The Golden Triangle

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Professor Lyle Andrews had heard it all; fifty-five years old, he had been teaching a course in drug and alcohol abuse for twenty years. He had reached the source of opiates part of the course, in which he concentrated on the production of poppies in Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam.

He looked up at the row upon row of students seated in the auditorium style lecture room as he contemplated the questions he would use to get them to recite the answers he wanted to hear.

“And what is the Golden Triangle?” He asked hopefully.

To his surprise he heard a voice from the back speak up, a firm feminine voice with a hint of laughter in it. “A Blonde’s pubes, Professor?”

The class broke up in laughter and Lyle had to work to suppress a grin. Now, he thought, I have heard it all.

“And what is your name, young lady? Please stand so I can get a glimpse of such a perspicacious mind.”

A tall, leggy blonde rose from the last row of seats. An engaging smile on her lips she engaged Lyle’s eyes with hers. “Diana, Professor Andrews. Diana Lawton.” She sat down and crossed those lovely legs, her eyes still focused on Lyle’s. A tremor of excitement ran over her body as she watched his eyes shift from hers to her shapely legs and thighs.

Too bad I’m wearing panties, she thought. He would get a chance to see if I am a blonde. She giggled to herself, remembering the time that an interviewer asked Dolly Parton if she objected to dumb blonde jokes. Dolly had laughed and shaken her head. “Not at all. I’m not a blonde.”

Lyle was wondering if Diana was a blonde and hoped to find out if she was. He thought of himself as an ethical professor, fucking only graduate students, but Diana Andrews was a temptation.

He found out how tempting one afternoon a few months later, almost at the end of the semester. There was a knock on his office door and when he said “come in” it was Diana. She smiled at him as he rose to greet her. The sight of this sexy blond made his cock begin to tent his pants and he sat down quickly to hide it.

But not too quickly for Diana, who hid her smile as she took a seat next to his desk, crossing her legs slowly. She licked her lips excitedly when she saw Andrews’s eye move from her face to her svelte thighs, nicely exposed by the short mini skirt she was wearing. Her heart thumped. She had not expected to see him hard from just seeing her in the doorway and the way he looked at her thighs made her think that she had not been mistaken when she decided to make a play for him this afternoon.

Andrews cleared his throat, “Is there something I can do for you, Diana?”

Diana gave him her most sexy smile, eyes half closed; lips parted, and then crossed her legs again, slowly, very slowly this time, giving Andrews plenty of time to see that she was a natural blond.

Andrews jerked his eyes from her crotch, his face flushed.

Diana leaned forward toward him, her low cut blouse gaping open, giving Andrews a good view of her tits, unencumbered by a bra. He stared at the swell of her breasts, which were exposed almost Ataşehir Escort to her nipples, which were pushing at the thin cloth.

“I am having problems with my grades this semester and really need an A in your course.”

Andrews had heard these pleas before and his answer was to tell the student to study hard. He gave them study tips and sent them on their way. This girl was different, more sexual than any who had come to him with this problem. It did not help that his steady squeeze, a lovely graduate student, had graduated and he had been without sex for several months.

“Well, Diana, the solution is simple; study systematically. I’d be glad to give you some tips if you wish.”

Diana crossed her legs again and let her tongue lick lasciviously across her lips. “I’m sure you can help me professor, but I was thinking more along the lines of a trade, what you academic types call a quid pro quo.”

“I’m not sure I understand you, Diana. What kind of quid pro quo did you have in mind?”

Diana crossed her legs again and this time left very slowly, so slowly he thought he had a glimpse of her pussy, but she closed them before he could be sure. She put a hand on his thigh and squeezed it gently. “I was thinking along the lines of laving you taste a fine drug I have, one I think you will enjoy very much.”

Diana had done her research and discovered that Andrews had stayed away from undergraduates and also that he loved cunnilingus. She decided to see if she could capitalize on his interest in pussy eating to bag a professor. She loved sex and had been using her body for as long as she could remember to get what she wanted. Right now she just wanted sex with Andrews, sort of a pelt to hang on her wall.

Andrews’s eyes were darting from her face to her breasts to her pussy. Little drops of perspiration were forming under his armpits and he felt more excited sexually than he had for some time. All his instincts told him to stop this game now before it got out of hand. Diana’s charms and her frankness were challenging his self control.

“And what might that be, Diana? Is it addicting?”

Diana smiled at him and nodded her head. “I’ll answer the second question first; yes. It is very addicting, so addicting that men beg for more and more. As to the first question, I’ll let you answer it yourself.”

She smiled at him again as she crossed her legs, this time leaving them open, giving Andrews a clear view of her pussy lips surrounded by soft blond hair. “Does this drug appeal to you Professor?” she asked, her hand stroking his thigh, her fingers moving lightly over his hardon.

Andrews swallowed as he stared at her pussy. He could make out little droplets of her juices dappling her fat, red, engorged lips. “Ah…Ah…I…”

Diana put a finger to his lips, her other hand massaging his hardon. “Shush, Professor Andrews. You don’t have to say anything. I’ll just lock the door and we’ll see how much you like this drug.”

She gave his dick another squeeze, rose quickly from her chair and locked the door. Kadıköy Escort She sat down again in the chair, letting he thighs open wide, revealing black stockings, a black garter belt and a dazzling moist pussy. Closing her eyes, she waited.

Andrews was breathing hard, mesmerized by the sight of this truly beautiful pussy laid out for him. The sight of a drop of her precum juices leaking from between her red lips sent him over the edge.

He fell to his knees and put his hands behind Dianna’s ass, pulling her forward in the chair as he moved his head between her thighs. He sighed as he put his mouth to her pussy lips, letting his tongue slide up and down their warm, moist rubbery surface.

Diana was purring as she told him, “Oh that feels so nice. I just know I am going to like giving you this drug.”

Andrews lost in the feel and the scent and the taste of this beautiful creature heard her tinkling laughter of triumph as he inserted his tongue between her pussy lips. Her hands behind his head, urging him to use his tongue, excited him further.

Diana loved to have a man’s head between her thighs, tongue licking at her, bringing her to orgasm. She delighted in keeping a man there until he was exhausted, pulling orgasm after orgasm from her sexy body. She was multiple orgasmic and had not found a man who could exhaust her.

Andrews probed her pussy with his tongue, delighted to feel her use her vaginal muscles to toy with and suck on his tongue. It thrilled him to feel her put a finger on her clit as he fucked at her pussy with his tongue. The way Diana moved her ass, pushing her pussy back and forth, fucking his mouth and face, kept him in a state of perpetual excitation.

Diana moaned softly when she orgasmed, thrusting her pussy against Andrews’s face, one finger on her clit, a hand at the back of his head holding his mouth to her orgasming pussy. She breathed in and out to recover as Andrews, as she was sure he would, sucked at her pussy, pulling her cum from her, licking at her soft thighs to catch every drop.

She ruffled his head as she told him she liked the way he used his tongue on her and she just knew she was going to have a wonderful time in his office this afternoon. “You use your tongue so well. I really like it.”

Andrews’s ego was flattered and he returned his mouth to her pussy with alacrity. This time he moved his mouth upward until he found her clit, once again hiding behind the folds of her inner lips. He sucked at the lips until he brought her clit out and then mouthed it, licking it with his tongue.

Diana looked down at his bobbing head, loving the sight of this grown man, this university professor, pleasuring her. She sighed her pleasure, letting her mind join with her clit as he sucked and licked it until she had another orgasm. When it began to flow from her loins she squeezed her thighs against his head tightly and put her hands to the back of his head, sealing his mouth to her sex.

Breathing hard, she whispered to him, her voice low, sexual, full of her sexual youthfulness, Bostancı Escort “Yesssss…God, that feels so good. Keep licking and sucking me, keep me cumming.”

And he did, drawing the last bit of her swelling orgasm from her. Diana caressed his cheek with a silken thigh as he sucked her cum from her and drank it down. She spread her thighs wide apart as she whispered to him, her voice low, throaty, sexual, “You are so good, professor. I love the way you lick and suck my clit. You make me feel so good.”

The feel of her svelte thigh clad in the sheer silk of her hose against his cheek, her fingers caressing his scalp, made him shiver with sexual excitement. He had never had sex with such a young woman before and it flattered him that he was able to bring such sexual pleasure to her.

Diana grinned to herself when Andrews licked at her thighs, his hands caressing her thighs and legs. I wonder if he likes to suck on toes, she thought and putting thought to action, brought a let up, rubbing her calf along his mouth, letting her toes slide seductively across his lips.

To her delight and Andrews’s surprise, he did like to suck on toes. He had never done so before but he had never been so sexed up before. Diana’s orgasming body had captivated him like no woman before. When her silk clad toes brushed against his mouth he put his hands to her foot and kissed the toes, sending a shiver of sexual excitement running over his body.

Diana licked her lips as she watched him under hooded eyes, a thrill of sexual excitement running over her body, her pussy pulsing, and heart beating wildly. She moved her foot, rubbing it back and forth against his lips. A soft moan of sexual pleasure escaped her lips when he opened his mouth and sucked on her toes.

Her body trembled with the sexuality of what was happening. Nothing in her young sexual life had prepared her for this. Wave after wave of pure sexual delight washed over her body as she watched Andrews suck at the toes of one foot and then the other. Her vagina pulsed as he began to lick his way up her calf and thigh to her hot pussy.

Andrews went back to work on her pussy and sucked and licked her until he was exhausted from bring one orgasm after the other to this sexpot.

He laid his head on her thigh after the last orgasm had subsided. Diana patted his head, as one might a dog that had brought her a bone and cooed to him how much she liked the way he loved her.

She stood up and Andrews head fell between her thighs. Laughing, she opened her thighs, letting her skirt fall over his head. Teasingly, she put her hands behind his head under her skirt and pulled his mouth to her pussy. “A little going away present professor? Want to feel me cum in your mouth once more?”

His response sent a shiver over her body. No man or boy had been so enslaved by her pussy. She threw her head back and laughed as she leaned into his mouth, her legs spread. When her orgasm subsided, she put her hands to his arms and pulled him upright.

Kissing him lightly on the lips, she told him she hoped to see him again, soon.

She did and Andrews sucked and fucked, yes she let him fuck her after that first day, the rest of the semester. He almost cried when she left the university after that semester. He knew he would never find a lover like Diana, and he didn’t.

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