Sexual Metamorphosis Ch. 02

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Once again, thanks to all who left feedback here and to those of you who sent it privately. I hope you enjoy this next instalment. There will be a third chapter, it is in the process of being written at the moment.


The relationship I had with twins Dave and Bill progressed quickly and after six weeks I moved in with them. As far as our parents, friends and the outside world were concerned I was dating Dave, but in actual fact I was in a relationship and having sex with both of them.

The only people who knew the true nature of our relationship were Dave and Bill’s other brothers, Frank, Gerry and Tom along with their younger sister Gina and her husband Harry. They were hardly going to say anything as they were also involved in an incestuous relationship themselves, as I had discovered a few weeks before, when I had seen Frank and Gerry fucking Gina as she sucked Tom, as Harry watched them.

I had not had an opportunity to talk to Gina about what I had seen, so when she invited me over to their place for what I thought would be a ‘Girlie Chat’, I accepted immediately.

Unfortunately I was delayed with a meeting over running at work, and I was surprised to find that it was Harry who answered the door when I arrived. He was only wearing boxers and a tee shirt.

“I’m sorry I’m so late,” I told him, as I followed him into the hallway kicking off my shoes.

“It’s ok,” Harry replied, “though Gina and Tom were rather impatient and very horny so they have already started.”

Unsure what he meant I followed him into the sitting room, where the scene that met my eyes froze me to the spot!

There before me, stood Gina, completely naked apart from wearing a large strap on flesh coloured dildo. Kneeling in front of her equally naked was Tom, and he was attempting to suck on the dildo.

Gina saw me enter the room and winked at me, before turning her attention back to her brother.

“Come on Tom,” she urged, “suck my cock.”

She thrust forward, pushing the large dildo at Tom’s mouth. He groaned and opened his mouth, letting his sister push the dildo in.

“Mmmm, that’s it, I know how much you love sucking cock,” Gina praised, stroking him on the head, “and you are such a good cocksucker too!”

I stood rooted to the spot as I watched Tom lick and suck on the dildo. I could see that his own cock was rock hard as he deep throated the dildo, he was obviously enjoying this!

I had almost forgotten about Harry, until I felt him move to stand behind me. He pressed his body against my back and spoke huskily into my ear.

“They look good together, don’t they? My wife and her own brother.”

I moaned and nodded, I could feel his arousal pressing into the small of my back. He slipped an arm around my waist and began to caress me through my clothes as I watched.

Gina was now holding Tom’s head and fucking his mouth hard and fast, pushing the dildo deep into his throat.

“You like this don’t you brother? You like it when I fuck your mouth with my cock.”

Tom moaned and nodded, reaching down to give his own cock which was hard and leaking a stroke.

“I am going to fuck your arse,” Gina told him, as she pulled the dildo out of his mouth. “But you know what you have to do first…don’t you?”

Tom looked up at Gina, his face was flushed and his lips were swollen.

“Please Gina,” he begged, “please fuck me; I want to feel your cock inside me. I need you Sis…I need your cock in my arse.”

Harry’s hands had now pushed my skirt up around my waist and were caressing me through my knickers. I pressed against his hand. Once again I found myself in a position where I should be disgusted at what I was seeing, but I wasn’t, in fact I found it very arousing and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter by the minute.

I could not help it, I let a small moan escape as I watched Gina position Tom over the arm of a comfy chair, then squirt lube onto her fingers and push two of them into her brother’s tight arse hole. He moaned and pushed back onto them.

“Oh, god… Gina… please, fuck me,” he begged.

As I continued to watch Harry’s fingers pushed aside the soaking wet material of my knickers and slid up and down my wet slit. Fuck I was so aroused by what I was seeing!

“I knew this would turn you on, Helen” he whispered in my ear, “Your cunt is so hot and wet.”

I moaned again as he licked my neck, his other hand undid the buttons on my blouse and the clasp of my bra. Then in one quick movement he pulled them both off me and discarded them to the floor.

Gina now started to cover the dildo with lube, I then watched as she pressed the tip of it to Tom’s hole, slowly pushing it in. I heard him sigh contentedly when the dildo was completely inside him.

Oh fuck, I could not believe how much this was turning me on. I moaned as Harry moved two fingers down into my pussy and whispered in my ear once again.

“Look how she’s fucking him, fucking marks head bobbers porno her own brother. And see how hard Tom is; see how he’s enjoying it, enjoying being fucked by his little sister, my wife!”

Harry’s fingers moved back and forth in my pussy, whilst his other hand was moving up to my breasts. He caressed, rubbed and pinched my nipples until they had hardened, then turning me around slightly, he lowered his head and took one nipple to his mouth. He licked and teased it, then sucked on it hard. I arched and moaned; my body felt like it was on fire as Harry added a third finger stretching my pussy.

“I’m going to fuck you soon,” he told me, “I’m going to put my big hard cock inside your cunt and fuck you so hard!”

My legs were shaking so much that they practically gave way as I moaned and nodded.

“Oh, god, yes Harry, I want you to fuck me…need you in me Harry.”

“Soon,” he teased as me moved me once again, this time to face him completely.

He pulled me to him and kissed me for the first time, plunging his tongue deep into my mouth. I moaned as we kissed and reached down to take his cock into my hands. I had never seen Harry’s cock before, so when I felt his cock for the first time it felt like it was a very good size and it seemed to swell and grow even larger as I stroked him. Harry gently guided me to my knees where I was able to get my proper first look at his cock. It was indeed impressive and I could not help but take it to my mouth and lick it. I heard him moan and felt his hands move to my head. Gina and Tom forgotten for the time being, I was soon bobbing up and down with his cock deep inside my mouth and throat. Over the last few weeks, I had become quite an accomplished cocksucker, having gained lots of experience with the twins Dave and Bill. Using both my hands and mouth, I proceeded to give Harry a blowjob that he would not forget in a hurry. Twisting and sucking hard with both my hands and mouth, then letting my teeth graze up and down his shaft. I could feel his fingers tighten in my hair and he moaned as I relaxed my throat and took his cock as deep as I could and held it there, making swallowing movements around it.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped, as he came, spurting down my throat. Like a good girl, I swallowed it all down.

After a moment, Harry drew me up to standing, then I noticed that Tom and Gina had switched positions, Tom now had Gina bent over the side of the chair and was fucking her hard from behind. Harry led me over the other comfy chair and positioned me half reclined on it. He got himself between my legs. I sighed as his tongue parted my pussy lips and he began to lap up my juices. It felt good as his tongue darted in and out of my pussy; soon two fingers replaced his tongue and he slid them in and out as his thumb brushed over my swollen clitoris. I was so incredibly aroused by this point; I knew that it would not take much to push me over the edge. And I was right.

“Oh shitttt,Harrrrry” I gasped, as without warning I came hard, my whole body shaking.

But Harry gave me little time to recover; he spread my legs and with one thrust his cock slid all the way into my pussy. Oh man, he felt so big; I stretched to accommodate his width. He held still for a moment, our eyes locked together. This was so surreal; never in a million years would I have expected this; to be having sex one of my best friends whilst their wife was next to us being fucked by her own brother.

“You feel good,” Harry told me huskily, as he slowly moved back and forth. His mouth came crashing down against mine; our kisses were fierce and hot. “I love a hot, tight wet cunt gripping my cock,” he continued. “Going to fuck you good, fuck you so hard,”

His mouth trailed down my neck to my breasts, he paused to suckle on each nipple. I moaned and drew my legs higher around his waist as I met each of his long, hard thrusts.

“Harder,” I begged. I was so close to coming again. “Please Harry, harder…fuck me harder,”

As Harry pounded into me, he moved his fingers between our bodies and down to my pussy, and he pressed down on my clit. That was all it took, I cried out as a second powerful orgasm hit me sending wave upon wave of pleasure tearing through my body. I watched as Harry closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as my pussy clenched around his cock. He managed to ride out my orgasm, before he pulled out of me and turned me over onto my knees, so that I was bending over the chair. He reach down between my legs to my dripping pussy and pushed two fingers deep inside covering them in my juices, before pulling them out and replacing them with his cock once again.

“Your cunt feels so good,” he told me, “and I bet this little hole feels good too,” He pressed one of his juice covered fingers against my ass hole. “I imagine Dave and Bill, love fucking you here, fucking you with their big cocks,”

I moaned and nodded, Dave and Bill certainly did enjoying fucking me massage porno there…mind due I love being fucked there too and the thought of Harry having his cock buried in my ass turned me on even more!

Harry added a second finger in my ass and very quickly a third finger joined it. He pushed them in and out of my ass in time with his cock thrusting in my pussy. Harry fucked both my holes for several minutes, making me shudder and gasp with pleasure. Then pulled his cock out of my pussy and pressed it against my ass, he groaned as he pushed it through the tight ring of my ass hole.

“Oh christ, Harry, you’re so fucking big,” I moaned as I pushed back on to it, taking his cock deep into my ass. It felt so huge nestled deep inside me.

“Jesus, your arse is so tight…so fucking tight,” Harry spluttered, his teeth clenched together as he fought to stay in control again.

Gripping my hips, Harry slowly began to withdraw his cock, until just the tip remain inside me, then he slammed forward hard pushing back deep again. He did this several times.

“Mmmm, I love watching my cock sliding in and out of your arse hole,” he told me, and he began to pick up his pace, his thrusts becoming deeper and harder. “Oh yeah, I’m going to cum soon…cum inside your tight little arse hole. You’d like that wouldn’t you Helen? My cum in your arse.”

All I could do was nod and whimper, “Yes..cum in my ass, Harry…oh god!” My body began to shake uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck…Harry, oh god, I’m cumminggggg!” I cried out as I came, my whole body shook with the force of the orgasm which swept over me.

Harry continued to pound into me, harder and harder, till with a loud growl, he joined me. I could feel his seed spurting out deep in my ass.

A few moments later Harry gently slipped out and off of me, pulling me into his arms and holding me close, kissing the top of my head, as my breathing and body come back to normal. It was then that the enormity of what I had done hit me. Oh god, I had just been fucked by Harry…oh fuck what would Gina say? I looked around the room for Gina. The panic must have shown in my face as Harry put his arm around me.

“Shhhh, it’s ok, Helen,” he spoke softly.

He looked over at Gina and Tom, they had moved onto the sofa and where sitting snuggled up together watching us.

“Tell her, Gina…tell her it’s alright,”

Gina got up and came over to us; she leaned over and gave Harry a long hot kiss, before looking at me.

“It’s ok, everything is fine, Helen, I loved watching you and Harry together, it really turned me on watching you suck his cock and then seeing him fuck you,” Gina smiled down reassuringly at me. “Just like you got a kick from watching me and Tom together, didn’t you?”

I nodded and relaxed. It really was going to be ok.

“Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I am starving, I seem to have worked up quite an appetite,” joked Tom, “lets get cleaned up and eat,” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After we had showered and eaten, Harry and Gina headed off to be on their own, leaving me and Tom downstairs. Sitting on the sofa wearing bathrobes, we talked for a long time about his relationship with Gina and Harry. Tom had been having sex with Gina since just after her eighteenth birthday, along with his older brothers, then one day before they were married, Harry had discovered them. Tom found to his amazement that Harry rather than being angry and hurt, was very turned on by this and actively encouraged Gina to have sex with her brothers. Tom also told me how he gave in to his bisexual side too, and how he enjoyed having a big cock up his ass or a dildo when it was with Gina. In fact they all met up regularly to have orgy type parties. It seemed complicated to me, but as I was learning for myself, they were a very unusual family with unusual tastes; it worked for them and that was what mattered in the end.

As we talked, I snuggled up against Tom and he gently ran one of his hands over my arms, whilst the other rested on my thigh. Tom and I had sort of dated for a while a couple of years before and as I looked up at him, it seemed natural to kiss him.

The kiss started off slowly, a gentle and tender kiss, but it soon intensified and I felt his hands undo the ties on my bathrobe and slip inside. Still kissing me he moved to glide the bathrobe off my arms, his mouth then descended onto one of my nipples. I moaned and arched into his touch, my body beginning to feel the flickering heat of arousal.

“Oh Helen, the sight of you and Harry together turned me on so much,” he told me, “I wanted you, I wanted to feel your pussy quivering around my cock,”

I moaned at his words, he lifted me up and onto his lap. I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing behind me as he pushed two fingers into my pussy. Oh fuck, I could not believe how turned on I was again, and how much I wanted him to fuck me.

” I want you too, Tom, I want to feel your cock meet-suck and fuck porno in me,” I told him as I raised myself over his cock and using one hand to guide it, I lowered myself down onto it, taking it deep. “I am going to ride you Tom, ride your cock like you have not been ridden before,” I added huskily as I lifted myself up so just the tip remained in and then I slammed back down again. Tom moaned as I did this over and over again, before sitting on him fully and grinding my hips in a circular motion. It felt so good finally having him inside me.

“Oh fuck, yeah that’s it Helen, ride me, ride me hard”

Tom took hold of my hips and as I ground down onto him, he thrust up into me. Fuck it was good. Our tongues duelled as we kissed, my body was once again on fire and I rocked back and forth with his cock buried deep in me.

“Mmmm Tom…soo good, I’m going to cum soon…going to cum….ohhhhhhh yessss!” I cried out as my body shook, I could feel my pussy gripping Tom’s cock as he plunged in and out; and then with a small shriek I was coming.

Tom, like his brothers had very good control and he managed to ride out my orgasm until at last I slumped into his lap breathing heavitly into his neck with his cock still hard and full of life inside me.

“Wow, that was amazing Helen, ” Tom said, as he began to slowly move inside me again.

“Well now, you two look like you’re having fun,”

Tom and I both turned to find Harry standing in the doorway watching us, he was naked and stroking his very hard cock.

“Where’s Gina?” Tom asked.

“She’s asleep,” smiled Harry.

He walked over and stepped up onto the sofa next to us. “My cock needs some attention,” he said with a grin. “Any volunteers?”

Tom and I looked at each other and smiled; Tom reached out with one hand and started to stroke Harry’s cock. Harry closed his eyes, moaned and leaned closer. I watched with fascination as Tom took Harry’s cock and began to lick it from the tip all the way down to his balls and then back up again, before he took it into his mouth, expertly taking it deep. I could not help myself; I leaned in too and began to stroke Harry’s balls as he fucked Tom’s mouth.

“Oh damn, this is so fucking hot,” muttered Tom as we licked and sucked Harry’s cock together.

After a moment or two Harry pulled out of Tom’s mouth and pushed into mine. He held my head still as he thrust in and out of my mouth, each time pushing in further. As I let Harry fuck my mouth, Tom began to move inside me, sending waves of pleasure through my body. Just when I though Harry was going to come in my mouth, he pulled out, and positioned himself behind me, his cock pressed at my rear entrance, then ever so slowly he pushed in. The three of us moaned as he slid past the tight ring of my ass hole. Fuck…I felt so wonderfully full.

Harry stilled for a moment so that I could adjust to having his cock inside me as well as Tom’s. He then began to rock from side to side as Tom thrust upwards causing me to gasp out in pleasure at the sensations their movements caused. I leaned forward and kissed Tom, as I moved his cock went deeper and Harry moved with us; his thrust became harder.

“Do you like having us both inside you? Tom fucking your cunt as I fuck your arse?” Harry asked lustfully.

“Mmm yeah, I love it…I love feeling so full, having you both inside me,” I moaned as I moved with the two of them.

“Oh fuck, your cunt’s so tight and I can feel Harry’s cock moving inside your arse,” Tom said huskily, as he began to thrust up harder. “Oh shittt,”he added, “I don’t think I can last much longer!”

“I’m close to cumming too,” I panted, as Harry slid his hand between our bodies and flicked his finger over my sensitive clit, causing me to buck.

“Oh god…Yes,” I gasped, “fuck me…fuck me harder!”

Harry and Tom’s movements became erratic as they plunged into me harder and deeper causing my body to convulse around them.

“Ohgodohgodohgod…I’m cumming,” I shrieked as my orgasm hit me full force, my pussy quivering and milking Tom’s cock and my ass squeezing and tightening around Harry’s.

As they both lost control, they thrust almost violently into me seeking their own release. Tom came first with a whimper; I felt his seed spurting forth filling my pussy. Harry came a moment or two later with a growl, his seeding shooting deep into my ass.

The three of us slumped in a heap on the sofa, both of them still inside me, as we tried to catch our breaths. Tom drew me into his arms and kissed me slowly, his softening cock slipping out of my pussy. Harry gently pulled his now softened cock out of me and sat next to me, stroking my back softly.

“That was absolutely fantastic,” Harry said quietly, “I don’t know what happened to the shy, quiet, prim and proper Helen that we grew up knowing, but I am sure glad we got to know this one too…”

I looked up to him and grinned, “I’m still the same person Harry, Dave and Bill just showed me how to let my inner desires out, and now that I have discovered how much I enjoy sex, there is no stopping me!”

“Mmm I am glad to hear that, as I would definitely like to do this again, but for now, it is late and you look worn out, so come and get some sleep, we can talk more in the morning.”

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