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Nikki couldn’t believe she was, once again, being stood up. Whoever said online dating was the way to go was a God damn idiot. How many times was she going to endure this lashing to her ego? As she sipped on glass of wine, Nikki slowly looked around the stonewall basement winery. She sat alone while watching couples look lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Damn, it pissed her off.

Why did it prove to be so hard to find someone she had amazing chemistry with? Or, at the very least, to fuck her brains out? Sitting back in her chair, she crossed her legs and sucked back half of her glass of wine. She loved how it quickly warmed her throat and the rest of her body, despite it being chilled. The warmth brought to mind the beginning stages of an orgasm. What she wouldn’t give to be enjoying one right now.

Gazing around the winery once more, Nikki took in how dim the lights were and how few couples seemed to be there. In the far corner, she noticed a couple that shared a dessert, chocolate mousse she was sure. The male leaned into his date, whispered something in her ear and when the woman stared back at him she had a fire in her eyes, an undeniable passion. The man had broad shoulders, dark brown hair and hands that said they knew how to please a woman. He slid them delicately over his date’s bare arms as he fed her a spoon full of mousse. She gently grabbed the hand that was feeding her and slowly pushed the spoon into her mouth as far as it would let her, while staring at her date with a fire in her eyes, wordless understanding passing between them.

What she was promising him, he was ready to receive.

Nikki watched as the man shifted in his chair to make himself more comfortable, his every movement turned Nikki on. What she wouldn’t give to have the confidence that the woman portrayed, to have the ability to turn one simple act into one of the sexiest thing she had ever seen, it amazed her.

The thought immediately heated Nikki’s cheeks and she could feel her nipples harden against her black lace bra, which she knew could be seen through the emerald green sheer top she wore that night. Unconsciously, Nikki began to slowly slide her fingers up her bare leg. Her breath quickened and her heart raced in reaction to her sensitive skin. Closing her eyes, she let her hand travel, feeling herself grow wet with anticipation. Nikki moaned as she touched herself, although only briefly, and her eyes whipped open at the sound of a man clearing his throat.

“Um, I noticed you finished your wine, would you like another?” he questioned.

“No,” Nikki answered a little too forcefully as she grabbed her purse and pulled out a twenty. She slammed it on the table and raced up the stairs, eager to hide her blushing face from prying eyes. Outside the winery her heart was racing, she stood still for a moment to let her head to clear. She could not believe she attempted to get herself off in the middle of a bar. What the hell was wrong with her?

As she unlocked the door to her sixth floor apartment, she could hear her beagle, Toby, running down the hallway to greet her. “Well hello, I bet you need to go outside, don’t you?” Nikki teased her puppy as he ran around in circles, jumping up and down. “Let me change into some running gear and grab your leash. I think we both need some late night exercise.”

Soon, Nikki and her furry companion were heading towards the running park that was only five minutes away. She loved the feeling of the crisp night air hitting her lungs and the burn start in her legs. The tension from the night quickly began to fade. As Nikki turned down Eighth Street and eagerly crossed the road towards her apartment she didn’t see the man standing in front of her and soon found herself flat on her ass.

“What the fuck is your problem?” a deep voice snapped at her.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. It was completely my fault, are you okay?” Nikki asked. She still hadn’t looked up; she was too concentrated on the pain in her ass, literally

“I’ll live, give me your hand so I can help you up,” the voice offered, sounding annoyed now.

“Listen, I said I was sorry, I don’t need your pity help,” Nikki shot back. As she attempted to get on her feet white-hot pain seared up her back and she winced. It was nothing she couldn’t handle, though. The walk back to her apartment and a hot bath would probably get rid of it.

“You’re completely right, I was an ass. canlı bahis I’m sorry, allow me to help you up.” The voice was much closer to her face now, and as Nikki began to look up she saw his strong hand first, reaching down to her. Nikki wrapped both of hers around it, while somehow managing to hold on to Toby’s leash. When the man pulled her up she stumbled back as the current of an electric pulse surged through her arm at his very touch. Nikki finally raised her eyes to the man’s face and examined him through her long lashes. He was beautiful, to say the least, probably the most attractive man she had ever laid eyes on and she could feel herself drawn to him, his sexual magnetism. All she could think of was what it would feel like to his hands all over her. At that moment their eyes connected and she couldn’t tell what he was thinking; he was so self-composed it astonished her. Couldn’t he feel the electric attraction between them, or was it just her? This was obviously a man who was used to getting any woman he wanted. But the way he was looking at her, with that curious look, made it clear that she would not be one of those women.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he questioned, hands out, readying himself to catch her if she fell again. “You took a hard fall.”

“Yeah, fine, thanks for your help, sorry again.” She blushed, waved, and started walking back to her apartment.

“Wait!” he called after her. “It’s late and it would seem I’m heading in your direction. Let me walk you home, it’s the least I could do for being in your way.” He jogged to reach her, his muscles pulsing slightly as he did. They were silent on the walk back to her place, regardless of the fact that Nikki could still feel this electric pull between them, urging her to touch any part of the man. Nikki shook her head as she grabbed the keys out from her sports bra. When she turned to thank the man for walking her home he was looking at her with that raised eyebrow again. What the hell is his problem?

“You live here?” he questioned with a manly giggle.

“Yes, I’ve lived here for the past two years, is that a problem?” despite his good looks, Nikki was starting to get annoyed with his smug attitude.

“No, I just find it comical considering that I live here as well, for the last six months, and I’ve never seen you around.”

“I’m not the kind of person who attempts to get to know or socialize with her neighbors,” Nikki replied as she opened the door and started toward the elevator. That wasn’t exactly true, but this guy was starting to rub her the wrong way. Or was she annoyed because he wasn’t rubbing her the right way? God, her earlier bar escapade was rearing its embarrassing head again. She didn’t get to run off her sexual tension and now was in extremely close proximity to a very sexy male who exuded pure sexuality. Nikki flung open the lobby door and made a B-line for the elevator.

“My name is Tyler, by the way.” He leaned on the wall next to the elevator door as he told her this with an expectant grin. It was at that moment that she finally took the time to really look at him. He had shaggy brown hair, almost black, an angular face, eyes of milk chocolate and his skin was smooth and tanned. He must have stood over six feet with broad shoulders that you could see under the tight black Under Amour shirt he wore. He took care of himself. This man, this Tyler, radiated sex and she grew wet just looking at him.

“Nikki,” she blurted out, “my name is Nikki.”

Tyler took a step closer, not breaking their eye contact, and reached across her, slightly brushing Nikki’s stomach as he did; making her jump a little at that electric charge that was left there.

“You forgot to push the button,” he pointed out in a husky, sexy breath. The elevator arrived a moment later and Nikki said nothing and starred at the floor as she stepped inside, Tyler right behind her. She was prepared to press the button to her floor when he quickly leaned over and pressed it.

He must live on my floor.

Suddenly, Tyler inhaled a deep breath and walked her into the corner of the elevator, hands placed gently on both sides of her head. She was trapped. Nikki could do nothing but stand there, frozen and hot at the same time, as he leaned down and lightly touched his lips to her ear.

“This is crazy, I know. I get that we only met fifteen minutes ago, but I have never felt this primal need, I’ve never been so turned on bahis siteleri by someone in my life.” Tyler’s breathing quickened and his manly musky scent drove Nikki crazy.

“Come with me to my apartment for a drink?” The heat from his eyes bore into hers and she knew then that perhaps she could be one of those women. All she could do was nod her head.

With the answer he wanted, Tyler stepped away from Nikki and stood in the furthest corner of the elevator, as if putting distance between them to build the sexual tension even further. The way he was looking at her sent shivers down her spine and a tightening in her belly.

Nikki eagerly followed Tyler into his apartment, which seemed to have the identical layout as hers. She wandered around and examined everything she could. This man was very tidy and had an amazing style. His living room had dark leather furniture, a beautiful mahogany coffee table with a back marble top and floor to ceiling book shelves filled with photos of what she could only assume were friends and family as well as a plethora of books.

Reaching to grab a novel that caught her eye, Nikki stopped suddenly as her body began to hum with the awareness that he was standing right behind her.

She couldn’t move.

All she could feel was the heat from his body as he took a step closer, so close that she could feel how hard he was through his track pants. Tyler placed a stemmed cognac glass on the bookshelf in front of her face, leaning into her cheek as he did so. His breath was warm and sensual, as were his every move. Nikki felt his strong hand grip her exposed hip and turn her toward him. Soon, his plush lips were firm against hers and she gave in to whatever self control she had left. Nikki quickly followed him to the couch, not breaking their passionate embrace as they did so.

Tyler’s hand slid down from her shoulder and grasped her hand firmly, weaving their fingers together. She watched as he leaned back and polished off his drink and set the glass down on the table next to them. The look in his eyes had changed from sexual desire to pure animal attraction and Nikki felt her panties getting wetter. How was it possible that just a few hours ago she was wishing for this?

“Tonight, I’m going to make you come for me, Nikki. I can see the way you look at me; that need in your eyes, you want this too. “

Nikki finished her drink quickly and relished the warmth it provided going down. She placed her glass aside and looked at Tyler saying nothing only nodding in agreement. She watched as he slid closer once again, trapping their bodies together.

“I want to touch you, I want to kiss you, I want to taste you,” he whispered as his hands touched her bare knees and slowly slid them up her thighs, to her hips, over her arms. He caressed every exposed part of her skin, leaving hot and cold sensations as he did. “Your skin is so soft,” Tyler purred.

Nikki’s sex throbbed at his touch, causing a moan to escape her lips. How could she be this wet, this ready, when they hadn’t even taken their clothes off? His hands began to travel back down her body, when they reached her thighs he gripped them and spread her legs and kneeled in front of her. He took hold of her shorts and yanked them off, successfully removing her panties with them.

“Look at your greedy little cunt, so wet and ready for me.” Tyler crooked his head and lightly blew on her cleft. Nikki let out another stifled moan. “I think it’s time we find out if you taste as good as you smell. Don’t you?” Before Nikki could even respond, Tyler had covered her pussy with his greedy mouth and slid an expert tongue over her swollen clit while slowly massaging his index finger inside of her sex.

“Oh God, this feels so good,” Nikki moaned and ran her fingers through Tyler’s hair, holding on as she began to gyrate her hips to the rhythm of his tongue. Nikki could feel the orgasm building, her heart began to race, her sex tightening.

“Don’t come, not yet. Hold it, do not come until I allow you,” Tyler ordered, clearly feeling her body readying it’s self for release.

“Tyler, this feels so good, I don’t think I can hold it. Please?” Nikki begged as her legs began to give.

“Trust me; the wait will be worth it.” At that, he wrapped his muscular arms around her body and carried her to his bedroom. “Take your clothes off,” Tyler ordered after he laid a naked Nikki on the bed and removed the rest bahis şirketleri of his own.

“Demanding, aren’t we?” she joked while she obeyed.

“I take what I want Nikki, and it’s obvious you’re willing to give me exactly what I want,” he told her matter-of-factly while crawling onto the bed over her waiting body.

“You got your chance to taste me, now it’s my turn.” Nikki pounced and pushed him back, taking hold of this thick hard penis, she began to slowly stroke it with her hand, feeling its girth in her fingers and wanting it inside of her. Swirling her touch around the head and only allowing the tip all the way in her mouth, Nikki could tell by the slight noises being made by Tyler he enjoying what she was doing. Looking up at him through her long lashes she winked, and then took all of him. His eyes popped open in shock at the full evasion his penis just made in her mouth. Most women had difficulty adjusting to his size during sex let alone take the full length and width of him while performing oral. Tyler was in heaven as he watched Nikki, her hands on his ass pulling him deeper as she fucked him with her mouth. The moan that Nikki made while performing this very sexual intimate act almost make Tyler come right then.

“Nikki, stop, I need you to stop,” he begged, trying to pull away.

“Oh. How the tables have turned,” Nikki said with a laugh. “You taste amazing, and that noise you make when hitting the back of my throat makes me so wet.” Watching as Tyler took a moment to compose himself, she took the opportunity to straddle him.

Tyler grabbed a hold of her slender arms. “Nikki I-“

But she stopped him in mid-sentence as she slipped his hard cock into her warm pussy, making his eyes roll back and his grip tighten on her arms. Bending over his hard body, her swollen and full breasts pressed against his perfectly sculpted chest. She looked at his handsome face and kissed him, slowly at first, relishing the feel of his soft lips and how he mimicked her gentleness. The kiss quickly escalated into something rawer as they explored each others mouths.

Finally, it was all he could stand. Tyler grabbed Nikki’s hips and flipped her onto her back with a growl. Once he had her where he wanted, he leaned to the side to grab a silver package and ripped it open fiercely. Nikki took the condom from him and slowly slid it in on his penis before moving it to cover the opening of her slick, wet and ready sex. “Give it to me and give it to me hard,” Nikki ordered, staring into his eyes with certainty.

It took only a second for Tyler to obey and he thrusted all the way into her, as deep as he could, making Nikki yelp with pleasure as the silky member explored inside of her. Tyler looked into her eyes to make sure she was okay and a wordless exchange passed between them. With that, Tyler began to slowly pull out and ease back in. The movement was intoxicating and Nikki quickly began to match the movements with her hips.

“Oh yes. Fuck me, fuck me hard.” Nikki’s fingers were digging into his firm ass cheeks, trying to take him deeper, as she felt the quivering begin and her temperature rise. The sensation and pure pleasure was almost too much to handle.

Tyler could feel her sex tighten, reading itself for the sweet release it craved. At that moment he pulled out of her, flipped her on to her stomach and brought her to the edge of the bed where he began to invade her from behind. This new position had Nikki quickly on the verge of orgasm and when Tyler reached his arm around to circle her clit with his thumb she knew it was all over. Her sex began to clench and release over and over as the orgasm rocketed through her body, her vision blurred with colors of passion and sensual pleasure. When she was finally finished, Nikki turned her head to the side to see the man who gave her such satisfaction.

Tyler was speechless. What he’d just witnessed was the most erotic thing he’d ever experienced, even though he lost complete control as a Dominant. This was the first time he’s ever given in to his partner and let her control him. He just stood next to his bed while he watched Nikki walk across the room and get dressed. When she reached the doorway to his bedroom she turned to him one last time, bliss and satisfaction eminent on her face.

“I know what you are,” she announced. “I picked up on it almost immediately. But let’s just get something straight here; I’m the one who takes what she wants, always. But I want this to continue, so I’m sure we can come to some sort of a happy medium.” With a fierce grin, she lightly blew a kiss and was gone, leaving Tyler speechless and eager for more.

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