Pleasure in Control Ch. 15

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This is part of a much longer story and to get the most enjoyment from this chapter you should really read the previous 14 chapters first. Now there are only two more to come!


Kirsten had been sitting on the edge of her seat as I recounted the whole story of the previous Friday evening’s ‘party’ in the Passionella White Room.

“Shit, Julie!” she exclaimed, leaning back in her chair, “what a fucking amazing experience! You must have been exhausted.”

I smiled contentedly as I recalled the intense cocktail of emotions and physical sensations I had experienced.

“It was both draining and, erm … , stimulating,” I replied. “I can’t even remember how I got home that night but I slept solidly right through until Terri arrived at lunch time the next day. When I woke up my whole body ached and my pussy felt like it was on fire. My head was fuzzy and I couldn’t sit up but I was feeling so horny I had to spread my legs wide apart as I lay in my bed and slide my hands down …”

“Stop, stop, Julie, I can’t take any more!” Kirsten interrupted, looking skywards and rolling her captivating eyes before calling over the waiter and ordering another two beers.

I apologised for talking too much and studied the intoxicatingly gorgeous woman sitting opposite me. Kirsten had been away for two weeks and I’d missed her desperately. I looked her up and down as she sipped her cold beer through pouting, glossy lips. She was wearing stiletto-heeled fashion shoes below a calf-length skirt. I could see the lines of her bra-straps through her tight-fitting fine knitted top as they traced their path over her taught, firm shoulders. But her nipples were obvious, seeming unrestrained by any bra-cups. Kirsten saw me admiring her breasts and caught my eye; she smiled and half-closed her eyes knowingly. How could any bra be so sheer and diaphanous as to permit her buds to protrude so visibly?

Tearing my eyes away from her pert mounds, I move up and focussed on the narrow choker around her slender neck. Right at the front swung a small gold padlock.

“Have you missed me, Julie?” Kirsten enquired. I only half heard the question, my mind being occupied feasting on her body. My dreamy response answered her question.

“Oh, er, huh? What did you…? Err, of course, Kirsten, love.”

“Love?” she quizzed. She’d picked up on what might have been careless usage of the word, or maybe there was a deeper meaning in my term of endearment.

“Just an expression,” I half-lied.

“So I’m not that important to you then,” Kirsten countered.

I was digging myself into a hole. “Oh, I don’t know,” I rambled, as I tried to fit together the pieces of the last few months of my life. “I’ve made so many new girl-friends and many more girl-acquaintances recently I’m not sure how it all fits.”

Kirsten’s body language urged me to elaborate. I thought for a few moments …

“I get along really well with most of the Passionella Dems,” I explained. “Especially Vikki, she is very self-confident and puts me at ease. She’s fun to be with and very mature. I like her a lot, both physically and personally. Abigail isn’t my type really and Fiona is too intense; she carries too much emotional baggage. I’ve gone right off Stevie, she’s arrogant and too assertive for me even though I adore her body. But Danielle; she and I get on fantastically. I must tell you about some of our exploits. We seem to have really hit it off and I’d like to get to know her better.”

“What about the office staff?” Kirsten probed.

I continued: “Well, I’m infatuated with Rachel’s breasts and behaviourally she’s developing from a girl into a woman. I like her new hair-style. But I really don’t know her well at all. But I think she fancies me.”

Kirsten leaned closer. What about your contacts outside the organisation”

I thought for a moment, focussing only on the people Kirsten knew.

“Terri’s my favourite plaything. She’s so confident about her sexuality. And I think you know Xara?” Kirsten nodded. “She’s high risk, high octane voluptuous-on-legs. She’s challenging and fulfils my need for no-strings excitement.”

“Linda?” Kirsten prompted.

I reddened. “Sorry, can’t say.” I couldn’t know what Kirsten might or might not have heard about me and Linda and as she was our employer I didn’t dare betray our confidentiality.

Kirsten then fell silent, looked me in the eye and finally asked: “What about me? Do you love me?”

I took a deep breath and tried to speak but I couldn’t find the words. A simple ‘yes’ wouldn’t have fully explained how I felt.

Kirsten let me off the hook and called over the waiter. She paid the bill on her Passionella card (so this evening is work, not play?) took me by the hand and led me back to her apartment. We chatted vacuously as we walked home. We both nervously anticipated our first opportunity to spend some intimate time together for several weeks and I wondered what Kirsten might have in mind.

When we arrived she almost pushed me through her front door and threw her jacket on the floor.

“I’ll make the coffees casino siteleri …” I offered, but Kirsten pulled me firmly towards her and cut short my sentence by planting a long, passionate kiss full on my lips. I weakened at the knees and felt a warm glow between my legs.

Kirsten stepped back and stood facing me with her hands on her hips, signalling ‘I’m in charge’ Then she reached into her bag and pulled out two long gold chains, to which were attached two tiny, dissimilar gold keys, one on each chain. She put them on the table in front of me

Kirsten folded her arms and threw her head to one side, flicking her hair out of her eyes. She looked straight at me, then down at the keys.

I picked them up. I guessed one was for the tiny padlock on the choker around her taut neck, but what was other one for?, I wondered.

Kirsten spoke in a hushed, intensely sensual and mysteriously poetic voice.

“Julie, you hold the key to my pleasure. You may find this hard to believe, but I’ve been saving myself for you and I’ve been looking forward to this evening more than I can describe. So …” Kirsten’s mouth was dry and her voice wavered as she continued ” … unlock me, and let the Genie out of the bottle.”

I felt so excited. I’d been feeling aroused all evening but now I was overwhelmed with passion. Looking down at Kirsten’s nipples as they poked aggressively through her top I was in no doubt that Kirsten was as turned on as I was. I reached out a trembling hand and confirmed that indeed, one of the keys released the lock under Kirsten’s chin. The choker fell away as I symbolically released her and Kirsten breathed a long sigh. She rubbed her neck which was slightly reddened from the tight choker then ran her hands down her torso, hooking her fingers under the lower edge of her tight top. Kirsten’s mood changed appreciably and she quickly pulled her top upwards over her breasts and over her head.

I gasped.

The mystery of Kirsten’s ultra-sheer bra was revealed, and so were her breasts! Her ‘bra’ was not really a bra at all, but merely a web of narrow black straps that framed her pert boobs without covering them at all. Single strips of satin ran under them and around her back whilst twin bands ran upwards between them before dividing and meeting slender shoulder straps on either side. At every join sat a small Passionella logo clasp and the whole web of intrigue framed her small but engorged breasts beautifully. Her boobs needed little support, and it gave them none, only accentuating their shape as they sat high and proud on her small frame.

“Where did you get that from?” I asked.

Kirsten explained that it was from the new Pleasure In Control range, as she ran her fingers down the shoulder straps, under her breasts and up between them. She invited me to take it off her, pointing to the front-fastening clasp in the centre, but I declined: “No way. You look fantastic in that. I’m going to leave it on and enjoy the view. I’m sure it won’t get in the way.” Kirsten smiled and nodded, taking my hands and placing them over her protruding nipples. Shaking, I gently grazed my palms over her swollen buds and felt them grow harder against my touch. Kirsten closed her eyes and moaned: “Oh, Julie, I’ve missed you so much.”

I allowed my hands to roam over her warm flesh, tracing the lines of her black satin web. ‘Pleasure In Control’ I thought to myself. I was deriving a huge amount of pleasure, but exhibiting very little self-control as I kneaded and cupped her boobs.

I realised that Kirsten had opened her eyes and was feasting them on my own twin mounds, straining against my sheer bra, my clingy dress having moulded itself to their rounded shape. Looking down, I could see why they had caught Kirsten’s attention.

“It’s true then,” Kirsten whispered, half-way between a question and a statement.

“What is, Kirsten?” I replied, almost certain that I knew what she meant.

“You’ve had your nips done, haven’t you,” she purred, looking up at me with a knowing smile and receiving the answer she sought solely in my confirming expression.

Looking in the mirror, I put my hands on my hips and pushed back my shoulders to exaggerate the effect. Yes, the shape of my firm, aroused nipples was clearly visible through my thin clothing and, yes, Kirsten was able to see my nipple rings too.

I nodded.

“Let me see, please,” Kirsten pleaded. I gave her permission.

Kirsten moved around behind me as I faced the mirror and unzipped the back of my dress. Slipping it off my shoulders, she encouraged it to fall to the floor and I stepped out of it, turning to face her. The cups of my silk bra were gossamer-thin but opaque (so Kirsten could still not see my nipples although she could now easily discern their outline shape) and my pussy was hot and moist so my pants were already damp. I adjusted their waist-band, pulling it high on my hips so the small triangle of silk pulled tight against my mound, then reached behind my back to unclip my bra. My nipples strained hard against their concealing cups in eager anticipation of their imminent release.

“No, canlı casino let me,” Kirsten offered.

I turned to face her with my back to the mirror and Kirsten pressed her bare boobs against me as she reached behind my rib-cage. Unfastening the Passionella logo clip she peeled off my sheer silk bra and stepped back, her eyes darting from one breast to the other, up to my eyes then back down to my adorned nipples.

“Oh, Julie, they’re beautiful!” she exclaimed. “May I?”

I positively encouraged her to touch them and she reached out with shaking fingers. Tenderly she ran them over my breasts, around my areolae then she grazed her fingernails over my nipples. I moaned and had to steady myself by placing my hands on Kirsten’s shoulders as wonderfully erotic sensations welled up in my boobs and spread down to my pussy.

Kirsten took my reaction as a positive signal and hooked her long, manicured nails under my nipple rings and lifted them, flicked them gently a few times. I moaned loudly and pressed my knees together, gyrating a little to concentrate the feelings inside my moist pants.

Communicating in the wordless language we used to express our wants and desires to each other, Kirsten hooked the long, slender nails of her little fingers under and through my rings and waited for my sign. I nodded almost imperceptibly and waited. Kirsten slowly raised her hands, gradually taking the weight of my swollen boobs and further extending my already-protruding nipples. The feelings were literally magnificent, magnified by the rings that speared my buds, and by my intense desire for Kirsten.

I pushed against Kirsten’s shoulders pushing them back and increasing the tension in her fingers. Kirsten responded by pulling my rings harder and higher, lifting my nipples and stretching my breasts into cones tipped with taut, red points.

The pleasure I experienced mingled confusingly with a mild but exciting pain. I remember holding that position for what seemed like ages, my head swimming deliciously until Kirsten unhooked her nails and my nipples quickly retracted. I bit my bottom lip and let out a stifled moan as the blood and with it the sensation returned to my nipples. I was about to rebuke Kirsten when I realised that the sensation was actually pleasurable as the cocktail of chemicals in my bloodstream played tricks on my brain.

“Wow!” was all I could say.

“I think you enjoyed that,” Kirsten under-stated.

“Yes, that was brilliant! I’ve had a lot of fun since I had my little beauties mutilated. You ought to get yours done, then I could show you.”

Kirsten put her finger to my mouth, interrupting me: “I could show you a thing, or two, Julie. You’ll see.”

I was intrigued, but excused myself as I made my way to the kitchen to take an ice-cube from the freezer to sooth my sore nipples, the natural analgesic effect of sexual stimulation having temporarily worn off.

When I returned, Kirsten was rummaging in a drawer beside her bed and retrieved a small, decorated box. Opening it, she explained that she had purchased its contents in Covent Garden market from a stall selling period jewellery.

“Look,” she exclaimed, holding up a pair of earrings. Each consisted of a large pearl from which dropped a chain about 2 inches long with a smaller pearl at its end. “See how they attach?” I looked closely and recognised the attachment method from my childhood when I used to borrow my grandmother’s earrings. They were made for un-pierced ears and each had an open D-shaped loop with a knurled screw across its open jaw.

“Here, put them on me,” Kirsten suggested, but as I took one and offered it to her ear, she pushed away my hand. Then I realised. She wanted me to attach them to her nipples!

Kirsten’s buds had relaxed as we’d been talking and were too small to attach the screw clamps but she picked up my ice cube and rubbed it on first one then the other bud. They darted out to attention, long and hard, and I tightened the screws sufficiently to take the weight of the pearls.

Kirsten smiled. Then she swayed gently, causing the pearls to swing in unison. “Mmmm, that’s good. I’ve been looking forward to trying these ever since I bought them” she sighed, but her voice trailed off and she frowned. I guessed that anaesthetic effect of the ice had subsided and I asked Kirsten if I should loosen them, but she declined. In fact, her nipples had become aroused and had swollen further, tightening the grip of the clamps.

Kirsten moved towards me and placed her hands on my shoulders, pressing me down. I bent my knees a little in response and realised what Kirsten intended. She rocked her upper body so her adornments swung back and forth and she leant forward so the pearls knocked against my own nipple rings.

The sensation was pleasurable for both of us and we squealed and giggled as we shared the experience. But soon the arousing sensations became more intense and urgent. My pussy was twitching and begged for some attention and I pressed my silk-encased mound against Kirsten’s upper thigh, rubbing against her like a bitch on heat. Kirsten pulled me kaçak casino to her and we pressed our bodies together, trapping our nipple jewellery between our breasts. Tiny rivers of perspiration ran down Kirsten’s breasts and tummy and mingled with mine where our bodies touched.

The feelings were sensational, but did not prepare me for what happened next. Kirsten’s pearl-laden chains had become entangled with my nipple rings and as she pulled back from me, her boobs and mine strained with the tension. We experienced the most fantastic pleasure as we pulled tighter then relaxed a little, sending waves of excitement through our grossly-extended nipples. Time and again we repeated the sequence, bending backwards form our hips, pulling our breasts into long cone-shapes whilst pressing our thighs against each other and grinding our pubic mounds together.

Sensing that we might both be close to orgasm, Kirsten broke the rhythm and countered my obvious disappointment with promises of more and better things still to come. I descended from my fast approaching but unattained summit, feeling frustrated but horny as I could ever remember. I trusted Kirsten and knew that release would not be far away and tried to guess what she might do next. But as the fire in my nipples subsided a little Kirsten did not, as I expected, remove the clamps from hers but instead busied herself with the fastenings of her skirt.

I always enjoyed watching Kirsten undress and she knew that. I sat down on the edge of her bed, ready to enjoy the show. Kirsten slipped the garment down her hips and turned slowly through 360 degrees as she pulled down first one side then the other with her thumbs. Finally she let it fall to the ground and I allowed a broad grin to spread across my face. To my delight, Kirsten’s panties matched her bra, more in what was absent than in what was present. Her panties were in fact just a miniscule thong, no more than a single narrow black satin strap around her waist and two that disappeared between her legs, leaving her minute triangle of neatly-trimmed pubic hair clearly visible.

Kirsten tottered the length of her apartment on her high stilettos and back again, as sexy and elegant as any catwalk model, before inviting comment.

“Absolutely gorgeous,” I sighed with approval, “so that’s what you meant when you said you could ‘show me a thing or two, yes?”

“No,” she countered, “but this is.”

Kirsten pulled up a chair in front of me and sat on its front edge. She spread her knees, allowing the twin webs of her thong to part and nestle in the deep valleys at the tops of her inner thighs, either side of her pussy. Then she lifted first one then the other leg and placed her feet either side of me on the edge of her bed, and she leant back against the chair. This gave me a full view of her perfectly-formed pussy, and my jaw dropped.

“Kirsten,” I squealed, “you sexy bitch! What’s this all about?”

Swinging from her pussy was a tiny gold padlock suspended from, and securing together, two small gold rings. These were looped through piercings in her inner labial lips, either side of her vaginal opening.

“You’re the only one who knows,” Kirsten reassured me, “apart from the woman at the parlour of course.”

“And presumably I hold the key, right?” I asked, holding up the other chain.

Kirsten nodded. “I’m impenetrable. I’ve kept myself locked away waiting for you. How many nights would I have loved to slip a long, fulfilling dildo deep inside me, or slide a living, energetic vibrator into my tunnel?” I took this to be a rhetorical question and said nothing. Taking the second key, I knelt between Kirsten’s legs and slipped it into the glistening lock. Turning it, the lock snapped open and Kirsten jumped as the sensation was transmitted directly into her pussy lips. I unhooked the loop from her rings and her lips unfolded like blossoming flower-petals as her swollen, engorged cunt spread and moisture oozed from her pink opening.

Kirsten let out a long moan of release and pleasure. She tipped back her head and sighed as I placed the palms of my hands on her inner thighs. Leaning forward, I dipped my head and planted noisy kisses on her golden rings then ran my tongue along the full length of her gash, right up to her clit. I breathed in the heady aroma of her femininity and lingered there until Kirsten began to breathe quickly; I’d had an idea.

Pulling away, I motioned for Kirsten to lay back on the bed. I slipped off my dripping-wet panties and clambered over her as she lay on her back. I used the small padlock from Kirsten’s choker to attach one of Kirsten’s gold chains to one of my nipple rings. Then I threaded the chain through both of Kirsten’s cunt-rings and attached the free end to my other nipple ring using the remaining padlock. Kirsten lifted her head to see what I was doing, but sank back into the soft bedding with a sigh as soon as I began to move. As I had hoped, by moving my upper body from side to side I could cause the chain to slide through Kirsten’s pussy rings. She gasped and shook as I slowly dragged the links through her labial adornments, the vibrations travelling directly into her pussy and the varying tension in the chain tugging at her sensitive flesh. Of course, those same tensions and vibrations were also reproduced in my nipples which became hugely erect and sensitive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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