Vacation Ch. 04

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Ted had been thinking of her more than usual, hell he thought about her all of the time.

Patti was constantly in his thoughts. He had decided it was time, he had to see her. He asked for some “personal time” off from his job. They had been apart long enough and he was going to surprise her.

His vacation time had come through a lot faster than he expected. He had gotten a hold of her daughter and told her of his plan to surprise her Mom. She had kept his secret, telling him she thought it was a great idea. She “suddenly” went out of town leaving Thursday morning.

Ted had gassed up his car the night before on his way home from work. Chatted with Patti at the usual time of 4:00am, went to sleep at 5:00am, was on the road by 9:00. He put in a favorite CD, set his GPS and hit the road.

Now he laid in bed beside her watching her sleep peacefully, he glanced at the bedside clock it wasn’t quite 3:45. He would never forget the look of surprise on her face when she opened the kitchen door. It had felt so good to have her back in his arms. She had cooked them a nice dinner, then they had had the best reunion. The love making had been fantastic as always.

The plan was to get up around 7:00am have breakfast on the road and head east for Williamsburg Virginia about 7 hours away.

Patti had always said she slept better with him there beside her, she was facing away from him. She turned over on her back and he gently brushed her long hair from her face. Reaching over he started to pull the blankets back over her, one thin strap had fallen off of her shoulder from the black lacy nightie she wore.

There was just enough light from the bedside clock and he could see most of her right breast. He should have just covered her back up and went back to sleep himself. He couldn’t help himself, he gently reached over to pull her strap back on to her shoulder but he reached inside of her lacy nightie and he gently touched her breast.

She shifted in her sleep and he was afraid he had awoken her, he laid still for a few seconds.

She moaned slightly at his touch, snuggling deeper under the blankets.

She reached up covering his hand with her own. He hadn’t wanted to wake her but he just couldn’t help himself, he had to touch her.

Opening her eyes she smiled at him sleepily “Hi…”she whispered to him…”I thought I had dreamed that you were here.”

“I’m here baby…did I wake you?” he asked, bending over and gently kissing her.

“No, you didn’t wake me…” she said as she felt him rub his thumb across her hardening nipple. He started to kiss his way down her neck, nibbling on her ear lobe knowing how much she liked that. It was just gentle soft kisses at first, getting more passionate the more he kissed her.

The gentle kisses turned into passionate french kisses, tongues touching, searching for each other. He was leaning over her now, she reached up and caressed his arms, his chest as he continued to kiss her.

“It’s getting hot in here…”she said softly as she tried to kick off the blankets. Ted reached over with one hand and pushed the blankets off of them and threw them to the floor.

“We don’t need them…” he said looking at her hungrily…he had to have her again.

She sat up and pulled her nightie off and dropped it next to the bed, she was naked.

“Now this is the way I like to see you…” he said taking her and gently laying her back on the bed. Reaching over he turned on the bedside lamp, it cast a soft light across the room. She lay back watching him, wondering what he was going to do.

“My baby girl…” he said as he laid down next to her, he bent down and gently flicked his tongue across her right nipple as he rubbed her left one.

She moaned as he teased her hardening nipples. “I like that…”

“So do I baby girl…” he said as she reached up and teased his nipples, making them hard.

He sucked her right nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue, he can feel her playing with his nipples.

“Honey, canlı bahis I want to take care of you…” she said loving the feel of him sucking her tit.

“You will…” he said as he moaned around her nipple in his mouth, this is for her. He wanted to take care of her, love her and fill her with his cum.

Kissing his way down her stomach, pausing licking, teasing her. “Oh baby…oh yes…” she moaned as he kissed his way down to her thighs. He turned so that he was laying facing her, between her spread legs. She wanted him to kiss, lick and suck her pussy.

He knows just what to do to make her hot and her pussy get wet. She felt the wetness between her legs. She reached down to rub herself when he gently holds her hand down, so she can’t touch herself. He continues to lick the insides of her thighs, spreading her legs farther

apart. Barely touching with the tip of his tongue he slowly licked up the inside of her thighs.

“Yes…” she moaned, loving the way he was touching her. “Please???” she had asked wanting to feel his tongue on her pussy.

He continued to lick his way upwards, nibbling the insides of her thigh. She spread her legs wider for him. Ted reached up and put her legs over his shoulders so he can get even closer to her.

Patti felt her pussy getting wet, she reached again for her slit. He grabbed both of her hands and held them down to her sides.

Finally he gently licked the folds of her pussy lips, teasing. Gasping she tensed up from just that touch, wanting more. He gave her more, he opened up her pussy just using his tongue. Letting go of her hands, he spread her open, he loves when she shaves herself for him. It turns him on, the first time she did that for him he decided then and there he wanted her to stay shaved for him. Licking up and down her slit, gently sucking on her wet pussy lips makes them both so hot. “Oh yes” he moaned at the taste of her wetness.

“Baby…” she whispered to him, wanting him. Reaching up she pinched her nipples, twisting them.

Ted wanted to be inside of her so badly but he was going to make it last, his cock was rock hard already. Flicking his tongue over her pussy lips he spread her open and licking two fingers he slid them inside of her. “Honey feels so good…” she groaned loudly, loving the feel as he started to finger her gently. “Yes…” she said reaching down and grasping his hand as he fingered her sopping wet slit.

“You like that???? Does it make you hot????” he asked looking up at her.

“You know it does…” is all she could say, it felt so good, she loved when he did this to her.

“So tight…” he tells her as he fingers her a bit faster, harder just the way she liked it.

She liked it a bit rough at times, not enough to hurt but enough to make her gasp and moan loudly.

“Harder…finger me harder baby…” she begged him, knowing he will do anything she asks within reason.

“Pussy is so wet…and hot…” he tells her fingering her deeper and harder, she is breathing heavily, whimpering putting her hands in his hair knowing he loves that. “Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop honey…” she moans her hips moving up and down slowly. He takes her clit into his mouth and sucks on it, flicking it with the tip of his tongue as he continues to finger her harder and faster.

“Fuck…don’t stop…” she begged him, getting so close to cumming. He could feel her pussy tighten around his fingers as she gets close to her climax.

“Oh baby…yes…cumming…” she moaned loudly clasping her legs closed around his head as she climaxed. Pushing her clit into his mouth deeper as pussy juice poured out of her, getting him and the bed soaked. Her legs relaxed from around him and fell off of his shoulders as she let out a deep satisfied sigh. “Oh my God…baby that was great…” she said as she looked down at him.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” he said trying to catch his breath, he had wanted it to last longer for her but he was glad he could satisfy bahis siteleri her.

“Come here…” she said, wanting to take care of him now. He crawled back up beside her, bent down and kissed her. She could taste her juices, it tasted good.

“You tasted so good…” he moaned as he felt her reach for his hard cock, wanting her to suck his it.

“Nice hard cock…can I suck it?” Patti asked innocently.

“Oh yes, do anything you’d like…” he said as she bent down and licked the head, taking it into her mouth, sucking on it for a few seconds. “Oh yeah baby…” Ted groaned as he felt her hot, wet mouth sucking him. He laid down on the bed, legs spread and she laid down between his legs and took his rock hard cock into her waiting mouth.

It tasted so good, she loved sucking and licking his cock, knowing how much he loved it. Nothing made her happier than to take care of him and satisfy him in every way. Some people might call her a Nympho but she didn’t care. She loved him and wanted to make him happy.

He watched her gently sucking on his cock, wondering how the hell did he get so lucky to have her. She licked her way to his balls, swirling her tongue around them before she took them into her mouth one at a time. “Look at me…” he said as she licked him. She looked up at him, as she slowly licked the underside of his cock. “I love you.” He told her, meaning every word, never wanting to leave her again.

She stopped licking him for a second, smiled…”I know you love me and I love you too baby…” taking his cock back into her mouth she continued to lick him, wanting to make it last for him. Giving him slow licks up to the head of his cock, he stroked her hair, watching every move she made. He laid back and just enjoyed the feelings, the feel of her hot, wet mouth on his cock.

She took the head of his cock back into her mouth, sucking on it, loving the way it felt in her mouth. She would suck and lick his cock all day if she could. Anytime and anyplace it wouldn’t matter. She just wanted to make him feel good, and she loved the taste of his cock and especially when he filled her mouth with his cum.

Bobbing her head up and down on his cock, she took him deeper and deeper as she sucked him slowly. Ted tightened his hands in her hair the more she sucked his cock. “Yes…suck it baby girl…” he moaned moving his hips up and down, giving her more of his cock wanting her to take him all. She reached down and stroked his balls, gently because they were very sensitive. “Easy baby…” he said loving the way she made him feel.

She licked and slurped his cock taking him as deep as she could. Fighting her gag reflex she went back to the head of his cock, letting his cock slip from her mouth.

“Damn, honey you can deep throat can’t you?” he asked as she took a deep breath.

“I told you I could…” she said as she stroked his cock, loving the way it felt in her hand.

“I love sucking your cock” she moaned as she licked the the head of his cock, savoring the taste. She loved the taste of it, taking his cock back into her mouth she sucked him, jacking his cock at the same time.

Ted was in heaven, he had always loved the way she sucked his cock, he had never met anyone who loved cock as much as she did. She loved sex and loved to play and wasn’t shy about it. If she was horny and wanted to make love she would just say so. She wasn’t shy about playing with her toys and letting him watch.

He laid there thinking back to the time they had first met she had went to spend a few days with him. He came home from work, not finding her in the living room.

He heard her calling him from the bedroom. He walked into the bedroom and found her laying down on the bed. Naked, rubbing herself.

She didn’t have to ask him twice, he undressed and joined her in the bed. She didn’t have to ask him twice. They made slow sweet love before going out to dinner.

Patti reached between her legs and rubbed her still wet pussy, she loved the way he bahis şirketleri made her feel. “Yeah baby suck my cock…” she heard him telling her as he gave her his cock as deep as he could.

Fucking his cock with her mouth she jacked his cock at the same time. She loved sucking his cock, hearing him moan with pleasure.

She sucked him harder and faster wanting to make him cum, taste it, swallow it. He loved that she liked the taste of his cum, and that she loved to swallow.

She was the only woman he had ever been with who liked to do that.

She had asked him once if that was weird that she liked to swallow his cum and that she liked sucking cock?

He told that he thought it was very hot. The night she had told him she, had been with another woman and that she wouldn’t mind doing that again, so that he could watch and join in. She had almost been afraid to admit it to him.

She had even suggested maybe getting together with another couple some time down the line. He told her he would love to watch her with another man, wanted to watch her suck another mans cock and eat another woman’s pussy.

Just talking about it had gave him an instant erection. She was always full of surprises, he never knew what she was going to come up with next. That was one of the reasons he loved her so much.

“Fuck baby…suck that cock…” he told her fucking up into her mouth faster.

Letting his cock slip out of her mouth, she strokes his balls again as she nibbles his cock all over.

“You’re a tease…you know what happens when you tease…” he said trying to sound serious, he knew she was trying to make it last.

“Are you going to punish me???” she asked innocently.

“Maybe…” he said reaching for her, pulling her back to him. “Suck it…” he said grabbing her head, pushing her down on his cock.

She looked at him, not saying a word she took his cock back into her wet mouth.

“Yes…just like that…” he said as she started to suck him again, slowly, gently at first. Grabbing handfuls of her long hair he started to fuck her mouth. “No hands…just

your mouth.” he told her watching her taking his cock deeper and deeper. She held her hands behind her back. He watched as she took him almost gagging. She was trying not to gag as he forced his cock down her throat.

She sucked like she had never had cock before. He loved it when she would pretend like she had never sucked a cock before.

Damn, his cock was ready to explode, he had never had anyone suck cock like she did. He could feel the cum rising in his balls. He was close to the point of no return. He was breathing heavier, he fucked her mouth like it was her pussy.

Pounding his cock into her mouth, feeling her tighten her mouth around his cock. The more he gave her his cock the harder she sucked him. Patti could feel Ted start to tense up, she knew it wouldn’t be much longer before he gave her his cum.

“Fuck!Yeah baby…suck that cock…” he cried out as he pulled away from her.

“Lay down baby I want to cum on your tits…” he told her as he stroked his cock hard and fast wanting to cum on her tits and face.

Patti did as he told her she laid down on the bed as he straddled her chest and stroked his cock.

“Give it to me…give me your cum baby…” she begged him as he tensed up and spurted a huge load of cum on her tits and face.

“Yeah, take it, take it all…” he said giving her his load of cum. Spurt after spurt hit her tits and face. She loved it and he was in Heaven.

She moaned as she wiped the cum from her face and licked it,swallowing it all.

“Taste so good baby…” she wiped the cum from her tits and licked it from her fingers like it were candy.

Ted’s breathing slowed and he bent down and kissed her tasting his cum on her lips. He had always wondered what it tasted like, it wasn’t bad, it was different.

“It’s almost 5:00, we need to get some more sleep hon…” he said as reached for the blankets and he put them back on the bed.

“Thank you honey, that was great…” Patti told him as she snuggled down under the blankets.

“You are so welcome babe, I enjoyed it too…” he said kissing her good-night and turning out the light.

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