Rugged Beauty Pt. 02

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My wife was away on a business trip. It was to someplace in the Caribbean. Good. Brandon could now fuck me day and night until I was a leaking, fem mess. She could hook up with some Jamaican dude and send me divorce papers and I would be as happy as can be. I had a man, a real man now.

The moment she pulled out of the driveway, Brandon looked at me with a hunger in his eyes. My pussy started to twitch, hungrier for Brandon’s huge cock. Rail me, my Adonis. Fuck me until you turn my sissy pussy into a real pussy.

He went into the next room and came back with a maid dress. It was the same one he’d fucked my wife in a few days ago. The moment I slipped it on, Brandon took me to the bedroom. There, he pushed me onto the bed.

I opened my legs, exposing my locked clitty and pussy. Brandon, this gorgeous man, lubed up his cock and started to push those eight inches in me. I wrapped my legs around him. I wanted him to keep that cock in me.

Once istanbul travesti I could feel his pubes tickling my hairless hole, Brandon started thrusting. Nghhhhh. Fuck. Waves of pleasure washed over me. It felt so good. It was wonderful. Nghhhh. Take me, my rugged beauty. Love me, fuck me, own me.

Brandon looked at me, still hungry. He leaned toward, his face close to mine. I could smell his wine-soaked breath. He started to make out with me. His beard felt so great on my soft, moisturized skin. His tongue was exploring my mouth, dominating it. My eyes were in the back of my head. My man was making love to me. He was treating like a wife. My clitty leaked like crazy. We were practically fucking in a pool of my precum after a few minutes.

With every thrust, I moaned like a girl and he grunted like a man. He broke our kiss and started kissing my neck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Nghhhhh. I loved this man. I needed this man. istanbul travestileri He could ask me to do anything and I’d do it. If he wanted me to get a pair of fat, jiggly titties for him to play with, I’d do it with only one question. “How big do you want them, Daddy?” Fuck, if he wanted me to have a girl’s pussy, all I’d want is for him to destroy it everyday like he’s now destroying my sissy pussy.

I started kissing his neck. I could taste his sweat and musk. I should be disgusted but I was so horny that I would lick him clean if I could. Brandon grabbed my mouth and spat in it. I swallowed. Nghhhhh. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

An amazing warmness started at my crotch and spread through my entire body. It came in ever-increasing waves. Oh, fuck. It was a sissygasm. I loved Brandon. I loved this man. I was so cockdrunk that I told him.

I kissed Brandon and said, “I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I want to be your travesti istanbul wife, my handsome man.”

“What about-?”

“Fuck her. I love you and no one else. Let me know you feel the same. Fuck me.”

Brandon didn’t hesitate. He fucked me. He fucked me like a man fucks a fertile woman. His kisses became more passionate. I wanted this rugged mountain man to really destroy my pussy.

Through kisses, I started telling him what I’d do for him once we went off together. “Every morning, I’m going to cook you a nice meal and give you an amazing blowjob. Every inch will be in my throat. Every evening, you’re going to make love to me like you are now. If you want to facefuck me, you can. If you want to cuddle and hold me, you can. I love you, baby.”

With those words, I drove Brandon over the edge. He came in me and I had a second sissygasm. I felt like some sort of radiator. We made out for a little bit but my poor Adonis was exhausted and tired and achy and sore. I kissed him and went to the kitchen to cook my man some great breakfast. My wife wouldn’t be home for a week. Brandon and I could put this week to great use. I could show him how great a wife I can be and how much I love him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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