Seducing Mom , Dad Ch. 08

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Mandy lay in bed after her father left, feeling all squirmy inside. Fucking her father gave her a weird, loopy feeling almost like she felt when doing whip-its. She wondered if it was her brain short circuiting from the sheer weirdness of what she was doing. Being with Davey didn’t give her the same feeling, though. It also didn’t leave her as sore as screwing her father did. Mandy’s jaw ached from the rough way her dad used her mouth and she pussy was sore from being stretched by his fat cock. She had to hand it to her mother. Carol was a player for taking that thing all these years. Mandy felt the warm ooze of her dad’s load on her lips and squeezed her thighs together to keep it trapped inside. Of course, she was on birth control, but the fantasy of shocking everyone by getting knocked by her daddy made Mandy smile. She knew she was slightly crazy. With a stretch and a sigh, she got out of bed and found her panties and tank top. She had to go see Emmy.

Seeing Emmy watching them was such a shock that Mandy almost jumped off of her dad. Never in a million years did she think her perfect little sister would just sit back and masturbate while she watched Mandy screw their father. The Emmy she knew—thought she knew—would have come running into the bedroom screaming. But it seemed little sis had hidden depths. Mandy had to find out if Emmy was as depraved as the rest of the family, and if she could keep her mouth shut. Mandy was just getting going. She couldn’t let Emmy ruin everything.

Emmy was on her bed, staring at her phone. The light beside her bed was lit. Looking at her athletic sister, Mandy realized Emmy really wasn’t a kid anymore. Emmy was tall and toned, but with the thicker, muscular thighs and butt of a soccer player. Emmy had a scholarship to attend school in the fall. Emmy was more cute than pretty, her cheeks covered with a sprinkling of freckles. Mandy was sure boys were interested in her sister and wonder how far Emmy had let them get. They didn’t have the kind of relationship where they discussed such things.

“Hey there,” Mandy said, lightly rapping on her sister’s door.

Emmy jumped, fumbling her phone. She stared at Mandy like she was shocked to find her there. She asked, “Where’s Dad?”

“He went back to their room. I’m sure he’s asleep by now.” Mandy chuckled. “He’s not a kid anymore.”


Mandy sat on the edge of her sister’s bed and placed a reassuring hand on her thigh. Emmy froze. It reminded her of that night she walked in on Davey jerking off. Their brother had been too easy to seduce. Maybe that was the way to go with Emmy. Mandy preferred boys, but girls could be fun too. Seeing Davey with their mother had her thinking about possibilities there.

“Come on, chill out, sis. I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

“I don’t know if I want to know. I mean, how could you guys? Daddy didn’t make you, did he?”

“Ah, no. I don’t think he ever would have made the move, although he was doing plenty of looking.”

“He was? Daddy?”

“He’s just a man, Emmy. Just like any other. You’re going to find men are very simple creatures.”

“I’ve been with guys,” Emmy said defensively.

“Sorry. Then you know how they can’t help themselves.”

“But he’s your dad. Our dad.”

“And I’ve been strutting it around the house. He had to crumble. It was only a matter of time.”

“You wanted this.”

Mandy shrugged. “Guilty.”


“I don’t know. I’ve always felt a weird attraction to Dad. I can’t explain it. I decided I’m old enough to do something about it.”

“And he wanted it?” Emmy sounded disgusted.

“Of course, he did. I’m hot. Don’t get on a high horse. You were getting off on watching us. Wishing it was you instead of me?”

Emmy looked away. “I don’t think I could do anything like that.”

“You’d be surprised what you can do,” Mandy replied, softly caressing her sister’s thigh. “You liked it, didn’t you?”

Emmy kept looking away. “Does he…look at me…too?”

Mandy smiled. Yeah, it was what she thought. Emmy had the bug too, she was just struggling with it. Mandy didn’t understand why people fought what they wanted. It was better to just go for it and enjoy yourself.

“You’re cute, sis. I bet he’s noticed you, especially with that nice, thick ass.”


“Hey, guys like that. I bet Dad’s an ass man. Mom’s got a nice round ass.”


Mandy could tell from Emmy’s tone that she knew. It was silly to think they could hide all this from her sister. The house wasn’t that big. But Mandy didn’t think Emmy would catch on so fast. It wasn’t like they were just throwing down at the breakfast table. Mandy decided the best thing as to just lay it all out there and see how Emmy felt.

“Yeah, Davey’s fucking Mom too. He’s always had a thing for her. I can’t believe you never noticed they way he looks at her.”

“What? Why would I notice that? I had no idea.”

“They’re probably someone doing it in submissive cuckolds porno the back of the family minivan right now. I bet they never even made it to the movies.” Mandy laughed.

“Jeez. Am I the only one who wasn’t thinking about screwing our parents?”

“I guess so. It sounds so wrong when you say it like that.”

Emmy finally turned to face her. Her cheeks were red and she looked close to tears. “It is wrong. You have to see that. You’re not that far gone, are you?”

“I don’t think like it that way.”

“Everyone else would.”

“I want it, Dad wants it. Davey rocked Mom’s world. If we’re all having fun, what’s so wrong about it? It isn’t anyone else’s business.”

“What if people found out?”

“How would they, unless you can’t keep your mouth shut.”

“Don’t worry. I’d never tell anyone. I don’t want people to think I come from a family of perverts.”

“Don’t forget, sweet sister, you’re one of us. I saw you getting off while you watched me with Dad. I bet you did the same thing when you caught Davey and Mom too. Didn’t you?”

Emmy turned deeper crimson and wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“It’s okay. Why would I judge you? I think it’s great you’re like the rest of us.”

“Am I?”

“I think you are. You’re not watching for no reason. You like it, Emmy. I think it’s awesome. I bet Davey will too.”

“He will?”

“Yeah, he’ll be thrilled to know you’re as kinky as the rest of us.”

“Have you and Davey…”

Mandy read her sister like a book. It wasn’t idle curiosity. Emmy saw Davey with their mother and she liked what she saw. Giving Emmy what she wanted would be a sure way to bring her on board. Somehow, she didn’t think Davey would mind showing their little sister the ropes. He was mostly about their mother, but Mandy knew she’d opened his mind to other possibilities.

“We’ve had some fun. We’re in this together. You can be in it with us, too. If you want, Emmy…”

Emmy’s mind whirled as she tried to understand her new world. Her entire family was fooling around with each other—everyone except for her. How did all this happen right under her nose? Emmy felt like a fool. Part of her wanted to run away and reject them all. She’d be going away to school in a couple months. She could go away and leave her sick family to fuck each other as much as they wanted. Except… Except, she couldn’t shake the way she felt when she watched them having sex. She couldn’t shake the way she felt when she thought about her brother’s cock. She couldn’t ignore how she felt when she watched her father fucking her sister. Emmy wanted to climb on her high horse and ride away. She just didn’t know if she could.

“How long has this been going on?” Emmy asked, trying to sound neutral.

“You caught on fast, sis. It was Davey and Mom first. I was there for part of that. Then I seduced Dad. It’s only been a few days. Don’t think too ill of them, Emmy. We kind of tricked Mom the first time and then she really struggled with it. He says she’s more into it now, but who knows? I think Dad was easier, but like I said, he’s a guy.”

“Were you planning to have one big orgy when I was out of the house?”

“That might be fun.” Mandy sounded delighted. “I wonder how that would work. But Mom and Dad don’t know what each other yet.”

“So they think their sneaking…” Emmy thought that made it worse, in a way. Mom and Dad were both cheating, really. She never thought her parents would cheat on each other, especially with their own children. The whole thing got sicker and sicker the more she peeled it back. Could their be any other surprises?

“I guess we need to bring this all together. Davey and I haven’t talked about that. I think we were both focused on our own thing. It makes sense we’d bring them together. They’re going to find out eventually.”

“No duh.”

“And it’s probably better if we control it. You could help us with that, Emmy. You could help us figure it out.”

“I’m not part of this,” Emmy protested.

“Not yet. But like I said, if you want to…”

Emmy realized that her Mandy’s hand on her leg had been creeping up, and now her sister played with the edge of her soccer shorts. It might have meant nothing in the past, but now Emmy’s mind jumped right to the dirtiest possibility. She froze. What should she do? She’s thought about Davey, sure, and even her Dad a little bit, but she hadn’t thought about Mandy at all—not like that. But she did look sexy in there with their father. Emmy didn’t even like girls like that, did she? Emmy was questioning everything about her sexuality now.


“Like I said, you’re cute, Emmy. I’m sure you could have Dad if you wanted to.”

“I don’t know about that. I told you…”

“Yeah, I think Davey’s more your speed. Don’t discount Dad, though. He’s cock is hog. I’ve never been so stretched out. You’d love it, sis.”


“Davey’s got an amazing cock sex parties porno too. It’s so perfect, Emmy. I get why Mom can’t help herself. I want to fuck him too, as soon as I can get him away from Mom. Maybe you could help me. We could do it together, what do you say, sis?”

Emmy felt her sister’s fingers on the edge of her panties, sliding inward. Instinctively, her thighs parted, and Mandy caressed the damp spot on the front of her panties. Emmy gasped and closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

“You can admit it, Emmy. I can feel how excited you are. Is this from before, when you watched me fucking Daddy, or is this from thinking about your brother’s big dick?”

Emmy answered with a moan and closed her eyes. She should stop her sister, but she didn’t. Mandy pressed harder and her lips squished together. Emmy was so sensitive she couldn’t contain her moans.

“I bet you’ve been touching yourself a lot since you found out about all of this. Isn’t it better to have someone else touch you?”


“It’s okay, sis. I want to make you feel good. If feel like this is my fault.”

Mandy’s fingers rubbed in a little circle and Emmy’s panties clung to her mound. Pleasure throbbed through her body from her sister’s touch. No boy had ever touched her so gently. Mandy seemed to know what she was doing. Was it from touching herself or…

“Have…have you done this before?” Emmy’s voice trembled.

“No, sis. Let’s learn together, okay?” Mandy lied.

Mandy thought it would be better for her sister if she bent the truth. She hadn’t had a lot of experience with other girls, so she thought it was only a little lie. She watched her sister’s chest softly rising and falling as she moaned, and firm, toned tummy. Emmy was in amazing shape. Emmy’s soft lips were just parted as she moaned. Mandy lightly kissed her sister, curious what it would feel like. Kissing other girls was fun, but not as hot as kissing guys. Kissing her sister was entirely different. An electric charge shot through Mandy, emanating directly from where her lips joined her sister’s. Mandy was paralyzed, and Emmy took over. Emmy stroked Mandy’s long hair back from her cheek and pressed her lips harder, tongue slithering into her sister’s mouth. Emmy’s aggression shocked and pleased Mandy, kicking her back into action. She pressed her thumb into Emmy’s clit, making her sister jump.

Emmy couldn’t explain what came over her, but suddenly she wanted her sister badly. Her sister’s kiss was so sexy. Mandy’s touch was even better. She knew Mandy was seducing her, but Emmy would prove she was no pushover. She grabbed Mandy’s tank top and pulled it up.

“You’re a wildcat, sis,” Mandy breathed, breaking the kiss so her sister could strip off her top.

Not to be outdone, Mandy pulled at Emmy’s sports bra. It did not come off as easily and Emmy had to help. While Emmy pulled off her sports bra, Mandy tugged on her shorts. Emmy lifted her butt enough so Mandy could pull her shorts and panties away.

“Just kiss me,” Emmy implored, pulling her sister closed.

Emmy sank down on the bed, while her sister moved on top of her. Their naked breasts mashed together and she loved how their soft skin felt when it touched. Mandy’s hair fell around them. It was strange kissing someone with long hair, but Emmy liked playing with it. Their kiss was deep and powerful now and their bodies moved rhythmically together. Mandy still sore her panties and they were soaked as Mandy ground against her sister’s thigh. Mandy’s hand was between her legs, and Emmy moaned into their kiss when her sister’s slender fingers slipped into her pussy. Emmy had never been so wet. She loved what her sister brought out in her. It was strange how something so unnatural felt so right. Remembering the girl kissing her was her sister threw Emmy for a loop, and she focused on what they were doing and not what it meant. Emmy didn’t want to ruin it by overthinking it.

Mandy felt like she was going to overheat as she kissed her way down her sister’s neck and they peppered her sweet little tits with soft kisses. She didn’t remember being with another girl being so intense. It had to be because she was with her sister, of course. Mandy was starting to think she only wanted to fuck her family from now on. Sex with other people just didn’t compare. It was like she finally found what she’d always needed.

“Mandy…” Emmy cooed, stroking her sister’s hair as Mandy kissed and licked her nipples. It was incredible. Mandy’s tongue flickered over her nipple fast as a candle flame in the wind and Emmy thought she would scream. Did she lick their Dad’s cock like that? Probably, based on the noises he made. Emmy didn’t want to think those things, but she couldn’t help it. This was her sister teasing her tits. And she was so good at it.

Emmy stared down at her sister sucking on her nipples. Mandy stared right back at her. Chills went down Emmy’s spine. She’d spent her whole spankbang porno life always doing the right thing, always being the good girl, and now here she was doing the worst thing possible—and loving it. Emmy realized being good was a waste of time. She should have gone bad long ago. Mandy’s teeth scraped over her nipple and Emmy cried out.

“Shhh…” Mandy scolded. “You don’t want to wake Daddy, do you? Or maybe you do…”

“You’re so bad, Mandy,” Emmy moaned.

“And you want to be just as bad, don’t you?” Mandy pumped her fingers in and out of her sister’s cunt as she quizzed her.


“Let’s see how bad you are,” Mandy taunted, eyeing the hairbrush on Emmy’s nightstand. She stretched out and grabbed it. “Or is this here because you were already having fun?”

“What…what do you mean?” Emmy whimpered, confused. Her eyes flickered open and she was even more confused when she saw her sister holding her hairbrush.

“You’re really tight, Emmy. I think you need help getting ready for Davey. He really is a big brother.”


Emmy was naïve enough that she couldn’t guess her sister’s plan until it was too late. Mandy spread her lips and slipped the thick hairbrush handle right up inside Emmy in one smooth, swift motion. Emmy cried out in shock.

“Come on, shhh. You really don’t want Daddy to see this! What would he say if he saw his baby girl with a hairbrush in her pussy?”


“Yes, little sis, oh yes! I told you I need to open you up for Daddy and Davey.”


“You don’t have to pretend with me, Emmy. I know you’re not the goody-two-shoes now. You can show me you’re a hot little slut like me and Mom.”

“Mandy…no…oh god…ohhh…”

Mandy felt her sister’s tight cunt pull at the hairbrush, but the girl was so wet that she was more than ready to take the object. She took it easy on her sister, slowly sliding the thick, round handle in and out. It was six inches of smooth plastic with little ergonomic bumps for grip and had a good circumference—perfect for the job. It was almost as thick as Davey, but nowhere near their father’s girth. Emmy protested, but her pussy clung to the handle like she never wanted to let it go. Mandy knew her sister felt like she should complain, even if she desperately needed something inside her. She gave it a little twist inside Emmy and the younger sister cried out. Mandy was going to have to stuff a pillow in her sister’s face if she didn’t keep it down.

“I know it feels good, sis, but keep it down. I can’t make you come if you’re gonna be too loud,” Mandy teased.


Emmy didn’t know if she was begging her sister to stop or make her come at this point. The thick handle was so good inside her and when Mandy twisted it those little bumps made magic. It was depraved to let her sister fuck her with a hairbrush, but Emmy couldn’t stop her—not now. All those times she’d brushed out her long brown hair, it had never occurred to her the brush could be used for something else. Now, she’d never look at her hairbrush the same again.

“That’s it, little sis, show me you want it. Fuck that hairbrush. Yeah, take it nice and deep!”


Emmy was so caught up she didn’t realize she was fucking the handle on her own now. Mandy held the brush still and Emmy worked her hips up and down on the bed, pumping the handle deep into her cunt. She heard herself squishing around the handle and was stunned to see she’d taken it right up to the brush. Had she ever been so wet? No boy ever turned her on the way her sister did with a hairbrush! And then Mandy angled the brush and those little grip bumps grated her clit as she rode and it and Emmy saw stars. Her entire body electrified and in her orgasmic confusion she didn’t see it coming before Mandy pushed her pillow over her face. Emmy struggled and scratched at the pillow in panic. As she tried to breath, Emmy came even harder and her body was suddenly weightless. It only came slamming back to the bed when Mandy took the pillow away. After Emmy sucked in air, Mandy quieted her with a kiss.

“You’re a little tigress. I like it. You’re hot, little sis,” Mandy cooed softly kissing her sister.

“God, what did you do to me, Mandy?” Emmy quivered and barely found her voice.

“I think I made you a woman,” Mandy laughed.

The hairbrush slipped from Emmy’s cunt and she whimpered with disappointment. Mandy smiled down at her and held the hairbrush in the air. Just when she thought nothing could surprise her, Mandy licked the hairbrush and kissed the tip.

“Mmm, your puss tastes so good, sis. I bet Daddy’s gonna love it. Here, try it. Show me what you’re gonna do to Daddy and Davey.”

Mandy pushed the handle at her and Emmy didn’t even think. She just acted. She took the object between her lips and hungrily sucked it. She’d never tasted herself before. Her cunt was tangy and sweet. It was much yummier than when a guy had come in her mouth. Emmy had been so shocked she spit it right out. But she sucked her juices off the handle like it was a cherry popsicle. A crazy thought popped into her mind. Emmy had to know what her sister tasted like.

“Come here,” Emmy said, pulling her sister down onto the bed.

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