Son’s Rise Ch. 03

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August came quickly that year and the crushing heat of summer reigned over Hammersville.

It was Tuesday afternoon. Donna was sitting on her couch watching a talk show. Between her legs, her son Josh was eating out her pussy with long slow strokes of his tongue.

“Honey, you’ve been down there for forty five minutes,” Joan sighed, “Haven’t you done enough snorkeling already?”

Josh took his tongue out of her pussy to answer. “No mom!”

Donna giggled and ruffled his hair in approval. He sure was eager, she figured.

A month and a half had passed since they had commenced their arrangement and everything was going perfectly. Josh would service Joan twice a week and perform for his mother whenever she was available.

The cordless phone on the sofa cushion beside Donna rang. She muted the tv and answered it.


“Hi Donna? It’s Joan.”

“Hey Joan, what’s going on?”

Hearing his mother talking to his lover excited Josh so he began to eat his mother’s pussy with more voracity. Despite his best efforts, his mother’s voice didn’t break once while she was speaking.

“Are you available this evening for a quick get together at my place?” Joan asked.

“Actually Joan, Derek is coming over tonight. My husband is finally coming home next week, so I might not be able to um, accommodate him until then.”

“Call him and say something came up. It’s very important we talk.”

“What’s so urgent that you can’t tell me over the phone?”

“It’s Derek.” Joan swallowed, “I don’t know how to say this, but I think he wants me to fuck him.

Josh noticed his mother’s juices thickened as it flowed over his chin and wondered what Joan was saying that excited her so much.

“Are you sure? Wow. How do you know?” Donna tried not to show too much enthusiasm while she spoke. After all, Joan did seem really shaken up about this.

“He just keeps saying very inappropriate things.” Joan continued. “Ever since he confronted me about Josh, he keeps asking me all this weird stuff like if I sucked Josh’s dick, or how big my boobs are, or if I would give him a ‘rusty trombone’. I mean, why would I give him a musical instrument? He never even touched that guitar I bought him two Christmases ago, but worst of all, something happened last night that really bothered me.”

“What?” Donna asked.

“The bold little bastard came right out and said it! He came right into the living room, pointed at his hard dick in his pants and said, ‘Mom, would you help me with something?'”

Donna burst into laughter. “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Of course I’m not kidding! I asked him what he was saying and he said he wanted me to suck him like you do!”

“Oh my God!” Donna gasped.

“So I told him that it’s incredibly wrong for me to do that because we’re mother and son and in 21 years of life on this planet haven’t I taught him that much? That’s when he gave me one of those pathetic puppy dog looks he does so well.”

Donna wrapped her legs around Josh’s neck and pulled him tighter into her pussy. “How could you resist?” Donna asked, grinding on her son’s nose.

“Well I couldn’t completely, so I gave him a hand job. But I swear I didn’t look at it once and we were both fully clothed! Well, except for his penis of course, it was sticking out through his fly.”

“He’s got a big one doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, it’s huge, at least, it felt huge, but this is crazy. I thought you were supposed to be the one taking care of him. The whole this deal was that we’d share our big cock sons, not become our grown kid’s sex slaves!”

“Speak for yourself.” Donna answered bluntly.

Joan was shocked. “You’ve got to be kidding. Like you’d try to fuck Josh?”

“Well,” Donna slyly replied, “he is eating my pussy right now. Want to talk to him?” Joan handed the receiver to Josh. “Say hello to your auntie.” Donna grinned.

“Hi Auntie Joan.” Josh said, greeting her playfully. The stiffness in his jaw made it somewhat hard to speak now.

“And just what are you doing?” Joan asked, sternly.

“Well, Aunt Joan, Mom really likes her afternoon talk-shows and I really like eating her pussy. Guess we found a way to make it work for both of us!”

Donna took the receiver back. “Joan?”


“Are you alright?”

“Just a little… shocked…I mean… he’s your son.”

“And he’s an adult who can make his own decisions. Besides, it’s very nice to have a big cock around the house and since I can’t have any more children, I figured….” “You figured you’d go for it?”

“Look Joan,” Donna said, “Greg has been in Thailand on business for two months and before that he was in Boston for three weeks. I have no idea what he does when he’s away, but he calls maybe once a week. What am I supposed to do? Just ignore that my son is a stud when I clearly have a need for him?”

“Yes, but the plan was for you to use Derek.”

Donna bit her lip. She knew Joan was right. “I’m sorry, Joan… I guess I just got lonely here when Derek wasn’t around.

“I know something taboo heat porno about that.” Joan said.

In fact she did.

Joan’s husband Dan had died in a plane crash five years ago.

Joan continued. “When we agreed to all this it was to help me get through the Summer. You know that’s the worst time for me.” The pain in her voice was palpable.

“I’m sorry about Dan” Donna replied. “He was a good friend to us and he was a wonderful husband to you.”

“I don’t want to fuck Derek, because I don’t want to hurt him, but when he came into the living room last night, I don’t know. I guess I saw some of his father in him.”

Donna released her leg lock on Josh and shooed him away. She cupped her hand over the phone’s speaker. “Honey, there’s a twenty in my purse ok? Take it and go get us some groceries, just enough for tonight and tomorrow ok? And don’t come back for an hour!”

Begrudgingly, Josh walked upstairs to his room to put on some clothes in preparation of his errand.

“I think you should come over.” Joan said finally. “We can talk here. Derek was supposed to drop by around seven o’clock, but I’m free now.”


Thirty minutes later, Joan arrived on Donna’s doorstep. She had just had a new perm put in the day before, making her thick blonde hair seem even more thick and voluminous. Donna complimented the look as she brought Joan inside to the living room. Joan sat on the couch while Donna offered her a beverage. “Wine? Tea?”

“Wine would be perfect.” Joan answered. “Red, please.”

Donna disappeared into the kitchen and returned with two generous glasses of ruby coloured Shiraz.

“Now honey,” Donna began, “what exactly is the issue? I sent Josh on an errand so he won’t be back for a little while. You can talk.”

Joan shook her head. “It’s insane, Donna. My own son wants to fuck me and I think I want him to do it.”

Donna gave her friend a gentle hug. She could feel Joan quivering in her arms as if she was fighting to repress herself.

“You can cry, honey.” Donna whispered in Joan’s ear. “It’s alright.”

Joan broke into tears. Donna gave her a tissue from the box under the coffee table. Joan wiped them away cleanly, even catching her running mascara.

“You know Joan,” Donna said when her friend had finally calmed down enough, “Derek is a really good lover and he has a great cock. I’m sure you’d enjoy being with him.”

“But don’t you think it’s evil and wrong?”

“I don’t know how to answer that.” Donna answered. “I mean, it seems to make Josh very happy when I fuck him.”


“Sure, he loves it! He’s such a good boy too. He is not at all as kinky as his father. I think that’s what why I enjoy playing with him so much. He gets so surprised!”

Joan swallowed. “So what kinds of things do you do?”

“Well, just the other week,” Donna paused. “This is kind of naughty…”

“It’s ok…” Joan said, encouraging her.

“We were having spaghetti and I just stood up and brought my plate over to him and asked if he would jerk off onto it.”

Donna gasped. “No way!”

“The look on his face was priceless. Of course, I was playing it all cool like it was the most natural request in the world, like I was requesting pepper or something!”

“What did he do?”

“What do you think? He stood up like a good boy and pulled down his zipper and jerked off onto it right in front of me. Then I took the plate back to my seat and ate every last bite all the while looking at him like I wanted his cock then and there.”

Joan could feel her pussy moisten. “How did Josh, you know, approach you the first time?”

Donna took a big sip of wine. “Well, it happened the Sunday I came home after my first ‘away’ weekend with Derek. I guess Derek told Josh that I had let him do me in the bum… so….”

“So you followed up with a demonstration?”

Both women laughed.

“Yeah, a couple of demonstrations.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I gave him my mouth… And my pussy too!”

Joan laughed harder. “You’re so bad!”

“Hey! I’m not a slut! I’m just accommodating!” Donna giggled. “He wanted anal and I happen to have a very hungry one, so what’s the big deal?

The front door opened and Josh walked down the hallway towards the kitchen with three plastic bags of groceries hanging in his hands. Passing the living room, he looked in on his mother and Joan. It was the first time he had seen them together since summer began. Both women greeted him with smiles.

“Hi Josh, how are you today?” Joan asked.

“Good, Joan!” Josh eagerly replied. “Just great!”

Joan looked amazing in her button up blouse, black skirt and heels. Her tanned legs were so perfectly shaved Josh had trouble figuring out they weren’t pantyhose.

“You look beautiful today Joan.” Josh said.

Joan smiled at the compliment. “Thanks baby. Are you still coming over to my house tonight?”

“You bet!” Josh answered excitedly, something his mom picked up on immediately.

“Now teach that bitch porno baby,” His mother said, “go put those groceries away so Joan and I can talk some more. Then come back and see us ok?”

“Yes mom!” Josh disappeared down the hall.

“You know Joan,” Donna said, “I think it would be helpful if you watched me and Josh fuck.”

“What?!” Donna asked, completely mortified.

“I think it would help you see that it’s really just fucking. I think you’ll be surprised by how much Josh enjoys it and how natural it is.”

“There’s nothing natural about a mom and a son fucking.” Joan warned.

“We’ll see.”

When Josh finished putting the last of the food away he came back to the living room. His mother was looking at him with unusual seriousness. Josh hoped it wasn’t bad news.

“Honey, Donna is thinking of giving her pussy to Derek and I think it would be a good idea for us to show her how we do it.”

Josh gulped. “You want me to do you right in front of Joan?”

“Yes baby.” His mother said standing up. “I want to show her how we play.”

Josh stuttered OK as his mother began to undress. He fumbled with his belt and fly. By the time he got his pants down to his knees his mother’s flower-print dress was on the floor and she was completely naked.

Joan whistled her approval. “Wow, Donna your boobs look amazing girl!” Donna had never seen Joan naked before. In fact, she had never seen any other woman naked outside of a change room and even there she usually averted her eyes.

Joan played with her breasts, raising the left one to her lips and licking the nipple with her tongue. “Thanks honey.”

“Can you take your boobs out too?” Josh asked Joan.

Joan smiled. “Ok.”

To Josh’s amazement Joan stripped right off.

Donna went to her knees and licked her son’s cock as he looked over to Joan. He locked into her blue faraway eyes as he felt his mother’s tongue make love to his cockhead. He almost felt himself come right there, but held back for the sake of the show. Joan spread her legs he could see her pussy, as if taunting him to cum quickly.

Once Donna was satisfied that her son’s cock was good and stiff, she lowered herself on the soft carpet and stuck her bottom up in the air. Josh knew what to do. He got behind his mother and pushed his cock right into her soaking pussy.

Putting his hand on his mother’s hips, he began fucking her harder. She began to moan and grunt on his dick as they slapped together. He parted her ass cheeks so he could spot the anus that he had fucked so vigorously before.

“See Joan?” Donna said between breaths. “We didn’t get struck by lightning…. We didn’t get cast down to hell… Of course, I’m sterile so I don’t have to risk anything… but you’re on the pill anyway aren’t you?”

Joan could do nothing but nod.

When Josh looked up from his cute mother’s winking anus he was pleased to see that Joan was now fingering herself rather aggressively.

Josh licked his thumb and pushed it into his mother’s asshole. This caused to Donna to squeal a little louder than she expected.

“Oh my God, his thumb is right in my bum.” Donna giggled to Joan.

Joan was shocked. “I can’t believe you let him do that.”

“Why not?” Joan asked, “It feels great to have something in there while I cum. Besides, that’s just his way of saying that he accepts all of me. Every part. Right dear?”

Josh was sweating profusely with most of the perspiration pooling between his pubis and Donna’s ass cheeks. “Yes mom.”

“So do you always do it facing away from each other?” Donna asked, now genuinely curious.

“Of course not… I let him fuck me on my back too…”

“Can I see?”

Josh couldn’t believe his ears. His beautiful neighbour was requesting a sex position!

Joan quickly got on her back as Josh threw her legs over his shoulders. His mother’s eyelashes fluttered as he entered into her pussy.

“Fuck that’s great!” Joan groaned approvingly as she watched Josh sink into his mother.

From the way they looked at each other, it was clear to Joan that this was not about sex only, but also about the love and caring between a mother and son.

Donna requested that she get on top so Josh rolled onto his back and Donna straddled him. This was what she needed. She bounced up and down on him like a cowgirl as she watched Joan excitedly rubbing her now very exposed pussy.

“I can smell Joan’s pussy from here mom!” Josh giggled as Donna began to grow with the stirrings of a very strong orgasm. She bucked her hips and started to cry out… “Oh God baby! Mommy’s coming!”

It was too much for Joan who also felt her pussy begin to twitch anxiously. Could Donna and her come at exactly the same time? Joan brought her free hand to her breasts and teased her own nipples.

Josh couldn’t believe it as he listened to the sounds of both women coming… He held on the best he could, his hand gripping his mom’s ass while she slid up and down on team skeet porno his giant cock.

Surprisingly, Joan was the first to come, her excitations hitting a fevered pitch. Her sounds were too much for Donna who was almost brought to tears as she finally felt the orgasm loosen inside her.

“Aaaahhhhh… Goooddddd… Herrreee ittt commmeesss!!!” Joan yelped. “Yessssss!!!!”

“Meeee toooo!!!” Donna enjoined. “Ohhhh…. Godddd!!!”

Joan gritted her teeth as the shivers spread through her body. “Amaaaazing!!!”

Donna collapsed on Josh, holding him in her arms tightly. “That was incredible baby!”

“Thanks Mom!”

Donna turned her head towards Joan who still had two fingers in her pussy.

“So… What do you think?” Donna asked.

Joan caught her breath. “I’ve decided I’m going to give Derek my pussy.”

Donna smiled widely. “I think you’ve made a good decision. You’ll really enjoy him.”

To Josh’s surprise he wasn’t jealous about having to share Donna’s pussy with Derek. After all, he was fucking his own mom, so wasn’t it fair?

Suddenly, Donna noticed something important. Josh’s cock was still hard inside her. He hadn’t come!

“What’s wrong baby? Why haven’t you had an orgasm?”

Josh put his hands on his mother’s boobs, playing with them. “I don’t know mom… I was just enjoying listening to you too.”

“I hope you’re not put off my having to share Joan’s pussy with Derek. After all, it’s only fair right?”

Josh nodded. “Absolutely mom.”

“Now, you haven’t told Derek about me and you have you?”

“No mom, I promise!”

Joan gave him a big French kiss. “Good boy.” She rocked her pussy back and forth gently on his dick, keeping it at attention. “Now, where do you want to come?”

“Well mom… Could I have a double blow job?”

Donna giggled. “A what?”

“Can you and Joan please suck me off at the same time? I’ve never had that.”

Donna looked over to Joan.

“Sure.” Joan said, I don’t have a problem with it.”

Donna smiled. “Then I don’t either!”

Josh sat on the couch as both women got between his knees on either side of his cock. His mother was the first to suck him while Donna licked his balls teasingly.

“Oh my God!” Josh moaned, fireworks exploding inside his head as the women switched up, Joan now on his cock and his mother on his balls. There mouths seemed to switch positions every thirty seconds or so and soon it was impossible to hold back. He shot his load into Joan’s mouth as it was on his cock when he came.

Joan’s swallowed it all.

“Honey,” Donna said, turning to Josh, “Go get showered OK? Joan and I have to talk again.”

“Ok mom.” Josh answered, heading upstairs to his bedroom.

“When did you say Derek was supposed to be coming over?” Joan asked, turning to Donna.

“He said he would be around by 7.”

“I’d like to fuck him here. And I would like to do it in front of you and Josh.”

Donna gave Joan a big hug. “That’s amazing hon! I know Josh will be thrilled.”

“Do you think I’m making the wrong decision?”

“Just remember, it’s all up to him. If he says no, that’s it, but at least you offered right?”

They gently cradled each others hands. “Of course,” Donna smiled.

“Now let’s get ready for him, ok?”


Derek arrived at 7pm on the dot. He could barely concentrate at his summer warehouse job that day. His mind was pre-occupied with what he had planned for Donna that evening. He was definitely going to have her ass tonight.

He rang the doorbell, but no one answered. He tried again and once more no one came to the door. He tried turning the doorknob and to his surprise, it rolled over, unlocked. He pushed the front door open and stepped inside.

“Hello?” He called out. No reply.

“Weird.” Derek murmured to himself as he took off his shoes and began exploring the kitchen and living room. He called hello again from the bottom of the stairs. An eerie silence came over the house. “Something’s wrong.”

Upstairs, all of the doors facing hallway were closed. Derek tried to open the door to Josh’s bedroom, but it was locked. Then, he moved down the hall to Donna’s room. The door opened successfully.

“Donna?” Derek asked, looking in.

It wasn’t Donna. To Derek’s shock, it was his own mother Joan reclining like an odalisque on Joan’s bed.

“Hi baby.” Joan smiled calmly. She was dressed in nothing but an ivory white teddy with matching stockings. Her make-up was light but perfectly accentuated her small face.

“M-Mom? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to see you honey.”

Derek couldn’t reply. The words just would not come out.

“I’ve been noticing the way you’ve been looking at me lately.” Joan continued. “It’s was like you were wondering what it might be like to fuck me. So I decided that I’d show you… If you want.”

Derek couldn’t believe it. His own mother!

“What about Donna and Josh?” Derek asked.

Joan smiled, “I’d like to show you something honey.”

Joan got off the bed and led him downstairs to the living room. There, Derek was amazed to see Donna naked on all fours and Josh, his shirt still on, butt fucking her hard from behind. Derek knew Josh was in her ass, because he could see she had her fingers in her pussy.

“Hi Derek.” Josh smiled. “Long time no see!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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