A day on the Beach

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“Edited by Thanmor”

This is a story about the time a fantasy of mine came true. Back in the 80s, I’d had a daydream. I’d watched a movie when I was young, one that I still remember fondly. A scene in it had always held my focus. 

Two lovers lay in the surf on a beach clinging to each other. They’d kissed passionately in the water; their bodies pressing tightly together. I’d wanted that for myself, I’d wanted to hold someone as we made love in the frothy foam. 

It was a Friday in May when my story started. Ginger, my girlfriend at the time, and I were working a busy shift together. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the fact that we were understaffed. Add that to the mix, and by afternoon we were exhausted. 

I was walking down the hall when Ginger had stopped me with a hand on my shoulder.

“Shame we haven’t had time for a break,” she whispered, her hand trailing down to pinch my ass. “I would love to have a 15-minute touchy-feely session in the parking lot.” Her finger trailed lower, brushing my balls lightly. I jerked away from her, more sexually frustrated than annoyed. 

“You better keep your hands to yourself in front of the boss,” I snapped. “He’ll call me into his office and berate me again.” 

 “I get in trouble because you’re handsy. How’s that fair?” I say, exasperated.

 She giggled in response and grabbed onto my arm. 

“If one more guy looks down my fucking blouse, I’m going to scream,” she sighed. “I could really use some fun in the sun.”

The thought perked her up and she bounced in place. “What if we go to the beach tomorrow?” she asked, her blue eyes pleading. “I was thinking the same thing,” I answered, surprised our minds were so in sync.  She squealed and kissed my cheek. “Great, see you at home,” she said, and just like that, she was gone.

The next morning, as we sat having breakfast, another idea occurred to me. 

“You know, Ginger,” I said casually. “I’m thinking of letting you drive my motorcycle to the beach.” In an instant, she was on her feet. “Then why are we still sitting? Let’s go!” She took about two steps before she stopped and turned to me with a pout. “Wait, you’re joking, aren’t you? You’d never let me drive.”

“Why would I joke about this?” I asked, my expression sincere. “You drive fine, and I know you’re good on two wheels. I’ve seen you ride your brother’s dirt bike, and you handled it with ease.” When she still looked unsure I continued.

“Besides, I was thinking about what I could hold onto ’til we get there.” I waggled my eyebrows at her and she laughed. 

“Fine, I believe you, but you know we’ll have to bring a lot of stuff. Like a big beach blanket,” she reminded me, her eyes sparkling. “Because we’re gonna need it.”

It took no time to get to the beach, and when we arrived I nearly cheered. It was empty, apart from the couple that was flying kites. Taking a moment, we unpacked. Then, sharing the load, we walked hand in hand along the beach. 

Looking for a place without prying eyes, Ginger recommended a spot behind the dunes. Sure enough, as we walked further down the beach, we found a spot right next to the water. Once we decided on the exact location, I laid the blanket out and we set our things down.

“Yeah,” Ginger said, nodding to herself, “This is a good spot.” I watched her intensely as she began to strip out of her clothes. She kicked off her shoes and pulled her shirt up over her head. 

Her bikini top clung to her in all the right ways, making my swim trunks suddenly feel too tight. She laid down on the blanket next to me, seeming to güvenilir bahis not notice my gaze. 

Shifting her legs in the air, she fought with her tight-fitting jeans. I moved to help her, and she smiled widely at me. 

When we had finally gotten them off, I couldn’t resist running my finger along the bottom of her foot. She giggled, trying to free her foot from my grasp. After a few seconds, I let her foot go and she glared at me playfully. 

Her gaze trailed down to my trunks. A smile played across her lips. “He seems to like what he sees.” I took little notice of the obvious tent in my shorts.

“Oh, he does,” I mutter, pulling her closer to me, loving the feel of her body against mine.” And I agree with him.”

“Now wait a minute,” she said, running her fingers along the bottom of my shirt,” Your too white baby. If you don’t put any sunscreen on you’ll burn like a lobster.”

 I helped her pull my shirt off. I hesitated for a moment before letting her go get the sunscreen. What convinced me to wait was the image of her hands all over me. 

She dug through our bag to find the bottle. Then I watched as she slathered the thick liquid onto her hands. She scooted close to me. “Lay down on your stomach,” she instructed. I obeyed, lying down.

She started with my neck and slowly moved down to my shoulders. Her hands kneaded my flesh like she was giving me a massage. 

She quickened her pace as she trailed down my back. It was when she reached the top of my trunks that she slowed again. As she rubbed intensely, her fingers slipped under my waistband a few times. 

She knew she was driving me crazy, I could tell by the mischievous smile I glimpsed on her face. I wanted to say to hell with the foreplay when she whispered for me to turn over.

I’d barely turned when her lips were on mine. Her hands, still covered in sunscreen, clutched at me fiercely. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her, not breaking our kiss. 

My fingers found the knot of strings at the back of her bikini and I untied them. She barely noticed, her kisses urgent and hot. Our mouths moved in sync, our bodies hot with desire. 

I finally broke our kiss, our breath coming out in pants. I peppered kisses along her throat as my hand slipped into her bottoms. “I want you, baby,” I whispered against her neck, my finger gliding through her wet heat.

“I love it when you do that,” Ginger moaned, clutching me to her. “Please, do it again.” I ran my finger along her slit once more, spreading her lips. Her wetness coated my finger, making it so easy to run my finger back and forth.

 She reaches for the sunscreen and pours some into her hand. Before I could ask what she was doing, her hand wrapped around my cock. I groaned as she worked me in her hand, her eyes meeting mine with a hooded expression. God, she was beautiful.

 I shifted Ginger to her back and began to tease her again, loving the soft moans she let out. She stared up at me, her eyes fighting to stay open. I fought to keep my eyes open too, her skilled hand pumped me too tight. If I wasn’t careful I’d blow my load quicker than I’d like.

I trailed my finger further up and pushed down on the little bundle of nerves at the apex of her pussy. Her hips bucked involuntarily into my hand, her body responding to the sudden pressure on her sensitive clit. 

My fingers were slick as I circled her bundle of nerves, watching as her body spasmed with each brush of my finger. Her grip quickened on my cock, and her little gasps and moans were all I could take. 

I groaned loudly as I came, spurts of my cum shooting güvenilir bahis siteleri over her bare stomach and breasts. I waited for a second, trying to continue through the haze of pure bliss that shot through every ounce of my body. 

After a moment she let go of my dick and grabbed onto the blanket instead. Her fingers clutched at the fabric as she writhed in pleasure. A sheen of sweat broke out across her skin, her cheeks red and flushed.

 “Are you hot baby?” I asked in a whisper, pressing my lips against the hollow of her throat. 

“Yes,” she moaned, her eyes barely open. I trailed kisses down her collar bone as I firmly pinched her clit. Her muscles twitched uncontrollably, and her hips bucked again.

“Do you want me to stop?” I whisper, my mouth against her skin.

I felt her shake her head and her words came out airy. “Don’t you dare.”

Satisfied with her answer, I took her nipple into my mouth. I play with her sensitive flesh, circling it with my tongue. After a moment I bit down on her nipple and Ginger’s back arched, forcing more of her perky breast into my mouth. 

I quicken my pace and move my lips to her throat. I suck and nip at the skin there, leaving a hickey for all to see. 

With the faster pace, I feel Ginger’s body shake and her moans start growing louder. The way her body began to shudder made it clear how close she was. She clutched me tightly to her, her words incoherent in her need.


Then she stilled for a split second before her cry of pleasure rippled through her body. I let her ride the wave, my fingers still moving. Her body spasms uncontrollably as she comes undone. When she’s grown limp, I stop moving my fingers, knowing she’s coming off her high. 

I lay down on the blanket next to her, both of us catching our breath. When our breathing calms, I pull her into me. As I held her close, I stroked her hair softly and peppered her neck with kisses. I ran my hand down her stomach and trailed a finger between her lips. 

When I touched her still sensitive clit, she squirmed at the touch. I continued further down, running two of my fingers through her heat. She was soaking wet and her opening still spasmed from her climax. 

Unable to resist, I slid two fingers inside her. My fingers entered easily and I took a moment to feel her walls spasm around them. I made sure to meet Ginger’s eye as I lifted my fingers to my mouth and tasted her. 

She groaned and her hand reached down for my cock. I was hard again, the mix of her scent and the thought of me being inside of her had me ramrod straight.

“You made me leak,” she said playfully and she spread her legs wide. I sat up and shifted over to our bag of stuff to grab a condom.

I leaned over her. She wrapped her hands around my waist, pulling the top part of our bodies flush against each other. I rubbed the crown of my cock up and down her folds teasingly. 

I smiled as she groaned in irritation. “You sure, baby?” 

She whimpered in response. “I need you inside me.”

When I didn’t immediately stop teasing her lips, she thrust her hips into me. We both moaned as the action shoved me deep inside her. We lay there for a moment before I slowly began rocking against her. 

A buzzing sound caught my attention for a moment. I thought she might have brought a toy I hadn’t seen. Then I quickly ruled it out, knowing she would have told me. 

After a moment I heard it again and decided it was probably a fly. She wrapped her legs around me and I focused back on the task at hand. 

Our whispers and moans melded together iddaa siteleri as I thrust into her. Her lips pressed against my neck as I started to rock faster. She was just as desperate, her hips bucking to meet mine. 

I moved my hips and the action made her bite down on my neck to keep her cry of pleasure muffled. I was so close, my hips moving in uncontrollable jerky motions.

The buzzing had gotten louder and by the time I picked up on it, it was too late. 

A dirt bike flew out of nowhere, and almost hit us. Ginger screamed in terror and we both tried our best to get out of its way. Then three more appeared behind that one. 

I’m not sure if they spotted us but their wheels sent sand everywhere. The mix of sunscreen and sweat made our bodies sticky and in seconds we were covered head to toe. 

We coughed and sputtered out sand, blindly reaching for each other. We stumbled toward the water, our way guided by the sound of the waves crashing in. We wade in cautiously until we’re about waist deep.

We focus on helping each other, laughing as we do our best to remove the sand. After a few moments of cleaning, Ginger’s hand wrapped around my cock. “You didn’t cum, did you?”

Her stroking fingers had me hard again in no time and I wrapped my arms around her waist and lifted her. She squealed before I placed my lips on hers. 

I walked us toward the shoreline, my eyes shut while our mouths interlocked. When the water got to about my ankles I laid Ginger down in it. 

The frothy surf surrounds us as I trail kisses all over her face and neck. The tide rolls over us at a constant speed, cooling our hot skin. 

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was where I’d dreamed to be. Right here in the surf with a beautiful woman who loved me. As I prodded at her entrance though, I suddenly felt as if I’d made this moment my own. I was going to make love to her, right here.

She moaned and gripped me tightly to her. I knew I wasn’t going to last long but I didn’t care. Nothing mattered more at that moment than me holding Ginger tightly in my arms. 

As my thrusts became less coordinated, I pulled my lips from hers and bit her neck. My body shuddered in wave after wave of pleasure as I bottomed out inside of her. 

It took a moment before I heard the noise. I looked up to see a crowd of people standing on the beach. What I’d heard was clapping. They were clapping as if they’d seen the whole thing.

“Please tell me it’s not the dirt bikers again,” Ginger whispered, and I looked down to see her cheeks turn bright red. 

“Not exactly,” I said back and watched as she looked behind her. 

Her head immediately snapped back to me and she shoved her face against my chest. “Shit. They have cameras.”

“Fuck, we’re gonna have to do a walk of shame to get back to our stuff,” I groaned, helping her up. 

We did our best to cover ourselves, Ginger having a harder time as she had more bits to cover. We were halfway out of the water when a woman held out a blanket to us.

 “Here you go,” she said smiling. “My name is Angela.”

I shook her hand awkwardly, feeling Ginger tighten the blanket around us.

“You know,” she said as we walked through the dunes to get our stuff. “I’ll need that blanket back.”

I laugh. “Of course, we’ll return it.”

“Excellent,” she said cheerfully. ” We’re over there in the brown van.”

“You know, we’d love it if you two would come over to have a few glasses of wine with us,” she continued with a twinkle in her eye. 

She pointed toward a brown van and I spotted another woman over there. When she sees us looking she waves.

“We’d love to,” Ginger responds, letting go of the blanket to grab her clothes.

Something about the way Angela eyed Ginger as she got dressed made me think we’d be having more than just wine.

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