The New Reporter

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The kid was really getting on their nerves. The Channel 8 news producer had sent them out to try to help break the kid in — just out of college, he took his status as a reporter seriously, but was a complete zero when it came to experience and even good common sense. Especially when it came to dealing with his three-man crew (the team was known at the station as “Three Men and a Boy”).

Of course, they could see exactly why he’d been hired as an on-the-spot reporter. He had beautiful black hair, and eyes so brown and earnest, he could sell you the world. His face was angelic — much younger-looking than his years.

And his body (what they could see of it) was very hot. Nice round tits that pushed against the front of his dress shirt — brown nipples that showed clearly as they poked out the front of those hot mounds.

His ass was usually concealed by his jacket, but every once in a while, the crew would be treated to a look at it covered only by a pair of tight faded jeans, and it was an eye-full. Nice solid buns — round and bouncy — a couple of real handfuls. And he seemed to favor jeans that really worked their way into that deep ass crack of his, separating his spectacular butt cheeks — setting them off in all their virginal glory.

And of course, he was a virgin — he spent so much time trying to convince everybody he was totally in control and with it, it never occurred to him that he was coming off like a bitchy, temperamental child.

Knowing that the kid was running scared inside made it a little easier for the crew to take his rough edges in stride — but only a little.

In fact, the crew had broken J D in within a few days of their beginning to work together. Joe, the first cameraman, was introduced as J D’s “director.” Tom (the driver and general gofer) was. his “personal makeup man,” while Casey (second cameraman) was “in charge of wardrobe and overall appearance.” They couldn’t believe it when the kid took them at their word — his ego and self-absorption were so extreme that he wouldn’t have questioned a team of 25 being assigned to him.

So, before their first assigned shoot, Tom brushed the kid’s hair, dabbed a little powder on his nose and pronounced him ready.

Then Casey “fixed” his clothes. He had the kid remove his jacket so he could check that his shirt was OK. After looking him over from the front and the rear, he declared that the shirt was tucked in all wrong — it would look sloppy and wrinkled. He opened the kid’s belt, undid his fly and pulled the kid’s pants to his knees.

He then demonstrated to the reporter the right and the wrong way to tuck in a shirt. In the course of the demonstration, of course, the guys got a good close look at the boy’s very hot little underpants. Pure white and virginal, of course, but thin and clinging enough to emphasize the kid’s full round butt cheeks and the power of his muscular thighs. In the course of tucking him back in, Casey got some istanbul travesti first-hand knowledge of the firmness of those cheeks. The kid never batted an eyelash. Just eager to get to the filming.

After that experience, they got him trained into a very satisfactory routine. Joe would drive the van while Tom and Casey took the kid in the back to get him ready for the shoot.

He was first stripped down to his little white underpants. Then Tom took care of makeup — using a soft brush to apply a light powder to his entire body, then applying makeup to his face, neck, arms, and hands — anything that might show on camera.

Casey then dressed him in his special wardrobe — the guys had managed to get a budget from the station to buy a few specially fitted outfits for their ward. The clothes belonged to the station, so the kid couldn’t take them home with him — had to get dressed on-site, right there in the van.

Since it didn’t matter what he wore to come to work (he had to change anyway), the kid started dressing pretty minimally — usually nothing more than a t-shirt and gym shorts. (“Just have to take them off right away, anyway.”)

One day, when they were running a little late, Tom and Casey just put him in shirt, coat, and tie — “Have to get going — no time for the rest. It doesn’t show on camera, anyway.” The kid had no problem doing the report naked (but for the underpants) from the waist down. He actually seemed to enjoy it in a sort of undergraduate way — “Boy, if my folks only knew. (Giggle)”

They encouraged him to operate this way most of the time — it was pretty rare that they needed a full-length shot. (Of course, unknown to him, they were filming him full length all the time — but just for their private collections.)

Figuring that this might be a good thing to try and cash in on, the crew came up with the idea of having an occasional guest for their shots. They put out a trial balloon and were amazed by the response.

Two days later, they informed the kid when he arrived in his usual T-shirt and shorts that they had an interview scheduled with a guy that ran a local Boy’s Club. Honoring a local hero — that sort of thing.

Just about then, the guy showed up — middle-aged, very ordinary. Only the size of the check that he handed Joe (without J D noticing) was exceptional. When Tom, Casey and J D climbed into the back of the van to start getting ready, Tom suggested that Mr. X join them — just to make sure he was camera-ready.

J D had no problem with that, chattering away like a chipmunk, he just started stripping down as usual. Mr. X looked amazed, but was obviously loving it. When the kid got down to his underpants, Tom suggested that, before they set up for the interview, J D and Mr. X talk a little, just to give J D a chance to get to know his subject.

Tom knew that J D liked to move around when he was talking, so he had Mr. X sit in the make-up seat, leaving istanbul travestileri a short corridor open right in front of him for J D to pace in. It all worked out great — by the time the interview was due to start, J D knew his stuff, while Mr. X got continuous close-up views of the gorgeous kid-reporter’s hot body. He seemed especially taken with J D’s big bouncy basket. J D’s cotton underpants were thin to begin with, and the size of his big dick and oversized balls stretched them to virtual transparency. You could even tell that he was circumsized — his cockhead was clearly outlined by the thin cotton.

To reward Mr. X for being so good, Tom stood just behind him and started an argument with J D over something trivial that he knew J D was sensitive about. Somewhat agitated, J D walked over to make a strong point. He stood in front of Mr. X and bent over, practically yelling directly into Tom’s face. J D’s big cock ended up literally less than an inch from Mr. X’s nose — he had a great time watching the kid’s big basket bounce and sway as he argued. Finally, Tom worked him back into a good mood by giving in to him totally.

Once J D was looking all bouncy and cheerful again, Tom made a joking suggestion. At the end of the warmup, why didn’t J D sit on Mr. X’s lap for a while, and role-play as one of the young people he worked with. J D took it seriously (Tom really had meant it to be a joke) and said he thought he looked a little too old to be believable. Not to miss an opportunity, Tom told him to try it once and Casey could be the judge — sit on the guy’s lap for a minute and let’s see what the camera says.

Mr. X was clearly in ecstacy as the kid’s squishy asscheeks pressed down on his lap. Tom had them try a few different positions, then suggested, laughing, that maybe J D could be one of the bad kids, in need of discipline. He positioned J D in spanking position over Mr. X’s lap — his big basket was rubbing and pressing into the man’s thighs, while his voluptuous ass thrust high in the air. Mr. X got into the spirit of it, giving the hot kid’s buttcheeks a couple of teasing swats, just hard enough to sting a little.

J D was giggling and laughing, as he said, “I haven’t been spanked like this in years. My dad was a real tough one when it came to discipline.”

Tom was intrigued. “He spank you like this, over the knee?”

“Every time. Well, it wasn’t really my dad. My mom remarried when I was about 18, and my stepdad decided I was a spoiled brat. He started spanking me whenever I misbehaved. Man, those spankings hurt! But they sure worked, huh? Turned me into what I am today.”

Tom winked at Mr. X. “He spank you with his hand, like this? On your underpants?”

J D started to blush a little. Maybe he’d said a little too much. “Well… yes and no.”

“What do you mean, yes and no?”

He squirmed a little. Mr. X had left his hand resting on one of the kid’s cheeks. “Well… travesti istanbul yes, with his hand, but no, not on the underpants. He didn’t like having anything between me and the spanking.”

Tom chuckled. “Oh, ho — bareass, was it?” He suddenly jerked the kid’s briefs down to mid-thigh. “Like this?” He nodded at Mr. X, who took a couple of swats at the big, beautiful bare cheeks over his lap. He ran his hand quickly over the full hot expanse of smooth asscheek.

J D blushed a little — actually started looking like a “bad boy” — “Well, yeah.” Mr. X took a few more swats. “Ow! Ow!”

J D was squirming, but he kept his ass right in position. From his point of view, it was entirely natural that two men would be fascinated by any little thing about his childhood. “He used a little different position, though.”

With just the right amount of fascination in his voice, Tom suggested that J D show them how his father spanked him.

“Well, uh…” J D lifted his ass a little higher and reached up under himself to push his cock and balls back between his thighs so they ended up against the outside of Mr. X’s thigh and bulged up between his thighs — in full view from behind. J D’s thighs were forced apart a few more inches by this position, opening up quite a bit of his deep crack to the view of the men.

“And then he spanked you, right?” Tom gestured to Mr. X to continue the spanking.

“Ow! Yeah — and boy, did those spankings hurt.” He squirmed in place as Mr. X continued with light, sharp swats, separated by more ass-stroking.

Tom finally signalled an end, saying “Well, this has been really useful, I think, don’t you?” as he grabbed J D and pulled him to his feet. The kid’s huge cock and balls were now right out in the open — dancing around just inches from Mr. X’s face. Pausing just long enough for X to get a good closeup look, Tom finally pulled the kid’s briefs back up and into place.

With J D’s quicksilver mind, Tom knew he’d forget all about it in a couple of minutes, as long as no one made a big deal of it. He glanced at Casey for a quick check, and Casey’s thumb and forefinger signalled with an “O.” Tom smiled, everything was on tape.

Sure enough, as soon as Tom and Casey sat down with him and started prepping him for camera, he was back focused on the interview, deciding what to ask, in what order, etc. Completely ignoring the fact that his bare ass and cock had just been bouncing around in full view of… everybody!

Tom had him conduct the interview in their usual top-only format, leaving J D in just his briefs from the waist down. Casey managed some excellent footage of the whole scene — long shots, showing J D half naked while interviewing the man; close-ups of J D’s huge basket, especially when it bounced and jiggled as the kid squirmed in his chair, still feeling those ass swats; close-ups of Mr. X’s eyes, drinking in the sight of his interviewer’s big basket, thrust upward and outward by the kid’s muscular tanned thighs.

After that, the word got out and suddenly everybody wanted to be interviewed by the hot new reporter. And with the good word-of-mouth from the first one, Tom had no trouble adding a couple of zeroes to the asking price.

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