Sex with My Cousin

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I’d like to thank everyone that read my first shared experience, Husband and I Have Sex With My Mum. The response was more than I could’ve hoped for, so I’d like to share more experiences with you all. The experience that I’m about to share now is how my cousin became involved with us, I hope you enjoy reading about it.


Around 3 years after my Husband and I started having sex with my Mother, things were going along very well. Now in our early twenties, my Husband and I didn’t feel like a couple that happened to have sex with my Mother, we were definitely a trio and a trio with plans for the future. Once we were in the position to do it, we were all going to move in together. My Husband, then fiance, had already moved into our own place but it was hardly ever just the two of us. We’d either be over at my Mother’s house or my Mother would be over at our house.

One afternoon, we were at my Mother’s house. My Husband and my Mother were about to go upstairs for a little one on one when my Mother told me that my cousin was going to pop over at some point during the day to collect something, so she was just letting me know in case she turns up while they’re upstairs. My cousin had always been a fantasy of our trio. My cousin was a little younger than my Husband and I at this point, she was 20 to our 22 years and my Mother’s 41 years, 5’3, blonde hair, blue eyes, lovely curves and always sported a slight tan.

My Husband and Mother had been upstairs for a few mintues when the doorbell rang. It was my cousin and I let her in. She seemed a little surprised to see me but pleasantly surprised. My cousin said she was here to collect whatever it was (I’ve forgotten in the decade that has passed since) and I said I’d go and get it from the kitchen for her. As I walked into the kitchen, I heard her voice say,

“I’m just going to the toilet while you get it.” I said,

“Ok”, but after a few seconds I suddenly came to the realisation that she would have to pass my Mother’s bedroom.

I hoped that they’d shut the bedroom door, as we normally don’t close it when we’re having sex in there because there’s nobody else in the house.

I heard something from upstairs and my cousin came back downstairs.

“Your boyfriend is having sex with your Mum up there!”

I fake angels porno didn’t know what to say, as she quickly said that my Husband was on top of my Mother and they were both naked. My mind was racing, “Do I lie and pretend to be shocked or do I tell the truth?” My Mother and Husband came down the stairs, both naked and my Husband’s penis was still fully erect and glistening with my Mother’s vaginal lubrication. There was obviously no point in lying about it now, so we told her the truth.

My cousin’s reaction was surprising, she thought it was a great relationship and she told us how she had often thought about her Mother and Father and having sex with them but never had dared to try anything. My cousin thought that something was wrong with her but she was happy to see that it was not the case, far from it. My Mother said that she was going to back upstairs with my Husband and I was going to join them, but not before asking my cousin if she’d like to come along to. My cousin looked surprised at the offer but said that she would probably just get in the way. All of us told her that she’d be more than welcome and certainly would not be in the way.

“Ok.” said my cousin, as my naked Mother took her by the hand and lead her upstairs with my Husand and I following behind.

Once we arrived at the bedroom, my Mother didn’t hesitate to get on the bed on all fours, my Husband nealt behind her and guided his penis into her vagina. An audible sound of wetness came from my Mother’s vagina as my Husband glided in and out of it slowly. My cousin’s eyes were fixed on it for a moment before I started to removed my clothes. My cousin looked at me as I began to reveal what was beneath, then she began to remove her clothes too. My Mother and Husband stopped having sex, they concentrated fully on my cousin as her clothes dropped to the floor. We couldn’t believe how sexy she was and there was a lovely shaven vagina to go with it. My Mother was still on all fours and I lead my cousin onto the bed next to her.

I asked my cousin if she’d ever kissed another woman before, she said she hadn’t so I leaned in to kiss her. Our mouths were open as her warm, moist lips met mine and our tongues greeted each other. My cousin fell on her back and I was on top of her. My Husband entered fake cop porno my Mother from behind again and they both watched my cousin and I. My cousin’s hands moved up and down my back, exploring the curve down to my bottom. I felt her hands gently squeeze my bottom, at the same time I felt my vagina getting hotter and wetter. My cousin’s legs opened and we were now firmly in the missionary position. I felt the heat from her vagina against my body, as my mouth began to kiss her neck and then worked down to her breasts.

My tongue circled the nipple of her right breast, my mouth gave it a gentle suck and a naughtly nibble as my hand gently massaged her other breast. My cousin was breathing heavily, it was clear that she was enjoying it a lot. I moved further down, my mouth gently kissing her stomach until I was all the way down with my head between her legs. I could barely contain myself as I was face to face with her beautiful vagina for the first time. Smoothly shaven and pink, I wasted no time in running my tongue from her vaginal opening right up to her clitoris, she tasted as good as she smelled. My cousin let out a little sound of pleasure as I did this but it was time for my tongue to get to work.

My tongue played with my cousin’s clitoris, as my Husband and Mother watched while still having sex doggy-style. My cousin’s breathing got deeper as I combined licking with playful sucking of her clitoris, her vagina tasting stronger and wetter with every lick. My Mother suddenly began to come next to us, moaning and groaning loudly and my Husband said,

“Oh God, I’m going to come!” My Mother coming set my Husband off too, coming deep into my Mother’s vagina.

Suddenly, my cousin’s breathing became erratic… she started to come as well. My tongue continued to play as her body shook with the waves of orgasmic pleasure tearing through her body. My tongue tasted the orgasm flooding from her vagina as I allowed her come to trickle down my throat.

My Mother collapsed on the bed next to my cousin, her vagina filled with my Husband’s come. I climbed on top of my cousin again and we shared another kiss. My Husband sat on the bed and watched, he was still fully erect. I moved off my cousin and my Mother was stroking her hair and face. My Mother gently turned fake hospital porno my cousin’s head to hers and they kissed passionately while my Husband and I watched. They explored each others bodies for a while but then my cousin asked if she could ride my Husband.

“Of course you can.” I said.

My Husband lay on his back while my Mother and I held each other on the bed, kissing and gently massaging each others clitoris as we watched.

My cousin couldn’t believe how big my Husband was (9 inches erect). She straddled him and held the tip of his penis at her vagina opening, she then lower herself down. His penis began to disappear inside her vagina, her eyes widened as it got deeper into her. Once she was all the way down, my cousin stayed motionless for a moment as if her body had gone into some temporary shock at having such a huge penis inside it. After a few seconds, my cousin began to move on his penis. Mother and I watched, mutually stroking each others clitoris while my cousin moaned and groaned loudly as she tackled my Husband’s massive penis, it wasn’t long before she was coming again.

“I’m coming!” she said.

My cousin’s body began to shake as she thrust herself down onto my Husband’s penis, causing an explosion of pleasure to sear through her body, coating my Husband’s penis with a thick layer of come.

Once she’d finished coming, she put her feet flat on either side of my Husband and began to bounce up and down on his penis.

“Holy fuck!” my Husband exclaimed, as my cousin bounced up and down revealing most of his 9 inches before slamming herself down on it again.

“Come in me! Come in me, please!” my cousin begged.

She continued to bounce up and down on him for another couple of minutes before my Husband said,

“I’m going to come.”

My cousin slammed herself down onto his penis as he fired his come deep up into her vagina. After a minute or so, my cousin lifted herself off my Husband’s penis and collapsed onto the bed. Her face was flushed as she lay on her back catching her breath.

We welcomed her into our life after that, the trio was now a foursome.

Don’t worry, I know it looked like I didn’t get to come in that experience, but I got mine later that day.

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience as much as I enjoy sharing it. I’m just wondering what to write about next. Should I write about introducing my Mother to anal? What about my Mother and I giving each other oral sex for the first time? Or how about the first time with my cousin’s Mum and Dad? I’ll have to have a think.

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