The Lakeland Family

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A breeze of cool northern air flowed down over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, nipping and darting along the coast of southern France. Past fishing villages and holiday resorts, locals and tourists on land and sea the wind blew, carrying the chilly bite of the autumn soon to come.

The sun was fairly blistering down on the deck of The May Princess when the wind finally arrived, and Julia Lakeland felt its gentle cooling caress with a sigh of regret. Lying in her lounger on the deck of the Princess Julia opened her eyes and watched the sail tentatively stirring.

“A breeze!” came a voice, excitedly shattering Julia’s peaceful daze. Julia’s brother, Kieran scrambled into view, hauling lines and securing booms and such. Julia never really got the hang of all of that nonsense. She was right where she wanted to be. All that rushing about sailing and whatnot? Ugh! Certainly not!

Julia sat up slightly and studied her brother over her sunglasses. Her little brother had certainly grown up in the last year or so. He had just finished his A-levels, his results were due in a week or so and he was starting to get nervous (bless). Julia had just finished her first year of uni at Northumbria ex-poly’. She was studying film and sociology.

Kieran was struggling to keep his wayward wavy brown hair out of his eyes whilst securing some rope or other in place. A three week sailing trip had done him good – he was certainly looking toned for it and he had a killer tan. Julia’s full lips curved into a little smile as she glanced down at herself. Her own tan was looking pretty damn hot too, if she might say so herself.

“Da-vid” called Julia’s mum from her own recliner on Julia’s left hand side. There was the sound of some pans and plates clattering about in the tiny kitchen beneath them and then the signature stride that announced Mr. Lakeland’s approach. Julia’s dad hauled himself up the ladder from below decks and up by the tiller.

“Give Kieran a hand honey” said Mrs. Lakeland; her voice seemed to drip with unspoken promises. Julia grinned to herself; she had to learn how her mum did that. Men were putty in her hands when she did that voice.

“Of course” he said and scrambled round to help Kieran secure all the lines. Julia shot a sidelong glance at her mother and almost gasped at the predatory look in her eyes as she watched her husband work.

Julia was struck by the sudden knowledge that her parents can’t have… well… done it all through this holiday. They’d all been sharing a single large cabin and there’d been no time to… Julia bit her lip to stop herself laughing. Dad must be about to explode!

She’d always known her parents had an active love life, ever since she learned what those noises in the night meant. When she’d been living at home it had been almost like clockwork some weeks. You just knew what night of the week it was cos mum would suddenly decide she wanted an early night and before you knew it dad would be feeling tired too and then there’d be the sound of squeaking bed springs throughout the house.

Julia shook her head in wonder. Did they really think that she and Kieran didn’t know what they were doing? Perhaps they didn’t really care. It was kinda sweet that they were still hot for each other after all these years.

Julia looked at her dad. Old faded swimming shorts and prescription sunglasses aside, he was in good nick. No belly there, still had all his hair too though she had the suspicion that it would be grey if mum didn’t make him dye it. He kept himself in shape by going to the local JJB three times a week. The whole family were members – dad had got them all to join to get the introduce-a-friend bonus. Julia’s gaze flitted back to her brother. Her old school friends had always raved about both of them. They’d teased her mercilessly.

“How can you live in the same house as those two hotties and not want to jump them?” her best friend Katie had said once. She’d had that crooked smile on her face that always made Julia uncertain as to whether she was being serious or not. They had a bit of a falling out over that and Katie had never mentioned it again, but it had stuck in Julia’s head.

Mrs. Lakeland, Anna to her friends, watched her husband moving about the deck. He had the grace of a tiger the way he moved so full of confidence and purpose. She loved seeing him in his element on these little cruises they took every year – he was so sexy when he took control. She turned to grab her juice and gave Julia a smile. She didn’t seem to notice and Anna turned to see what was captivating her daughter’s attention so. As she sat back and took a sip of her juice, Anna followed Julia’s line of sight to where Kieran was bent over a stack of knotted rope, trying to untangle the snarls. Anna raised her eyebrows and glanced back at Julia trying to be subtle. Yes, she was still staring. Anna looked at her son again, worriedly. Was something going on between them? No that’s just paranoid canlı bahis she chided herself irritably. Just because you’re horny doesn’t mean you have to project your own thoughts on to everyone else.

It took her a moment to realize she was still looking at her son’s behind and she looked away hurriedly, trying not to seem flustered. A treacherous voice rose in the back of her head. He is kinda hot, though – said the voice, he looks like David did at that age. Anna squashed that murmur ruthlessly and took a sip of orange juice. Her mouth twisted. Ugh, it was warm.

The May Princess scudded along the coastline easily now that the wind was back in her sails. They were maybe two days from port. Two days from the final flight home to England. Kieran sighed and eased the tiller in his hand. The sun was hiding behind the clouds now and mum and dad had slipped below to get the food ready – they’d have to find a sheltered cove along here somewhere soon. They couldn’t be caught without a birth for the night on this treacherous part of the coastline. Kieran’s beach blond sister finally relinquished her sun lounger with an irritated grumble and padded down to where he stood, her towel draped over her shoulder. She was wearing a two piece bikini which was red, tight and small. He’d nearly choked when he’d seen her come out on deck wearing that the first time. She looked great. He’d had to sit down when their mum came out in a two piece of the same design but in black. Kieran had noticed his dad’s eyes widen when they trooped out on deck like that but that had been his only reaction. He wished he had his dad’s reserve.

“Hey there fish-face” he said as Julia hopped down into the small cockpit. She stuck her tongue out then grinned.

“Hey yourself” she said. They’d always got on pretty well – probably more well now she’d left home. He hadn’t thought he would miss her so much when she went away, but he found himself thinking about her at the oddest occasions. He was trying desperately to keep his eyes on her face now though. She didn’t seem to realize but the cool breeze had had a rather noticeable effect on her.

Julia’s eyes narrowed as she saw his eyes unconsciously flick down and his cheeks flushed. She put her hands on her hips and frowned at him thoughtfully, then glanced at her chest and noticed. Her nipples were standing out like little bullets under the tight material. Her cheeks flushed too. Kieran thought his face might burn off.

“Jesus!” she muttered moving to cover herself with her towel then glancing at him she let it drop with a defiant glare. “Pervert” she muttered and Kieran raised his hands innocently.

“Hey, it’s hard not to look when you put yourself on open display” he pointed out.

Julia opened her mouth to snap back then seemed to think better of it and turned away. Kieran felt his eyes move down before he could even think about it. It’s an automatic thing with nearly every straight man alive, a woman turns her back to you, the eyes just naturally go down.

“Kieran!” hissed Julia and he gave a start, realizing he’d been caught looking at her bum. He winced but the expression on her face wasn’t as outraged as he’d expected, it was kind of half annoyed half pleased. She shook her head and climbed down below. Kieran rolled his eyes heavenwards with a groan. Great! Now his sister thought he was a pervert. Just…perfect!!

David sighed and stood back from the small table with a satisfied smile. There really was little that could beat the flavor of freshly caught fish. It had gone perfectly on that bed of couscous and sundried tomato’s. He offered a small prayer of thanks for having found that little village to stock up in four days back.

“Can we watch a movie?” asked Julia with a yawn; she tried her best puppy dog eyes on her dad.

“Ok” he chuckled and Julia whooped and clapped her hands.

“Something good though this time, please!” said Kieran with a tired sigh, “anything that has Lindsey lohan in it is out the window.” Julia pouted and their mother groaned irritably and caught her husband’s eye.

“You guys watch something down here” she said, “I’m going to watch the sunset… honey?” She invested so much suggestion in that last word that David was sure the kids must pick up on it but they carried on bickering about film-choice as if nothing was out of the ordinary. He breathed a silent sigh of relief.

“Sure, sweety” he said and was rewarded with a dazzling smile. Definitely the right answer. Anna stood, trying not to hurry as she walked through the cramped cabin space past the squabbling kids to the ladder. She made sure David was right behind her when she started to climb. David grinned to himself. She was wearing a colorful sarong over that bikini now but it still left little to the imagination. David often caught himself thanking the gods for giving him such a hot wife.

The sun was a red glow on the horizon now, giving just enough light to see comfortably. David glanced bahis siteleri back down the ladder; the kids were watching something now. One glance was enough to confirm that they’d been entirely drawn into whatever they were watching – zombie nation indeed!

David quietly closed the hatch and hopped up onto the deck. Anna had divested herself of the sarong. And the bikini, both top and bottom. David stared in appreciation as his wife did a little twirl for him. Naked for the world to see. For a woman approaching forty three she looked incredible – if she’d claimed to be ten years younger he would have believed her.

Her golden blonde hair was loose and fell in thick waves about her shoulders. Her eyes sparkled in the twilight, big blue and looking at him with a distinctly come-hither glow. David stood still, and just looked at her for a moment longer. Her large round breasts were miraculously firm and perky, her nipples small and hard in a way that invited sucking. Her belly was firm and trim due to the yoga and spinning classes she did when they went to the gym together and her slim waist accented the flare of her curvy hips perfectly.

She grinned at him, loving the attention as she turned and posed, curving her back as she bent over to give his a wonderful view of her tight round ass and long lithe legs, the lips of her pussy just hidden by the evening’s long shadows. David unfastened his shorts and slid them down. Anna straightened and giggling ran away from her husband as he stepped out of his shorts and chased after her along the deck to the prow. There was a raised section there and as she reached it Anna lay back and grabbed the railings on either side, spreading her legs invitingly, hooking her heels over the railings too.

David could hear the blood pumping in his ears as he looked down on his beautiful wife, legs akimbo, her bare waxed pussy offered up to him. Slowly, teasing her, he clambered onto the raised section of the deck and lowered himself on top of her, rubbing the hard length of his cock up and down the juicy folds of her cunt.

“Just fuck me already!” moaned Anna between hungry kisses and David remembered suddenly that they weren’t alone on the boat. He discarded the worry instantly, the kids were watching their film – they’d never know. He lifted himself, feeling his wife’s fingers guiding him to her entrance then plunged in with a moan.

“This film blows” muttered Kieran for the eighth or tenth time since it had begun. Julia glared at her little brother and he shrugged, “just telling you the truth” he sighed and she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“You’re such a pissy little idiot when you want to be, Kieran” she sulked, “if you don’t like the film, why don’t you go up on deck with mum and dad?” Kieran made a face.

“Great, that’d be fun” he said sarcastically and Julia grinned.

“Well, you like looking don’t you? They’ll probably be making out right now.” Kieran raised a skeptical eyebrow, “they wouldn’t with us here” he said and Julia shrugged in a not-so-sure kind of way.

“They were looking pretty frustrated earlier; maybe this is their sea equivalent to the ‘going-to-bed-early’ routine?” Kieran threw back his head and laughed, Julia grinned too. “I’ll bet you fifty quid that they’re getting it on right now” she proposed and her brother narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t have that kind of money,” he said and Julia frowned irritably. Suddenly a thought popped into her mouth and off her tongue before she had a chance to think about it.

“Ok, pervert, how about a different stake? If you win I’ll show you my tits since you’re obviously so keen to get a look” Kieran’s eyes widened and his heart suddenly picked up the pace.

“And if I lose?” he asked and Julia’s grin widened as her eyes dipped down to his shorts. He blushed furiously and nearly said no… but his pride was too stiff to give in so easily to his sisters teasing. He nodded and Julia grinned to herself, the spineless idiot would surely choke if he lost.

She looked at his serious expression and shook her head in silent amusement. He really must want to see them, huh? She thought and felt a shiver of pleasure run through her. It was always nice to be admired – even if it was her idiot little brother. The film played on in the background unwatched now as they got off their bunks and crept to the hatch. Julia climbed up first without thinking then felt her face burning up again when she glanced back and saw Kieran’s face down the ladder staring rapturously at her ass. He really was a pervert! She suddenly wished she’d worn a sarong like her mum.

Gently so as to not make any noise, she opened the hatch and crept out, keeping her head down as Kieran clambered up and quickly shut the hatch to stop the light shining out too much. It was nearly dark but there were lamps on the deck and Julia’s grin was easily discernable as Kieran picked out the strange noises coming from the prow.

“No way!” he breathed bahis şirketleri and Julia had to cover her mouth to stop herself giggling. Exchanging a long look the siblings lifted themselves out of the cockpit and hid behind a stack of ropes by two folded recliners. Their view of what was happening at the prow was clear and graphic. Julia stared, her attention completely absorbed by what she was seeing. Her bare naked mother was on hands and knees, her shoulder resting on the smaller mast that was at the front of the ship; her eyes squeezed shut in an expression of exquisite pleasure as their dad ploughed into her from behind. They could hear the sound of their dad’s pelvis slapping into their mother’s rounded buttocks loud and clear.

Their mum was saying something to him over her shoulder, Julia thought she could make out some of it, it sounded like, “fuck me David baby, fuck your dirty girl hard!!” Julia felt the urge to giggle again. It was so strange to hear her mum talk dirty like that. Especially knowing that she liked to do the same thing when she was with her boyfriend.

Guiltily, Julia realised that she was becoming more than a little turned on by this. She ran her eyes over her dad’s face, biting her lip as she imagined what it would be like to be lying under him as he looked down with that expression of lust on his face for her. For the first time, she really got why her friends had made such a fuss about him. He was hot! With a start Julia realised her hand had been creeping closer to her bikini bottoms and she glanced almost accusingly at Kieran. He didn’t notice anything though. He was staring in much the same way Julia had been, his eyes hypnotically following the movements of their mother’s perfect naked tits as they swayed with the motion of being fucked.

Julia felt her grin return and she glanced down to see her suspicions confirmed. His shorts were sporting a rather large tent. Much larger than Julia had expected, she almost gasped. She wondered if dad’s was big too. Kieran seemed to sense he was being looked at because he turned to her with a shy grin.

“You want your prize huh?” he asked but she looked at him without comprehension – she hadn’t really been serious about all that. Then again, now she’d seen the size of the tent she was curious… Without needing any further encouragement Kieran took hold of the band of his shorts and tugged them down to his knees.

“Jesus!” hissed Julia, her eyes going wide as her little brother’s huge cock bounced eagerly into the night air. He was maybe eight inches long and two and a half thick; she didn’t even think it was fully hard! It was a lot bigger than her on-off boyfriend Jasper’s.

It wasn’t just the size though… it just looked beautiful. It was thick, veined and throbbing with a huge purple bellend that already had a pearly drop of precum squeezing from the hole. It was almost like suddenly she knew that was how cocks should all look.

It throbbed as she stared and slowly got bigger. Kieran grinned at his sister’s expression and wiggled his hips making the swollen monster sway dangerously close to Julia’s arm. She didn’t pull away. Julia licked her lips and looked over the debris that hid them.

Their dad was laid back on a recliner now, closer than they had been. Their mom was facing them, riding his dick from on top and Julia nearly moaned as she felt her pussy juice between her legs. Dad’s dick was even bigger than Kieran’s!

She watched them for a while, mesmerized by the sight of her father’s massive penis pumping in and out of her mother’s wet hole. Julia looked back at Kieran and saw he had taken his big cock in his hand and was stroking it up and down as he watched their parents fuck. Julia licked her lips and gently touched his arm to get his attention.

“I…uh” she started hesitantly, “it’s a little unfair that I made you do that” she said, her voice sounding somewhat breathless, “maybe its only fair if I do my forfeit too” she finished and Kieran smiled nervously in sudden understanding.

“Uh… yeah, sure” he whispered back, “whatever you’re comfortable with.” Julia had the sudden urge to laugh out loud. Comfortable? They’d gone way past the bounds of comfort now – but that’s what made it so damn exciting! Smiling for her not-so-little brother she arched her back and reached behind herself to undo the lace of her bikini. Keeping a careful eye out for signs that their parents might be finishing up, she slowly, teasingly pulled her bikini top off.

Kieran sighed as his big sister’s perfect rounded tits were exposed to him for the first time ever; he loved the shape of them. The way her small rose colored nipples hardened at the first touch of cool night air, the contrast between the tan of her exposed skin and the creamy white where she’d been covered before. She was so damn hot!

She massaged her firm young tits, watching his reactions with a small smile on her face. Her eyes dipped to his stiff cock and she pinched her stiff nipples, shuddering with excitement. Her mouth seemed to shape the word brother silently and her right hand slid down her washboard stomach to slip under the material of her bikini panties.

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