The First Time I Saw

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Double Penetration

The doorknob’s tongue did not catch into the door strike plate when my mother shut his bedroom door. She had gone to the kitchen to have coffee with her visiting sister leaving Daddy sleeping in his bed. I heard my mother and aunt laughing as my mother described how my father’s penis stuck straight up while he was slept. As I walked by his bedroom, his prick caught my eye. Not on purpose, he was laying there snoring so I turned to look in the direction of the sound. That’s when I saw it. His prick was standing to attention. Really, I was in awe. Not about the length but how thick it was. Man, looking at his phallus, it made me think of the circumference of a slender soft drink can. The first time I saw it I thought, wow what a man! Then I thought, I wonder what it would feel like if I had a man who had such a thick dick inside of me, could I handle it? I tried to shake off the thought. After all, it was my father’s penis that had fueled my imagination.

It had been a long time since I had been able to spend the holidays with my family. As the newest member of my department I had been scheduled to work during the last five holiday seasons. Though my manager scheduled me to work during the holidays because I am single with no kids she would never admit to it. The way things are going there won’t be a husband or children any time soon. I’m 35 and not even dating. Most of my interests are either solitary pursuits or traditional women oriented activities. I love designing and constructing my garments, cooking, running and working in my garden. None of my favorite pastimes are done in a group setting that might give me an opportunity to meet eligible men.

Mom suggested that I should try bowling, golf or take some classes on investing. Aunt Dorothy, my mother’s sister, suggested that I join a coed fitness center or go to colloquiums on engineering, law or information technology at the university located more than 20 miles from my house. I don’t think so. My entire family has been looking for a single guy for me. Unfortunately, I’ve had a dry spell where men are concerned because I live in a small town with lots of senior citizens or young married couples with children. The single men that I have met lately have been spoken for, too young or there was a lack of interest sometimes on their part sometimes on mine. But I’m still hopeful and ready to date if I met a nice guy.

The drought in men had made the sight of a big thick penis all the more mouthwatering even if it was attached to Daddy. Sleep eluded me most of the night. I lay awake tossing and turning. The sight of Daddy’s big cock kept creeping into my thoughts. A little before dawn, I was finally able to fall asleep. The warm sunlight beaming on my face woke me up around 10:00 a.m. I had not wanted to drag wrapped gifts on the plane with me plus pay the airline extra fees. So I shopped online and scheduled for the pick-up of my Christmas gifts for the family from the local department stores. Everyone else was up and out of the house for day.

I was planning to jump in the shower, grab some breakfast then run to the stores to get my packages. After having a bagel, coffee and some fruit while sitting at the kitchen table in my robe, I went upstairs to get dressed before leaving. I was standing in front of the mirror applying my mascara in my bra and panties. There was no humility in me today as I admired my body in the mirror. My face is just average but my body now that’s a different story. I have a figure like Jennifer Lopez in her younger day according to my co-workers. In short, my body is sizzling. hot. I don’t dress to accentuate it or to draw attention to myself probably more out of habit than anything else. I started feeling like I missed the boat for dressing sexy now that I’m nearly 36. I’ve started identifying with the 40 somethings and starting hearing myself say things about dressing in age appropriate clothing. Many women get married in their late 30’s or early 40’s but for some reason it feels like it’s too late for me to find a husband. Particularly since I have not been on a date in such a long time. It’s been almost 3 years.

In the mirror movement caught my eye. I look up and saw Daddy standing behind me in the doorway. Seeing him there startled me making me jump in surprise. Daddy didn’t look away or like he was embarrassed for seeing his adult daughter standing in front of him in her underwear. Embarrassed, blushing and suddenly feeling bashful, I looked around for something to hide myself. My sweater was laying on the bed so I grabbed it to cover up. Just then I remembered that I had hung up my robe in the closet. Daddy spoke first.

“Honey, don’t be embarrassed you look fabulous. What are your plans for today?”

“Daddy, shut the door so I can get dressed. I didn’t know any one was at home, I’ll come talk to you in a few minutes.”

“Are you ashamed because your old Dad saw you in your panties? You wear less than that when you go swimming in our pool.”

“I’m not in a swimsuit, I’m in my underwear. Please shut the door. I’ll come down in a canlı bahis few minutes.”

He turned and shut the door. I felt bad because he acted like I had hurt his feelings. While I got dressed I tried to think about what I should say to apologize. Turns out I didn’t have to say I’m sorry. Daddy was in a great mood when I went downstairs.

“So what are you going to do today?”

“Pick up my gifts from the stores and have some lunch while I’m out.”

“Are you meeting friends?”

“No everybody’s working. What are you doing today, Daddy?”

“I was hoping to hang out with you today. We don’t get much of a chance to be together anymore. Do you mind if I tag along with you? I’m taking vacation for the next two weeks. This is the first time we have had you with us during the holidays in years.”

“Of course I don’t mind Daddy. I’d love for you to come with me. We can have lunch after we finish picking up my gifts. It’ll be fun for us to hang out together. Have you finished your shopping yet?”

“I’ve got all my gifts except yours. I don’t know what you like any more. Maybe I’ll get you a gift certificate?”

“A gift certificate! Daddy I want something personal that you picked out for me.”

“I know you used to love rubies. Are they still your favorites?”

“Yes, you know it. My favorite one was always the ruby pendant that Grandma Frances used to wear. She always said that the oldest granddaughter would get it so I wasn’t surprised when Stacey inherited it. Too bad she doesn’t love rubies as much as I do. That necklace is wasted on her.”

“Grandma was following family tradition. Stacey is not a ruby kind of girl. She appreciates the gift just not as much as you would have.”

“Let’s go to the mall first. There are three stores that have packages waiting for me. I ordered Mom a blue handmade sweater from the knitting boutique downtown.”

“You know your mother well. She’s always cold this time of year. A sweater will be perfect for her.”

“What did you get her Daddy?”

“A motion bed with a heated mattress and a photography classes at the community college.”

“Not very romantic Daddy.”

“Your mother is very practical. She doesn’t do romance any more. I have always given your mother whatever she wanted. When what she wanted from me was the gift of us not sleeping in the same room anymore, I gave her that.”

“I didn’t know, Daddy. Did you want it that way?”

“No way, one day your mother announced to me that she had gotten too old for romance and wanted her own room so that she could be more comfortable.”

“Did she catch you stepping out, or did you have a fight or stop getting along?”

“No. I don’t know what happened and she refuses to discuss it. It is not something that I wanted or would have chosen. I have tried to get her to go counseling and to reconsider but she declined any suggestion to change her mind.”

“Daddy, I’m so sorry.”

“She even commented that she knows I have needs. Without saying it directly she intimated that it was okay for me to see other women. But I love your mother and I believe in till death us do part so I accepted her decision. I don’t share her opinion because I don’t feel too old for romance. It’s strange but when we stopped sleeping together we grew to be more like sister and brother than husband and wife.”

“Is Mom having any health problems?”

“Not that I’m aware of. She has developed all kinds of new interests like photography. I bought her a new digital camera for her birthday and she has shown real talent for capturing stories in pictures. I think she’ll love the photography class that I’m giving her for Christmas.”

“Daddy you sound so sad. What about you, have you developed any new hobbies?”

“No honey, I’ve stayed pretty much the same. I do volunteer my work at the nursing home on the weekend, pro bono accounting work for Meals on Wheels two days a week and of course, I still sing with my quartet group.”

My heart was a little broken for Daddy. He has always been such a romantic soul ever since I could remember. I used to think he was the last romantic guy and he was married to my mother. When I was a kid I was always so proud of the way my parents’ solid marriage was intact. Most of my classmates’ parents argued frequently, or were divorced or were separated. I felt lucky to have parents that shared passion for each other and were still in love. Now to hear that not only do they sleep in separate beds but also in separate rooms. Bummer.

Daddy tagged along with me all day. He had a great time talking to the pretty female sales associates in every single store. We went to the four stores that I had the ordered the merchandise from online. After going to the stores, my holiday shopping was complete. I had paid extra to have everything gift wrapped and waiting for me so that I simply showed my receipts and retrieved the gifts. Daddy took me to lunch after we finished making our rounds. He let me select the restaurant. I chose a seafood restaurant that I love. They offer white bahis siteleri tablecloth service for lunch. Eating in that restaurant felt so elegant the delicious food was a definite plus.

Daddy and I re-bonded talking about our Christmases past, the time he took a group of us girls on a field trip to our county museum then there was one of my fondest memories of the pair of diamond earrings that he gave me the Christmas after my 18th birthday. Mom and Daddy paid most of my college expenses and gave me a car when I graduated. But the earrings that Daddy gave me are the special gift from him to me that makes me think of him whenever I wear them.

We went bowling and to the movies after lunch. I studied Daddy’s face noticing how happy he looked. He is proud of me especially of how hard I have worked and my accomplishments. I saw the look of pride on his face as we talked. He was such a fun guy to be with, I couldn’t understand why Mom stopped wanting to be with him. We hugged a lot during the day. I noticed that we had started touching when we talked or laughed. Happy hour was over by the time we arrived at the bar for cocktails. Daddy had scotch on the rocks. I ordered amaretto on the rocks.

By our third drink both of us were relaxed. Mom called checking to see that we were OK. We told her that we were having drinks and invited Mom and my aunt to join us. Both declined to come for drinks. She had my aunt drive her to pick up Daddy’s car since telling us to take a taxi home. Probably because Daddy and I had imbibed more than our usual. None of us wanted to chance a DWI incident. Near closing time Daddy signaled the bartender to call the designated driver taxi to take us home.

The taxi pulled into the driveway. We saw that the house was dark because Mom and my aunt had gone to bed. Daddy and I walked in holding each other up as we went. Neither of us was ready to go to bed so we went down to basement rec room where we planned to watch television. I clicked the television on. Daddy switched on the heat since it was off and on a separate heating system from the upper floors of the house. We snuggled under the throw on the leather sectional trying to get warm. I got in Daddy’s lap as though I was a little girl. Both of enjoyed the closeness we shared. I felt safe, protected and loved.

One thing lead to another as it is said. Daddy was caressing me under the throw. I felt good and enjoyed his touches. He had not been with a woman for about the same amount of time that I had not been with a man. Before I knew it we were kissing and caressing bare skin. Somehow my pants and panties came off. Daddy’s pants came down to his knees. The drive for him to penetrate me was overwhelming for both of us. He could not get inside of me easily because he was so incredibly thick. I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast but my hole had to adjust to his size. But once my hole had opened wide enough to receive him, he felt beyond extraordinary. I did not know a man’s penis could feel so spectacular inside me. My vagina was stretched wide I could not move because Daddy held my thighs open pinned to the sofa. He did not want me to move my pelvis but instead to move my vaginal muscles. I was not good at contracting my muscles because it was my first attempt to do so. Daddy told me later not to worry. With practice I would get the hang of milking him in my canal. When he said that I realized that he did not intend our encounter to be a one and done event.

According to Daddy the women he had relations with had to learn over time how to handle his size. He told me lay back and enjoy it. That’s exactly what I did. I lay with my thighs spread wide apart to accommodate Daddy phallus. Magnificent is the only descriptive word I can use to give an idea of the way he made me feel. He held my thighs pinned down so that I could not move using a rocking method to give me the best fuck I ever had.

I didn’t have to do much of the work to get the most remarkable orgasm. Both of us enjoyed our sex so much that it’s hard to explain the pleasure we felt. I didn’t need more than one session to be wonderfully satisfied. We were able to shower together in the basement before going up to bed. I wanted him to sleep in my bed with me but I did not want to be disrespectful to Mom or Aunt Dorothy. We said good night.

I had a restful sleep staying in bed until after noon. When I opened my eyes Daddy was standing naked at the foot of my bed. Needless to say I was surprised, worried that Mom or my aunt might come by my room. It was Friday morning so Mom and her sister were spending the day baking pies for holiday meals at the homeless shelter. They were scheduled to be there until after 7:00 p.m. We had enough time to enjoy plenty of good fucking.

It was easy to use the excuse that drinking too much made Daddy and I get together the first time. Keeping in mind that Daddy told me Mom had decided that she’d had enough sex for a lifetime and didn’t want any more really solidified my opinion that I wasn’t hurting Mom since she didn’t want Daddy herself. We told ourselves bahis şirketleri that Mom’s lack of desire created an opportunity we both had always wanted anyway. The first 4 or 5 times that we were together Daddy had to go slowly to let my opening adjust to his thickness. But by our 8th time together we could go fast and deep. I had been thrilled by our first experience together but when he was able to add speed, to his forceful thrusts the result was phenomenal. If it sounds like I’m singing Daddy’s praises that’s because I am. Why would Mom give up such good sex? I’ll never understand it. Daddy is passionate, patient and such a tender lover when we move together we’re like a well-timed rhythmic duet.

All my gifts were wrapped and under the tree. I was on vacation so I spent most of my time relaxing. For the next three days, I spent family time with Mom, Aunt Dorothy and Daddy. We have a very small family. Daddy is an only child. Mom, Aunt Dorothy and her daughter, my cousin, Stacey are the only family I have besides Daddy. Each day, Dad and I went running in the morning, played pinochle, watched sports on television and prepared for Christmas day. Daddy’s quartet was performing at the nursing home on Christmas Eve. Mom and Aunt Dorothy had volunteered to be servers at the holiday dinner at the homeless shelter. On the day before Christmas Eve I seasoned and put the turkey in the oven on a low temperature to roast slowly. All during the day the delicious aroma of the turkey wafted through the air. Everyone was in a festive mood.

I went downstairs to the basement to watch television. While alone there I had time to think about last night. Daddy was so tender and considerate yet so alpha male as we made love. He was the kind of man I longed for but had never been able to find. Earlier today he held me on the edge on orgasm as he lightly ran his lips over my face and neck as well as nibbled my ears. His fingers entered my sex while his thumb alternately pressed and flicked my clitoris. I heard myself saying, “Oh Daddy, I want you inside of me.”

Finally, he entered me over again and again.

I had never had such pleasure in my life. My body awakened opening to take him deeper inside and still I wanted more. I lifted and tilted my pelvis up to him, wrapping my legs around his lower back, locking my ankles together, to hold him closer and to accommodate deeper thrusts.

Daddy drove into me moving in and out, the penetration of his cock awakened previously unmet needs in me. A need to be possessed by (if only during sex) the man I love was being fulfilled in the way he held me and spoke to me while we fucked. Each stroke added fuel to the fire of the need that he had ignited between my legs. Pleasure seared through me, he took a taut nipple in his mouth nipping its swollen tip with his teeth and began to suck hard. I had to take in air I forgot to breath for a second as I luxuriated in our sensuous love making.


I heard myself and engaging in sex talk. That is not something that I did with former boyfriends. Being with Daddy made me feel like I was a different person. His passionate love making and masculinity is what I had been looking for but never know it. And most likely the reason why I had not been completely satisfied in past relationships. Being with Daddy had turned me into his slut, a wanton whore who was fucking her mother’s husband, her father with total abandon. That’s not something that I would admit to anyone except Daddy and me.

Daddy withdrew his cock holding it with his left hand. He held his member in his hand using it to tantalize me as he rubbed it back and forth across my sensitized genitals. His thumb on his right hand was on my clit and his fingers in my canal. The combination of Daddy’s two different methods of giving me pleasure caused my hips to move in a rotating dance responding rhythmically to his every touch. I was ready to receive his penis back inside but I to wait until he was ready to give it to me.

At a moment when he had raised my passion higher than it had ever been he penetrated me. Yes!” I whispered in his ear. He drove into me forcefully but slowly permitting me to fully observe the way his penis claimed my vagina as he plunged upward. His breath was hot on my breasts as he kissed them while he fucked me. He rubbed his lips on the side of my face giving me tiny kisses by my ear exciting me bringing my climax closer and closer.

“Daddy, I…” I couldn’t talk. The only thing I could do was allow myself to experience the earth shaking climax that Daddy delivered to me. My arms held his body close to me with my hands clasped behind his neck. I tensed as my orgasm exploded within me first making me throb, contract and then go stiff as the pleasure cascaded through my body producing waves of delight.

We lay in my bed our naked bodies entwined. It was 2:15 p.m. on Thursday. I am exceptionally satisfied and Daddy is thrilled with my responsiveness to his love making. I expected another session so that Daddy could have the kind of pleasure that he had given me. I was totally spent but I wanted to please him in the way he pleased me. Daddy said no he wanted me to just rest because he had to go rehearse with his quartet for the concert tomorrow. Plus, he had some errands to run.

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