The Beast

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His eyes blazed an incredible golden hazel when he wanted me. His hands always balled into big fists when he wanted to touch me. The veins in his muscles seem to become more visible, his facial expression always appearing primal and oh-so-sexy…

“Come here.”

I was shivering, wound up in a sheet, standing in the hotel room at the doorway of the bedroom. It was the same bedroom we met at every Thursday night, the same hotel room, and the same time. I was playing along with our favorite act, feigning coy and afraid of the big, sexy man lying gloriously naked in my bed, looking as though he wanted to tear me into pieces. Knowing that he actually could didn’t help how turned on I was.

“N-Nn-o!” I gasped, wondering if my ruse was somewhat real. Every time we would play he would feel a bit more serious each time, preferring the primal and caveman parts of our very physical acts. And each time, I would weirdly get these shivers when we played, like my body was on to him and my mind wasn’t. I used to just hop in his lap when he asked, and now here I stood, reluctant. The sheet was barely covering me, now pooled at my arms, the tops of my breasts heaving as I continued to stare into his eyes. My nipples were painfully hard, though unseen to my cover. My belly quivered, my thighs pressed together and sticky inside with the evidence of my excitement. I watched his body tense and relax as those delicious muscles became tight in an effort to hold his control. He was a human beast and I was the beauty, meant to be captured. But this beauty didn’t go down without a fight.

It was only when my feet started to step backwards out of the doorway and he began to stand did I realize just how marvelous this beast looked. His raven black hair was medium length, hanging over his forehead in shiny strands. His eyes maintained that searing hazel with blends of goldenrod, eyes that captivated my arousing soul every time they took hold of me. His nose added to his rough look, crooked in the middle and square at the tip. His lips were plump but more inward, giving him a permanent smirk that was effortlessly sexy. It was those same talented lips that seared my skin as he found millions of ways to send me into ecstasy every time. I watched him as he spoke.

“Come HERE.”

My feet quickly got tangled as I backed up two more steps, the sheet slipping from my light hold on it to the floor. He advanced slowly, seeming to get closer in two steps than I had in four. My whole body was quivering now that he was growling at me. My glance roved over his marvelous body, brawn and strength coated in tan. And then I saw the most undeniably amazing feature, bobbing up and down as he stepped forward. I seemed to become entranced, pendik escort watching the thick, strong, uncut marvel curving up to deliberately point at me. I stepped back more, watching his thick legs move forward. I loved to wrap my legs around them, especially when he fucked me with wild abandon, my fingernails clamped in the tender flesh of his back and my lips trembling and gasping with every passionate, reverberating thrust. Just anticipating what was going to happen brought an involuntary moan out of me. Then I turned and made a run for it.

I could hear him growling behind me as I wove around the couch in the main area. Mmm, we’d fucked several times there. Trying to keep concentration, I looked across the length of the couch as he stood at the other end. His chest was heaving and I wondered what he was thinking. I couldn’t imagine that it was far from what I was thinking; he wanted me beneath him and I knew I’d be there soon. So why not play this out?

“I won’t let you have me ever again.”

His smirk was definite now, his eyes looking me up and down. “Your body tells me something else. Let it speak to me.”

My pussy felt so tight and achy listening to him. He knew my body so well and I couldn’t deny anything, which seemed to turn me on so much.

“What is my body saying?”

“Come here and I’ll tell you.”

I remained still, but my heart started to thump and he walked towards me. I stumbled around the opposite way when I saw the couch come towards me. He was pushing it! Realizing I would be trapped to the wall, I stepped out of the way. He ran towards me and pulled me into his strong arms. One of his hands was clasped around my neck, gripping it lightly. The other was pinching at my nipples alternately, forcing my thighs to stick together again.

“Your neck wants my hand around it. Your nipples are begging to be squeezed and sucked.” He grunted, controlling my breaths. The slight pain of my breathing control was exciting, seeing as I was panting from the feel of his whole body pressed against my back. His cock rubbed slowly up and down the cleft of my ass as he twisted my nipple in between his fingers. A strangled moan left my lips as he released my throat. His hands took my breasts and gave them a hard squeeze, my head falling back against his shoulders blissfully. One of my favorite spots and he knew how to manipulate it just right. My arms lifted to either side of his neck, allowing him full access and admitting my wanton submission. I wonder just how sexy of a picture I was making right now.

I felt his fingers dance down my slightly rounded belly and over the splay of my hips to the inside of my thighs.

“You are quivering all over. You need maltepe escort to be touched. You want to be fucked…don’t you?”

His fingertips squeezed between my thighs and pushed upward, instantly touching my hardened clitoris. I don’t know what kind of sound I made, but I know what I said.


My hips were riding his relentless fingers as the stickiness helped them slide over my aroused jewel again and again. The friction was slow, the need rising inside of me, the burn seething my heart like I was running to no end. I could feel something warm and sticky on my ass and I wanted it to be inside of me. Him, all of him, now!

“Say it, Samantha. What do you want me to do to you?”

My toes were curling into the carpet and my thighs were wobbling, adding extra pleasure and pain. I clenched my teeth through the searing pain of losing my orgasm over and over, knowing he would tease until I said the magic words.


But he didn’t stop teasing.

“Who do you want to fuck you?”

The way he growled in my ear just made me cream more. I could hear the slick sounds of my wet pussy as he rubbed my slit. I kept my legs closed, scared he would stop. I could barely think.

“Lucian, fuck me.”

He stopped rubbing. I could hear his deep, rough breaths, anticipating all of the delightful sounds he was going to make. With a whoosh of my breath, I felt my back against the wall, sliding up until I was held up in his arms. The fire in our stares riled me up, looking at his lips as he brought them towards me. He took my lips with his hungrily, swallowing the moan I brought forth as he thrust deep inside of my pussy. When he broke the kiss, his forehead rested against mine as he drove me passionately against the wall. My arms were wrapped tight around his neck and my legs quickly wrapped around his hips, the heels of my feet pressed into the taut flesh of his buttocks. I couldn’t control the sounds I was making, guttural and primal all at once, but he liked when I was loud. He was responding with grunts, pumping in short, hard strokes, bringing me to my first of many orgasms.


“Come again, Samantha. Come on my cock!” he commanded, grabbing my arms and placing them above my head. The helplessness I felt was like sparks hitting my body, my head back against the wall as he slid me up and down his cock. His lips were sucking and kissing the spot on my neck that was guaranteed to make me come. I’m sure anyone walking down the hotel hallway could hear my body slam back against the adjacent wall.

“Oh my god…oh my god…” I kept moaning, feeling the tightness in my stomach and thighs. Our skin was slick with sweat, kartal escort coating each other as we slid against our skins. My pussy was squeezing his cock so hard that it almost hurt. I was almost there. I could hear his groans and I could feel him pulsing and getting bigger inside me.

“Look at me!” he sternly grunted. Quickly my eyes opened and I was captured by amazement. His irises were more of a brighter green now, butterflies flittering inside me from how much it took me aback. “You want my cum?”

I bit my lip, tightening my legs against him again. “Give me your cum.”

He leaned into my ear, slowing his strokes to just deep and long. “Say it again.”

“Give me your cum, Lucian! Give it to me!” I excitedly moaned. And just when I thought he couldn’t find another spot to hit inside me, he pushed hard in the deepest part of me and bit my neck. Uncontrollably reacting, I thrashed wildly against his body and shattered in his grip as I exploded. With a monster-like growl, he lodged his cock deep inside my pussy and held me to the wall with his body, spurting hot bursts of his cum into my waiting cunt. Feeling how much he filled me brought on another burst inside me, my walls hugging his cock once more. After a few moments of panting, kissing and hard breathing, I realized he was holding me up by his tip toes, his feet settling flat on the floor. He then took us to the bedroom and grabbed a wet towel, wiping us both down. As we dried, he crawled into bed beside me and turned me on my side, wrapping his arms around me and holding me to him. My thighs were still shaky, and they would be for a little while. I couldn’t help but to feel this total warmth afterwards and it lulled me into a perfect nap…

When I woke up that next day, he was gone. That’s what our terms were: come and go as you please. He’d come again before he left, somewhere in the middle of the night, pressing my hands into the mattress as he pounded me from behind. He pulled my hair and slammed his cock home, punishing me for teasing him. I mercifully cried his name out as I came over and over again, glad that no one knocked on the wall from the next room this time. He wiped us down once more and I fell asleep. Though I agreed to coming and going as we pleased, I hated this empty feeling I got when I realized he was gone. He never stayed, and I never asked. As I stared blankly at the closed-drape window, I pondered if it were possible to have a strictly physical relationship without the mush, even if I was feeling the mush. The clock read 8:23 and I had to check out early, so I walked into the bathroom. There was a note on the sink:

Hotel Emerald, Room 136. Tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. Important. ~L~

We always met up on Thursdays, but this was a first. I wondered what was going to happen…


A/N: Something tells me there should be another chapter soon. Readers, please take a moment to vote and give suggestions! They are all welcome! Thanks again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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