Payback is a Bitch

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I was feeling a bit tipsy as I topped off the two glasses and dropped the empty wine bottle in the trash. I had a splitting headache that wasn’t responding to aspirin, and I had nothing stronger.

“Sandy?” Julie, my best friend, called from the living room, “You put the other bottles in the fridge?”

“Yeah, they should be cold by the time we finish these.”

“Great. Looks like we’re here for the night.”

As I plopped down on the sofa, and handed her her glass, I said, “I’m really sorry to make us miss the club cause of this stupid headache!”

“Don’t be silly,” she said, “we haven’t had a quiet Friday night to ourselves for a long time. It’s about time we did.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right. This is nice, except for the pain, which, I’m working on.” I held up my glass in a mock toast, and took a large drink.

Julie stood up and walked toward the front door. “Well, as long as we’re having a girl’s night in, I’m going to go put on some nice, comfy shorts. Be right back.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” I said, as she left for her next-door apartment.

I went into the bedroom and took off my tight jeans and low cut shirt I was going to wear to the club, and got out some much more comfortable short (very) gym shorts and the button-up blue satin shirt I usually sleep in. I never wear panties or a bra around the apartment, and especially not when I have a headache, so I dropped them in the hamper, and rubbed the bra marks as I slipped on my shirt. At thirty-seven and never married (no children either), I still looked pretty good, I thought. I’m five-three and soaking wet weigh no more than one-fifteen on a good day. My figure is still good, though petite … or athletic, is what some call it-I’d call it small breasted, but at least they still point where they’re supposed to. My stomach is flat, because I work out daily, and the legs are good enough to let me do thirty minutes on the stairmaster four times a week. Not too bad, all in all.

I finished buttoning up my shirt as I walked back into the living room, and the top button dropped off in my hand, damn it! Well, no one to see a little cleavage (a lot really) but Julie, so, no harm done. She came back in as I headed for the sofa, and true to her word, she’d dressed for comfort. She’s a thirty-six yr old, five-foot six-inch blonde-we’d both gone ash blonde at the same time-“for moral support,” we’d said. She’s almost as petite as I am, but with much larger breasts and truly great legs. She had changed into loose, cut-off sweat pants, and a tight, white t-shirt with the neck cut out to show off her nice cleavage-she was a knockout. This was typical of the way we dressed when just lounging around at home.

As we sat back down on the sofa, I rolled my head around and flexed my neck, back and shoulders, trying to relieve some of the pain. Julie sat down just behind me, and I felt her hands touch my neck, and her fingers gently dig into my neck muscles in a slow, gentle massage. I jumped, startled slightly when she touched me, … we aren’t really the touchy, feely kind of friends.

She kept her hands there, but stopped, and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I just thought this might help your head.”

“No,” I said, “You just surprised me, that’s all. It feels nice.”

She resumed her impromptu massage, and I sat in place and let her work. She was really good; her fingers softly dug into the muscles on both sides of my neck, and her thumbs ran up and down on either side of my spine. After a few moments her hands moved to the muscles where my shoulders and neck came together, and she continued the same slow, deep movements; I had to steady myself as I relaxed my shoulders-this really felt good. Her hands, while keeping the slow massage going, kept in contact with my skin as she worked her way farther out to my shoulders, and, due to the newly lost top button, caused my shirt to move open with them-but I really didn’t notice.

She had moved closer to me from behind, but that was natural to grip better.

“You ok?” she asked… very softly, almost in my ear.

“Oh, that feels wonderful,” I said. “You’ve got great hands-you should license those.”

I was feeling a bit unsteady from the wine, and as her hands worked up and around the base of my neck, I leaned back into her just a bit, then caught my self and sat back up.

“Oh, sorry,” I said.

“It’s ok, relax,” she said, and gently pulled me back into her.

I let myself relax against her and just enjoyed her fingers, which were working on the tight muscles at the base of my throat, and were now working more gently and softly than before. I’d never felt such a gentle touch. She reached up with her right hand to my forehead, and gently put my head back onto her left shoulder, and helped support my weight with her left hand under my left arm. It was as if I was being cradled in softness, and gentle touches were taking my pain away. I realized this was a bit strange, but my head was feeling much better, and I was so relaxed, I wasn’t thinking about much but the fingertips of her right hand, which were gently caressing the base of my throat, then out along the top of my collarbone, and back again. My nightshirt, with it’s missing top button, was casino oyna laying open and exposing my left breast-I knew, because I could feel the air on the nipple contrasting with the satin fabric rubbing gently on the right one.

I didn’t know what Julie must think of me, with my breast hanging out like that; I should close my shirt, but when I moved my left hand to do that, she reached and pushed it back.

“You’re fine like you are,” she said.

As she moved her arm back, it accidentally rubbed across my exposed nipple, and caused me to gasp.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said.

“Not a problem,” I managed to get out, in a strained voice.

She didn’t realize what had happened, and I didn’t believe it; I’d had a deep, sexual reaction to her touch. A hot rush had spread from the inside of my thighs up into the pit of my stomach and poured outward from there. I’d never had a reaction like that from being around a woman before-hell, I’d never had that strong a reaction before, at all-period! I was shocked, and would be mortified if she had noticed, but she couldn’t help but notice the way both my nipples were now perked up and hard as hell! I couldn’t hide those. I started to get up, but Julie put her hand on my chest and gently pulled me back into her. She pressed my head back into her throat and shoulder, and resumed the relaxing caresses to my throat and upper chest. But something was very different now-I could feel the softness of Julie’s breasts like before, but now, her nipples were pushing against my back like two tiny diamonds! My mind was rushing towards overload… as the caresses continued.

I didn’t know what was going on here… if anything… or what I should do about it… if anything… or what was… oh geezzz, I didn’t know shit! But those damn fingers of hers… it had to be my imagination, and just coincidence; my headache was almost gone, after all, and Julie was definitely not lesbian… and I sure as hell wasn’t, so what was the problem? Just enjoy the sensations, Sandy, and don’t look a gift massage in the… what … fingers? Yeah, those fingers… they were slowly working around from the base of my throat across my chest to the top of my breasts, and then back up my neck and onto my face. My eyes were closed, and she let her fingers lightly trace across my eyelids and onto my cheeks, and slowly… ever so slowly around my mouth, then she ran her forefinger across my lips. I was surprised enough to slightly part my lips, but she didn’t stop her finger… she didn’t get it wet either, cause I was so damn nervous my lips were so dry I couldn’t have whistled if my life depended on it. By pure instinct, my tongue moved to moisten my lips, and the damn thing brushed Julie’s finger-she re-traced her path back across my now moist, but trembling lips, and then around my face. It felt wonderful, but I didn’t dare open my eyes and risk looking at her-my exposed nipple now felt as if it could cut glass.

She shifted her body a bit, and I started to sit up, thinking she was moving.

“No,” she said.

That was all she said as she shifted her weight, and moved so that one leg was drawn up behind me, her right leg stretched out along my right side. I was still cradled in what I now thought of as “in her arms”, and had to admit it felt nice.

“I should move. This has to be uncomfortable for you,” I said.

“Ssshh, I’m just fine. You need to relax and not worry so much. Now just be still and enjoy things for a change.” With that, she gently brushed back my hair, and lightly kissed me on the temple.

Strange as it sounds, that didn’t seem all that weird… really.

She resumed her massage/caress to my throat and chest, and I settled back into my previous position… but there was a problem: Julie’s right leg was now stretched out several inches from my right leg, and to rest my arm in a comfortable position, I had dropped my hand onto the inside of her thigh, right where her shorts opened. I didn’t realize this at first, and let my hand rest there for a few minutes (actually three or four), while I enjoyed those fingertips again. Then I realized where my hand was, and jerked as I quickly tried to find a safer place, mortified at what she must think of me with my exposed breast (and it’s traitorous nipple), and now my having tried to grope her crotch! She didn’t react as I tried to find another spot for my arm. Whatever I tried, every other position was just plain awkward.

Finally, she stopped her caresses, reached over and took my wrist, and placed my hand back where it was. Actually, I think it was even closer to… you know… and leaned and whispered in my ear.

“It’s ok, just relax. It’s only us here… and whatever it is, it is. So just relax, and don’t worry so much.”

I had no clue what she meant by that, and I damn sure wasn’t going to move around enough to move my hand. When she had shifted, she had also moved her left arm more around me so that her hand was resting on my left side just below the side of my breast. The good news was that my headache had almost gone away, and that both our breasts had gone back to being just “plain old friends” soft again; my goofy thoughts were obviously just that, and as for that wave canlı casino of heat-well, that was probably just the wine. Then she moved her leg-oh shit! Not good.

As Julie began to stroke the side of my neck once again, and let her fingers flow over to my left shoulder, her right leg shifted slightly… just enough to cause my hand to slip, and my thumb to lightly rest on the skin just inside the opening of her shorts. Now, we had seen each other naked before, and both of us kept ourselves shaved, with just a small, well trimmed patch of hair (a landing strip, they call it), just above our pussies… so I knew what that skin was, and it wasn’t her leg. I froze, which only made it worse, cause there my thumb was… resting up against the lip of her pussy, and my fingers spread out on her inner thigh like some high school kid about to get his finger wet! Her only reaction was to stop her hand on my shoulder, and wait for a split second before continuing. I tried to be cool and eased my hand back down her leg a few inches, which made it seem as if I caressed her inner thigh-at least that’s what her breasts thought; I felt her nipples become instantly hard and she let out a little sigh almost right in my ear… her warm breath streamed across my neck, and just as suddenly, my nipples were back to full attention again-damn!

Julie’s fingertips stroked down to the top of my exposed breast and made a few circles there, and then came in and a little down into what little cleavage I had. Instead of going back up like she had been doing, though, she came around to the outside and traced the outer edge of my breast almost to the bottom curve. I didn’t think this had anything to do with my headache, or a massage, but I had no idea what to do… it did feel incredibly good, after all, and she couldn’t mean anything by it… right?… right? Her hand moved to re-trace her path, but as she did, her palm lightly brushed my already erect nipple-not like before, but slow and sensually. That hot flush rushed through my thighs again and exploded in my stomach; it was all I could manage not to gasp. There was no doubt that she did that one on purpose, and no doubt that my nipple damn well liked it-it was ready to cut glass again! I couldn’t, however, keep my hand from tensing and gripping more tightly to Julie’s thigh… that silky thigh… STOP IT, SANDY! Geezzz!

I was beginning to get more and more confused, but it was becoming clear that my best friend was making a move on me; and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I mean, I’m no prude… I’m as open minded as the next girl… I thought. I’d had the “what if” and the “would you, if” discussions with the girls at our get-togethers over the years, and had been one of the more adventurous sounding ones there. Was it all just talk? … YES! I was scared here: scared to open my eyes-scared to breath-scared to move-scared not to. I wished to hell I was a lot more drunk than I was, then it would be easy to… what?… What, Sandy? Lay back and let it happen? Is that what I would do if I could blame it on being drunk? Deep down, is that what I would do-fuck my best friend? I didn’t get to the answer-I was brought back to reality (reality?) by fingernails-four of them slowly chasing goose bumps towards my right shoulder.

Julie then switched to those fingertips again, and slowly ran them down my right arm till she covered my hand with hers. She stopped there and gently pressed it into her thigh, making my fingers grip her leg in a sensuous grip I didn’t totally resist. I was being carried away by something I didn’t understand, but the fire that was starting to burn in my loins was stronger than any I’d ever felt. She tried to move my hand up her thigh, but I resisted. Her left hand moved to gently cup my exposed breast as her thumb ran round and round on the tiny bumps raised on my crinkled aureola, and every few trips, paused to press and bend my eraser-sized nipple… she gently but deeply rolled my entire nipple between her thumb and forefinger; the sensation was the strongest I’d ever felt there, and it moved with that quivering, electric shiver down to the center of my belly, at the same time a long gasp escaped my lips. I opened my eyes and looked over into Julie’s soft hazel ones. She squeezed ever so slightly more.

“Oh God, Julie,” I said, at the same time that the shiver collided with the hot flush rushing up from my thighs, and both combined to burst in a hot wave radiating from deep inside my lower abdomen-reversing to run a heated race to chase a wild tingle down my legs all the way to my toes, and at the same time to run that tingle’s sister up into my throat with the heat of the chase hot on her heels. My body shook as a second, stronger wave followed, to be quickly chased by a third, almost overwhelming wave of mixed heat and electricity that caused my fingers and toes to momentarily go almost numb, and a rushing sound that shut everything else out for several seconds. As my body slowly came back to me, Julie’s face came back into focus — she had a little “I ate the canary” smile-I struggled to breathe.

I’d just had the strongest orgasm I ‘d ever experienced… and just from having my nipple tweaked-damn! I felt my face flush, and my eyes tear kaçak casino up enough to cause Julie’s face to blur as she leaned down and kissed me; the gentlest, but at the same time the sexiest kiss I’d ever had. At first I didn’t respond, but then, I melted into her, and opened my lips and let her in to me, and me in to her.

After that incredible kiss, I melted back into her, once again giving myself up to her ministrations… my mind racing, trying to catch up with the sensations my body was experiencing, but suddenly one stole all my attention… my forgotten right hand; it was still under hers, but was now being guided up her thigh towards the bottom of her shorts. I was way past the point of resistance, so I just waited to see what she would do with it … but I was afraid I knew. She continued upwards until the tips of my fingers were just starting to slip under the opening of her shorts, stopped, slid her hand off mine, and started down the outside of my leg with those soft caresses I was so familiar with. When she got to the end of her reach, she moved to the inside of my thigh and started back up. I had that warm feeling going again, but I was completely caught by surprise when her hand continued until it slid into the opening of my shorts and onto the now slick skin of my pussy.

I gasped as the breath caught in my throat, and Julie slid her finger into the wetness between my lips, and moved to circle my clit. I didn’t …hell, couldn’t, do anything to protest as she moved two more fingers to softly spread the lips of my pussy, and began to circle and flick my clit with a slow tempo that increased to match my now ragged, but rapidly increasing breathing. My body was moving to an increasing rhythm, and Julie kept her finger in perfect pace with me. The feeling in my clit, radiating outward from so deep inside me, so soon after my previous orgasm, was so strong I thought I’d surely pass out, but no damn way was I going to miss this! My own hand had moved into Julie’s shorts and mimicked her movements without my conscious control; I knew it was there, and what it was doing, but it didn’t register right away that it was my first touch of another woman. When it did, I didn’t waste a lot of thought on it-I was busy with bigger problems-like having the most earthshaking orgasm known to modern woman … or at least to me.

As Julie moved her finger faster and faster, there was a split second pause as my body rose up and almost went rigid, then a simultaneous explosion in my pussy and every other part of my body with a heat wave that I thought would surely kill me. My vision filled with little silver spots as my throat struggled to get a breath, but the waves kept coming so fast, I literally couldn’t breathe. After what seemed forever, the orgasms trailed off, and allowed me to take a breath.

“Fuck!” Was all I could say as I quivered with tiny aftershocks.

As I slowly regained control of my body and mind (yeah, right!), and enjoyed the warm glow still in my body, I could pay more attention to my hand, and to Julie … oh, yeah. My fingers were still in Julie’s pussy … still slowly exploring her as if marking time until I could give them my full attention.

“Sandy-damn,” Julie let out another long sigh, much huskier than before.

I couldn’t believe how incredible she felt as I moved my fingers between the lips of her labia, and let them slide the length of her pussy… which was so wet my fingers were covered with her slick, silky moisture. I’d never touched a woman like this, and couldn’t believe I was doing it now, but the heat in my thighs, and my wet pussy told me I damn sure was. I was so wet I could feel it running down into the crack of my ass, which turned me on even more. I slowly ran my fingertip around the inside lips of Julie’s pussy, and then back outside to the tender skin between there and the joining of her hip and thigh, causing a shudder to run through her … payback’s a bitch!

I still couldn’t believe I was doing this, but there was no way I could stop… I was going to… well… I was… shit! I was going to fuck Julie’s brains out, and I was damn well going to enjoy it!

Keeping my hand where it was, I rose up (she didn’t try to stop me this time), and turned around till I faced her as she lay back against the sofa cushions. I slowly unbuttoned my nightshirt and let it fall from my shoulders. Now freed and open for inspection, my breasts were tipped with two eraser-sized nipples that begged to be sucked-but first things first. Julie was now facing me, eyes locked on my breasts, legs spread apart on either side of me; I put my hands on the inside of those beautiful legs and pushed up the inside of her thighs as I worked my way forward on my knees. I kept right on going past her shorts, after pausing just long enough to make her suck in a quick little breath, and slid my hands up under her t-shirt until I cupped each of her nearly perfect breasts, and softly kneaded them as I leaned forward and pulled her shirt up over her head, and flung it away as I locked my eyes to hers. I leaned into her and took her face in my hands as I brought my lips to hers, our breasts pushed together, and sealed another, more urgent kiss. Our tongues met as our lips pressed and moved at a fever pitch that left us both breathless when we finally pulled apart. I ran my tongue around the outer line of her mouth… then down towards her throat as she moaned and laid her head back into the sofa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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