Wow, Pretty Mama

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Nina whirled as the door opened, covering her full breasts with her shirt. Nathan chuckled; hunger flickering in his dark eyes as he shut the door slowly. Heat rushed to her cheeks. He definitely loved her pregnant. It seemed like he became less person and more wandering hands the further along she got. At seven months, most women don’t expect to draw that kind of attention. Not that she minded. Her naked breasts tingled behind the swatch of shirt in her grasp. Nathan wasn’t the only one who was hungry.

He pulled her to him, gripping the small of her back as his free hand slowly plucked the shirt from her fingers one by one. When it finally pulled away, her sensitive nipples grazed his chest and her breath caught. Excited by her gasp, he cinched her closer, pressing into her sensitive breasts. Dueling aches of cold protest and hot pleading filled them, and she stifled a moan.

Nathan bowed his head and breathed into her neck. “Wow, pretty mama.”

She shivered as his hands traveled to her bottom, alternating between soft caresses and rough grabs, twisting her soft flesh in his strong hands. Her breathing grew erratic as her thighs started to shake, the vibration sending aftershocks into her core. Her mind was racing ahead, begging him for a hundred things, but she was too proud to speak. Besides, she thought, she had to slow down or she’d be a useless pile of jelly in minutes.

Nathan’s hands slid beneath her ass as he lifted her onto his raised thigh. His mouth devoured hers and she whimpered through his tongue. Her long skirt and pressed uncomfortably between her legs, but the feeling brought back early memories of dry humping on the couch, and she found it unexpectedly exciting. Unconsciously, she began to rock her pelvis against his thigh as his kisses wound from her lips to her neck.

His hands squeezed her ass one more time as he bit her nipples lightly. She reveled in the delicious needle of pain, her head lolling. Desperate for more, her thrusting grew more insistent and Nathan suddenly gripped her pelvis, stopping her. He pressed her pussy down against him as he lowered his thigh inch by inch. When he finally set her down, her legs gave out, and he caught her up in his arms.

She was vibrating all over, the familiar shudder of hunger rippling through her. He held her close and shushed her, rocking her and kissing her cheeks…slowing her down. She felt the press of his rock-hard erection against her leg and was pleased. It never ceased to please her that he still wanted her. It made her feel like less of a slave to her raging libido to know that his equaled hers.

She sighed as her shudders subsided. Her heart slowed with their rocking and she gave him a gentle kiss. Now, she could focus on the small things, the light touches of fingertips and eyelashes, the ticklish spot, or a favorite landscape for a few eryaman escort well-placed bites.

Nathan’s hands slid down to her thighs and his fingertips slowly began gathering up her long skirt. “You know,” he murmured, “everyone thinks you wear these long skirts now because you’re motherly.”

The hem reached her knees and her thighs shivered in the cool air. He stopped and slid his fingers beneath the leather strap of the buck knife lashed to her thigh. There was little room and her skin protested, pulled tight like sunburn where his fingers wound through. Her nails turned into his skin, both threatening and enticing him. He gripped the leather strap and gave it a rough tug, nearly taking her off her feet.

“Whoa!” She grabbed for him. “Careful, baby.” He had to remember that her belly threw off her balance. His gentle embrace was his apology, but she couldn’t focus. That tug had been so fucking hot. Her entire body was on fire. “I didn’t mean stop,” she implored. “I meant careful.”

Grinning, he slid his fingers under the strap again, tugging. The leather bit into her thigh and she felt an echoing tug between her legs.

“I was going to say,” Nathan continued, his whisper teasing against her neck, “that I know the real reason you wear these skirts. It’s so you can wear the knife. Freaking assassin.” He shook her once more before sliding his fingers free of the straps. Released, she felt the emptiness race in, a corporal exhale. Jesus, her heart was racing.

Nathan grabbed handfuls of her skirt and gestured. “Up.”

With her best sexy pout, she raised her hands over her head and he removed the last of her clothing. Besides her buck knife, she was stark naked and he was still fully clothed. It was how they had started on their wedding day, well, admittedly without the knife that time…but it thrilled her still. Maybe it was narcissism. The way he looked at her when she was completely his…when she was vulnerable. It was irresistible.

She raised an eyebrow and grabbed fistfuls of his shirt. “Up.”

He grinned and held up his arms, holding his breath so she’d have to drool over every tensed muscle. At 6′ 2″, Nathan was a full head taller than her and every inch of his gorgeous body was lean, hard muscle. She’d never once succeeded in removing his shirt without laying tongue to chest. Her brain could imagine nothing else; it was utterly beyond her control. She pressed her lips to his muscled stomach as she raised his shirt. The softness of his skin over the granite of his muscles drove her crazy, and she found herself lapping him up like a prisoner would a last meal. He laughed as her licks turned to playful bites. She reached for his pants, but he’d rushed ahead of her, dropping them himself, and in seconds they were equals, their desire exposed.

He grabbed her and crushed esat escort her mouth with his and slipped his fingers inside of her as her hands grabbed desperately for his cock. Their breath came in gasps and snorts as the warm-up turned rough. Panting, he pulled away and eased her down onto the bed.

She lay back, a gentle moan escaping her lips when he pulled a pillow beneath her hips. That could mean only one thing. His hands spread her legs and she bit her lip. Her breath came in skipping gasps as his lips trailed across her soft inner thighs in lazy circles. For a moment, he bit the leather of her buck knife straps on his way, eliciting her hiccupping giggle of anticipation.

When he reached her pussy, his fingers gently spread her open and she tensed, waiting. His tongue found her soft clitoris and she sighed and relaxed into him. She couldn’t reach his head, or even really see him past her belly, but she grazed her hands over her thighs in pleasure. His tongue went to work, brushing just past her clit in a long stroke on one side. She moaned, a deep guttural plea. God, he knew her so well. Another stroke, long and glancing. Teasing. Touché and dance away. It was beautiful agony. Her hands snaked up to her pleading breasts. She found her nipples and pinched until the pain made her gasp.

Nathan’s head flew up and he narrowed his eyes in approval at her self-initiative, before diving between her legs with new enthusiasm. His lapping strokes rippled steadily inward until she was quivering in rhythm with the flicker. Instead of “on – off” like a light switch, it was on – on – on – on – on – on…the pressure building to a point that it was almost unbearable. Normally, she’d push him away, but she couldn’t reach him. Just when she was going to cry out, he stopped and pulled away himself, blowing on her gently. She bucked, both grateful for the respite, and insane with unfinished desire.

His lips returned to her clitoris and she held her breath, her heart pounding. Gently, oh, so horrifically gently, he sucked her. Her arms flew above her head as she gripped the sheet and cried out. The sucking continued, slower, but progressively stronger. She tried in vain to quiet her moans as Nathan’s face burrowed deeper and deeper into her, his own noises of pleasure sending shockwaves through her. With his next suck, she felt his fingers slide into her aching pussy.

“Stop! Oh, god, Stop! Please.” She gasped, her chest heaving and her pussy throbbing.

Nathan stood and smiled, the juice from her pleasures glistening on his lips. He stepped back and folded his arms. “Beg me.”

The cool air hit her soaking pussy and she sat up on her elbows. “Jesus, yes! Please baby, I’m begging you to fuck me. Ple…”

He lunged over her, pressing into her pelvis and crushing her mouth, sharing her taste with her. Her ankara escort hands found his cock and guided him into her. He stopped himself just as the tip slid in, and a strangled, inhuman sound left her throat. She was dying. Her pelvis reached upward desperately; so hungry she couldn’t contain it. He pinned her arms and shoved his tongue into her mouth again before reaching down and stopping her driving hips. “I thought you begged me to fuck you, not the other way around.”

She nodded and her nails dug into his neck as he slid inside her again and they both moaned. Finally. She melted, her flesh burned and flew away…ashes. His thrusting was long and slow, driving deeper and deeper.

“Ow!” A painful shock forced the small protest from her lips and he froze, until she bit his neck, inviting more. “Ow!” His next thrust hit the same mark, igniting the same delicious pain. It was so far inside her that she couldn’t even identify the where or how or why…only the what…pleasure. “Oooooh!” It was deep and long this time, with an extra slow slide into the pain.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, don’t stop,” she whispered, kissing his chest.

“C’mon,” he patted her ass. “Turn.” She sighed as he slid out of her, and then again when his fingers slipped into her while “helping” her onto her hands and knees. His curled fingers tugged, pulling at her pussy, and her thighs shook. He slid his fingers out and made her wait. With each breath that he made her wait, she silently begged him to fuck her.

He smacked her pussy, startling her with a wave of unexpected pleasure. The sting was so sweet. He smacked her pussy again and she quivered. Her arms buckled and she went down on her elbows, her ass tilting up in offering.

Nathan’s hands rubbed and grabbed her ass, and he groaned. “God, you have a fantastic ass, Nina.”

Smack! He slapped her ass hard and she jumped, squealing. Smack! He slapped her again in the same spot, burning the sensitive skin of her tender rear. His hand reached for her breast and cupped it, pinching the nipple until she whimpered. Smack! Her ass was pulsating.

“Yeah? You like that don’t you?” he murmured, more to himself than to her. He exhaled as his cock slide inside her.

“Jesus, yes, thank you baby.”

Her whisper was a prayer. She’d died and gone to heaven. His thrusts found new, deep pockets of her sexual soul. Dark places where she wanted it harder, deeper, until the thrusts became slaps as his pelvis slammed against her ass and she screamed nonsensical blue gibberish.

“Fuckin Jesus, yes! Oh god baby, don’t stop. Fuck, you’re so fucking good. I fucking love you!”

Nina never know from where this lunatic who lived inside her arose. All she knew was that she was the goddess of fantastic fucking and she cursed like a sailor. And…she owned her as much as Nathan did, until the screaming explosion wasted her, the shrapnel ricocheting inside every inch of her skin as she shrieked and shuddered and faded. Melting, liquid implosion, pooling on the bed. Fluids, his, hers,…her. She was fluid. She was a warm summer puddle, fresh with the smell of the passing storm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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