Thoughts Of You

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I walked in the door, a little tired and cold from being out. I was tempted to turn on the television but decided against it. I sat my keys down and checked for any messages. There were none. I made my way into the kitchen and grabbed a wine glass. I filled it up half way and then walked upstairs. I sat the glass down on my dresser and let out a long sigh. The day really was too much, too cold, too long.

I turn on the radio in my room and let the soft sounds fill the room. I slowly take off my boots, mid calf length boots with a two and a half inch heel. I put them in the closet and walk back over to take a sip of wine. I move into the bathroom and turn the water on in the tub, making sure the water nice and hot before adding the soft, sweet vanilla bubble bath. I stand up from the edge and look at myself in the mirror.

I begin to take my hair out of the intricate know on the top of my head. I shake the blonde locks, feeling so much better already. Undoing the buttons on my jeans I remove them a leg at a time, along with my cute little socks. I turn and move to the candles in the bath and light them. It’s time to just relax. silivri escort The water is just about ready and so I begin undoing my shirt a button at a time. I let it slip off my shoulders and move it into the basket. Left only in my red and black lacey thong and bra I turn off the water.

Before too much longer I have my bra and panties on the floor. I make sure that the bath pillow I have is in place and lift one leg into the tub, then the other. I slip slowly into the bubbles, the warmth creeping into my body. A sigh escapes my throat, past my lips and my eyes fall closed. In a few moments my thoughts turn to you. To your voice playing in my ear, telling me things. Whispering what you like and want. I can still remember your touch on my body.

My wet, slippery hands moves over neck, rubbing it lightly. Then down to my breasts. I cup one, feeling my nipple harden with that slight touch. It’s like I can feel you there, watching me. I know you enjoy watching as my hands move over my body. I can see that smile of yours, that smirk as I roll my hardened nipple between my fingers. My other hand moves bakırköy escort to cup my other breast, teasing it. Soft little moans, yes those ones that you love to hear, slip past my lips.

With one hand still caressing, still pinching, and pulling at my hard nipple the other moves across my stomach. I toy lightly with the little piercing there. Pull at it just a little; you know how sensitive it is. I can’t help myself and let my fingers move between my legs. I can hear you whispering in my ear now.

“Touch for me, touch your needy little girl for me baby…”

The roughness of your voice is stuck in my mind, as is the feeling of your long thick fingers touching me. I let my fingers softly part my delicate folds. Even in the water I can feel how wet my pussy is and how hard my clit is. It’s begging to be touched. Tentatively I do just that, l can imagine it’s your fingers moving over that little nub. It feels so good but there’s more that I want, need to feel.

My fingers move farther down, deeper into the warm and wetness I find. I slip one finger inside. I can’t help but gasp. I şirinevler escort move it just a little, wanting to hear my own reaction. The feeling is so intense, in my mind it’s you touching me. Feeling you add another finger deep inside, filling and stretching my cunt. Then moving, slipping them in and out. Slow at first, teasingly moving those fingers in and out. My thumb, your thumb, begins rubbing against the hard little nub. My legs part even further as my other hand still toys with my aching nipple. My breathing is becoming more labored, harsher now. Those fingers begin moving faster, the walls of my pussy holding onto them.

I can see you there beside me, fingers fucking me, creating heated breathy moans from lips. It’s almost as if I can see your cock there, feel it pressing against me. All hard and needing but you whisper “not yet, this for you baby.”

In the next moment I can feel those walls tighten; my whole body tightens around my fingers as I cry out. The delicious waves roll through my body and I still hear you in my head. I hear your voice whispering, “I love when you cum for me.”

Oh so slowly my eyes open and I’m drawn back into reality. To the fact that your not here. I’m alone in the warmth of the bath. I let out a glorious sigh, content for the moment. Still thinking about you, about your touch, about your voice and the way you caress me. I slip deeper in the water and close my eyes again….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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