Under Counter Encounter

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“Mrs. Crawling, I am happy to see you again. We are excited to host you for your annual shopping trip, and happy that you brought your daughter this year. Now, if you or your daughter have any questions or need anything, please let us know,” Daniel said with a smile as he informed the guests from the behind the counter in the hotel lobby. “I will be available until midnight, and then the night staff will be taking over,” he continued as he made and held eye contact with the young Ms. Crawling.

The younger Ms. Crawling smiled very slightly, a shy smile none the less, and averted her eyes as they made their way to their rooms.

Was that shy expression real, he thought, or was it for mom’s benefit? She looked as if she was not the reserved type. Her clothes looked as if she was going to spend a weekend with her mother, but the oversized hoop earrings and leather choker are not gifts and a mother would buy for her daughter. And the bit of ink peeking out from under her sleeve also says otherwise. Very curious.

Daniel truly enjoyed his job at the small, seaside hotel near the state college. The pay was not great, but working the off season allowed him to study while on duty, as the work was light and the guest were few. The people visiting were usually here to get away for a few days and enjoy the tranquility of the off season. And the occasional rendezvous with the bored guest that made life interesting. He would certainly miss it when he graduated in a few short months.

This night seemed quiet, typical for most evenings. Most of the guests that had reservations had already arrived, and there were still a few vacant rooms. With only a couple of hours left of his shift, things changed. On the security camera behind the counter, he noticed a door open and the figure of a woman enter the hallway. A few moments later, the young Ms. Crawling appeared in the hallway in slippers, pajama pants and a cotton t-shirt, which revealed that she was braless by the points of her erect nipples.

“Ms. Crawling, can I help you?” he asked from behind the counter.

“You can call me April. My mom is asleep already, and I’m a bit of a night owl. The TV is interrupting her sleep, so I decided to step outside. Is there a TV or something her in the lobby?”

“I’m afraid not, April.”

“Well, then you can be my entertainment,” she said as she rested her elbows on the counter and gave Daniel a smile. “What’s with the books?”

“I’m getting my degree in Economics in a couple of months. I am a student at state. Not very entertaining though.”

“No, not entertaining at all. I struggled through Macro- and Micro-Economics a few years ago, and don’t want to relive any part of it,” April replied with distain in her voice.

“So, where do you go to college?” Daniel asked as he tried to keep the conversation going.

“I don’t anymore. I would have finished college a couple of years ago if I would have stuck with it.”

She must be about 24, a year older than me, he thought. So much for being her entertainment, I’m striking out left and right. “Would you like to make use of the business center? Maybe check email or surf the web?”

“I have something else in mind. You mentioned when we checked in that we should let you know if we need anything. Well, I need something.”

“Yes Ms. Crawling, I mean April. What can I do for you?”

“I have an itch in the small of my back. I don’t think you can reach it from behind that counter. Why don’t you let me back there, and I’ll show you?”

So, I was right about her, he thought as he smiled at her shallow ploy.

“The door is around the corner to your left. I will meet you there,” Daniel said as he scurried around the desk and dividing wall into the back office.

“You know I could get in big trouble letting you back here,” he said as he opened the door to let her in.

“No one will find out,” April responded as she brushed up against him moving into the small office area. “This place is dead.”

“Now, where is that itch?” he asked as they made their way back to the counter through the small confines of the reception area.

April leaned against the counter and looked over her shoulder. “Just scratch my back and I’ll tell you where it feels good.”

Daniel dutifully began scratching her back as he thought, she is really hot, and I am digging my fingernails into her t-shirt. How can I move this up a notch? “How am I doing?” he asked, hoping for a clue.

“Oh, it feels great,” she responded as she reached down on lifted her t-shirt to expose the small of her back. “Why don’t you do that on my skin rather than through my shirt?”

Well, that answers that, he thought. “Sure April. You let me know if I am scratching too hard.”

Daniel ran his fingertips up the smooth skin of her spine, and then returned downward lightly with his fingernails.

“Oh, that feels good.” April responded as she moved her head lower and backed up into him. Kartal Escort With each subsequent time he traversed her back, she pressed her ass against his crotch. He membered stirred from the attention, and he knew that it was noticed by April.

“That feels so good. What’s your name again?”

“Daniel. I am glad you are enjoying it,” he replied as he noticed in the security camera a car pulling into the parking lot. “Unfortunately, I believe we’re going to have to take a break.”

“But why? I’m really enjoying this,” she replied looking over her shoulder, disappointment in her voice, and her eyes.

“There is a car parking in the lot. Soon the guests will be checking in, and if you are behind the counter, I’ll get fired. Can you please wait in the office area behind the wall?”

“That’s no fun,” April said with a frown. “I’ll just duck under the counter when they approach the door. Keep doing me.”

“I’m afraid the time is now. Here they come. Get down.”

April sank to the floor and spun so her back was against the wall and Daniel stood between her feet. Within an instant, he could feel her hand on his lower thigh, and a giggle emanated from under the counter. This may be a bad decision on my part, he thought.

The couple came through the door rolling their luggage behind them as April slowly began to rub his leg.

“Good evening. May I help you?” Daniel greeted from his post at the check-in counter.

“We are Mr. and Mrs. Simons. We have a reservation,” the man announced as the approached.

“Yes Mr. Simons. We have been expecting you. I’ll require a credit card for a deposit, and if you fill out this short form, I’ll get you keys. I have you as staying for two nights, correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Mr. Simons produced a credit card and began to fill out the form. April moved her hand from the outside of Daniel’s leg to the inside, and then up to the tent in the front of his pants, which cause him to reach down and block her advances. Not to be deterred, April gripped his hand and put two fingers in her mouth. He took a quick breath from the exquisite feeling of her dancing tongue around his fingers.

“Are you ok, young man?” Mrs. Simons asked as she studied his face.

“Yes Ma’am, I’m fine. Just a little indigestion from dinner.”

Another barely audible soft giggle could be heard from under the counter.

“Ok Mr. Simons, if you can just initial and sign the form, I’ll get you the keys.”

April removed the fingers from her mouth and placed them under her shirt. The hard nipple in the palm of Daniel’s hand felt like a pebble against his skin. He gently squeezed the flesh of her soft boob, and slowly rolled the nipple against his palm.

When she returned to rubbing his crotch, Daniel’s only recourse was to speed up the transaction. In a hurried voice, Daniel recited the words he had done so many times before. “Mr. and Mrs. Simons, you are all set. Here are the keys, and your room is down the hall to the left. If you need anything or have any question, please call the front desk. And again, welcome.”

The couple slowly made their way down the hall as April began to work on his zipper. “Are you trying to get me fired,” Daniel asked as he looked down at a smiling April.

“No I’m not trying to get you fired, I’m trying to get you off!” she said slyly as she unzipped his pants, reached inside, and freed his stiff cock from its confinement. “Wow. Nice hard on. I can barely get my hand around it. And look, a little present,” she exclaimed as she spied a drop of pre-cum on the head. She looked up at him from her lowly position under the counter, and then swabbed the liquid from the tip with her tongue. “Mmmm, tastes good,” she said smiling at him once more. She then took the head in her mouth.

He took another sharp breath. “Oh April, the feeling of your hot mouth on my dick takes my breath away.” Daniel reached down and caressed her hair and ear as she began to slowly bob on his cock.

He was lost in the pleasure when the door again pushed open and a couple with two kids came blundering through the door talking loudly about missing turns and getting lost. He did not see the car pull in the parking lot, and now he was caught with his dick out. He tried to pull April’s hungry mouth from his member, but she resisted. Out of options, he grabbed a handful of her hair and held her steady as he impaled her mouth with his cock, not enough to choke her, but enough to keep her from her relentless piston action.

“How can I help you?” Daniel managed to say through nearly clinched teeth.

“Do you have a room available?” the man asked

I could tell them no, he thought, and just be rid of them. “Of course. Would you like adjoining rooms or a single with two queens?”

April turned her head to the side to gain her freedom and took a deep breath. She realized that she would get her throat poked if she tried to Kartal Escort Bayan take him into her mouth again, and was content to slowly stroke his shaft with her hand until business was over. But this still made things difficult for Daniel.

After the room transaction was complete and the family on the elevator, April rose from under the counter, still holding the stiff cock. “I want more,” she said with lust in her voice. “Feel how wet I am.” She took his hand and slid it beneath her pajama bottoms and panties. He felt her smooth skin and hot wet slit.

He began to rub her pussy when the phone rang. Now what? He thought as he answered with his right hand, his left hand still caressing her folds. “Yes Mrs. Crawling, I’ve seen her. Actually, April is with me. I’ve been entertaining her. Not to worry, she’s fine.

She is really fine, he thought.

As he hung up the phone, they both burst out laughing. Then Daniel leaned into April and spoke sarcastically, “already asleep, she says. Won’t miss me, she says. Oh shit! Another car in the parking lot. Why tonight?”

April spied a stool on wheels at the end of the counter. “There’s the answer,” she exclaimed pointing to the stool.

“How’s that going to help?”

“I’ll show you,” was her response as she rolled it over to the position by the computer monitor. She tucked the stool under the counter and then rested her chest and head against it. It was a tight fit for her between the stool and the bottom of the counter, but it would work. “I want you to roll me under the counter when you have a customer, and roll me out and fuck me when they are gone.”

This young lady is brilliant, he thought.

“Here he comes,” he said looking at the door. A tall man carrying a bag walked through the door and into the lobby. I hope he can’t see over the counter, Daniel thought as he watched the man approach. “Hello Sir, may I help you?”

“Yes. Do you still have rooms available?” he asked as walked to the counter. Daniel leaned forward to keep the man from getting too close, but this gave April ample opportunity to play. With both hands on the counter, he was unable to stop her. She slowly rolled the stool along the counter, fished his cock from his open fly, and took several inches into her mouth.

“Yes Sir, we can accommodate you. I’ll need a credit card, and if you fill out this form, I’ll get your key,” Daniel replied in short, deliberate words. The feeling of April’s mouth on his cock made his knees weak and he steadied himself on the counter. To make things worse, her free hand was now stroking the length.

The man provided his credit card and worked on the form, looking down on Daniel occasionally, but did not seem to suspect anything unusual. “There ya go, son,” he said as he slid the form to him.

“And here is your key,” he replied, his hand trembling slight as he reached out with the key. The man noticed, gave him an inquisitive look, but said nothing. “Your room is upstairs on the second floor. The elevators are around the corner.”

As he disappeared around the corner, Daniel backed up from the counter. April peered out from below with a smile on her face, still gently stroking his shaft. “This works out perfectly, doesn’t it?” she asked.

“April, I almost blew my wad standing in front of this guy,” he replied with angst in his voice.

“He’s gone now, right? Let me suck you off. I want to make you come. I want to taste your cum. Move closer.”

Daniel moved up to the counter and she took him into her mouth again, keeping suction on the head while she gripped and stroked his shaft. “Oh baby, that feels so good. I’m gonna come hard. I’m gonna fill your mouth with my cum. Are you ready?”

April moaned an approval and increased the tempo of her hand. With a loud groan, Daniel jerked twice and jets of hot sticky fluid filled her mouth. April swallowed, but the awkward position of her neck made it difficult to do so, and a mixture of spit and semen leaked out of her mouth and onto the stool. “Well, that part didn’t work very well,” she said as she rolled out from under the counter, her face smeared in goo.

“The tissue box is over on the desk.” Still recovering from his orgasm, Daniel could not provide much more than directions. “That was fucking amazing, April.”

“No, when you fuck me, that’ll be amazing,” she replied wiping her face and the stool. “What’s your name again?”

“Daniel. And when I recover a bit more, I’m going to return the favor, before I fuck you.”


“Take your position on the stool,” he commanded as he tucked his soft member back into his pants.

April smiled, dutifully put her head down on the stool, and pivoted under the counter up to her shoulders. Daniel gently caressed the curves of her ass, and then pulled down her pajama bottoms and panties to reveal her porcelain smooth curves. He ran his hand over the sensitive skin and gave each Escort Kartal cheek a squeeze before fingering her wet slit.

“Oh, that feels good.”

“I’m only just starting,” he replied as he knelt down behind her and rubbed his face against her inner thighs. With both hands on her legs, he parted her inner lips with his tongue and savored the aroma and sweet taste of her honey. April let out a soft moan as he continued to probe. He traced upward with his tongue until he reached her rose bud, and made small circles around it with his tongue.

“Oh baby, that feels really good.”

Daniel smiled as her response, and then returned to her honey hole. Parting her vulva with his thumbs, he sucked on her inner lips and probed with his tongue until he found her button. She drew a sharp breath in response, and then sighed.

She is going come on my tongue if I continue this treatment, he thought, but she won’t be satisfied with just that. He dipped his thumb in her plentiful juices and used it to massage her rosebud as he rhythmically stroked her clit with his tongue. Her breathing became labored and her moans louder from the treatment. And then the bell to the elevator rang out through the lobby.

“Shit. Now what?” he said in disgust as he released her lips from sucking.

“Oh, don’t stop now. I’m too close.”

As he wiped his face on his sleeve, he replied “I’ve got to April. Someone is coming.”

“Yeah me, almost.”

A guest appeared in the hallway with an ice bucket. “Where is the ice machine?”

“Down the hall to your right, Sir.”

“Thanks,” he replied as he turned and disappeared down the hall.

“Once he gets back on the elevator, I’ll going to tongue you until you come on my face April,” he said quietly as his hands caressed the smooth skin of her butt.

Daniel knelt behind her again as the elevator doors closed, and returned to eating her pussy in earnest. He could feel her legs muscles tighten, her button throb, and hear her breathing become shallow as the first wave passed threw her body. April emitted a low moan as she shuddered in bliss. Only when her knees buckled and she banged her head under the counter did he release the suction from her pussy lips.

“Ouch,” she uttered as she rolled off the stool rubbing her head. “I’ll have to remember to keep my head down.”

Daniel steadied her until her balanced returned.

“That was fabulous. Do you treat all your guests that way?” she asked in bemusement.

Daniel could only smile in response. “I have 30 minutes left on my shift. Should I reserve a room for us?”

“No baby,” she replied as she ran her fingers through his hair. “I want you to fuck me now. Right here. Right now.” She put her head on the stool and rolled it under the counter, silently inviting him to continue.

Daniel unsnapped his pants, pulled out his hard cock, and rubbed it against her wetness.

“Don’t tease me baby, put it inside of me.”

By his third attempt, his member fully breached her hole to the hilt, and they both moaned in response. She felt tight, wet, and hot on his cock. Her feet are on the ground, but she is on wheels, he thought as a smile came to his face. I could roller her to and fro on my dick.

As he slowly began his trusts, April braced herself with a hand on the wall underneath the counter. She didn’t want him to ram her head against the wall, he only needed to ram her pussy. Daniel grabbed ahold of her hips and kept her moving.

“Faster baby, it feels good. I’m gonna come,” she whispered through labored breaths. Then she succumbed to the feeling, jerking and quaking. “Oh, keep fucking me. It feels so good,” she pleaded from under the counter.

Daniel watched his cock disappear and reappear from her pussy, her lips clinging to the juice covered skin of his shaft. The vision put him close to the edge. “Are you close, April? Can you come again? I’m not going to last.”

“Rub my clit baby,” she directed. “I’ll come with you.”

He did as ordered. She gasped as he touched her nub, then began to convulse again. That was all Daniel needed, as he spasm and jerked in orgasm, filling her pussy with jets of cum.

April rolled out from underneath the counter with a broad smile on her face. “Wow, that was great, David.”

“It’s Daniel. And I’m glad you liked it. I agree, that was fantastic.” As he regained his composure, he noticed a car slowly driving past the door.

April noticed it too. “Should I get under the counter again?”

“No, that won’t be necessary. That is my relief. He’s cool, but you probably shouldn’t be underneath the counter when he comes through the door.”

“So, are you working tomorrow,” April asked with a smile.

“I am, but I can probably switch days with someone if you want to go out,” Daniel replied hopefully.

“Are you kidding? This was too much fun. I want to do it again tomorrow,” she replied as she kissed him on the cheek, moved swiftly behind the wall of the office, and then disappeared down the hall.

“So, another quiet evening in the hotel?” his relief asked as he came into the lobby.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle,” he replied with a grin.


Special thanks to my editor, and to Wildandfree_18 for the inspiration.

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