A Gift For Jay

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To the beautiful lady whose name is in the title, I’m grateful. Thank you, darlin, for the inspiration and the friendship.

I want to taste your soul.

Will you let me?

I lay your naked beauty on a table made of gold and cushion your lush body on the softest of pillows.

You please me so well; the sight of you before me makes my hands tremble.

Fingertips, feather light, caress your glowing face.

Over top of you I lay, fully clothed. This time the pleasure is not for me, but for only you.

Whisper soft I kiss your lips, taste the warmth of your mouth as I stroke my tongue deep.

This need inside me makes my body quake with longing as I skim my fingers down your sensitive neck, my lips and tongue following slowly behind.

Your breasts are divine to my eye; the nipples calling out to me to suckle and with a moan I take your pebbled hardness between my lips.

I feel your hands caress the sides of my face, feel the gentle glide of your fingers through my hair as you cradle my head, holding me near.

My heart beats heavy bursa escort as I pull you deeper into my mouth, hear the startled gasp from your lips as my teeth bite and tug, then feel your sigh as I sooth you with my tongue.

I kiss the valley between your breasts and breathe deep, my belly clenching as the scent of you fills my lungs.

A fiery trail I lick and kiss down the center of your lovely form, my hands brushing along your sides and over your hips.

The closer I get to the very heart of you the weaker my knees become, forcing me to sit upon the table’s golden chair.

Words can not describe the beauty that lays open before my sight, glistening pink and stirring a hunger unlike anything I’ve ever known.

My breath quickens as I draw my hands toward your knees along your outer thighs.

Moisture fills my mouth as I place kiss after sweet kiss to the softness of your inner thighs.

God, your tender pussy is just a breath away from my lips. The heat and the essence of your body are so strong, too strong for me to bursa escort bayan deny myself any longer.

A tender kiss I place upon the wet lips of your flesh. I savor the juices that I taste and feel my own body respond.

The urge to ravage you is hard to resist, but I must, for I long to tease you, to make you ache as I have for this moment.

I dare not look into your eyes as I lick you from bottom to top, for if I do, if I see the hunger, the need in them I will surely give in to my barely controlled lusts.

Deeper I slide my tongue, your juices easing its path as I seek and find your glorious clit.

With a flick I swirl around the swollen flesh between your legs, groaning as I feel you lift toward my face.

You are a feast that I never want to end and I know, as I wrap my lips around your clit, that I will return again and again to taste of your soul.

To feel that bit of nerves throb between my lips nearly breaks me, as my fingers bite into the skin of your thighs and I hold you open, bursa sınırsız escort pressing my face hard against your pussy.

I suckle harder, drawing your clit deeper into my starving mouth.

The heat between my legs burns like a forest fire as I feel you tremble, hear your moans.

Licking, swirling, and sucking, I feed upon you. Stroking your clit with my tongue and pushing the hood back makes me growl between your legs as I feel you grinding into my face.

I bite your clit and shudder as your cry fills my ears.

Come for me, come for me, is the chant I hear mixing with your sounds of painful pleasure in my head.

I almost fall over the edge with you as I feel your hands grip my hair, holding me there as your orgasm roars through you.

I drown in the joy as your flood of cream rushes from you. Like a woman who has been dying of thirst, I drink deeply until you at last release me from your powerful hands.

Breathless, I lay my head on the cushion of your thigh, tenderly kissing, lovingly stroking it as I fight my body’s own needs.

Slowly I kiss my way up over your belly, between your breasts and along your throat before gently nipping your chin, then tenderly I kiss your lips.

So beautiful, I whisper, as I hope that some day soon you will feed me from your soul again. Until then, I will savor every morsel that you have given me this night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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