The Morrisons Ch. 28

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I appreciate Fat_Dad editing this chapter of “The Morrisons” we have combined our story characters, but each story is separate from the other.

It has been almost 2 years since I’ve published a chapter of The Morrisons, due to health reasons. However, I have been writing this chapter a little bit at a time over the past 6 months. I hope you all enjoy this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


**Author’s Note: The Morrisons is a continuing story where each chapter builds on previous chapters. If this is your first encounter with The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you read the previous chapters prior to reading this one. Please enjoy!

**Before you read this chapter, be advised that it contains very graphic depictions of raw sex between two or more consenting people. Since I am an amateur author, you may find some errors in spelling, or punctuation. IF such depictions or errors upset you or make you lose sleep, PLEASE don’t read any further. It’s a different-strokes-for-different-folks kind of story.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities – are of legal age!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Chapter 28

After walking hand in hand on the beach, Joanna and Hanna circled back towards the coconut grove. A short distance away, they stopped and listened to the wonderful sounds of people making love on the moon lit beach. “Let’s move closer so we can watch them.” Hanna whispered.

As they moved forward both could see the silhouettes of people on the lounges in various positions and it was evident, they were all enjoying themselves. They could see some of the participant’s faces while others had their faces turned. Two of the couples they recognized were Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. receiving oral sex on lounges set up, side by side. Tom Jr.’s mom was hungrily attacking his rock-hard cock while Faith (Tom Jr.’s wife) eagerly manipulated Tom Sr.’s manhood. Both Toms were gasping as they neared their orgasm. One Tom after another let their partner know they were close to cummming. It appeared that both females eagerly stepped up their actions. Soon both Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. released loud groans while pumping their hips in sync with their female companion’s actions. Janet and Faith swallowed their partner’s juices until they were completely dry and cleaned. After Janet and Faith finished, they crawled up the lounge to snuggle under the arm of their Tom.

Hanna hugged Joanna and said in a soft voice, “I wish my first introduction to oral sex would have been as loving as what we are witnessing. They look so much in love and care for each other.”

“Yes,” Joanna replied in a whisper, “True love is a marvelous thing. I can’t imagine what you went through between those three thugs who treated you so wrongly. I hope by now, you realize not everyone is like Harold, Pete and Bill. When you have flash backs to that time you were abused, those three guys will never hurt you again because there are many people protecting you. I will protect you no matter what it takes. You are a lovely young lady and I hope over time you will be able to move on.”

Shortly after both Toms achieved their sexual satisfaction, there came a blood curdling shriek and scream of pleasure from Brenda Summers (Tom Sr. executive secretary) on a lounge just a short distance from Tom Jr.

Brenda was folded almost in half with her legs and feet up near her head. A muscle-bound man between her widespread legs pumped his cock into her well lubricated pussy. Brenda’s hands clutched the back of his arms so he couldn’t pull away. As one orgasm, after another, wracked her body, Brenda continued to scream and moan in ecstasy for almost a minute.

Hanna looked at Joanna and moved her head in the direction of their cabin. Joanna picked up on the hint and while holding Hanna’s hand, they both stood up. They surveyed the scene once more before they said good night to all three couples.

As they started to walk away from the very sexy scene, and were about to pass both Toms, they paused for a moment and watched Janet and Faith move up on the lounge straddling the Tom under them. Both girls positioned their pussy over each Tom’s face before they lowered their well lubricated pussy down on the waiting face of their partner. Joanna and Hanna could hear the slurping sounds as both Toms began to return the favor they had received.

Hanna leaned into Joanna and kissed her lightly on the cheek before she said, “Come on, let’s get back to our cabin, I want us to have some of that kind of fun.”

Walking briskly, they arrived at their cabin within a couple of minutes. Once inside, Joanna suggested they take a shower to make sure all the sand was washed off their body. Hanna didn’t argue and led the way to the bathroom. After starting the shower, Hanna looked at Joanna sitting on the toilet. When she finished and wiped her pussy, Hanna smiled saying, “My turn.”

In the shower the two girls hugged and kissed each other under the warm spray. canlı bahis Their hands explored each other’s body. They stopped briefly to fill their scrunchies with body wash before they continued to get cleaned up. By the time they finished both ladies were moaning and panting like a cat in heat. They hurried and dried each other’s body before they rushed into the bedroom.

At the bottom of the bed they stopped, and Hanna pulled Joanna into a one-armed hug. She stared into Joanna’s green eyes as she raised her free hand and placed it on Joanna’s “B” sized breast. “I feel safe with you Joanna. There’s just something about you that gives me the comfort I really need. But for now, I want to do things to your body even though I don’t have much experience.”

“On Hanna, you are such a lovely young lady with a beautiful body. It is I who should feel privileged to be allowed to enjoy a moment like this. You have a lifetime to love and be loved and I really hope our being together is just the start of your adventure.”

Joanna pushed her pubic mound against Hanna’s pubic mound before she started slow rotations and gyrations. She pulled Hanna into an embrace and feather kissed her lips softly before she slowly moved to Hanna’s ear and down the side of her neck. Within seconds Hanna was pushing her pubic mound back against Joanna and purring softly.

They separated only long enough to crawl up on the bed side by side so they could continue. Hanna’s hand found its way to Joanna’s small brown nipple and rolled it tenderly between her thumb and index finger. “My nipples are so sensitive love.” Joanna whispered. Hanna giggled and replied, “Mine are too.”

Joanna, stirred by her passion, leaned forward until her lips softly brushed Hanna’s, simultaneously their hands explored each other’s body. Their breathing became irregular and in gasps. Their hips were in constant motion as each of the girls lovingly massaged each other’s clit.

Joanna pulled back from their kiss and beheld the mixture of love and lust in Hanna’s eyes. It was only for a few seconds but to Hanna it seemed much longer. Suddenly Hanna started giggling and with that, her whole body shook.

Joanna asked, “What’s so funny girl?”

Hanna once again stared deeply into Joanna’s green eyes before she responded, “I’m looking forward to making love to you. I was only giggling because I’m excited and as you can tell, I’m soaking wet. I hope I don’t drown you when you go down on me.”

Joanna responded with, “No problem honey, I’ll have you lie on your back and I’ll get between your legs, so all your juices I miss will flow on the bed. I know that doesn’t sound so romantic, but I don’t want to drown tonight either. Wait, let me get a towel and put under you so we won’t have to sleep in a wet spot later.” Joanna slipped out of bed and went to the linen closet and brought back a thick towel, only to find Hanna with her feet firmly planted on the bed and her ass raised.

When Joanna crawled back up on the bed, she asked Hanna, “Now … where were we?”

Hanna giggled once again, only this time she kept going. Finally, Joanna asked, “OK, I give up, what’s so funny this time?”

“You must be some cop! It took you less than a minute to get that towel and you forgot what we were doing and now you want me to remind you. Do I need to join the police department so I can be your partner and remind you what you have to do?”

“Oh, you’re a silly girl,” Joanna laughed and replied, “Honey, that would be fun. But I don’t think the department could handle both of us as a team. You could get us in all kinds of trouble – good trouble mind you – but none the less – trouble.”

Hanna giggled like a young schoolgirl before mimicking Joanna, “Where were we?”

Both girls started laughing as they moved together and embraced. It didn’t take long before they were locked in a very passionate embrace and hot kisses. The interruption was only a minor diversion but then again, they had all night, so they weren’t in much of a hurry. After a couple hours of intense and passionate love making, both girls collapsed on the bed, breathing rapidly and each heart pounding in their chest.

When they had a chance to calm down, Joanna suggested, “Let’s go out on the porch and sit on the swing. We could use a little fresh air.”

Without another word, both rolled in opposite directions and vacated the bed. They met again at the foot of the bed. Hanna said, “I’d like to rinse off before we go out there.” Joanna agreed so they detoured into the bathroom. This time Joanna adjusted the water while Hanna quickly peed. Joanna took her turn on the toilet before both stepped into the shower.

They finished their quick rinse, “I’m not going to use a towel, I’d love to go outside wet and let the air dry my skin.” Joanna suggested.

“That sounds like an excellent idea.” Hanna added. “I’d like to do that too.”

There was a nice warm breeze blowing softly and they stepped out on the porch. They moved to the swing and both sat down at bahis siteleri the same time. They allowed the swing to move slowly back and forth as they talked quietly.

In the quiet of the night with only the soft sounds of the surf off in a distance, they heard a male and female voice that seemed to get closer. They continued to swing while listening to a female giggle. Both Hanna and Joanna looked to their left, but with the trees overhead, it was very dark.

As the voices came closer, Joanna recognized the female voice as belonging to Carrie Thompson and the male voice was Fred Holden, Carrie’s boyfriend. Joanna and Hanna couldn’t see them until they were almost in front of the porch. As they were about to pass by, Joanna greeted them by wishing them a good evening.

The newcomers stopped in front of the porch and returned the greeting. Joanna asked them if they would like to sit and chat a while and they accepted. Joanna got up and went into the cabin and returned with four bottles of cold water and passed them out, before she sat down again. While they sipped their water, they talked quietly.

Joanna asked the new couple how they were enjoying their stay on the island. Carrie was quick to respond that it was nothing like being at home. She took a long pull on her water and swallowed before she said, “Guys this is the land of magic. I know Fred is used to being with other nude people, but he’s had a hard on more than any time I can remember since we’ve been dating. I don’t know if you want to hear about his cock but let me tell you this one last thing before I finish. We were down on the beach earlier and it was so wonderful to have all the loving couples down there sharing the beach with us. The sounds people make when they make love and have an orgasm were so wonderful. Each one of us added something to the chorus of noises. I’ve never made love with others being so close. I know it affected me in a positive way and I suspect that Fred was affected too because his cock has never stayed so hard for so long as it did down there on the beach.”

Hanna piped up and said, “I think Fred has still got a hard on.”

Carrie was quick to say, “Yes he does Hanna. Would you like to feel it or stroke it? I share, you know.”

“I couldn’t possibly do that Carrie.” Hanna replied. “He’s your man.”

“Hanna, you don’t have to worry, there are only four of us here and I don’t think anyone of us is going to say anything that would embarrass you later. If you want to take Carrie up on her offer, I’m willing to let you stroke my cock.” Fred added.

There were a few moments of silence before Hanna whispered, “Fred if you don’t mind, I would love to. I don’t have that much experience in willing participation with males, but I’d love to experiment if you and Carrie didn’t mind.”

Joanna stood up quickly and said, “Come over here Fred and sit next to Hanna and I’ll sit in your chair.”

Carrie was quick to add, “Hanna you don’t have to be shy or bashful with us. If you want to try something, just say so. I’m positive Fred will be very accommodating, especially for you.”

Fred stood up and followed his hard cock across the porch and paused a moment before he sat down in the swing next to Hanna. He quietly said, “I want you to know, even though I came over here to sit next to you, you don’t have to do anything, if you don’t want to. You don’t have to ask permission either, whenever you are ready to do something, just go for it.”

Hanna looked at Fred for a few seconds before she reached out and touched his cock and used the tip of her index finger to trace an invisible line up and down before she went south and touched his balls. Fred inhaled sharply when he felt Hanna grasp his balls in her small hand. He even slid his ass towards the edge of the swing so he could spread his legs a little more and give Hanna extra room to explore.

In her soft voice, “You can touch me if you want to Fred.” Hanna added.

Fred looked at the beautiful young lady beside him and although his smile was not visible in the dark of night, he timidly draped his arm around her shoulders and moved his hand so he could cup her lovely breast in his hand. He felt her shiver at his touch, and he questioned her if she was ok.

“My nipples have always been so sensitive when someone else touches them. I appreciate you going slow with me because of the experience I had with those really bad men.” Hanna replied.

Carrie spoke up and proposed, “Would you two like to go in on the bed where there’s more room? Joanna and I can come in if you’d like, or we can stay out here, it’s your choice.”

Everything was quiet for almost a full minute before Hanna looked at Fred and asked. “Fred if we go in on the bed, you won’t force me to fuck you, will you?”

“No Hanna, we will only do what you want to do and nothing more. Carrie and Joanna can come in if you want them to, I don’t mind.”

“If they stay right here on the porch, they will be close enough. Knowing that all the other people here are making love bahis şirketleri or having sex is making me very horny and when we get in the bedroom you will feel how wet I am. I think it will fine if just the two of us went in, if that’s alright with Carrie.” Hanna said in a quiet shy voice.

Hanna stood up first and held her hand out to Fred. He took her hand and as they walked in front of Carrie and Joanna they paused and Hanna asked Carrie, “If things feel right, would it be ok with you if I had Fred put his cock in my pussy?”

Carrie jumped up and hugged Hanna before saying, “Honey, you know what Dan Morrison has always said about love making or sex; both participants have to agree. You will have to ask Fred if the time comes, but for me, if you want to make love to Fred, you can go for it girl. I love you dearly.”

Hanna turned and while holding Fred’s hand both entered the cabin alone and headed directly for the bedroom. Hanna turned to Fred and put her arms around his neck and hugged him while pressing her body firmly against his. Fred kissed the side of her neck and down her jawbone until Hanna pulled back enough for him to lightly kiss her lips. Fred allowed his hands to move up and down her back for a few seconds before he went down and cupping both ass cheeks in his hands and pulled Hanna closer to him. Hanna moaned into his mouth when her pubic mound was mashed firmly against Fred’s hard cock.

They had a tongue battle for a few minutes before Hanna pulled back and looked into Fred’s eyes and whispered, “Let’s get on the bed.”

Fred watched as Hanna turned and crawled up on the bed. Her delicious looking slit and tiny rosebud asshole were on full display for him. When Hanna turned and laid down on her back, she automatically allowed her legs to remain open. Fred stood in place and stared openly at Hanna slightly open pussy.

Hanna started to close her legs, but Fred held up his hand and said, “Please don’t do that. You are so beautiful, and I just have to stare at you for a moment longer.”

Fred’s staring made her feel a little self-conscious, however his words were so comforting. She knew he was looking directly at her spread open pussy and at the same time he was telling her she was beautiful. After what she suffered at the hands of those monsters, she thought no one would ever look at her again much less consider her beautiful. Both her pussy and asshole had been really abused by many men and she was still a little intimidated being laid out completely naked and being seen by a man.

After a few more seconds Fred started to crawl up the bed, with his face aimed between Hanna’s legs while his rock-hard cock bobbed up and down from his groin. Hanna held out her hands, but Fred ignored them, and he started kissing her thighs, first one and then the other. Each time he kissed a thigh, he moved closer to the apex of her legs.

Finally, he reached his target and the first kiss was planted directly on her tiny extended clit. Hanna gasped then gave a little yelp followed by a very satisfied sounding – oooooooooh. Fred smiled to himself and the next move was to run his flat tongue from her tiny rosebud hole to her small clit. When Fred’s tongue touched Hanna’s clit, once again she moaned, and raised her hips to make the contact with her clit last longer. Hanna reached down and grasped his hair and used that to pull his mouth tightly against her pussy. She strained with sexual excitement as Fred’s tongue drove into her pussy and licked upward to her clit repeatedly.

Fred worked his tongue feverously until he had Hanna’s hips grinding against his face and the volume of her moaning with pleasure grew in intensity. Hanna experienced several small orgasms until the big one hit her and rocked her world. As she got louder and her hips gyrated sporadically, Fred found it hard to keep up with her. Inwardly, he was glad when her hips finally raised off the bed and vibrated as Hanna screamed in ecstasy.

When Hanna finally released the back of his head, Fred pulled away and looked up Hanna’s naked body. The girl had a huge smile on her face, but her eyes were closed. Without waiting for an invitation Fred moved her body until he was lying beside her. Hanna expelled a huge satisfied sigh as she opened her eyes slowly. When they were wide open, she rolled her head towards Fred and smiled as she whispered, “Oh God, thank you Fred. I really needed that after listening to everyone talk about sex and seeing others enjoying sex. A girl, even with my misfortunate history can still get majorly horny.

Fred leaned over and kissed her and whispered back, “Hanna, you are a very beautiful young lady and I’m truly sorry for what happened to you, but you are safe now. No matter where those guys are now, they can’t find you and besides, they can’t get to you with all the security you have around you. Just think of it this way, you are more secure than the U.S. President with all his secret service people. You have people that you know for sure who are watching over you and then you have untold numbers of people who you don’t know, who are watching over you. This may sound ridiculous because I’ve never experienced what you have but try to be yourself and do what you want to do. No one is going to hurt you, including me.”

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