Taking Care of Katie

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My sister Katie had a surgery that did not go as planned and had complications. She spent a month in a rehab unit until she was able to perform daily tasks and able to take care of herself. She was in no way healed and still had very limited mobility and many restrictions including not being able to drive. She is divorced with 2 children, fortunately I had a lot of vacation time saved up and was able to take a couple weeks off to come stay with here and help her with the daily tasks around the house, help with my niece and nephew, run errands and take her to follow up doctor appointments.

After my second day, I was able to get the grab rails installed in the shower along with a shower head with a detachable hand held wand that she needed to assist her. She was slowly becoming more dependent and I was happy to help.

One of the things I helped with was rubbing lotion on her lower legs and feet a few times a day, as she was unable to bend over far enough to reach. I didn’t think of this in a sexual way at first, but by the third day I was enjoying the feeling of my hands gliding up and down her legs, she would often comment on how nice it felt and thanked me profusely. On the fourth or fifth day she was very apologetic about the amount of hair that had grown since she was unable to shave and hasn’t shaved since the last day in the rehab unit. I will say I had definitely noticed but would never say anything in regards to the hair, I didn’t want to embarrass her.

Later that day she was in the shower, she was able to get in and out with no assistance and never needed my help the previous days. About 20 minutes after she got in she was calling for me, I was concerned she may have fallen, thankfully that was not the case. When I came into her room, I stopped at the door to the master bathroom and called into her to ask what she needed before opening the door. She asked me to come in, she was sitting in her shower chair and she had a towel covering her from her breasts to mid thigh. I asked what she needed, she looked up at me and said “I hate to ask you this, but would you please shave my legs? I can’t take looking at them any longer.”

I said “absolutely, I am here to help.”

She told me where to find her razor and shave cream as I gathered what I needed she asked “have you ever shaved any ones legs before?”

I said “no, just my face and um…” I stopped talking realizing I was saying too much.

She said she will guide me through it. I took off my socks not wanting to get them wet as I stepped in the shower with my shorts and t-shirt, thankfully she had a very large shower. I turned on the water and started spraying her legs, thankfully the wand had a setting to shut the water off almost completely. I turned off the water and started lathering one leg from the knee down. I began running the razor down her leg scraping away the hair leaving smooth soft skin behind. As I shaved I was trying to peak up between her thighs, getting her to part her legs a little further as I shaved the inner side of her calf, lifting and spreading her leg as I shaved the back of her calf. I was able to see just a glimpse of her pussy. I spent as long as possible shaving both her legs and sneaking peaks between her thighs.

I was extremely turned on by the time I was finished, I had to move in ways to hide my raging hard on from her. Once finished I asked “do you need anything else?”

She said “Im good for now, but will need more lotion when I’m finished.”

I said “I’ll be waiting.”

I immediately went to my room and stroked my cock, it was the first time I released since arriving there, I came so hard and so much. I was fantasizing about my sister the entire time, her soft smooth legs, peaking at her pussy, at first I was shocked about how hairy it was. Later I thought, she was in the rehab unit for a month and probably hadn’t shaved or trimmed that area since the surgery. Shortly after my orgasm she was calling for me to put the lotion on her legs after her shower and getting dressed.

I arrived in her room, she was wearing a short robe, tied at the waist, unsure of what was underneath but my mind was wandering. I spent a very long time applying the lotion, my thoughts were now more sexual, my grip more firm as I ran my hands up and down her legs. She seemed to be enjoying it, the occasional soft moan escaping her lips. My hands worked further up her legs than they have before, above her knee, massaging the lotion into her thighs, her legs instinctively parting to give better access. As I knelt in front of her, her legs parted, my gaze was between her legs, thrilled to see she was not wearing panties, clearly seeing the folds of her pink lips, through her hair. This lasted far longer than any other time I applied lotion, my cock was rock hard again.

After doing both legs and thighs, I asked “do you need anything else?”

Unfortunately she replied “no, that is all for now.”

Her breathing had definitely increased, her lips definitely parted and wet. I again had to leave and stroke myself to another orgasm. The rest of the day was uneventful, just the usual errands, getting the kids, gaziantep escort bayan making dinner then relaxing with a few beers and watching some tv.

As we sat there each drinking a few beers and watching TV we talked and reminisced about our childhood and all the good times. I thanked her for being the “cool sister” who would take me every where with here and I told her of my crush on most of her friends and we had a good laugh. She then kissed my cheek saying “you’re a great brother.”

She then took my hand in her’s looking me in the eyes and said “I am so thankful and appreciative for you being here with me.”

I told her “I am happy to help, it’s no problem at all.”

She pulled me in and gave me a long hug, holding me tight, she kissed my cheek as she began to loosen her grip, then kissed my lips and said “thank you.”

I was a bit surprised by the kiss on the lips, it wasn’t long, just a quick kiss but I think that was the first time she has ever kissed me on the lips since we were kids”

We continued to have another beer or two as we sat and watched TV, she had snuggled up to me, holding my arm as her head leaned against my shoulder. At one point her hand was resting on my leg, then she began rubbing my thigh but not going high enough to feel my hard on, I’m sure the bulge was visible.

After a while she said she was going to bed, I helped her to her feet, she threw her arms around me and thanked me for everything again, pulling me tight against her, my hard on pressing against her, I know she was able to feel it. Again, as she loosened her grip she leaned back, looking up at me, kissed me again on the lips, this time was definitely longer, softer, her lips more moist then I remember the last, as the kiss broke she said “good night little brother.”

I was thoroughly confused at this point, I didn’t know what to make of this. My sister has never kissed my lips, now she has two times and the last was definitely not a “sisterly kiss” or was it? Was I just overthinking things? I went to my room and jerked off for the third time of the day. Stroking my cock, replaying the days events, licking my lips trying to taste my sisters lips as if they were still there.

The next morning I woke up and started the day like any other. I got the coffee started, made and packed lunches for the kids, woke the kids up, helped get their breakfast ready then out the door to drop them off at school. When I returned Katie was sitting on the couch, logged into her computer doing work from home. Before being asked, I grabbed the bottle of lotion and began the morning ritual of applying the lotion to her legs and feet as I have done the past several days. Today, like yesterday, I viewed it more sexually. Spending a long time massaging her legs, going higher up her thighs, her legs parting again giving me full access. She was still in her night shirt, pretty much a long over sized T-shirt, it is all she has been wearing since putting on pants was a task.

I was peaking between her thighs as I knelt in front of her working the lotion into her legs. Her pussy was clearly visible again, I could see her parted lips, I could see they were moist and this time I was sure they were not still wet from the shower.

I was as hard as a rock again, extremely turned on and horny. I decided to see just how far this would go. Her light moans and obvious wet pussy told me she was enjoying this as much as I was. I moved in closer, moving my hands further up her thighs, she let out a deep sigh as her legs parted further. I looked up into her eyes, when our eyes met, she seemed to be startled. She quickly said “I think I am ready to shower.”

I thought to myself I had gone too far and made her uncomfortable. As she moved towards the shower I said “let me know if you need anything.”

Looking over her shoulder she said “I definitely will.”

After 20 minutes of beating myself up for making her feel awkward I heard her call my name from her room. I walked in, knocked on the bathroom door and asked if she was ok, she said she was and asked me to come in. She was sitting in the shower, covered with a towel, she asked “will you do the honor of shaving my legs again?”

“I have a doctors appointment later this afternoon and do not want to look a mess.”

I said “of course I will, it will be my pleasure.” Meaning those words like she’d never know.

I assumed the same position as the previous day, lathering up one leg, shaving it, then the other. After shaving both legs she looked at me and asked “will you shave my thighs?” stating she didn’t want to let the hair get any longer and since I was already there.

I nodded and said “sure.” Trying not to look too overly excited. She raised the towel to the top of her thighs, in this position it was covering nothing maybe she did not realize it or just feigning modesty. I lathered up her thighs, she parted her legs as I massaged the cream to her inner thighs, my cock was rock hard as I was staring directly at her pussy. I worked the cream right into the V of her crotch, she did not flinch. I spent a long time shaving gaziantep escort ilanları her thighs, when I was getting close to her crotch I would use the back of my hand to push against her pussy making room to get the razor into that area. I could easily feel how hot she was getting. I looked up at her, she was smiling looking down at me.

I asked “what about the rest of this?” motioning toward her pubic area.

She smiled and said “you want to shave that for me?”

I responded “absolutely.”

I think we both had smiles on our faces.

She told me there was a trimmer under the sink and I should start with that, I said “yeah I know, I use one at home.”

Not realizing what I said, she quickly responded “Oh, what do you use that for?”

I’m sure I turned red but thought, the hell with it at this point, I said “well its not only women who shave ya know.”

She responded with a big smile and a long drawn out “ohhhhhh!”

I set the trimmer to the lowest setting turned it on and asked “are you ready?”

Katie nodded, and said “uh huh.” As she bit her bottom lip and parted her legs for me.

I began trimming the hair from her pubic area. I was going to ask if she wanted any hair left behind then thought better and just continued trimming it all. I touched all over her beautiful pussy, sometimes needing to to get into certain areas, other times I just wanted to feel her soft wet lips or run my fingers across her clit.

After several minutes of trimming I had done all I could with the trimmers. I picked up the shower wand, turned the water on and got it nice and hot. I used the wand to clean away all the trimmed hair and to see if I missed any spots. Several times I directed the stream directly on her clit, low moans would escape her lips.

With my free hand I started rubbing her mound pretending to be wiping away excess hair. I kept massaging her mound, spreading her lips as I direct the stream at her again. She was clearly close to orgasm, I didn’t want to make her cum yet, I wanted to keep teasing her. I soaked a wash cloth with the hot water and placed it over her mound. Then I picked up the shave cream and began lather up my hands, soon I had her entire pubic area covered in shaving cream. I took the razor and began to remove every last hair that was covering her mound and along her lips. As I was shaving her, kneeling between her legs, she moved one leg between mine and used the front of her leg and foot to massage my cock. After a few minutes I could sense her frustration and she finally said “will you please take off your fucking shorts already?”

I sort of giggled at her frustration and directness and stood up, pushing my shorts and boxers down and off my feet. Standing in front of my sister with my cock sticking straight out, she reached out, taking it in her hand and stroked it a few times. I knelt back down and finished shaving her pussy.

When I was finally finished I could not believe what a beautiful little cunt she had. Her clit was very hard and protruded out. Her lips were a beautiful pink, hanging out just a little from the tight slit. I took the wand again and started to wash away all excess shave cream and hair. I kept massaging this time, rubbing her clit, adding pressure. I slipped a finger inside the folds of her lips. She moaned loudly, legs parted. I began kissing her inner thighs working closer to her beautiful pussy. I could not believe I was about to taste my own sisters pussy for the first time. I licked along her her lips, parting them slightly with the tip of my tongue. Working my way to her clit, letting my tongue swirl around her hard clit before taking it between my lips. I continued licking her folds, parting her lips with my tongue, adding more pressure with each stroke of my tongue. I was sliding my tongue inside her pussy. Her hands on the back of my head, pulling me closer. I continued to devour her for the next several minutes, alternating my tongue and fingers between her clit and tight little hole.

After bringing Katie to at least two orgasms she pulled me towards her, bringing her lips to my mouth, kissing me, sliding her tongue into my mouth to find mine, tasting herself off my lips and tongue. As we kissed, she slid her hand down finding my raging hard on, stroking me. As she broke our kiss, she said “stand up.” I stood in front of Katie, her hand still stroking me, she pulled me closer as she leaned in, taking me in her mouth.

She started working the tip of my cock, just taking the head in, letting her tongue swirl around the tip, licking the sensitive underside of my head, poking her tongue at my urethra. Katie worked my cock, taking me deeper and deeper, it wasn’t long before she had my full 7 inches in her mouth, the head getting down her throat. She placed both hands on my ass and started pulling me deeper into her mouth. My sister kept pulling me into her mouth, fucking her throat, not roughly but in long slowly movements. My sister is an amazing cock sucker I thought. I could not believe how amazing her mouth felt on my cock. It wasn’t long before gaziantep escort numaraları I knew I was close to cumming. I told “Katie, Im going to cum.” She immediately placed finger on my asshole and began massaging as she kept working her mouth up and down my cock. As my moaning got louder, she knew I was about to release, she pulled back leaving just the head in her mouth. I began to cum. Katie sucked harder, pressing her finger in my ass, I never came so hard in my life. My sister swallowed every drop of cum I delivered. I knelt back down in front of her, kissing her as she did to me, I could taste my cum on her tongue.

I helped Katie finish up in the shower, washing her hair, washing her body, soaping up and massaging her breasts which did not get any attention earlier. She still has relatively firm breasts, C cup, capped with darker areola and perfectly sized hard nipples, a bit larger than pencil erasers. Once she was all soaped up I rinsed her off, spending extra time aiming the shower stream on her nipples and again on her clit. Right before getting out, when she stood up, I soaped up her ass and between her cheeks, this time letting my finger massage her asshole. She moaned lightly showing her approval. After rinsing her off again, I helped dry her off and let her finish up doing her hair and make up as she got ready for her appointment later that afternoon.

While she finished up I made lunch, she came out of her room dressed in a sundress, hair and make up done. She looked amazing, first time I had seen her with her hair and make up done since I arrived. She looked amazing in the sundress and I told her so. She thanked me for the compliments and we sat and had lunch, not talking about what had happened just 30 minutes ago. We finished our lunch, I cleared the dishes and asked “are you ready to head out for your appointment?”

She said “yes, I just need help with one thing before we leave.”

She handed me a pair of panties and asked “can you help me with these?”

I just smiled and took them from her, I knelt down in front of her, I unfolded them to put them on, I was delighted to see they were thongs. I held the leg hole open for her to step into one, then the other. I deliberately ran my hands up her smooth legs as I pulled them higher. She raised her sundress to her waist, exposing that beautiful pussy to me once again. This also let me know she did not regret what happened earlier. As I slid them up her thighs, I leaned in, planting a kiss on her clit as I finished pulling them and covering her soft smooth mound. My hands trailed off across her firm ass and down the backs of her thighs before I stood up.

Once we were in the car and on the way I brought up what had happened, I needed to know what she was thinking. We both learned this is something we have both thought about and had fantasized about, neither of us really thinking it would happen. We both admitted had it not been for the situation neither of us would have made a move for the other. We also both admitted we loved what had happened and both want to explore more of each other.

During our conversation, and once knowing of her wanting to continue, my hand was on her bare thigh rubbing up and down her leg. Her hand was soon on my crotch rubbing my hardening cock through my shorts. We continued teasing and touching all the way to the doctors office and all the way home. By the time we pulled into her garage she had my cock out of my shorts stroking me. Watching my sisters hand rubbing up and down my cock was such a turn on. Watching the way she stared at my cock as she stroked me was very intense. I could see the look on her face, I knew she wanted my cock.

Because of her surgery I knew anything more in the car was out of the question. We made our way into the house, I led her into the bedroom and helped her undress. We laid in the bed and began to kiss, feeling her soft lips against mine, feeling her tongue slip into my mouth, this was the best kiss I have ever felt in my life. Her hand was immediately back on my cock, stroking me back to hardness as we kissed. She whispered in my ear “I want this in my mouth again.” Gripping my cock tight as she said the word “this.”

We rearranged our positions on the bed to make it easier for her. I felt her incredible mouth on my cock. She was by far the best cock sucker I have ever experienced. Her expert tongue worked up and down my shaft, taking my balls, one at a time into her mouth, sucking gently. Then licking back up my shaft, taking the head between her lips working up and down my length, taking more each time until I was buried in her throat.

The position we were in I was able to massage and play with her pussy as she worked my cock. I let my fingers travel back to her ass like earlier, she moaned loudly, feeling the vibration on my cock felt incredible. Using her wetness as lube I started penetrating her asshole with one finger, she pushed back against me taking my finger in her ass. I slowly fingered her ass, I felt her finger begin to massage my asshole as she sucked my cock. I have never had a woman play with my ass before, but it felt amazing and I went along with it. After several minutes she had her finger buried in my ass, like I had mine in hers. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm approaching, I told Katie “Im going to cum, Im very close.” She started sucking harder, fingering my ass faster, massaging inside my ass. My head was spinning, with in seconds I was cumming, screaming in orgasm.

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