Ravendorf Ch. 04

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Aidan. Lila shook with rage as she stormed into camp. Quinn was following at a rapid pace, but he had allowed her to seethe in silence as they left Ravendorf Manor and returned to their camp. If she was angry, then she would forget about the Lady of Ravendorf until they could get out of Garmisch.

Aidan. The name pounded in Lila’s head over and over. She thought that she had exorcized Aidan a long time ago. She didn’t know if she was more furious that Quinn had compared sweet, innocent Margaret to manipulative, worldly Aidan, or that he was right about her reaction.

Aidan. The memory was a curse. Quinn was right; she had lost control where Aidan had been concerned. It had taken over a year for Lila to recover. Her family had been incredibly patient and supportive. Quinn had watched over her like a hawk, as if he expected her to harm herself. She knew she probably would have if it had not been for her family and Quinn.

Aidan. Lila pushed into her tent, her wrath pulsing through her veins. She could feel it throbbing against her temple. There were starbursts exploding in front of her eyes. She felt nauseous. The world spun as the dark haired woman dropped to her knees, and then fell forward into darkness

Aidan. She made her way up the sloped path toward the walled German city of Rothenberg, the name a song ringing in her ears. A chill hung in the autumn air, the leaves exploding in brilliant color all around her. She stepped through the gate and weaved among the crowds of people on the narrow streets. She carried a basket but did not stop at any of the booths along the market. She made her way by the cathedral and through the town square. She angled her way across a crooked cobblestone street and slipped into an alley. She glanced to her left and right and opened a door. She stepped inside and pulled the hood of her cloak off her dark hair, shaking it out.

Immediately, lips were pressed against hers, a quick tongue invading her mouth. She leaned against the door, returning the kiss. Hands moved to the tie of her cloak, loosening the knots as teeth scraped and tongues dueled. The cloak slipped to the floor with a heavy rustle and delicate hands covered her large breasts.

Aidan’s lips left Lila’s, drifting down her lover’s neck. The gypsy’s skin had a slight chill to it from her brisk walk from the camp but was quickly regaining heat. Her hair held the scent of autumn and Aidan breathed deeply. “Mother has been gone for an hour,” the girl whispered. “I thought you’d never come.”

Aidan stepped away from Lila, allowing the gypsy to admire her. Aidan loved to be adored and Lila loved to look at her lover. Aidan had curly red hair and piercing green eyes. Her mother was from the British Isles and had softened her sharp German features. Her fair skin was a distinct contrast to Lila’s earthy complexion. She had hypnotized Lila from the moment they had met.

Aidan’s gown has made of silk and velvet. The bodice was trimmed with lace. The sleeves clung to her shoulders and hugged the curves of her breasts, barely covering her large, pink nipples. Lila found her eyes focused along the line of the dress, knowing what was beneath the material. A seductive grin touched Aidan’s lips. She sucked her finger into her mouth, and then traced a wet line over the peaks and valley of her breasts.

Lila felt incredibly inadequate. She wore only a simple patterned dress that her mother had stitched. The sleeves were long with a ruffle at the wrist. Tiny hooks secured the dress at the neck. The waist came to a point at her small hips, accentuating her dancer’s body. The skirt was straight and the hem brushed her ankles. She wore a contrasting apron.

The girls were both twenty, but it was the only thing that they had in common. Aidan’s father was a wealthy merchant in Rothenberg. He traveled all over Europe collecting goods to trade. He had even been to the Near East where he had bought silk and spices. Aidan had everything that she wanted. She would continue her life of luxury into old age. She was promised to the son of a distant noble, but she hadn’t given him any thought since Lila had first kissed her three weeks earlier.

Lila never went hungry, but life in the camp was not a life of leisure. She was not a stranger to fine women, and occasionally they had given her expensive gifts. Aidan had servants who did everything for her. Lila sweated over the cook fire and her fingers wrinkled when she washed clothes. Her father, though also a traveler, had hands that were calloused from gathering wood and playing his instrument.

Aidan spun, the tail of the gown billowing about her, and tossed a smile over her shoulder. She said nothing, but gave a slight tilt of her head before starting up the winding stairs. Lila, a love struck smile on her face, followed. When she took her first step, Aidan giggled and began running. Lila shot after her lover, racing up the steps on Aidan’s heels. They were both giggling as they fell on the large feather bed in Aidan’s room. bursa escort Lila straddled the girl, bending to press her lips to Aidan’s full, red ones. She danced her tongue along the outline of Aidan’s lips, tasting and teasing as Aidan twisted, trying to capture Lila’s tongue. She finally succeeded, imprisoning the dart between her teeth and biting lightly.

Aidan suckled softly before releasing her hostage. Her hands roamed over Lila’s shoulders, searching for the hooks that fastened Lila’s plain dress. The material parted and she dragged her fingernails over Lila’s backbone. Lila felt shivers course through her body as Aidan’s mouth moved over her cheek, down her neck, and to the neckline of the dress. She left a trail of tiny kisses along the neckline, dampening Lila’s skin. The cool air touched the trail as Aidan continued her exploration.

Lila placed her hands on either side of Aidan’s head and pushed herself upward, her lower body pressing into Aidan. Their legs and hips rubbed together, the layers of clothing creating additional friction. Lila rocked her hips, increasing the sensation. Her back arched and her breasts, still enclosed in the rough cotton of the dress, thrust toward her lover. Her nipples pushed against the material. Aidan lifted her head and closed her teeth around one of the buds and tugged.

Lila growled low in her throat, pulling away from Aidan. Aidan licked her lips hungrily as Lila rose and finished removing her clothing. She wore nothing underneath. The autumn sun spilled through the window, making a glow around her shapely body. Her breasts were large and upturned with the nipples focal points in the picture her body painted. Her wild hair billowed around her face and shoulders, concealing part of one breast. Her stomach was flat and faded into her smooth mound. Her legs were muscular, the tendons flexing as she moved toward Aidan.

Aidan came to her knees on the side of the bed as Lila’s legs touched the edge. Aidan smiled, her fingers trailing over the lovely globes, circling puckered nipples. Lila’s breasts tightened, goose bumps breaking out over her skin. Aidan’s mouth followed her hand, her lips closing around the areola. Her tongue rubbed the flesh, the nipple lengthening. Lila lowered her eyes, watching as Aidan’s red mouth suckled. Her cheeks flexed in rhythm.

Aidan broke the contact for a moment, and Lila whimpered, but the connection resumed on the other breast. The air continued the caress and Lila drove her fingers through Aidan’s red hair as the pleasure increased. She tilted her head back, her mouth parted as she panted. Aidan put her hand on the other breast, squeezing, massaging, and stroking.

Lila’s whole body was throbbing in time with Aidan’s ministrations. The light spilling through the window seemed to bend in time with her heart beat. She felt her body careening toward the pinnacle of release. A gentle keening had joined her panting and she was whispering Aidan’s name repeatedly. Aidan intensified her attack, taking more of Lila’s breast into her mouth. Her tongue circled and teased Lila’s flesh. Lila pushed deeper, pulling Aidan’s hair as she rushed nearer to climax.

Spasms started in her breasts and rushed down her abdomen to the juncture of her thighs. For the first time, she became aware of the vicious pulsation in her sex. Aidan’s free hand was there, cupping and stroking her smooth mound without penetrating. Lila’s hips were thrusting back and forth as Aidan’s finger tip slide along her slit, still not finding its way inside. “Please!” Lila screamed.

On command, Aidan slid her finger between Lila’s moist lips and circled the vibrating nub before touching it. Her finger rocked back and forth over Lila’s hard clit. Lila’s entire body was alive and on fire. As Aidan pushed three fingers inside her tunnel, Lila exploded with a rending scream. Aidan did not stop. She kept rubbing her fingers in and out of Lila’s deep hole, curling her fingers and stroking the inner walls. She paused to flick the nub, and then returned to her gentle but quick caress.

As the second orgasm tore through Lila’s body, she thought she would die. She almost fell to the floor, but Aidan caught her lover. Lila slouched forward, trying to catch her breath. Aidan held her lover, keeping her fingers buried as they lay back together. “I love you,” Lila murmured, eyes drooping with the heavy passion. Aidan withdrew slowly, rolling away from Lila while the gypsy dozed. She washed and turned back to the bed. Lila’s eyes were open and she wore a sated smile.

Aidan did not return the smile. Instead, she wore a thoughtful expression as she crossed back to the bed. She sat down on the edge without meeting Lila’s eyes. Lila sat up, the dreamy expression leaving her face. She reached out and put her hand on Aidan’s wrist, grabbing her lover’s attention. “What’s wrong?”

Aidan glanced around her room without answering. Lila followed the green eyes. Except for the bed, the room was practically empty. Packed trunks sat bursa escort bayan around the room. Lila’s brow crinkled and she frowned as she studied the space. Her mind searched for the connection, but she did not like the only explanation that registered in her head. She did not want to accept the inevitable message. “My father will be home this evening,” Aidan finally answered. “We leave for Pieter’s tomorrow.”

Lila released Aidan and scooted away, pulling her legs close to her body and looking away from her lover. She had avoided thinking about the inevitable, but apparently it had been on Aidan’s mind. All of her beautiful dresses were in the trunks. Tomorrow, the trunks would be loaded into a wagon. Aidan would board a carriage with her mother and father and head toward Pieter Melovic’s Prussian estate.

Aidan moved close to Lila, caressing the smooth, strong calf and thigh. “Don’t pull away from me, Lila. Please don’t close me out on our last day together.” Lila sniffled slightly, tensing beneath the same touch she had craved thirty minutes earlier. Aidan’s caress became more familiar, sliding to the inside of Lila’s thigh. Her fingertips brushed against the outer lips of the gypsy’s mound.

Lila reached down and grabbed Aidan’s wrist, pushing her aggressive partner away. “You can’t fix all problems with sex, Aidan,” she growled, rising from the bed. She wrapped herself in a blanket and went to the window, looking over the jagged rooftops.

“You knew about Pieter,” Aidan insisted. “I told you we would be leaving as soon as Father returned.”

“Don’t go,” Lila pleaded. “Tell your father you don’t want to marry Pieter.”

“It wouldn’t matter to Father what I wanted,” Aidan sighed. Aidan left the bed and crossed to Lila, curling her hands around the girl’s shoulders. She kissed the back of Lila’s neck, inhaling her wonderful scent. “It doesn’t have to end. Come to Prussia with me. You can be my lady in waiting.”

Lila jerked away again, fire in her eyes. “I am no one’s servant.”

“I’m not asking you to be my servant. I’m trying the only way I know how to keep us together. Come to Prussia with me, and Pieter will never question our closeness.”

Lila shook her head. “It’s not the life for me,” she muttered. “I love life in the camp. I adore never being in the same place for too long. I could never give up the music. I don’t want to be cooped up in a castle in Eastern Prussia as your slave girl.”

Aidan grinned playfully. “Hmmm? You don’t want to be my slave girl? I like that thought. Be my slave girl, Lila.” She reached out to caress Lila’s cheek.

“Now is not the time for games.”

“Now is the only time for games if you are not going to follow me to Prussia,” Aidan responded. She took a step back, smiling seductively as she loosened the ties of her dress. It whispered down her body into a pile. She stepped out of the mass of material, taking a step toward Lila again. Even though Lila’s expression was still angry, her eyes were transfixed on Aidan’s body. Aidan removed her corset, her breasts spilling free. They were larger than Lila’s, with coin sized areoles and thick nipples. Her waist was trim and her legs pale. Lila’s eyes focused on the nest of red hair at the juncture of Aidan’s legs. “Are you sure you don’t want to be my slave girl?”

Lila came into Aidan’s outstretched arms. Aidan wrapped her arms around Lila, smiling into her lover’s eyes. Their bodies pressed against each other. Lila could feel Aidan’s nipples rubbing against her skin and the prickle of the middle class woman’s bush brushing against her own smooth sex. Aidan rotated against Lila, controlling her lover with her body. Lila exhaled, trying to ignore the sensations, but she couldn’t defeat her body’s reaction. Her nipples tightened and grew longer. Warmth rushed between her legs, a steady, wet throbbing. Her heart thudded and she pressed closer to Aidan’s body.

They fell back on the bed as they kissed, their tongues fighting for mastery of the other. They rolled until Lila was above the wealthy woman. She straddled the girl, kissing down the valley between Aidan’s breasts. She blew across each nipple, teasing them with light tongue strokes. She used her teeth to nip the plump flesh before trailing her way down Aidan’s stomach.

She pressed her lips together and blew against Aidan’s mound, her shoulders between spread thighs. The curls waved in the breeze, parting a path to the damp slit. Lila’s dancing, teasing tongue glided along the opening. Aidan groaned, thrusting upward. Lila’s tongue slipped between the wet lips, moving along the damp gash and seeking the swollen clit.

Lila made her tongue stiff and rubbed against the nub. She flicked up and down, dragging the length of her tongue along Aidan’s root. Aidan moaned, tightening her thighs around Lila’s head. Lila kept her licking steady, not stopping her assault as Aidan thrashed on the bed.

Aidan’s body stiffened and she cried out. bursa merkez escort Her body convulsed violently, slamming up and down on the soft mattress. Her legs clenched on Lila’s head, shutting out all sound. Lila held on, enjoying the wild ride that Aidan gave as she filled her lover’s mouth.

Aidan relaxed slowly, releasing her prisoner. Lila slid upward, kissing Aidan’s stomach again. She teased the large nipples again, touching each one only briefly. She smiled down at Aidan, kissing her lips tenderly. “Do you really want me for your slave girl?” she teased.

“Oh, yes,” Aidan insisted, stroking Lila’s dark hair.

“Run away with me,” Lila whispered impassionedly. “Don’t even tell your father. Just run away with me. You and I will leave tomorrow morning. We can find a place to hide near Heidelberg. That’s where my father is going next. We’ll rejoin the band there.” She paused for a moment, searching Aidan’s face. “Come on, Aidan. Let me show you my world. In time, we can come back here and your parents will understand. We’ll stay away long enough for Pieter to choose someone else.”

“Lila,” Aidan sighed, still fondling her lover’s curls. She couldn’t say more as she looked into the dark eyes begging her to say yes. “It would never work.”

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“My father needs this contact with Pieter for his business. He would hunt us and he would find us. I shudder to think about the way things would be. He would drag me to Prussia and force me to marry Pieter right away. I don’t know what kind of man Pieter is. If he had to wait for me, he might hurt me.”

“That is all the more reason for you to run away with me. Pieter might be violent anyway; he might abuse you. I would protect you. Quinn and my brothers would see that no harm would come to us. They wouldn’t let your father take you away from me.”

Tears clouded Aidan’s eyes as she gazed up at Lila. She could see the sincerity and desire in Lila’s face and hear it in her voice. “You make it sound so simple.”

“It is. Love is always simple. Things aren’t normally simple for people like us. People who love the way we do can’t always love in open, but with the life I lead, we can. There are no barriers in our camp.”

Lila watched Aidan struggle with her decision. The emotions ranged across her face. “Okay!” she finally agreed in a voice breathless and eager. She threw her arms around Lila’s neck. “Okay!”

Lila rose to her knees, smiling broadly. “Okay? Really?” Aidan grinned and nodded, squeezing her lover’s neck. Lila was off the bed and pulling on her clothes. “All right. I’ll go and get ready. I’ll pack everything we need. You bring a small bag and meet me first thing in the morning by the creek.”

Lila came back to Aidan. They embraced again. “You’ll not regret this, Aidan. You’ll see. This will be wonderful. We’ll be together forever.”

“I’ll see you in the morning,” Aidan promised, kissing Lila tenderly. Their lips pressed firmly against each other as they said a sweet good-bye.

Lila felt like racing through town, but she made herself match the pace of the other city dwellers. She weaved again, even more purpose to her steps as she exited through the city gate and headed toward the camp.

The next morning, she waited by the creek, her eye on the road as she waited for Aidan to join her. Two horses were tethered in the trees, ready for their getaway. She had packed her tent and belongings. Her mother had prepared some food for them. She had spent hours talking with her father about the best route to take and when to be in Heidelberg.

Her feelings were mixed. She had never been away from her parents and Quinn, but she was certain that she could take care of her lover. Excitement and a sense of adventure beat in her heart. A smile danced on her lips.

The sun crested the peak of the nearby mountains and rose higher in the sky. Lila waited as the golden orb reached its zenith and started settling in the west. Her heart grew heavier as the evening drew near. As the moon made its first appearance, Lila edged back into town and again found the narrow, jagged alleyway that led to Aidan’s home. The house was dark.

In a daze, Lila wandered back to camp. Why had Aidan changed her mind? She had been so eager when they separated yesterday. Had she gotten nervous? Had her father caught her? Her heart pounding, Lila quickened her pace. If Aidan’s father was forcing his daughter to Prussia, Lila was determined to stop him from taking her lover.

She retrieved the horse loaded with her belongings, and began racing eastward into the approaching night. She rode until sleep overtook her. She woke early the next morning after a fitful night. Traveling alone, she caught the caravan before nightfall. She kept her distance, keeping watch and waiting for the right moment.

She could see Aidan and her family moving among the open field, along with guards her father had hired for the journey. She studied her girlfriend. Aidan didn’t seem to be in any danger. The guards were not following her. She gave no appearance of being coerced. Troubled, Lila lingered on a ridge top trying to determine her next move. Surely Aidan had not changed her mind. She had professed her love to Lila. Lila paused, trying to remember if Aidan had said those words.

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