The Horned God

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As always this is a work of fiction.

(Although I am the writer of this story the credit also goes to Hurripen for the idea behind it, he asked me to write it and gave me everything for it except for the small details. Hurripen, here is your story.)


Suzie Miller sat staring at the clock on the classroom wall, tick, tick, tick, the red second hand kept going around and around and slowly the minute hand moved inch by inch. Little by little time was moving, but in history class the minutes felt like hours!

Suzie was your classical little popular girl. She always had a boyfriend, always had her little circle of friends hanging out in the cool kid places. The one you know never had a social problem in the world other than what to wear to school the next day or what to wear on her next date.

Suzie wasn’t what one would call drop dead gorgeous but she was very beautiful, one of the young and sweet beauties that might win prom queen at her school but never enter into any beauty pageants. She stood around 5’3″ with shoulder length brown hair and big pretty brown eyes. And for her age she had curves, not the voluptuous type, but more like well defined woman features. You certainly knew she had tits and an ass to match from all the tight t-shirts and hip-hugging jeans. Both nicely formed and well-rounded she was the image of a budding young woman.

Suzie’s one flaw in life is that she was a straight bitch. She always had to have her way, always had to get what she wanted and always treated everyone not within her little circle like dirt beneath her little sneakers. Even in her home life she acted like a little spoiled rotten queen. Her mother and father doted on her when she was born because she was the baby of four kids and it got worse from there. Her father always called her “his little princess” and her mother would always side with her if she ever got into an argument with her brother or sisters.

It was a recipe for disaster and it had reached full fruition just this last week. On her 18th birthday Suzie had gotten a car, a brand new Honda Civic and of course she had pitched one hell of a fit. She had expected a Porsche, had demanded one really, but on this day her parents had really been fed up. Telling her she could either drive that or walk, it was up to her. And of course she had run into her room and spent the whole night crying. But the next day she was all smiles and kisses to her parents for the gift and apologizing for her behavior the day before and although she secretly hated the car she figured it was better than walking. At least until she could figure out a way to get her parents to get her what she wanted, and she was already considering possibilities.

Sitting in history class Suzie was doing just that, figuring out how to get her parents to buy her the Porsche she wanted. Playing with her pencil rolling across the desk she hatched idea after idea to only discard them moments later as un-workable.

She was just starting to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a car accident in her head when the bell finally rang and class was over.

Gathering her books and heading for the door she winked at Tom McCullen when she passed by him, always to keep the poor boy in torment. She had no intention of going out with the poor guy she just loved to show people what they could never have. Stuffing her books in her locker she noticed Pete, her ex as of today walking towards her, eyes red and sad. Quickly shutting the door she made a retreat down the hall and ducked into the girl’s bathroom. Peeking out she saw Pete walk by and just as she started to walk out Pete came around the corner again, luckily his head was turned and he didn’t see her. Deciding to stay put for a few minutes she just hoped he would leave thinking she had left school already.

After about 10 minutes she ventured out into an empty hallway. With no sign of her ex she quickly made her exit through the doors and headed out to the parking lot.

Reaching the parking lot she walked over to her friends as they were standing next to Kim’s new Black Tahoe talking. Kim was a pretty girl with a really big chest that seemed to draw the guys to her like magnets, her being shorter than Suzie and with a slim waist only emphasized her tits. Her father was Chinese and her mother was African. They had met when Kim’s father had worked for the Chinese embassy in Nigeria and had been negotiating oil contracts. Kim’s mother was one of the government officials there and after a few months had hit it off and since neither wanted to live in each other’s country they had immigrated to the US.

Standing next to Kim was Alyssa, Suzie’s other friend. Alyssa was a pale skinned beauty, with dark red hair and green eyes she cut a striking image. Her body was slim and petite, standing 5’9″ tall, and her breasts were only a b cup but still attractive. Though like some witch in a story she had a way of looking at someone a certain way that would make them feel like she was reading canlı bahis their mind. Which is funny in a way because she was currently practicing her own little type of witch-craft, séances and small little spells and rituals. But for all her strangeness she fit into the ‘in crowd’ rather well, the boys came running to her just as much as to Suzie and Kim and that was one of the main reasons they were friends. And them all having their birthday within months of each other helped too. That and of course the three of them had been fooling around with each other for years, experimenting, even using some of Alyssa’s sex magic as she called it. They would go out into the camp areas once or twice a month during the summer and play out Alyssa’s little fantasies. Fantasies involving witches and sexual rites and trying to summon creatures and demi-gods. Kim and Suzie were skeptical, but Alyssa seemed to believe it was possible, and it did make for great sex so no one argued with it. All three never lacked in the boyfriend department and as fate would have it today they had all dumped their current boyfriends and had planned a girl’s weekend.

“Hey Kim, Hey Alyssa.” Suzie waved coming over to her friend’s truck.

Kim heard Suzie and stopped talking to Alyssa and turned “Hey Suzy’Q where ya been? Me and Alyssa were about to give up on ya.”

“Ya it was a lil rough on Pete, had to duck into the bathroom to get away from the guy, god he’s such a child. I have no idea why I even went out with that idiot.”

At that Alyssa spoke “I have no idea either, he was a loser, it must have been the motorcycle, it was a very nice bike” saying it with a small smile.

Suzie shot a glare over at her friend, knowing she was talking about those young biker boys down in Florida.

“It’s a long way to Florida from Wisconsin Alyssa.” Suzie said, grinning when Alyssa blushed.

Then Kim spoke up “Ya and as I recall you were the first one to hop on Davey, all three of the guys were after all only a year younger than us, sixteen as I recall, and yet yours still had an 8″ cock for you to ride, not just a motorcycle.” Grinning she smirked at Alyssa.

“Ok, ok, so we all lost our virginity to some guys in Florida, I was just saying that now I think Suzie has a bike fetish, after all Pete wasn’t exactly the best looking guy type.” Alyssa said still blushing slightly.

Suzie just shrugged and let it go at that.

“So what time are we meeting up tonight?” She asked.

“Alyssa needs to drop off some books at the library and I need to go get some food for the cooler, you’ll be charge of the beer Suzie and let’s say around 5 pm, my place.” Kim said.

“Sounds good to me, I’ll see you guys then.” Waving Suzie walked over to her car and started it up. Driving away she saw Alyssa handing her bag to Kim and walking away. Glancing into her other mirrors she checked traffic then pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home.

Pulling into the 3 car garage she saw her brother’s Tacoma parked next to the driveway. He never parked it inside mainly because if he did one of his parents vehicles wouldn’t have a space and he knew his little sister would rather have that than parking hers outside. Good mom and dad aren’t home she thought.

Pulling in and shutting the door behind using the remote Suzie shut the car off and got out and went inside.

Hanging her keys on the wall she went up the stairs to her room. Opening the door she kicked off her shoes and socks and shutting the door behind her, started getting out of her school clothes and deciding what to wear for tonight. Looking through her closet she decided to keep it simple, taking a pair of jeans and a t-shirt out and then quickly pulling them on she went in search of her dorky older brother.

Down the hall she found him in his room, just for kicks she didn’t knock before opening hoping to catch him the act of playing with himself just so it would make things easier for what she needed.

What she found disappointed her, when she opened the door, there was her older brother lying back on the bed still with clothes on and shoes off reading one of his chemistry books propped up on his chest.

Without looking up David said “And just what does the little queen require of me today?”

Not even bothering to look up and see who it was, knowing it was her, pissed Suzie off, but she kept her temper down. She knew she had to sweet talk him into doing it, he wouldn’t otherwise. And her sisters were both out of town, one across state and the other in California doing her residency.

David wasn’t the fool she thought he was, he was a bit on the slimmer side muscle-wise, but that didn’t mean boney. After high school he had packed on a few pounds and gained some muscle, now at 5’11” 165 lbs. he was a pretty well built guy, not huge, but not boney as he used to be. And he didn’t have trouble in the date department, he just chose his dates wisely. With brownish hair and blue eyes he was a handsome guy, bahis siteleri and he knew it, and that was another reason his little sister hated him. At 20 David had gotten an early bachelor’s degree and now at 22 was going for his master’s, he was the family prodigy and made his way in life with hard work and good grades.

When the nearby university offered him a 4 year scholarship he had grabbed it with both hands and decided to stay with his parents for the first few years until he finished. His parents at first stoutly refused, even going so far as to pay for whatever he wanted, an apartment, clothes, food, whatever he needed. But all this David had refused, why pay for another place when I have one here argued. They insisted he needed his privacy, his dad even hinted around about needing time alone for any dates he might have. Of course in the end David won out, his Dad had been one of the pay-my-own-way type’s and he respected his son for being the same, and eventually convinced his mother that it would be fine for him to stay in the house until he got his degree.

Suzie of course didn’t like it one damn bit, she had planned to be rid of him when he went to college, she was a snobby little bitch and there was no changing that. At least David thought that way at the time, but 4 years of college really changed him, he didn’t think of her as his little sister that needs to be given into, she was just a little bitch that someone hadn’t set straight yet.

Suzie calming her thoughts and maintaining her composure asked him in a syrupy sweet voice.

“Would you mind, please David, to getting us some beer from the store down the street?”

At that David did raise his book and gave her a ‘Are you crazy look?’

“Please David, I promised my friends and I have to meet them in an hour and a half.” She begged.

David just lay there looking at her, considering would be the look if she had to put a name to it.

With David still just sitting there staring at her she opened her mouth to plead with him again and he raised a finger and immediately she couldn’t talk. She didn’t know why, she wanted to say something, but she couldn’t, it was as if he placed a spell on her.

“Ok I’ll do it on one condition.” David said getting up.

Suddenly she could talk again “Ok what is it?” She rubbed her throat thinking she must have been pent up with fear of him refusing to help.

Walking over to her David bent down looked into her eyes and whispered “No more bullshit ideas on how to get your precious Porsche, you be happy with what mom and dad have bought you and be nice to them about it.”

“But, but …” she stuttered.

“But nothing, you are a conniving little girl that loves to get exactly what she wants and can never take no for an answer. But in order to keep you safe tonight from whatever dangerous jerk you meet outside a store I’ll go buy you the beer, but you will do as I say, is that understood?” David said, not giving an inch.

Suzie thought quickly, it wouldn’t be a bad trade, but damned if I’ll take orders from this overgrown bookworm.

Just as she opened her mouth to say so David interrupted “And of course if you say no or give me some of your little bitch attitude I’ll pick up the phone and call Mom and we’ll see how you spend your summer, not on a lake or a beach, but in a catholic summer school.”

Hearing her worst fear put to words she quickly relented and said “Ok, you win, now will you please go with me to buy it before Mom gets home?”

Suzie really had a problem with her parents and Catholicism, it was such a used up and dried out religion. It was utter and total bullshit as she saw it and being stuck in a summer camp full of catholics was pure horror for her.

“I’ll meet you there, go to the convenience store on 7th street over by the bowling alley, give me 10 minutes.” He said walking to put his shoes on.

“David we have to go now, I’ve …” Suzie began.

“Don’t make me change my mind Suzie, now go, I’ll be there in a minute.” He said slipping his shoes on and picking up his phone.

“What the hell are you doing? We had a deal!” Suzie shouted looking in horror as her brother used his phone.

David gave her one of those ‘you’re a fucking idiot’ looks and said into the phone “Yea, Carmen? Hi its David, can you tell Sharon I’m going to be little bit late this afternoon …”

Embarrassed and red-faced Suzie stomped out of the room and down the stairs. Snatching her keys off the wall she went out the garage door and into her car and started the engine. Backing out of the driveway and into the street she had managed to calm down enough to drive at a fairly mild pace, reaching the store in just a few minutes and sit there with the air running, waiting on her brother.

David didn’t show up until 15 minutes later and Suzie was fuming, having to wait for the geek to get done making up to his geeky girlfriend, she thought.

Walking over to Suzie’s driver side window David bahis şirketleri said “Park around the side away from the front window and I’ll bring it out to you.”

Saying that David walked in while Suzie moved her car around to the side of the building, she hated being told what to do but at least she was getting the beer she promised she would bring.

Five minutes later David exited the store and came around to the side toting a couple of cases of Milner’s Ice, the cheapest beer you could buy. Seeing this Suzie huffed, saying she had wanted german beer. David responding that he wasn’t made of money as he put it in her trunk.

“I’ve got money, if you needed some why didn’t you ask?” Suzie pouted.

Walking around to the driver side window he said “Well I just wanted to treat you to the cheapest drunk you’ll probably ever have Suzie, cheers little sis.”

Saying that David burst out laughing and walked back around to his truck.

Suzie threw her car in gear and raced out of the parking lot mad as hell. He is always so goddamn infuriating she thought. Hitting heavier traffic she decided to slow down, besides, she wasn’t in a rush, she still had an hour before she had to be at Kim’s. She could take her time, turning the music up she held one arm out the window and felt the sweet sunshine on her skin and for the hundredth time that day wondered what kind of little ritual Alyssa had planned for them tonight. With the music blasting and her panties getting wet from her thoughts she drove on.


Around 4:30 Suzie pulled up to Kim’s to find Alyssa and Kim almost finished packing the truck with all their supplies. Getting out of the car and asking Kim where her parents were she quickly hoisted the 2 cases into the back of Kim’s Tahoe and tucked them under some of their bags.

Quickly the girls said their good-byes to Kim’s parents and after a few minutes of Kim assuring them they each had a phone and knew the numbers for the local police and fire departments they got in the truck and set off for the campgrounds.

As Kim drove Suzie sat in the front while Alyssa sat in the back, all the girls talking about what new boyfriends they would claim on Monday. Each one going for something different than they had had. Alyssa even suggested maybe someone from the local university now that all three of them were 18. Kim and Suzie both agreed, it wasn’t a bad idea, besides it was but a few months before graduation anyway and it would help to get a little experience for college dating a little early.

As Alyssa rambled on Suzie glanced out the window at the buildings passing by as they drove out of the city. The fewer buildings she saw the hotter she became, knowing she was getting closer to that little bit of heaven she had enjoyed. Her two best friends both going down on her and each other, licking, tasting, nibbling on each other, crying out with no one to hear. She wasn’t a lesbian, none of them were, they just simply enjoyed swinging both ways, her friends gave her a satisfaction she just couldn’t get from her boyfriends, at least she had yet to find one that could. So far all she had had was a few orgasms while she was on top, that’s if the guy she was riding didn’t cum within 5 minutes.

She squirmed a bit as she started to get wet, remembering all the fun they had last summer, knowing they were finally gonna have fun again. Alyssa had turned 18 just two months ago and of course she stopped getting together with Kim and I because if we had ever been caught it would have been bad. And then it was Suzie’s turn to be left out as Kim turned 18 three weeks ago, which made her jealous in a way. But Kim made it up to her last week a day after her birthday. They had rented a motel room that Saturday and had one hell of a night, to Suzie it had seemed like one long orgasm. She shivered remembering Kim’s probing tongue, her soft hands, fingers twisting and pulling on Suzie’s big nipples. Alyssa had been out of town for a week with her folks visiting cousins’ upstate until yesterday.

Tonight would be their first chance to actually be together for the first time in months and Suzie was practically dripping in anticipation. Unconsciously her hand dropped down to her jeans and started rubbing her mound, giving a little bit of relief to the pressure building there, anticipating what was to come.

About an hour after they had left the city they pulled onto the road for the camping area. It was a rather wild place, the dirt roads a little bumpy and brush obscuring parts of the road. When they had first come up here with Kim’s truck last year they had drove through all the brush not really thinking much of it. But when they had gotten home the next day Kim noticed the scratches and all the marks on the vehicle from the all the brush and tree limbs she had had drive through. Upset at first she told her father just knowing she was going to get it taken away from he. But her father had just laughed and told Kim that as long as she drove the speed limit and was safe that’s all he cared about, besides he reasoned, a truck is bound to get scratched up eventually anyway. And after that Kim no longer worried about it, just bulled through them with the powerful v-8.

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