The Girl who Loved Balloons

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At home in her bedroom, Deana was just having an orgasm as she was enjoying herself on the big green ball….

which she now calls it “her sexball!”

“Mmmm! that was very good!……Thank you, love!” said Deana.

She licks the “love juice” from her fingers and says……

“Oh I wanna play some more, but, No!….I’d better calm down!

Besides, I’m expecting a “very special package” today!……

Well, if not, it’s back on my loving sexball!…

For now, I’ll just enjoy a juicy pickle while I wait!”

An hour later, an excited Deana hears a doorbell rang.

“Can it be?!!…..I hope it’s my very special package!” said Deana as she rushed to the door.

She opens the door and sees a parcel box at her doorstep and picks it up and says,

“Oh it is…It is!…..My very special package!”

It was box of balloons that she ordered online several days prior. Deana immediately took it inside and carefully opens the box to see what she has.

“Gasp!…..Balloons!…..Just like I’ve ordered” said Deana.

“I’m just crazy about balloons!”

She then took the box to her bedroom then, dumps them on the bed.

“This is gonna be so much fun!”

But first, I’ll slip into something very special!”

Later, Deana now wears her tight spandex pink stockings which have an exposed crotch and her matching fingerless gloves. Then, she caressing her large breasts and says….

“Mmmm!…my nipples are hard!….

I’m going to spread my love to all my balloons!”

The first balloon Deana picked out of the pile was a violet 16″ balloon. She stretches it before blowing it. She blows the balloon to its proper size and ties it.

“Ooh!…very nice!” said Deana.

She hugs it and pressed it against her breasts.

Then, Deana lies back on the bed with her legs spread open.

“Would you like to play with my pussy?” asked Deana.

“You made me horny just by holding and looking at you!”

She takes the balloon between her legs rubs it on her pussy.

“Ooooh! love bursa escort that feel of hot latex on my clitty!” said Deana as she feels the sensation coming from the balloon itself.

“I love how you squeak…it makes me even hotter!”

Deana continues performing sex with the balloon.

“Aaugh!…..Aaaaughyyeah!….You’re making me cum!”

Deana reached orgasm.

“Aaaah! I came on this balloon!” said Deana.

“Mmmm!….playing with balloons not only easy, but enjoyable as well….The bigger, the sexier!…….

Small balloons won’t do me any justice!”

Now, Deana looks into pile for another balloon to enjoy. She picked out a red 40″ round balloon.

Then, she blows it up and became excited for its size.

“Wow!”…… this is even bigger than ever imagined!” said Deana.

She ties the balloon then, sits on it.

“Ooooh!….the feeling of hot latex between my thighs made me even more horny!” said Deana.

Then, Deana began bouncing on the balloon like if she’s on the sexball and holds her large breasts as they bounced.

“I love bouncing!” said Deana.

She began to masturbate while riding the balloon.

“Oh yeah……I’m gonna cum soon!……Aaaaaaaugh!!!!!”

She came once more.

“Oh! I’m gonna pee!” panicked Deana.

“No time to get to the bathroom, I’ll have to do it now!….Aaaahhhh!…Good!”

Deana eventually urinated on the big red balloon. Yet, she finds it somewhat quite appealing.

“Oh, I’m such a nasty girl!” said Deana.

“I’ll admit, it was fun though!…

Maybe, I’ll give all my toys a nice, golden shower!”

Soon, Deana would inflate the rest of the pile only to find herself in a bedroom filled with big balloons including a large, green airship that she just finished.

“Ooooh!…….what a balloon!….

You looked like a big, juicy pickle!” said Deana.

“I just love pickles!!……I’m gonna ride this big pickle!”

Deana rides the big airship as she began humping.

Just as she about to make another escort bursa orgasm, the balloon suddenly……burst! And, Deana fell down.

Though disappointed, she sees that the airship is in shambles. Then, picked up a shard and said,

“Oh well!…….so much for the big pickle!”

But, she quickly recovers and finds a smaller yellow airship nearby.

She rode the airship until she came.

After playing on the yellow airship, Deana had come upon an idea.

“Hmmm!….what if I could combine my big dildo with this balloon?!!” asked Deana.

“This would be awesome!”

Deana prepares to create a “phallic” balloon.

First, she inflates a baby blue, 36″ round balloon.

Second, she slides the dildo into the lip of the balloon to insure a tight fit and kept the remaining air from escaping.

Deana is happy of what has resulted.

“This just might work…I love it!” said Deana.

“But, I’d like get it wet first before I could slide it up in me!”

Deana began sucking on the “phallic” balloon.

After sucking (and spitting) on the dildo, Deana readies for her ride on the “phallic” balloon.

“This is gonna be fun!” said an excited Deana.

She gets into position as she slides the big dildo in her pussy.

“Aaugh!..that’s good….just a little deeper!”

She slides the dildo deeper inside her and began riding the dildo with the balloon. She caresses her voluptuous tits.

“Aaaaaugh….Aaaaughyyyeah!..Nice big balloon!”

But soon, Deana is about to hit orgasm on the balloon.

“Aaaaaaaugh!……….Aaaaaaaaaaugh!…..I’m gonna cum!……Aaaaaugh!”

Deana came with exploding orgasms. She sees that the orgasms wasting all over her balloon with joy.

“Whew!…that was awesome!……I like to ride this one again!…..

Well, maybe later!” said Deana.

And she sucked on the cream-filled dildo.

“Mmmm!…..tasty, luscious juice!”

Later, she finds another balloon to ride on. A 24″ yellow balloon. As Deana rides the balloon, she bursa escort bayan noticed the balloon’s neck began to expand greatly.

And suddenly, the balloon popped and Deana fell once again.

“Oh, darn it!…another good balloon popped!” said Deana.

She turns her attention to an orange 72″ balloon (which isn’t fully inflated). Deana climbs on the big orange balloon and lays on it with her legs spread open.

“Oh yes!…laying on you is so comfortable!” said Deana.

She got lovingly comfortable with balloon as she plays with herself once more.

“That was great!” said Deana.

Then, she sees another balloon on her bed. It was a large, lavender airship.

“Ooh! Another big airship!” said Deana.

“Hmm!…”I know what should I do!….I’ll inflate this one then, I’ll really have some passionate fun!”

Deana takes her inflator, attaches it to the big lavender balloon.

And finally, Deana turns on the inflator and the balloon began to inflate.

This would make Deana even more excited.

“Oh it’s so beautiful! Such a beautiful color too!” said Deana.

The bigger the balloon, the more excited Deana gets.

“Okay, that’s enough!” said Deana.

The inflation of big airship is completed as she removes the inflator and ties the balloon.

“Oh, so nice!” said Deana as she getting the feel of the big pink balloon as she playfully bounces on it.

She began riding on the big airship.

“Oh yeah! This is wonderful!” said Deana.

She continues riding the lavender balloon and grabbing her big breasts as moans and grinds.


And yet again, she’s about to reach orgasm.

“Aaugh!…Aaugh!…..I’m cumming!….Aaaaugh!”

She finally came on the weather balloon as the orgasm flowing all on the big lavender balloon.

“Boy, I had a lot of fun loving these balloons all day! (Yawn!) But, now, I’m so tired!” said Deana.

“I think I’ll need to get some rest!”

After a day of loving balloons, Deana decides to crawl to her bed to rest but, not before grabbing a large purple doll balloon for her to lie with.

“I love them all! With more balloons to love later!”

Then finally, Deana fell fast asleep surrounded by her balloon friends.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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