The Johnsons

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Mrs. Jane Johnson sat in the Assistant Dean of Students office worried about what had happened. Her son Patrick was a senior at the school and this was her first “requested” visit, besides the normal parent-teacher conferences. The dean, Doctor Morgan had a large office, with two female students answering phones and doing minor paperwork. His secretary sat behind the girls. Ms. Peterson was a 22 year old former student, who had been hired after finishing college at the state university. They had met a few times during the annual parent/teacher conferences. Jane was a little put back by Ms. Peterson’s short skirt and blouse. The skirt only came to about 3″ above her knees and the white blouse was far too sheer, a black demi cup bra outline clearly visible through the material.

The phone rang and one of the students told Mrs. Johnson that Doctor Morgan would see her now. Upon entering, Dr. Morgan stood up and came around his desk to shake her had and offer her a seat. She was aware of his eyes scanning her from her face to her legs and back up again.

“Thank you for coming in Mrs. Johnson; it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen you.”

“I appreciate you calling me, what is happening with Patrick, Mrs. Johnson asked?”

“Well, since the new school year, your 18 year old son’s grades have almost hit bottom, he has 4 D’s and a C minus so far, this is a huge drop from last year,” Dr. Morgan said sitting on the edge of his desk, looking down at Mrs. Johnson.

“I had no idea, he does his homework every night, and I make sure of that!”

“Mrs. Johnson, it’s more than that, I spoke with Patrick, and he is distracted, unfocused and lost in what I like to call pubescent limbo.”

“What is that,” Jane asked leaning forward, intently waiting for the doctor’s response.

“Mrs. Johnson, your son does not masturbate, “Dr. Morgan said frankly. “He is wondering around home and school with all of his hormones raging, his mind lost in a sea of emotions and to be frank, boys his age, think with their dicks!”

Jane sat there with her mouth open, stunned at what she had just heard, it had been years since she heard the word masturbate and only her friend Nancy used the word dick, and only when they had had a few drinks on girl’s night. “I’m glad that he does not do that Dr. Morgan, were a good religious family” she finally managed to say, forcing herself to breath as her emotions raged.

“Mrs. Johnson, Jane,” Dr. Morgan said, walking over to her and taking her hand as he sat down in the chair next to her. “Masturbation is a normal biological function; it is a release of the bodies’ normal manufacturing function and allows both boys like Patrick and even girls a release from their hormones controlling their teenage brains!”

While her first thought was that this was wrong, Jane also knew that Patrick did not have a father to have “the talk” with and that she had tried, badly, to discuss sex with him several times. Rubbing her hand, Dr. Morgan looked intently at Jane, “for Patrick to get his grades up, he needs to be focused, and he needs to get some relief Jane, he needs to learn to masturbate! “Do you want to see his grades come up, do you want to see your son graduate and get into a good school, he asked, forcefully? “

Yes, Dr. Morgan, I do, what can I do,” she said, her voice trailing off?

“I will talk with Patrick at the end of school, I’m sure he will be agreeable to this. First, Jane you are going to need to stop by the drug store and pick up some personal lubricate, KY offers several different types. This will help Patrick as he strokes himself. Jane just sat their looking at Dr. Morgan’s hand stroking hers on the armrest, unable to look him in his face.

“Then you will need to purchase a magazine or two for him to look at for inspiration!” Dr. Morgan stood up and walked around his desk, opening a drawer at the bottom of the desk, he pulled out two magazines, closed the drawer and walked back over sitting down again next to Jane, “These are what most of the boys appear to be ‘reading’ these days,” handing one to Mrs. Johnson.

Her face turned white, and then beet red, as she looked at the cover, MILF HEAVEN had two mature women rubbing each others privates on the cover, with a boy standing in the background. Dr. Morgan reached across and turned the pages, Jane’s hands shaking as she looked at the magazine sitting in her lap. Looking at these women in various positions, naked, showering, dressing was causing her breathing to increase and she could feel a little wetness between her legs.

“So I get this stuff and let him go in the bathroom and do it” she asked?

“No, Jane you are going to need to supervise him, guide him, make sure he is comfortable and understands the importance of reliving himself every day.”

“Every day,” Jane asked her voice rising in shock?

“Yes, I recommend every morning, get him up, have him sit on the edge of the bed or a chair, let him look at the magazine and when he is ready, hold canlı bahis the magazine for him, so his hands are free and he can apply the lotion and stroke his cock!” Hearing the work cock, made Jane twitch, and she felt flush as she kept looking at the pictures. “Reassure him that what he is doing is normal, good for him and you want to see him succeed.”

“Here is a local shop that sells these types of magazines, Dr. Morgan handing her a slip of paper. “I will schedule an appointment for you in two weeks, so we can review Patrick’s progress and grades. I’ll also assign him two assignments to complete so I can also evaluate his focus!” “Any questions?”

Jane left the office dazed and still confused. She was to buy her son porn, and encourage him as he plays with his penis in front of her. She had not seen his “cock” as Dr. Morgan called it, since he was a little boy in the bathtub and now was going to see it every morning? Mrs. Johnson knew that Dr. Morgan was a trained clinical psychologist, but this seemed so wrong. Still she loved Patrick and assumed that that the Assistant Dean must know what he is doing.

The trip to the drug store was stressful, she found the lubricant section with no problem, but had to have a clerk open the cabinet for her. Her face was a pinkish red as she made her selection and dashed to the cashier. The magazine store was a totally different story, it was a Porn Shop! She sat in the car for twenty minutes, almost leaving twice without going in. When she did walk in, the girl behind the counter, just looked up and gave a half smile greeting as she walked in.

The walls were covered in magazines and DVD’s and she frantically scanned them for something like what Doctor Morgan had showed her. Seeing two older women on the cover of a couple magazines with the words MILF on it, she grabbed them and headed for the register. The clerk, about 19 years old and with at least 10 piercings with Goth makeup, looked the magazines over and rang them up. Talking Jane’s money and handing her back, change and a receipt, she put the two magazines in a black bag and handed them, to Jane smiling, “don’t worry, it gets easier the more you buy” she told the shocked mother. She almost ran out of the store.

Patrick had come home and seemed to avoid his mom till dinner. He came down when called and they both ate in silence. Jane could not quite figure out what to say to her son, who she knew had already talked with Dr. Morgan and was at least partly aware of what was to come. Patrick disappeared in his room, while Jane cleaned up, did laundry and then went to turn in. She lightly knocked on Patrick’s doors about 9:30 and opened it looking at her son, in bed, with his back to her. She walked over and lightly touched his shoulder, kissing his cheek, and whispering “its ok baby, I love you!”

Friday morning came far too quickly in the Johnson household. Jane had been up since 5 am, looking at the porn magazines she had purchased. She had been stunned to see that one had a mother, masturbating in front of her son. It had pictures of her around the house, in various states of undress, butt, vaginia and breasts exposed to the boy. It also had her son’s, penis exposed, stroking himself, first while watching her, then sitting with her. Jane had found her nipples getting hard as she looked through the pictures. She looked intently as the Mother I’d Like to Fuck, played with herself, sticking her fingers inside herself. She almost started to stroke herself, as she caught her hand lightly rubbing her nightgown.

“Patrick, baby wake up,” she said as she lightly shook her son’s shoulder. He rolled over, barely awake and caused his mother to suck in air, as a tent magically rose in the center of the bed. Jane’s eyes focused in on what she was sure was an erection, unaware that her son’s eyes were focused on her. After a few minutes, Patrick reached down and moved his dick, forward so that it laid against his stomach. His mom’s stare broken; she turned and looked her boy in the eyes. Both knew what was coming, both unsure of what was next.

“Patrick, I know you talked with Dr. Morgan and we both want you to succeed in school. I’m here to help you and love you very much, I’m your mother and there is nothing you ever have to worry about or feel uncomfortable about with me, OK?

“Yes mom, Patrick sheepishly said, still looking at his mom.

“OK, how about you come sit here on the edge of the bed, as Jane patted the end. Patrick got up and stood with just a pair of boxer shorts on. His mom tried not to stare at the bulge pushing against the top of his underwear. “Baby, I have something I want you to look at, as she handed him the first porn magazine she had bought. His eyes got big as he looked at the cover, then at his mom and back at the magazine. “It’s ok baby, take a look through it, mommy want you too” she told her boy, trying to reassure him and herself that this was ok. Two pages in and Patrick was squirming some, trying to adjust the developing rock hard erection bahis siteleri he had. Jane noticed his discomfort and took a deep breath, before taking the next step, exposing her son’s penis.

“Baby, I know you’re a big boy now and have needs, so mommy wants you to satisfy those needs, stand up for mommy and pull down your underwear.” Patrick just looked at his mom; Jane tried to look very positive and smiled at her grown boy, touching his face lightly. Patrick slowly reached down and grabbed both sides of his boxer shorts, pulling down very slowly. His manhood, catching on the waistband and causing a tenting effect again. He finally had to reach in and grab it, using his other hand to pull his underwear down to his knees. Sitting back on the edge of the bed, his right hand still rested on his cock.

Mrs. Jane Johnson just sat their staring at here son’s manhood. It was about the same size as her ex-husbands, possibly a little thicker. Not monstrous, but impressive, she thought, realizing it was the first ‘cock’ she had seen in many years. “Baby, here is some lube for you and mommy is going to hold the magazine for you to look at.” “I want you to put some lube on you penis and then you can touch it more, OK?” Her son looked at her, the lube, his cock and back to his mom. Without saying a word, he opened the container and squeezed a little into his right hand. Closing it, he handed it back to his mom, who put it in her robe pocket. Patrick slowly started to touch himself as he looked at the MILF’s in the magazine and then at his mom. His mother’s robe was slightly open at the top and bottom, causing his eyes to wander. He realized his mom had some nice legs, smooth and tan and her breasts were peeking out as the robe hung open. Patrick did not know just how big they were, but knew she was a lot bigger size than her girlfriend Nancy, having seen them the last time they went to the beach.

“Does that feel good baby” his mom asked without needing an answer.

“Yes, mommy it does” Patrick said eyes moving from cock, to magazine to mom’s tits. He had only stroked himself a few times, when he gripped his cock and started jerking it. His mom’s mouth dropped open as her son leaned back, let out a gasp and started jerking streams of white milky cum out of his cock. It shot everywhere, stream after stream, the poor kid had not had a release till now and it showed. Jane reached across, touching her son’s arm, as he stroked another stream of cum, causing a jolt of energy to course through his body. His mom was touching him, with his cock out, coming all over his room. Patrick almost fainted.

“O’ baby was that ok, did it help you;” she asked holding his right arm, looking at his hand stroking his cock…

“Ya, ya mom it did, O’ did it ever.” Patrick kept stroking his semi hard cock, now just looking at his mom and the magazine that had fallen to the floor. He kept looking at his mom’s breasts which showed just a little more, hanging out from her housecoat. He leaned back and again started stroking harder and faster, his eyes closed as he pulled and pulled his cock in front of his mom.

Jane watched and rubbed her son’s arm, ‘that’s it baby, jerk it for mommy, mommy want’s you too show me,” she whispered, as he felt her breath against his earlobe.

The second load came after a few minutes. Not as much, but just as intense. Mrs. Johnson rubbed her big boys arm as he jerked himself off, her left arm reaching around his back and pulling him closer to her. Jane was wet, she knew it, could feel it, her breathing was getting faster and she knew, deep down, she was going to orgasm any second. As the last stream of cum shot out of her son’s penis, she felt her orgasm shoot through her pussy, her body shook and she pulled her son tightly to her body as waves of pleasure shot over her. Patrick was in heaven as he fell back on his bed, semi erect cock sticking up. He kept lightly stroking it, as his mom looked at her grown man. A smile on her face.

“Well, that seem like a success, I would say, would you agree, she asked Patrick?”

“O’ ya mom, that was something else,” he said looking at her and continued to stroke his cock.

“You need to get up, shower and get dressed, I need to clean up all of my big boys mess and then make breakfast,” Jane said smiling at her son. It was going to be an interesting two weeks and she was sure that her next meeting with Dr. Morgan would be more positive.


Jane Johnson was smiling as she walked in to her son’s high school. The past two weeks had been both bizarre and amazing. She had helped her son learn to masturbate and had watched him each morning, sit on his bed, with his penis in his hand, holding a porn magazine, showing mothers exposing themselves to their sons while playing with their breasts and viginas, she found a perverse pleasure in seeing her son cum again and again.

Jane had also found time to look through the magazines at night, relearning a cardinal sin of her own, stroking her pussy bahis şirketleri at night, thinking of her son’s penis.

Ms. Peterson gave a devilish smile to Jane as she entered Dr. Morgan’s office. Jane’s skirt was cut above the knee and she wore a v-neck sweater that showed off a pair of large C cup tits, her heels were about an inch higher and a hint of hard nipple pressed against the fabric under the cool air conditioning. “Dr. Morgan is waiting for you,” Ms. Peterson said, Jane thanking her with a smile of her own.

“Mrs. Johnson, how nice to see you,” Dr. Morgan said as he took in the full body of Patrick’s mother. He noticed the change immediately, in both attire and attitude and felt a twitch in his pants.

“So, from your viewpoint, how have things been going at home with Patrick?” Jane looked at the Assistant Dean and blushed.

“Fine, I mean good” she said not sure of what to say.

“Well, I talked with Patrick and reviewed his class work, home work and extra assignments, all show improvement,” he told her. “Patrick seems pleased with his new skill and feels that he is much more focused and relaxed during school” Dr. Morgan said as he walked around his deck. Sitting at the edge again, in front of Mrs. Johnson, he had a good view of her curvy breasts. “What’s your impression of his jerking off” he asked looking at Jane’s chest.

“Aahh, he seems more relaxed, polite, he does his school work as soon as he gets home,” she said looking up at the Doctor.

“No, Jane how do you feel about him sitting in front of you, with his cock in his hand, shooting cum all over his room,” the Doctor asked in a more direct tone?

“I, aahh think it’s good, he is a big boy now and I see that he has needs that had been ignored, I’m glad that I can help and be supportive to him,” she told the doctor.

“Good, I think we can make more progress with his grades and motivation with your participation and support,” he told her moving around the desk. He opened the same drawer as her last visit and removed a magazine and what looked like a DVD, moving over and sitting next to Jane. “Patrick will need to have new material as we go along, he can’t just look at the same thing every day.” “Now this is more towards your son’s taste I think, as he handed her a magazine. Jane looked intently at the MILF cover showing older women, naked with a young man standing over her, cock in his hand. Jane felt a touch of wetness between her legs as she turned the pages to see the young man jerking off standing over his mother. Her breathing at increased and she for a second thought about rubbing her clit.

Doctor Morgan looked at her with a knowing, hungry look. Taking her left hand lightly, he allowed her to continue to look through the magazine. “Patrick said that he has a TV and DVD player in his room, is that right?

“Aahhh, yes, he does,” she said looking up quickly from the book.

“Good, then I also recommend that when you buy the new magazine for Patrick that you also pick up a DVD like this for him as well,” he said handing her the DVD he had. It was entitled MILF Party’s and showed a few older women dancing naked while three young men sat on a couch, cocks out jerking off.

“But, why” she asked looking at Dr. Morgan with a puzzled look.

“Jane, Patrick needs to be stimulated; he needs to have his thoughts directed.” Dr. Morgan was now running his hand lightly up Jane’s left arm, slowly stroking her arm.

“Patrick also tells me that he has been admiring your breasts when he jerks off” he said in a questioning way. Jane, jerked her head up from staring at the DVD and looked at Dr. Morgan,

“O’ my, no I did not show him my breasts, no” she told the Doctor in a shocked tone.

“Jane, it’s ok, young men love their mothers, their brain almost commands them to look at them, small tits, big tits, flabby tits, boys, men love tits, he told her in a reassuring manner, still rubbing her arm. “I want you to be comfortable with Patrick’s needs, he sees you as a vision of womanhood, a woman with a wonderful body, something I happen to agree with.” “He looks at your perky tits and it reaffirms his manhood,” he told her looking directly at her sweater pushing out.

“Jane, you need to reassure Patrick and what I want you to try is allowing him a better view of your breasts, when he is jerking off.” I want you to let him see more, not just some cold paper magazine, but live heaving breasts, he said, his finger running up her neck. Jane Johnson was flabbergasted, stunned, she was already helping her son masturbate, and now the Assistant Dean wanted her to flash her breast to her big boy.

“Dr. Morgan, I don’t know, that seems a bit much, he has his pictures,” she said in a questioning way.

“Jane, were here to help Patrick, to see his grades improve, to see him graduate and go to a good college, I thought you wanted to be there for him,” he asked?

A million thoughts ran through her mind, a few down right nasty, some causing her to be getting wet and her nipples getting rock hard. While her head was spinning, Dr. Morgan has started rubbing the back of her neck, applying light pressure as he stroked, causing a slight moan from the confused mother.

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