Window Shopping

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You were blissfully strolling along the corridors of the mall, enjoying a rare weekday off, to pamper yourself and just relax. I saw you approaching before you noticed me. My eyes had been emblazoning all over your body, admiring the beautiful creature before me. I felt bold, brazen, I had always wanted this to happen, and now you were the one.

You turned and saw me, watching you, smiling at you. You couldn’t help yourself, you smiled back, the display of my confidence bemusing you. Besides, you thought, he’s pretty damn cute. The starched white shirt, the crisp blue suit, the nice silk tie.

And, of course, that smile, mischievous, knowing, charmingly disengaging, my bright green eyes sparkling their approval at the lovely sight before me. You.

“Hi!” I said.

“Hi yourself.” you replied. You wondered, “I hope he has something better than that as a line.”

“Welcome to my mall, I’m the manager, my name is John.”

“Hello, John, isn’t that nice, my name is…,” you hesitated,”Anita.”

“Nice to meet you, Anita, I’m here to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one, I can offer you impeccable service.”

You couldn’t help the smile spreading over your face, though you tried to conceal it. You didn’t know it, but I could see your cheeks flush almost imperceptibly.

“Well, now, that is so thoughtful, John, thank you so much. Tell me, do you offer this to all of your customers?”

“Actually, no, Anita, I’ve been saving this especially for akyurt escort you.”

Again, you smiled, your eyes locking into mine, dancing eyeballs in a visual foreplay, displaying interest, anticipation, intrigue, daring.

“And, just what have you been saving for me, John, do tell.”

I leaned away from the railing and stood straight, and your eyes couldn’t help but to glance down, and see my very noticeable arousal.

“This, Anita, this is what I have to service you.” I said, my pants now visibly twitching.

Oh my God, you thought to yourself, I can’t believe this is happening. Who IS this guy? Yet, at the same time, you were becoming very aroused yourself, your weight shifting from one high-heeled leg to the next.

You said nothing in reply, still surveying the situation and weighing the options in your mind. You were now a captive emotional passenger in this, waiting to see where I would take this, where I would take you.

“It’s big.” I said, snapping you back from your thoughts.

“Pardon me?” you stammered, slightly.

“It’s big.” I repeated.

You smiled, playing along now, completely engrossed in this dialogue. “What’s big?”

“It.” I replied, standing straighter.

Hmmm, you thought, it certainly does appear to be.

“John, just how big is it?”

“Very, Anita.”

We looked at each other intently for perhaps ten more seconds and then your lips parted, “Yes, but.,”

“I do.”, I interjected, ayaş escort not letting you finish your sentence.

“How do you know what I was going to ask?” you queried, slightly annoyed at my presumptuousness.

“I do, Anita. I do know exactly how to use it. That’s what you wanted to know.” I watched you grin reluctantly, a smile of affirmation.

“When I say I will service you, I will do so with great skill and care. You will leave a very satisfied visitor. I have picked you out especially, as I have already told you. All you have to do now is enjoy, and follow a few simple instructions, that’s all. Ok, Anita? Would you like to be serviced?”

You stood there, for one of the very few times in your life, rendered speechless. It was usually you who took control of the sensual and sexual banter and teasing. You didn’t know quite how to react to someone so confident, yet at the same time so sincere in their desire to please. You continued to ponder, as I began again.

“Anita, here is what I will request that you do. You are to return home, and dress as you would for an important job interview, and come into my office at exactly two-thirty. I presume you have a nice, conservative business suit with a skirt, for the occasion?”

I did not wait for a reply, though you managed to nod weakly.

I continued, “You will come into my office and identify yourself as Ms. Mandalay, and you are here for the personal assistant’s position.”

Again, ankara escort you nodded, making mental notes, your mind spinning with a thousand thoughts, trying to make sense of all of the sensations, yet consumed by the growing dampness evident between your legs, dripping onto your thong.

“However, Anita, I have one requirement for you. It is incumbent that you follow this request for continued consideration for this position. Beneath your conservative suit, you will be wearing..nothing. Not a bra, no panties, no stockings, nothing. I will have such accessories available to provide to you during the private interview. Is that acceptable?”

“Wow!” you thought, “Is it ever!” But you tried not to convey your enthusiasm, though your eyes and the flush of your cheeks and the unmistakable scent of your sex betrayed you. I knew all, noticed all, for I was intrigued by the subject matter. You.

Instead, you just whispered, “Yes, John, I understand, and thank you for the opportunity, you won’t be disappointed, I assure you.”

I smiled back at you. “Splendid, Anita, I’m quite sure I won’t be. Two-thirty, then.” I extended my hand.

“Two thirty, yes.”, You watched as I walked away briskly, your heart racing, your chest heaving, taking short, measured breaths.

You thought, “Wow, oh, wow, oh wow! What a day this has turned out to be.” Your immediate thought was getting into your car and touching yourself wantonly, waiting for the next several hours to pass.

“Wow, oh, wow, oh, wow!”, I thought. “I can’t believe I just did that, she is simply stunningly beautiful!” My only thought was returning to my office and touching myself furiously, waiting for the next several hours to pass.

To be continued. Only if you ask for more.

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