by the way.”

“Alice and Rebecca,” Alice said, indicating who was who. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

“Why would you permit it? Because you want to. Now that I’ve raised the subject you’re curious as to what it would be like to be fucked by a stranger. You’re also curious as to how your friend will react to both your fucking and her own. As a bonus you get to see your friend being fucked. Out in the open, with her naked. The idea is naughty and exciting.”

“You’re just kidding yourself, you know. We’re not buying it.”

Both women were standing up now, glaring at me. I grinned and stepped up onto the veranda. Rebecca was wearing some sort of tights. She’d do to start with.

“Watch,” I said to Alice before turning my attention to Rebecca.

I simply reached out and pulled down her tights and panties, bending down so that they finished up below her knees. Then I stepped back and just smiled at them.

Rebecca looked shocked and had her hands crossed in front of her. Alice looked rather stunned. She looked from me to Rebecca and back to me again.

“What the hell was that supposed to prove?” she asked.

“What is Rebecca doing right now?” I asked.

“She’s not doing anything,” protested Alice, with Rebecca chiming in with, “That’s right. I’m not doing anything.”

“That’s my point,” I told them. “One would avcılar escort think that an embarrassed young lady would pull her panties up after losing them. Rebecca’s not doing that, is she? She’s waiting to see what happens. The question is, do I fuck her now or wait until she’s finished undressing? Or perhaps we should wait until you’re also naked.”

Alice looked at Rebecca and Rebecca just blushed a little more.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said softly. “Why don’t you help her make up her mind? You take off her top for her seeing she seems to be suffering from decision paralysis.”

Alice grew an interested smirk at that point, now watching Rebecca with a predator’s look. She giggled as she pulled Rebecca’s top up, ignoring Rebecca’s feeble protests. She had Rebecca’s top and bra of in moments, leaving Rebecca fluttering her hands around and not doing much else.

I moved closer to Rebecca. Reaching up I stroked her breast, smiling all the while.

“We won’t wait for Alice to get undressed,” I told her. “You can help her do that afterwards. Why don’t you lean up against the veranda railing?”

I turned her towards the railing, edging her forward.

“You’re not really going to try and fuck me, are you?” she asked hesitantly.

“Certainly. Are you telling me not to?”

She didn’t. She spluttered and mumbled and said that she didn’t think she should, but she also leaned over the railing, legs nicely parted, presenting herself nicely for what was to come. I started rubbing her pussy, finding it already hot and wet. Someone’s fantasies were coming true and she was nervous as a kitten.

I unzipped, looking at Alice as I did so. She was watching, waiting to see what I was bringing to the party. She didn’t seem to mind when she found out.

“Do you have any objections?” I asked her. “Just remember that you’re next in line. You’re going to be like Rebecca, naked and bent over the railing, being assaulted by my cock while Rebecca watches. How does it feel knowing that this is going to happen to you?”

She was looking flushed but she didn’t say anything. She was breathing harder, though, and her nipples were pressing against her top.

I moved closer to Rebecca, letting my erection slap against her bottom. She gave a little squeak, but that was all the reaction I got. I looked over at Alice again.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” I told her. “Come and steer me into place. You can’t expect the guest to do everything.”

Alice giggled and moved forward. One hand glommed onto my erection, holding it firmly. Then she used her prize to start stroking Rebecca’s slit, and stroking it quite firmly. Rebecca was twisting about a bit but stopped when Alice’s hand closed over her mound, her fingers spreading, parting Rebecca’s lips as they did so. She manoeuvred the head of my cock into place.

I gave a push, Rebecca gave a gasp, and Alice gave a slap to Rebecca’s bottom.

Now that I’d started I pushed in quite happily and Rebecca seemed just as happy to receive me, pushing firmly back to meet me.

I was not in the mood to be a kind and gentle lover, gradually bring Rebecca up to the point where she could happily climax. The girls’ ongoing conversation and sexual observations regarding my good self had left me feeling slightly peeved. Accordingly, now that I was fucking Rebecca I proceeded to fuck her hard.

I carelessly played with her breasts, enjoying the feel of them, while driving my cock in good and hard. It was my intention to bring Rebecca to a climax as fast as I could, while still holding off on my own. I needed my own for educating Alice.

From the way Rebecca reacted to the pounding I gave her pussy this was not the sort of sex she was used to. Who cared? She was responding to it and I just şirinevler escort went in harder than ever, driving her emotions, her feelings, to where I wanted them.

Rebecca was yelling in surprise and excitement, her hips bucking frenziedly as she sought to match my extreme loving. I suspected that what I was doing was the nearest thing to rape that Rebecca would encounter without being raped.

She loved it. She just lapped up my almost brutal activity, responding and yelling and urging me on. Alice, on the other hand, looked mildly horrified at the frenetic activity taking place in front of her. I wondered if she was seeing herself in Rebecca’s position.

If you want a nice long sex session slow and easy is the way to go, taking your time building your woman up to the required point and holding her there for as long as you could get away with it. This wasn’t that.

It only took a few minutes and Rebecca was ready and past ready. One thrust too many and she was shrieking even louder, climaxing in a very noisy manner. As she came down from her climax I slowed down and let her loose, whereupon she just leaned against the railing, clutching it tightly.

I turned to Alice who was looking distinctly nervous.

“Strip,” I told her.

“Uh, I’m not sure. . .” she began but I cut her off.

I looked pointed at her breasts where budding nipples were prominent. I slipped a hand between her legs, feeling the wetness there.

“Strip,” I repeated.

She did, and quite quickly, keeping her eyes turned firmly away from my erection. She was breathing hard and looking even more nervous as her clothes vanished.

“Lean back against the railing,” I told her. “I want you to see what you’re getting.”

She was a little hesitant but she did as she was told. She was now looking at my cock, tongue slipping out and wetting her lips, showing little signs of nervous anticipation. Rebecca had straightened up and was watching avidly, her greedy eyes eager to take it all in.

I just moved in front of her, positioned myself, and drove in hard, hearing her give a shriek of protest even as she humped her hips, pushing hard to meet me.

I leaned the top of my body a little away from her so she had a clear view of where my cock was making merry with her pussy. Her lips were clinging to me, loath to see me leave, wrapped around me and holding tight.

Seeing this was going to be my last chore for the day I saw no reason to hurry to a finish. I was going to take my time. Ah, that is, take my time finishing. The actual fucking I was going to go at hard and heavy.

Alice had been the one to wonder what it would be like to be jumped by me. Well, she was the client and it was my job to ensure that what the client wanted, the client got. I demonstrated what it was like to be jumped by me. No sooner did my cock plunge home than it would be retreating, preparing itself for another audacious thrust. Alice was gasping and muttering and working hard to keep up with me, so I proceeded to give her more work to do.

I hammered home, jolting her entire body when my groin slapped against hers, my hands man-handling her breasts as I carried on. Her arousal had leapt to eager life with the first thrust and had been growing ever since, accompanied by louder and louder cries, enthusiastic cries at that.

When I thought she was ready I went for broke, letting my lust loose and enjoying her response. Not that it lasted long. She climaxed noisily. I just climaxed happily.

Afterwards I tidied up my clothes but I was amused to see the two girls just standing there, leaning against the veranda rail, naked. It seemed to me that they were both excited and aware of each other and I wondered if they might try a little bi once I was gone.

I told Alice I’d be back the next day to pour the concrete and that would complete the job. I could feel their eyes on me as I left and couldn’t help wondering if they’d be there the next day. If they were, and started their games again, I would feed the pair of them to Bob. That would shock them. I’m well endowed, but Bob’s a freak of nature.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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