Sister’s First Sleepover Ch. 02-03

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Foreword: So you’ve come back. This part two of Sister’s First Sleepover. The first chapter was primarily foot focused, this takes a far fouler turn. Check the tags if you wish to avoid harder fetishes, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for our true Degenerates. Enjoy.

Chapter 2: The Punishment

The storm behind Eliza’s eyes made Becca worry for a moment she was about to be called out, but then Eliza waved a hand – as if brushing away her loss – and said, “Whaaaat ever. Can’t beat paying off the judge.” She grabbed a wipe from the makeup bag, as did Tara, and they cleaned off the foot they were using to apply makeup. Then, Eliza pulled her socks back on and stood up. “I’ll go get those milkshakes.” She left the room, pulling the door closed and heading for the kitchen.

Becca began wiping off the makeup, and Tara picked up her phone. They were mostly silent for a few minutes, Becca felt awkward – not really knowing what to speak about now that they weren’t doing anything. She switched the TV on, keeping the volume low, for something to look at.

Finally, Tara looked up at her and glanced down at her toes – at the old nail polish. “Becca, can I be a jerk and ask you to paint my nails?”

The older girl was grateful for the ice being rebroken. Tara grabbed a polish she liked – a sparkling blue that complimented her eyes – and offered it out to Becca. Becca slid the futon over to Tara’s side of the couch whilst the athletic girl settled into the corner and extended her feet out, resting them on Becca’s knees. It was a little presumptuous, but Becca thought it would be a little absurd to say anything considering she had let Tara put makeup on her with those same feet. She could still smell the lingering scent of makeup on one foot, and the stronger smell of old, and new, sweat on the other.

She began her task, painting each nail with careful sweeps of the brush – not wanting to screw up in front of a girl she wasn’t entirely comfortable around yet. “Your parents are okay with you being here all weekend?”

Tara glanced up from her phone, smiling at something she read, “Yeah, they know ‘liza and I told them you’d be here. Thanks for being a good sport about the makeup thing.”

Becca blinked at the kind words, a part of her was a little taken aback that she’d been thanked, “Oh. That’s okay, it was fun – I don’t really do makeup like that often.”

Tara nodded absently, looking back at her phone and typing something, “What do you do at sleepovers then?”

Becca faltered for a moment, not wanting to admit her friends didn’t really do sleepovers, “Uh… movies and stuff.” It was a weak answer, so she kept her eyes down on Tara’s feet and continued onto the second foot.

She couldn’t see whether Tara had seen through her bluff, but the pretty blonde airily said, “We’ll do all the proper sleepover stuff this weekend, except for pillow fights. Eliza stopped having pillow fights because I always win.”

Becca smiled at that, enjoying the idea that her sister was humbled by Tara.

She was almost done when she heard Tara sputter a laugh, and looked up to see her hand over her mouth as she tried not to laugh at whatever she was looking at on her phone. It must’ve been hilarious, because it was a few moments before she glanced up to see Becca looking at her expectantly. Tara’s eyes instead returned to her phone and she began typing.

The older blonde was a little sad Tara didn’t share the joke, but it wasn’t her business so she finished up with Tara’s toes and closed the bottle. Tara wordlessly pulled her feet away, so Becca could sit on the sofa.

Not a minute later, Eliza finally returned with a platter of three glasses.


Eliza pulled the door to the living room closed and moved to the kitchen. She pulled out her phone, ignoring a half-dozen messages from school friends asking what she was doing this weekend; after what her and Tara had just tricked Becca into doing, she had no intention of doing anything else. She sent Tara a text, “keep the foot sniffer distracted x”

She saw it was read, but no reply was coming – that’s what she loved about Tara, she just had a way of knowing what to do when Eliza started messing with people.

Once in the kitchen, she opened the fridge and grabbed the two cartons of milk. One of them was lactose free – she was mildly lactose intolerant – and unscrewed the cap from the standard milk. She took a mouthful, then put it on the counter. Her stomach would react shortly.

Then, she set one of the glasses on the floor.

“My makeup was worse than Tara’s? Bitch, you’ll pay for that.”

With a little effort she pulled her sock from her foot, and gave it a whiff – her head snapped back at the pungent aroma, she had worn them all day at school and it had been a warm day, even the prints of her toes were a little crusty. She took the opened milk carton and pushed her sweaty foot into the glass, curling her toes so that there was hardly any space at all besides cumlouder porno the gaps between her toes.

Then, she picked her phone up and began recording a short clip.

With a little dexterity, she knelt over and poured the milk into the glass, letting out an evil giggle when the cold liquid poured over her smelly foot, running between her toes and carrying her toe jam into the bottom of the glass.

Once it was over she set the phone down, wiped her foot off on a hand towel, and sent the short clip to Tara, “hope she likes vanilla and feet flavour”

She was quite pleased to see a laughing emoji reply, followed by, “omg you’re evil”

But Eliza wasn’t done yet, Becca had already smelt her feet – she wanted to go further. The brunette quickly added the milk to the other two glasses, without the feet, lactose-free for herself and normal for Tara. Then, she added vanilla extract to each. She picked up Becca’s glass, got the camera ready and hacked up a loogie.

Then, leaning over the glass, she drizzled out the spit and snot wad into the glass. The spit sat on top of the milk for a moment, very visible, before she added the ice-cream and it was diluted into the mix.

The mid-spit picture also went to Tara, who replied with a vomiting emoji and a laughing emoji. She blended each milkshake separately, leaving Becca’s tainted drink for last. As she was doing so, she got a picture from Tara; Becca was holding her foot in one hand, leaned over it, carefully painting her toes. “Love this girl, best servant ever xoxo”

She grinned, Tara wasn’t typically as good at initiating this kind of thing as she was, but she took part as happily as Eliza did. “i know!! wonder what else we can get her to do”

Then, she poured Becca’s blended milkshake into her cup and set it on the ground.

She slid her sweatpants down to her ankles, revealing her petite yet beautifully rounded ass. She admired it in the oven, her tan was fading a little, and there was a slender triangle of paler skin over her crack and down to her little mound of a pussy.

With great care, she squatted over the cup and felt her stomach gurgle. With one hand she pried her cheeks open, revealing the browned skin around her dark butthole. She could see it in the reflection before she lifted the cold glass to press the rim around her puckered hole.

It took a moment, her thin lips twisted into a pretty, strained grimace as she increased the pressure of her abdominal muscles.

With a sudden squelch, she released a sputtery, wet fart into the creamy beverage. The smell was foul, like a fart that had been brewing for a while and had finally been given release. She set the glass down and saw a small brown smear of liquid on the surface, with tiny flecks of shit sat on the viscous milkshake. She clamped a hand to her mouth, struggling to contain her own laughter – she had intended to fart, but this was so much better.

She glanced at the clock, it hadn’t been too long but she’d have to conceal what she had done. So, she grabbed a few bars of chocolate from the fridge, breaking them into tiny chunks that she dropped into each glass. Then, she stirred each mix – leaving Becca’s until last of course, so that her accidental discharge was thoroughly mixed into the drink – indistinguishable from the others. Then, thinking more of her own preference, she grated the last pieces of chocolate into flakes that she sprinkled on top of each.

Before she returned, she picked up her phone. “think I just sharted in her milkshake” Followed by a blushing face, and a laughing-crying emoji. She didn’t get an immediate reply, but she heard Tara’s roaring laughter from the room over and found herself grinning with pride.


Eliza had really gone the extra mile, Becca thought.

She set the drink tray down on the futon and picked up a glass to hand to Becca. The glass was cold to the touch, filled to the brim with vanilla milkshake, with chocolate nuggets floating around the glass and a dusting of chocolate flakes on the top. “For the kind judge.” Eliza said, a pantomimed tone of an obsequies servant.

Becca was a little blown away by the gesture. It almost seemed worth it, now that the memory of feet all over her face was fading.

She brought the glass up to her face, struck by the pungent aroma of vanilla, with a mustier, earthy smell that wrinkled her nose for a second. “Does it have dark chocolate in it?” She asked, innocently.

Tara burst out laughing, when Becca looked over to her the younger athlete seemed to be looking at her phone once more. Eliza had a wide smile on her face, she picked up her own glass and handed the third to Tara. “Yeah, I put some dark and some normal chocolate in – I thought you’d like it.”

The brunette settled down on the opposite side of the sofa to Tara, with Becca between them. Becca looked down at the beverage, she wasn’t the biggest fan of dark chocolate but the fact Eliza had thought it was what she wanted czech amateurs porno made it just as good.

She brought the cold glass to her lips and took a long sip, careful not to get brain freeze, and licked her lips after for good measure. It was delicious.

Though she had not noticed, the two girls had been watching her enjoy the first taste, and had made a heroic effort in restraining their own laughter.

Tara read another message from Eliza, “no ‘dark chocolate’ in ours tho lol”

After taking a few sips, Becca took a larger mouthful and felt one of the tiny chocolate nuggets slide in with a wave of vanilla. When she bit through it, a bitter, unpleasant taste followed – “Ugh that must be super dark chocolate!” She quickly washed the taste away with another mouthful of the admittedly much tastier vanilla milkshake.

“Does the dark chocolate taste like it’s gone a little off to you guys?” She offered to the others, glancing to each of them, innocent and unaware. She thought she heard Eliza snorted into her milkshake, but was looking at Tara when it happened.

Tara took another sip of hers, a look of contemplation on her face – the drink held close to her lips, hiding her smile. “Not mine?”

Eliza did the same thing, then snapped her fingers as if realizing. “Oh, I think one of the bars might’ve had way more cocoa in it, you must’ve gotten some of that one.”

The younger sister pouted and looked at Becca, “Does it taste bad?”

It did a little, but Becca didn’t want to say it – first of all it would be rude, second of all she didn’t want to dissuade her sister from doing nice things for her in the future. “No, not at all. The milkshake itself is great.” To confirm it, she took a large mouthful and gave a satisfied smile. Eliza seemed very pleased with her response, and picked up her phone.

Eliza sent another message to Tara, “so sharts are gross, but foot and spit milkshake is soooo delicious xD” And was pleased to see her blonde friend turn red with the effort of not laughing.


Chapter 3: Left Alone

After they had finished their milkshakes and set down their glasses, the three settled into watching movies and chatting – the movies were mostly background noise, but Becca was often a little more distracted because she hadn’t seen them before.

Eliza noted Becca’s empty glass and sent Tara a message, “omg she drank the whole thing” Followed by a sick emoji. No sign of her ‘extra’ flavorings left over.

Tara replied, “wonder how she’d react if she knew what she drank lol”

“lets see if she recognises the smell?” With a thinking emoji.

Eliza looked at her sister, and then Tara, and announced, “Let’s play ‘Would you rather.'”

Becca was a little invested in the movie, and was about to ask if they could play later, but then Tara spoke, “Oh that’ll be fun. I’ll start.” Becca didn’t want to be the boring one, so she turned her attention to the girls.

“Would you rather be super pretty or super smart?” To Becca that was an easy question, smarts every time, she had a much greater respect for academic achievement over shallow looks. But she wondered if she should say that – was that insulting to say? She didn’t want to be rude.

Eliza was in thought for a moment before she said, “Pretty.” That was obvious, Becca thought. But then Eliza gave her reasoning. “Being smart is good, but people treat you better when you’re pretty – you can be smart and people will still be mean to you.” Becca was a little surprised – she could certainly empathize with being on the receiving end of bullying or mean comments, she’d never thought popular girls considered things like that.

Tara looked at Becca and joked to Eliza, “She’s struggling to decide because she’s pretty and smarter than us both.”

Becca was struck by how good the compliment made her feel, she even blushed a little. Becca certainly didn’t think she was prettier than the others, smarter maybe a little – though her understanding of cleverness was related to school grades, rather than the intelligence Eliza and Tara exhibited. And, she had to admit, it felt good to be called pretty.

“No- er.. I think I’d rather be pretty too.” She left it at that, a little flustered still.

Tara nodded, not pressing for an explanation, and added – “I’d still pick smart. Dumb people get taken advantage of.”

Then, Tara gestured for Becca to go. “Um… would you rather… never have your favourite food again or only be able to have your favourite food?” The two younger girls pondered for a second.

“I don’t think we’d be able to stomach milkshakes every day.” Tara quipped, Eliza suppressed a laugh at the loaded comment. Then both agreed never having it would be better.

Eliza then offered, “Would you rather drink out of the toilet or have everybody believe you drink out of the toilet?” She and Tara were particularly interested in Becca’s response. It would tell them something useful about Becca.

To czech casting porno Becca, private humiliation was more bearable than everyone knowing about it. To the other two, more secure in themselves, lowering themselves to drink out of a dirty toilet would never be an option. Yet, when Becca finally answered with, “I think I’d rather drink out of the toilet.” Eliza and Tara nodded and added their agreement, to cement the idea in the older girl’s mind as the right choice.

Another few rounds went by, getting a little more raunchy as they went, and it came to Eliza’s turn.

“Okay. Would you rather let someone fart right in your face or… have to smell someone’s sweaty socks for an entire hour?”

Becca grimaced at the choice – only Eliza could think of something so gross, she thought. Not really wanting to give an answer, Becca played for time and asked her own question.

“Well… whose socks are we talking about?”

Eliza thought for a moment, hand on her chin, then she gestured to Tara’s volleyball sneakers and her training socks stuffed into them. “Tara’s sweaty gym socks, for a whole hour, or… me farting in your face once?”

The blonde athlete looked at her own gym shoes. Personally, she’d have picked those as her own smells were much more bearable and less humiliating to endure than having someone rip ass on your face, but she could see Eliza was leading her older sister to something. “I’d probably have to go for the fart.”

For Becca, enduring Tara’s feet again was infinitely more pleasant than letting her sister fart in her face, but was caught off guard when Tara didn’t choose the clearly better option. “Really? How bad are your socks?”

Tara leaned down and pulled the sock from her well-worn gym shoes, holding the tube sock by the ankle so the sole dangled down, and held it up between herself and Becca. Eliza spoke, “You’d rather smell that for an hour? Go on, see what you’d be in for.” It seemed to Becca that Eliza was implying she would also not choose Tara’s sock, and was a little morbidly curious to know how it could be so bad.

So, at the egging on of her friends, she leaned forward with her nose out. Tara moved the sock too, so that the crusted sole came to touch against the older blonde’s nose. Becca whipped back an inch at the contact, but decided it was an accident and moved in again. She gave a cursory sniff and was struck by the musky, old and dried sweat stench the socks had been marinating in; the older girl even recognised the smell from Tara’s feet – despite showering they had certainly contracted the smell from being reacquainted with the gym socks in the meantime.

She sat back, nose wrinkled in disgust. Tara tossed the sock down by her shoes. “The shoes are even worse.” Tara added.

Becca was won over, and was about to give her answer, when Eliza said, “Versus…”

Then, the young brunette grabbed Becca’s shoulders and pulled her down to the sofa, catching her older sister off guard. Tara moved quick, giggling mischievously as she pinned Becca’s torso and arms down.

The older girl was so unprepared she was already lay flat on the couch with Tara’s oppressive strength on top of her before she realized something was happening. Becca shook, trying to dislodge herself but Tara was strong and Eliza was not about to give her time to gather herself.

The younger sister straddled Becca’s head, her knees pinned the older girl’s shoulders down flat. The sudden activity had made the gas within her stomach primed and desperate to escape, she knew she didn’t have time to go as far as she wanted; the brunette hooked two thumbs into the waistband of her sweats and pulled them halfway down her butt, revealing the upper half of her buttcheeks and crack. Becca squealed in fear when she realized what Eliza was about to do, but didn’t really have a place to move with the younger girl’s calves and feet holding her head roughly upright.

Her pants only came halfway down before she had to go. The brunette pressed her buttocks down onto her sister’s face.

Becca found herself looking up at the upper-half of her sister’s ass. She could see the tan-lines of her bikini and the line of her crack. Despite her petite frame, Eliza had a well-toned butt; when it came down Becca felt the firm cheeks press her deeper into the cushioned sofa and her upturned nose was pressed flat against the crack of Eliza’s ass – her cheeks were too firmly pressed together for Becca’s nose to slip in deeper.

Then, without a second to spare, Eliza let out a ripping fart into her older sister’s face. Becca squealed the entire time, eyes instinctively shutting, with her mouth covered by the waistband of Eliza’s pants. The fart sounded wet, but whatever might’ve escaped was held tightly within Eliza’s tensed buttocks, but the smell was forced directly up her sister’s nostrils.

It was a potent, sharp and bitter smell that set Becca to thrashing around – inadvertently rubbing her nose across her sister’s buttcheeks – but actually shaking herself loose.

Eliza and Tara were laughing the whole while, even when Eliza slipped off her mount on her sister’s face, falling back against the arm of the sofa in a fit of laughter. Tara wisely pulled back at the same time, out of range of an accidental kick.

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