Time to Yourself

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At the end of a hard week of work and with having the kids and my husband at me all week, I needed a break. Sitting in bed that Friday night browsing old photos I found a photo of me in a hot pool all by myself. Looking at the photo I could remember what it felt like, no kids, no husband, just warm water and my own thoughts. So in that instant, I booked myself into that same luxury spa the very next day. I didn’t ask, I just told my husband that I was going. I think he read it in my eyes that I needed some “me” time.

I was just looking forward to some quiet time in the hot springs and I had booked a long massage later in the day. The spa I booked into is luxurious and a bit exclusive, as they limit the number of bookings so you don’t feel crowded in the springs and the masseuses take their time.

I arrived slightly flustered, after again getting kids ready in the morning, trimming my leg hair and trying to find my good bathers. I was really looking forward to a relaxing swim in the hot springs first. I had arrived at the spa in my bathers and was wearing my comfy warm clothing over them.

Checking-in as fast as I could, I throw my bag into my locker, grabbed a towel, and walk the paths to the hot springs. It was a cold day, with a cool breeze blowing down the paths. As I walked the path the cold air blew through my towel, giving me goosebumps all over and making my nipples harden with the sensation. I do like to show off my hard nipples, I buy my bathers based on if they can push through the martial, and today they were showing well.

I arrive at the outdoor hot pools, happily finding very few people, with the colder weather keeping people away. I try to find my own empty pool and got lucky at the end of the path, though there were only a few couples in each of the other pools.

Alone, I dipped my body down into the hot water, letting it slowly engulf me. I felt the warm water soak through my bathers, warming my pussy and easing my nipples from the cold air. I swim over to the seat, feeling the warm water flow around me and I turn and take a seat. Laying back and resting my head on the edge, I closed my eyes and finally just relaxed.

As I laid there, I slowly I found my hands resting between my legs, the warm water around me clearing my mind of daily distractions and helping me focus on just me. The weight from my hands just resting on top of my pubic bone, on top of my thin bikini bottoms, stated to bring a focus of delight to my mind. It has been a busy month with no time for sex or self-release. But as I relax now in the water my erotic self comes back to me.

I moved and press the palm of my hand over my pussy, covering it firmly with my fingers and pressing them along my slit through my bikini. With my eyes still closed I dream about warm days teasing my husband in bed, erotic encounters with others and just enjoying myself in fantasy dreams. I found myself starting to press more firmly in small circles over my bikini bottoms as I dreamt. I started to feel a glowing warmth from within that was more than the warm water of the pool surrounding me.

But, just as I dared doing more under the water, the sound of splashing in my pool work me from my daydreams. I opened my eyes to find an older couple stepping into my pool, like two awkward kids they try to get into the hot water. I quickly pull my hand from between my legs and give my face a splash of water to pull me out of my aroused haze. I give them a wry smile and check my watch. I had been in the pool for longer than I thought. My erotic haze had dulled my sense of time and I had not long until my massage. I needed to force myself out of the pool, it was just so relaxing but I needed time to cool off, shower and get a drink.

As I stepped up and out of the pool, the cold air hit my nipples instantly through my wet bikini top. My nipples have always been sensitive, but the cool air on the wet martial now felt like a painful pinch. I had to grab them to keep them warm, and with a hand firmly over each breast, I walked over to where my towel was hanging. Holding my breasts I could feel my nipples pressing through my top, pushing into the palms of my hands. It was uncomfortable but also a teasing sensation. I have always enjoyed playing with my own breasts and nipples when my husband fucks me, I like to squeeze them and roll my nipples between my fingers. It adds an extra sensation to my body and goes well with the feelings of a hard cock inside of me. And that was the thought now in my mind, as I wrapped the towel around me and headed for the showers.

I grab my bag from my locker and find the private showers. Being a luxury spa, each of the showers are their own little room with their own soaps and body scrubs, lux. I leave my bikini on as I step under the cooling but not cold water, my skin cold from the air needed to warm up but my internal temperature was still hot from soaking in the hot spring.

As my body tried to adjust to a more normal temperature, I found my hands wondering over my own body. My daydream sex izle fantasies in the pool and the hot and cold sensation over my sensitive areas had aroused me. And I now found myself with a little bit of time and the rarity of a shower alone.

I started by soaping myself over my bikini, making it a bubble and slippery outfit. I enjoyed rubbing my hands all over my body, pressing and sliding my fingers over my own body and pressing my own sensitive areas. I could feel my nipples harden under my top, they could feel my hands rub over them with the soap, rubbing circles around them. And then I slipped a hand down between my legs, it was still hot down there, I just lightly rubbed over the top at first. But as my excitement grew I slowly pulled the material to one side and found my fingers slipping between my pussy lips. I don’t know if it was the soap working its way through my bikini bottoms or my own arousal but my pussy felt extra wet and slippery. My fingers slid easily between my lips and quickly found my hole to poke at. My other hand had now pushed my bikini top up exposing my own breasts, flicking my nipples out into the running water of the shower. The drops from the strong spray of the shower flicking at my nipples giving them a vibrating sensation.

I closed my eyes as I pushed my fingers deeper into my wet pussy, holding one breast and nipple under the spray of the showerhead and my other breast being cupped and pinched by my spare hand.

A soft moan started to come out as I enjoyed the warm and sensual sensations covering my body. It had been too long since I had enjoyed my own body and the enjoyment came rushing back quickly. For a moment I forgot I was still in a public place, letting out little gasps as I brought myself closer to cumming. And then, like a rushing wave at the beach, it hit me. My legs shaking and my hips thrusting into my hand buried deep into my own pussy. My other hand pinching tight at my nipple, as I came hard, opening my eyes just in time to remind myself of where I was. Keeping my mouth closed and almost losing my footing in the shower as multiple waves of orgasm ran over my body.

As they slowly subsided I just held my fingers firmly where they were, deep inside my pussy. And because I did, I felt my pussy contract around them as I cummed, my pussy pulsing with each orgasm.

My body calmed down and my mind returned to where I was and what I should be doing. I looked at my watch and again realised I did not have much time left before my massage.

I quickly pulled my bathers off and again washed my body all over with soap. But as I dry off and start looking for my comfy clothing to put back on, I panic. Searching frantically through my bag I can’t find my knickers and bra. I realise that I had arrived at the spa in my bathers, really looking forward to a relaxing swim in the hot springs, and wearing my comfy clothing over them, I just forgot to pack underwear.

I was not going to get my clothing wet by wearing my bathers under them, so I had no choice but to go without. Anyway, I normally take my bra off when getting a massage and I normally get a female masseuse so I felt comfortable enough with no knickers at this point.

Well, that changed as I arrive at my assigned masseuse room. Waiting for me, standing just inside the door, was a strong-looking young man, smiling happily at me ready to start. I had not seen this masseuse before and as he showed me into the room, I ask if he has been working here long. He replied shily that he has not but assured me that he had plenty of experience.

I was temporarily confused by the change of staff, especially to a male masseuse, but I walked into the room following his directions. Where he did the normal things, like pointing out the towels to lay over my body once I had removed my clothes and to lay facing down to start. He mentions that he will be back in a few minutes and then promptly left the room, closing the door behind him.

The room was warm, dimly lit but with open windows looking out over trees. I don’t think anyone could see in as the spa is high on a hill. The massage table was parallel with the window, allowing you to lay facing the view, the door opposite with scented candles burning along the wall.

I quickly strip my comfy clothes off again and find myself nude and feeling exposed in the room. A rush of nerves and a tingle of excitement ran over me as I looked at the table. How much of me was this guy going to see of me?

I fold and place my clothing on a seat and lay down with the towel over my back and bottom, facing down. I wanted to do it quickly, just in case he returned too soon and caught me totally nude. But in my haste, now laying down, I questioned the position I left my towel. Was it covering my bottom enough, not letting my pussy peek from underneath, I had a flash of panic just as the door opened.

I froze as he walked into the room and pretended to be relaxed looking out of the window. But inside I was trying to feel if the towel was low enough, trying fransız porno to squeeze my legs together in a vain hope of not exposing myself. I did not want to be kicked out for being inappropriate, they would never let me back in.

He stood above my head, first folding my towel back down along my back, uncovering my shoulders. Then he walked over to the oil table and back to me. The first thing I felt was the warm oil dripping along my shoulders. The slow drops of warmth and the pattern that he did them in were so relaxing. I soon felt my shoulders relax in the warmth of the oil running over them, making me forget about the towel for the moment.

Then there was the first touch. His hands were firm, warm, strong like a good masseuse. I felt a rush of blood run instantly through my body, leaving tingles in my pleasure zones. I don’t know what came over me, all of a sudden I was aroused again. Maybe by the simple touch of a strange man. I thought to myself, can it be so simple, is this not a cliche. My mind was started to race, the fear of inappropriately exposing myself, stress from family life and now my arousal.

He must have felt the tension in my body too, he just pressed down and slowly worked the oil into my shoulders at first. Standing above my head still, he just worked around my neck and shoulders for the longest of time until I started to relax. As he did so, I just let it go, I let myself relax. I could do nothing about any of my worries now, all I could do is lay here and enjoy what he was doing.

He worked my shoulders more, and then each arm, down to my hands and back up again. I started to forget my worries, family, work, nudity, arousal and closed my eyes. I started to drift off into a daze, where I wanted this massage to go, I wanted to relax and forget.

The daze I found myself in was totally relaxing, I could feel my body relaxing, my arousal subsiding, my concern over being inappropriate fading into nothing. I only opened my eyes again when I felt the towel over my bottom move a bit lower. He was starting to massage my lower back and around my hips. I felt more warm oil drip onto my lower back, then being rubbed in firmly. I closed my eyes again.

As he worked my lower back he slowly moved lower and lower. I could feel his hands around my hips and across the top of my bottom, the towel being moved lower each time by his hands. It slowly brought me out of my daze.

His hands felt amazing around my hips as he moved them down firmly, pushing my bum cheeks together as he did. His thumbs rubbing over my cheeks and under the towel. My hips moving update and down the table. All I could think about was, does he realized I’m not wearing knickers? Has he realized that I am totally nude and exposed under this towel?

Again I found my arousal growing within, but to my surprise, I did not feel guilty about it. Now it was his fault for making me feel this way, he was the one touching me in such a personal way. Going lower and lower over my hips. Also, I felt he was now making a choice about exposing me, he was the one pushing the towel down my body. Surely now he could see and feel that I have no underwear on.

With one of his pushes along my hips, I could feel the towel get caught on his hands and move even further down my bottom, I could feel the cool air across my bum cheeks. I opened my eyes, trying to work out what he was doing but I came face to face with his hips. The zipper of his pants were just inches from my face. I instantly forgot about the towel as my face went flush with blood as I took in the bulge of his pants.

As I looked at the details of his pants, he continued un-flinched by the lower towel, now working over my bum cheeks more freely. He would have had a clear view of my ass now, and had made clear that I was nude and vulnerable under the towel.

Oblivious that I was now looking at him. I could see clearly that he was aroused too, I could see the head of his cock pushing at this loose pants martial. He was enjoying my body as much as I was. And at that point I let myself go, I knew I could enjoy showing myself to him and not find trouble.

He worked my lower hips and over my bum cheeks a few more time before he pulled the towel up over my shoulders again. I closed my eyes when I thought he could see them, I did not want him to know I was looking at him just yet.

Now I knew the towel was too high, if it was purposeful or not I did not care. After seeing his arousal I was sure he was not going to be offended and call my nudity inappropriate. I secretly wanted him to now perv on my body, to watch my pussy moisten as he rubbed his strong hands over me.

He moved down my legs, applying the same amount of warm oil to each leg, rubbing it in lightly as he did. Also, I was no longer holding my legs together firmly, if anything I was letting them rest apart on the table. I felt even more relaxed now knowing he was enjoying this along with me. I closed my eyes once more and let him touch my body.

He teen porno started with one leg. Rubbing my feet first, then up to my lower leg, then the back of my leg. He pushed up my leg into my bottom, the oil letting his strong hands slide up and back smoothly. He moved to the other side of the table to do the other leg. But this time he started to rub in between my legs, just my inner thighs at first. Then down from my bum cheeks, following the curve of them down to the insides of my legs, back down my legs to my knees.

My heart started to race. I could feel him getting closer to my pussy each time. And at that point, my mindset was changing. I was now wanting him to touch me more, the lust within me was growing with every pass of his hands. I could feel my pussy becoming moist, my face flush with blood from being aroused. The thought of a stranger touching me, it has always been a fantasy of mine.

I started to open up my hips. I spread my knees wider, helping my cheeks spread wider. Hoping that he would catch a glimpse of my pussy from where he was standing. I even lifted my hips from the table during some passed. Willing him to touch or just brush past my pussy, to have him feel my growing wetness. Trying to encourage him to take it that little bit further.

I knew from the mirror at home if I pushed my hips back that you could see more of my pussy from behind. I wanted him to look, to make that cock of his grow harder in his pants, I wanted his touch.

And then it happened. He started to rub from one of my knees, deep down between my legs, slowly pushing his hands up my inner thigh. But where he was lifting it up before he went deeper, his fingers finding their way up my inner leg to brush past my pussy ever so slowly. My reaction was to lift my hips with his hand, allowing his fingers to linger on them. Then he slowly rubbed along the outside of my pussy as he lifted his hands out from between my legs over my full bottom.

There was a pause from us both after, my mind was rushing with lust, my pussy throbbing from the touch. I could only imagine what was going on in his mind at that moment, but he made the right choice, he continued.

He started on the inside of my other leg, rubbing my inner leg from the knee up, letting his hand go deep between my thighs. My body tightened with anticipation as his hand got closer and closer to my pussy. I pushed my hips back to show what I wanted him to touch.

As his hand got closer I felt one of his fingers spread out and touch my pussy lips lightly. This made me jump a little on the table as he continued to move his hand up and over my pussy lips this time. I could feel the wetness of my pussy grow and collect on his hand as it brushed passed.

He kept it light, only brushing past my pussy, occasionally running a finger along my lips a little firmer. It drove me crazy. I really wanted him to touch me more, touch me with purpose.

But then it stopped. He moved back to rubbing the tops of my legs and bottom. Continuing the normal massage down my legs. Though giving my bottom one more squeeze as he worked on the back of my legs. Then he walked away from me and over to the oil table.

Then he cleared his throat, and with a deep nervous voice, he asked me to turn over. The sound of his voice woke me from my pleasure haze, my eyes shot wide open. It was a wake-up call to me, a rush of thoughts flew through my mind. I suddenly realized that I was nude, aroused and being touched by a complete stranger. And because as I lay face down, eyes closed, I had forgotten where I was and what this was meant to be.

I could feel my face go red with embarrassment. I knew that when I turned over I would have to face him, look into his eyes and recognise what we were doing. I was a married woman. Should I let this continue? Would I feel guilty about it? I had fantasied about this very experience many times before but now I was faced with a real chance to do it. My body was telling me I wanted more, but my mind and emotions were confused. I knew I had to make eye contact to find out what to do next. So I breathed in and rolled over.

I slowly raised my body and turned around, turning away from him at first, giving me time to think. But that was the wrong direction, as he was holding the towel up over my body to cover my breasts and by me turning the opposite way I pushed the towel off my body. Giving him a full view of my naked body. My nipples hard from being aroused and my bare pussy now facing up at him.

He froze, he did not move, holding the towel as it fell from my body. His eyes moving up and down my body quickly taking it all in. His own face turning red and then locking eyes with me as we both realize what has happened.

Looking into his bold but cute eyes, just as awkward about this as me.

A fresh rush of blood rushed through my body. Driving my mind and hips crazy with sensations. Having never been exposed to a stranger like this before was another excitement. But my embarrassment quickly turned to arousal, it felt so good. Being nude so close to someone that did not know me, and was clearly aroused like me was amazing. I looked down at his pants again, this time where the head of his cock was pushing at the martial was a clear wet spot. I love pre-cum.

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