Reform School Sisters Ch. 15

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Big Tits

The next morning, Kimmie’s eyes slowly opened as the sun shone in through the bedroom window. Her thighs and face were stained in dry pussy juice, and her muscles were stiff from over exertion.

She and her sister had continued fucking until the early hours of the morning, when they’d finally collapsed in a sweaty heap on the crumpled mattress. Kimmie lay sprawled naked on the bed, the sheets thrown half heartedly over her lower body. She could feel her sister’s leg draped over her hip, and sighed contentedly as she remembered the events of the night before.

Despite their marathon fuck session, Kimmie could feel her pussy stirring to life again. She turned her head to look at her older sister.

Cassie was already looking back at her, desire apparent on her pussy smeared face. “Morning.” she whispered, cupping her hand gently over her little sister’s breast.

“Morning.” Kimmie replied. She leaned forward, and her lips met Cassie’s with rapidly building passion. The sheets were torn from her body, and the two women rolled eagerly into each other.


Later that day, Lilian went to meet with her lawyer, leaving the girls at home by themselves. Before leaving, she reminded them to set the security alarm and be sure not to answer the door for anyone they didn’t know. Bree and Paige assured their mother they would be careful. After insisting they call her right away if anything happened, Lilian left, kissing her daughters goodbye.

It was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and the girls were preparing a salad for a late lunch in the kitchen.

“I can’t believe they’re STILL at it!” Paige said with a laugh, referring to their cousins. “They haven’t left that bedroom all day!”

Bree smiled, glancing up at the ceiling. “Yeah, I know… I’d say they must have really tired each other out last night, but I heard them going at it again this morning when I went to the bathroom… It gets me hot just thinking about the two of them together.”

Paige grinned and approached her older sister. She wrapped an arm around Bree’s waist and pulled her close. “Feeling a little horny, Sis?” she asked.

Bree bit her lip, and the two girls kissed deeply, their tongues exploring. Their hands reached around each other, cupping one another’s firm young asses.

“Mmm… You’re lips always taste so amazing…” Bree sighed. She held her face close to her sister’s, enjoying the feel of Paige’s warm breath.

Paige giggled. She reached for the counter and picked up a long, thick cucumber meant for the salad they were making. “What do you suppose Mom was thinking when she bought this?”

Bree burst into laughter, eyeing the massive vegetable. “I don’t know… But I know what I’m thinking.”

The two sisters leaned forward again, returning to their kiss. Just then, their cousins, still in their sleepwear and looking disheveled and thoroughly fucked, walked into the kitchen.

“Morning!” Kimmie said cheerfully, a wide grin spread across her face.

Cassie blushed. Seeing her cousins embracing caught her off guard, but the sight was quickly exciting her well used pussy. “H-hey, girls!” she stammered.

Bree and Paige turned to their cousins. “Oh! Well, look who’s up!” Paige teased.

“It’s not morning any more, you know!” Bree added, approaching Kimmie and poking her playfully in the ribs.

The younger girl giggled, and wrapped her arms around Bree’s neck. “Well, it’s morning to us!” She gave the older girl a peck on the lips.

“Mmmm… I think I can taste pussy on your breath, Cuz!” Bree purred. “Paige, what do you think?”

Paige stepped forward and leaned in, pressing her lips to Kimmie’s. She swiped her tongue inside the girl’s mouth and pulled back, smacking her lips thoughtfully. “Yup, that’s definitely pussy!” She turned to Cassie. “And one I haven’t tasted yet, too!”

Paige approached the older girl and wrapped her arms around her neck. Cassie smiled shyly at her little cousin, and without another word their lips slowly melted together.

Kimmie watched her sister and cousin kiss each other with growing passion. The image turned her on immensely, and she looked back to Bree with a mischievous grin. Bree giggled, and eagerly resumed her kiss with her younger cousin.

As the four girls made out with each other, their arousal grew, and they began to grope at each other’s bodies. Kimmie’s enthusiasm quickly overwhelmed her older cousin, and she pushed Bree back against the kitchen table.

Fumbling with Bree’s shirt, Kimmie worked to strip the older girl. She pulled the top over her cousin’s head and quickly resumed their heated kiss while groping Bree’s sensitive breasts.

Bree groaned, and pushed her own hands up Kimmie’s tank top. She cupped the younger girl’s tits and squeezed them in her palms, causing the nipples to harden in her grip.

Meanwhile, Paige’s cunt oozed in her panties as she finally got her opportunity with her sexy older cousin. She groped Cassie’s Onwin sexy butt cheeks through her shorts as they made out hungrily.

Cassie whimpered against her cousin’s lips. She was incredibly turned on by the younger girl’s eagerness. Her hands fumbled with the fly of Paige’s shorts, eager to get at her steaming pussy.

Paige felt her bottoms slip over her hips, and quickly moved to strip her cousin as well. As they made out, the two girls pushed each other’s shorts to the floor, revealing their naked asses and pussies to their groping, exploring hands.

Kimmie had pushed Bree onto her back on the kitchen table. She leaned over her cousin, sucking hungrily at her throbbing nipples and massaging her soft, creamy tits.

Bree groaned, holding Kimmie by the back of the head and encouraging her to continue mauling her chest. “Fuck, yeah, Kimmie! That feels amazing…” she purred. Her panties were drenched as her excitement grew greater by the second.

Eager to fuck her sexy cousin, Kimmie moved her hands down to Bree’s bottoms, tugging them down over her ass. Bree lifted her hips, letting the younger girl strip her naked.

Kimmie pulled back, looking down at Bree’s body. “God, you’re sexy.” she groaned. She licked her lips and quickly pulled her own bottoms off before climbing up onto the table. Kimmie straddled Bree’s hips and bent over her, and the two resumed their passionate kiss.

As they made out, Kimmie pushed Bree’s legs open and positioned herself over her pussy. She lowered her own dripping cunt, mashing it into her cousin’s. Bree whimpered into Kimmie’s lips, and thrust her own pelvis up, grinding their wet snatches together excitedly.

Paige had her fingers pumping in Cassie’s pussy as they continued to eat each other’s mouths. The older girl whimpered as her cousin fucked her, and felt her knees wobble as she struggled to stay on her feet.

The power of her arousal made her tremble with need, and Cassie slowly sank to the floor, bringing her younger cousin with her. She slid her own hand between Paige’s thighs and felt her wet cunt with eager fingers.

Paige groaned, pushing her pussy against Cassie’s touch. She pawed at the older girl’s tits, twisting her tank top under her palms. Cassie’s nipples throbbed, pushing out under the thin material of her top and scraping against Paige’s hands.

With growing excitement, Paige pushed Cassie back on the floor and climbed on top of her. She remembered the cucumber on the counter, and reached up to grab it. “Ever stuff yourself with a vegetable before, Cuz?” she asked.

Cassie gaped at the large phallus in Paige’s hands, and shook her head slowly.

“Me neither. Guess this’ll be a new experience for both of us.” she giggled. With that, Paige bent forward and resumed her heated kiss with her cousin, and slid the cucumber down over the girl’s torso.

Cassie trembled as the cool vegetable moved down over her exposed stomach, travelling between her steaming thighs. It pressed against her swampy opening, and slipped inside, stretching her boiling cunt wide.

Paige could feel her cousin’s body reacting to being stuffed by the thick cucumber. Cassie started to grope more desperately at her cousin’s tits, and their kiss grew more intense as the older girl’s passion overwhelmed her.

Over on the table, Kimmie had scissored her legs with Bree’s and was sitting up straight on the girl’s soaking mound. She slid her hips back and forth, scraping their wet pussies together in a thick layer of their combined pussy cream.

Bree groaned as her younger cousin fucked her enthusiastically. She rocked her hips up into Kimmie’s slippery thrusts, and gripped the girl’s ass cheeks with both hands, guiding her frantic movements.

Their pussies squelched and sloshed together as their heated bodies writhed against one another. Kimmie held one of Bree’s legs tightly, pressing it firmly to her chest. She cupped her cousin’s ass with one hand, massaging it as she churned her hips back and forth.

The table scraped against the floor as the two girls fucked on top of it. Kimmie’s tits bounced enticingly with every thrust, and Bree reached up, squeezing the flesh between her fingers.

“Fuck, Bree! Your wet pussy feels so fucking good!” Kimmie groaned. Her clit scraped against Bree’s as she slammed her cunt harder into her cousin’s.

Bree twisted Kimmie’s tits in her hands, threatening to rip them off with the intensity of her grip. “Fuck me, Baby! Don’t stop!” she whimpered, her eyes welling with tears of joy.

Kimmie gripped Bree’s sweat drenched thigh against her, and bent the knee. She ran her tongue lewdly over her cousin’s foot, worshipping it with her saliva.

Bree groaned, and trembled as she felt her cousin’s mouth envelope her toes, covering them completely. Kimmie clamped her lips over them, and sucked and slurped at the wriggling digits, causing jolts of pleasure to shoot through the older girl’s body.

“Jesus!” Bree cried in surprise. “That feels fucking amazing! Lick my dirty fucking foot!”

Her words encouraged Kimmie, who gulped down her cousin’s toes further, gagging as they poked the back of her throat.

On the floor, Paige had the cucumber stuffed halfway up Cassie’s pussy, and the older girl was stretched to her limit. Her cunt drooled around the massive vegetable, seeping juices onto the kitchen tile. Drenched in sweat, Cassie finally tore her shirt over her head, leaving her naked and waiting for her cousin to fuck her.

Paige bit her lip and lowered herself over the other end of the green shaft, straining her own needy pussy wider. Sweat poured from her brow as she worked herself down, until finally her hot cunt brushed enticingly against her cousin’s.

“This… is so… fucking… wild!!” Cassie panted, staring between her legs at their melded pussies. She reached for Paige’s sweat drenched shirt and pulled it up over her head. Seeing her cousin’s tits hanging free, Cassie’s mouth watered and she craned her neck forward, seeking them out with her tongue.

Paige obliged the older girl by leaning forward, giving her access to her naked chest. She moaned as she felt Cassie’s tongue lash over her throbbing nipple, and her teeth clamp tightly around it.

The girls began to work their hips, sliding their gaping cunts along the giant vegetable that connected them. Their burning clits kissed each other repeatedly as they fucked with growing urgency.

“Bite it!” Paige pleaded. “Bite my nipple!”

Cassie eagerly obeyed, sinking her teeth into the sensitive nub.

Paige squealed as she felt her cousin tear into her tit flesh. The sharp pain combined with intense pleasure caused her to pummel the cucumber faster inside her boiling cunt.

Bree, meanwhile, was bucking her hips wildly against Kimmie from below, slapping their oozing slits together with incredible force. Her pussy throbbed with pleasure, and her chest heaved as she gasped for breath.

Kimmie had pulled Bree’s foot from her mouth and was running her tongue over the sole, bathing it from top to bottom with generous amounts of saliva. The feel of her wet tongue sent tingling sensations up Bree’s leg and straight to her inflamed pussy.

Kimmie’s cunt wept as it scraped against Bree’s, mashing their shredded clits together with frantic need. She could feel her orgasm hurdling towards her, and fucked her cousin faster, desperate for her inevitable release.

The table groaned beneath them as they fucked. Their pussies gushed, and the two girls combined their screams of joy as they came simultaneously. Pussy juice spewed from their melded cunts and splashed against each other’s bodies, soaking them in their sweet ejaculate.

Kimmie gripped Bree’s calf tightly as she came, gyrating on her perch above her cousin. Her pussy slurped and oozed as her juices poured onto the older girl’s mound.

Bree trembled on the table, her hips thrashing as she pounded her cunt up into Kimmie’s. Their skin shone with sweat and flushed a deep, glowing pink as they experienced euphoria while plastered against one another.

Paige was pumping her hips hard, working the cucumber violently in and out of her older cousin’s cunt. Her own pussy was split open by the end of the vegetable it had engulfed.

The two young women had their mouths clamped tightly over one another, and their tongues lashed together in a feverish kiss. They rolled around on the tiled kitchen floor, knocking into cupboards and chair legs as they impaled themselves tirelessly on their shared makeshift dildo.

As they fucked against each other, the cucumber became saturated in their copious pussy cream. The hard vegetable softened, allowing them to press themselves further against it and slam their cunts harder together. Their clits buzzed as they slapped against one another, the friction between them causing jolts of pleasure to erupt from the tiny buds.

Paige finally tore her lips from her cousin’s, saliva flying as they separated. “Fuck!!” she cried. “I’m gonna fucking cum!!” She grunted, her eyes squeezing shut and her head flying back as she climaxed on the softening vegetable. Her juices exploded from her pussy and drenched Cassie’s pelvis from above.

Cassie held her cousin tightly as the younger girl thrashed above her. Paige’s writhing hips slammed the cucumber deep inside Cassie’s womb, rubbing her g-spot raw and setting her off as well.

“Jesus, fuck!!” Cassie screamed, her orgasm erupting. Her hips bucked up off the floor, smacking her mound into Paige’s frothy cunt powerfully. The two girls moaned and convulsed as they rode simultaneous, mind bending orgasms.

The abused cucumber bent as Paige and Cassie slammed against each other, their pussies forcing it to it’s limit. Finally, unable to withstand the continued onslaught, the wrinkled vegetable snapped in two, causing Paige to fall forward on her older cousin’s chest.

She grabbed Cassie’s tits for support as she pitched forward. The older girl squealed as she felt Paige maul her aching breasts. The two girls kissed deeply, their bodies spasming as their orgasms ran their course. The two halves of the cucumber poked out of their pussies, coated generously in their gushing cream.

Just as their bodies began to cool down, the two girls were suddenly jolted with a fresh wave of pleasure. Paige looked over her shoulder, and saw her naked, dishevelled sister kneeling behind her and grinning mischievously.

Equally naked and smeared with sweat and sex, Kimmie knelt beside her, and each girl was reaching between their sisters’ legs. Bree had a hold of the cucumber half wedged in Paige’s pussy, and Kimmie was gripping the half buried in Cassie’s.

Bree pumped the makeshift dildo in her sister’s cunt, making her tremble on top of her cousin. Kimmie copied her cousin’s actions, and Cassie moaned. “What’s happening?!?” she asked, unable to see past Paige’s shoulders.

Paige turned back to her cousin. “Just enjoy it, Babe…” she groaned, before plunging her tongue back into Cassie’s mouth.

The two girls writhed and made out with each other as their sisters fucked them. As they worked the cucumber in Cassie and Paige’s pussies, Bree and Kimmie ran their hands over each other’s bodies. They giggled as they watched their siblings convulse helplessly under their control.

Bree leaned forward, still pistoning the soggy cucumber in Paige’s cunt, and shoved her tongue up the younger girl’s rectum. The feeling sent Paige into convulsions, and she whimpered against Cassie’s slippery tongue.

Kimmie watched eagerly as one of her cousins ate the other’s asshole. Her hand dipped between her own sticky thighs and she masturbated as she looked on.

“Jesus, that’s filthy!” she groaned, her fingers strumming over her clit. She continued to work the cucumber she held into her big sister’s drooling snatch.

Her arousal growing, Kimmie straddled Bree’s thigh from behind and started to hump herself against it. The position unfortunately forced her to abandon Cassie’s pussy, but she was too horny to concern herself with anything but her own pleasure for the time being.

Being the good little cousin she was, Bree took over for Kimmie, grabbing the unattended vegetable and pumping it enthusiastically in Cassie’s seeping gash. She fucked both girls ferociously with her hands while continuing to munch on her sister’s spasming sphincter.

Kimmie was overcome with pleasure as she smacked her cunt against the back of Bree’s thigh. She slipped a hand between her cousin’s butt cheeks, pressing her fingers against her slick anal cavity. Two slid inside easily, and Bree groaned as she felt herself being penetrated.

Paige and Cassie were a slobbery mess as they continued to make out with each other. Their sweat soaked bodies churned together as they pushed themselves back on Bree’s twin dildos. The cucumber had grown shrivelled and soggy, but it still filled their needy pussies, slamming against their cervixes with every powerful thrust.

The four girls writhed on the floor, covered in sweat and cum, their pussies pouring juices all over the floor and each other. Their moans and cries of pleasure filled the entire house, as they thrashed and churned their bodies toward a final, cunt pounding, simultaneous climax.

As each of the girls went off together, they screamed like banshees. Their wet skin slapped together, their hands and mouths working desperately on each other’s asses and pussies.

The sight of the four cum caked, naked women in the throws of animalistic climax is what their aunt and mother, Lilian, walked in on at that precise moment.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed, taken aback by the screaming ball of sex she’d stumbled upon. The girls didn’t look up, still too consumed by their orgasms to notice the new arrival.

Once she got over her initial shock, Lilian quickly began to scramble out of her own clothes, eager to join the fun. She had her blouse half unbuttoned when the sound of breaking glass startled her out of the moment.

The noise was quickly followed by the security alarm sounding, and the four naked young women on the floor stumbled apart in surprise. They each looked up in surprise at their aunt/mother.

“I think it was the back door.” Lilian said. She grabbed a knife from one of the drawers and rushed down the hall to the rear entrance.

It took a few minutes for the girls to pull on their clothes and catch up to the older woman, but when they got there, they found what she had. The glass door had been smashed, pieces strewn all over the entrance floor.

“Your father.” Lilian muttered, seething with rage. “The alarm probably frightened him off, the fucking coward.”

She looked at her girls grimly. They were all wide eyed and gripped with fear, their faces still smeared with fresh pussy cream. “Go upstairs and pack a bag each, girls. I think we need to find a safe place for a little while.”

She took out her phone to call the alarm company, and her nieces and daughters did as they were told, scrambling up the stairs to get ready to leave.

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