A Helping Hand Ch. 07

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Author’s note: AnnaVenus69 will be writing Chapter 8 in this series. And again, we both thank you for your comments/votes and feedback. MF

Jack hadn’t been himself at all as we played a round of golf at one of our favorite courses. Though he and I had been close growing up, only two years junior to him, since his marriage to Kay, we spent little time with one another aside from our monthly golf outing and the occasional family invite to dinner.

I wasn’t worried that anything was wrong, he’d have told me that. But it was obvious his mind wasn’t on the game as normally he outplayed me easily. Not today. Today I’d beaten him by three strokes, which was saying something.

“You sure everything’s alright at home?”

“Huh? Oh…yeah, fine! Fine!” he said smiling shrugging it off. “Just have my mind elsewhere at the moment.”

“Obviously,” I told him. But he didn’t even respond to that, already his eyes taking on that distance look he’d been harboring all morning long.

“We still on for the barbeque this evening? Need me to bring anything? How about I bring along a nice used condom salad?”

“Oh yeah…yeah, that would be great,” he said absentmindedly as he placed his ball on the tee, adjusting it for the third time which is something he rarely if ever did. Rarer still that he sliced it, something else he also rarely ever did.

“What time?”


“The barbeque Jack.”

“Oh yeah…the barbeque. Six, six-thirty I guess,” he replied absently. Then looked at me with sudden realization. “What kind of salad did you say?”


Growing up mom had called us her salt and pepper shakers. Jack had taken after mom’s side of the family with dark hair brown eyes, while I’d taken after dad’s side, blonde hair blue eyed, though as a child, my hair had been actually bright white, only turning blonder later on when I’d grown into a rebellious teen-ager. I had also always been taller than Jack, even as a child, passing him in height early on, and staying that way. Mom said I looked “Nordic” taking after what dad claimed as our heritage in being a distant relative to some well known Viking king or prince or something.

Jack had told me that Kay’s sister was staying there with them. About the only time he even seemed animated, more like his old self. Had only met Linda once, at their wedding, but she seemed nice enough then, though nearly as opposite to her sister Kay as I was to my brother Jack. Stopping long enough to pick up a couple of bottles of wine, I arrived at their place shortly after six, figuring to help Jack with the out doors cooking, and hopefully getting some hint as to whatever it was that was bothering him. Perhaps having that time together, I’d find out.

“Pete? You remember Linda don’t you?” Kay said reintroducing us again.

“Of course! Nice to see you again Linda,” I said taking her hand, shaking it. She smiled, but even though I’d not seen her for years, I remembered her. And I didn’t remember seeing her smile like this. She’d changed, obviously. And maybe that was a good thing as I had always been a bit reserved myself. And from what I’d already learned in life, there was nothing worse than two shy individuals trying to carry on a conversation together.

Not only that, Kay took one of my arms, Linda the other, as they guided me out back towards the patio area. “Pete’s here!” Kay announced to my brother. “And he brought wine!” she said grinning.

“Hi Jack,” I said easily, watching him as he flipped the steaks he was cooking with precision. Jack grinned. I was relieved, as this was the Jack I was a little more used to seeing, not the one I’d played golf with earlier. The girls returned back inside the house to finish up with the potato salad they were making, as well as some corn on the cob to go along with the thick juicy steaks.

“You meet Linda?” Jack asked closing the lid on the barbeque, wiping his hands on the silly looking fish apron he was wearing.

“Yeah, I did. She looks a lot different than the first time I met her,” I told him.


“Yeah, can’t really put my finger on it, and it has been a few years ya know, but I remember her smile, and it was nothing like the one she greeted me with a few minutes ago.”

Jack actually laughed. “Oh Petey…you don’t know the half of it!” He told me.

I hated when he called me that. But I loved it when he did too. We’d always gotten into wrestling matches growing up as kids whenever he called me by that name, most of which I always won, forcing him to take the name back. Which he did, only to call me it again moments later, resulting in another tossing of one another about the yard.

“Oh? So tell me,” I ventured. I saw Jack’s face redden slightly. Once again, something else he rarely if ever did. I also watched him glance back inside the house, look towards me, then motion me over. Whatever it was, it had to be something good as I’d only seen Jack do this “come here” thing once or twice growing up. Once, when he’d discovered kadıköy escort a cache of “stroke-books” as we’d called them that our father had hidden inside his closet. The second time, when he’d come flying home to find me, then led me back through a couple of neighbors yards until I’d found myself standing below Mrs. Steven’s bedroom window. That had been the first time I’d ever seen a naked woman, aside from my own mother. And as exciting as that had been in and of itself, it was watching her getting “fucked” as I later learned the term to be, by some guy that she’d been dating. So when I saw this same exact look in my brother’s eyes once again, I knew this had to be something along those lines.

“What?” I asked upon reaching him, already speaking in hushed tones. Which is when he began telling me why Linda was even here in the first place. Almost immediately I felt he was about to share all the gory details with me, so I listened attentively, preparing myself to be “supportive” without letting on that I was, and cautionary in anything I might say or do over the course of the evening. But then as Jack continued, I realized this wasn’t at all where he was leading me to.

“Remember a while back that I told you what one of my all time fantasies was?” he asked me.

“Yeah…” I drew out curiously.

“Well, lets just say that Kay and Linda gave me a very, very special birthday present!”

I turned to look back inside the house, trying to digest this tid-bit of information I’d just been given. I was already asking the question before turning back around to face him. “You mean to tell me…”


“Kay’s sister?”


“Holy shit!”



Jack grinned.

“Oh come on Jack! You can’t leave me hanging like that! Now you’ve GOT to tell me what the hell happened!” And then it dawned on me. “No fucking wonder you played shitty to day!” I added grinning back at him. “You did seem a little on the exhausted side!”

“Exhausted? No…still horny as hell, yes!” And then Jack proceeded to tell me everything as I stood there with my mouth open, tongue hanging out. I mean I knew Jack, thought I knew him anyway, as well as my sister-in-law. I certainly loved her to pieces and knew that she and Jack had what I’d call the perfect marriage. But hearing this, hearing this wild little naughty side of Kay was an eye-opening revelation.

“Fuck man, her sister?” I stated once again trying to picture it in my mind just as the girls brought out the rest of the side dishes. Even then, I stood looking at my sister-in-law and her sister with renewed interest. “Hot fucking damn!” I thought silently, and surprised myself at this sudden image of seeing the two of them naked, sucking my brother’s prick.

“Pete? Pete? You wanna open one of the bottles of wine?” Kay asked.

“Ah…sure,” I stammered, suddenly realizing I had a rapidly growing erection. I hurriedly turned, glad for the reprieve and reentered the house, bumping into Linda in the process as she came from around the kitchen counter with a loaf of French bread. There was no stopping it, we collided, and in doing so, we both stumbled, me with the momentum of going forward, and Linda with the surprised effort of trying to stop, failing to do so as we crashed backwards into the refrigerator. Reflex had caused me to raise my hands in an effort to keep Linda from falling backwards and actually injuring herself. All I succeeded in doing however was literally placing them on her breasts in the process as she fell backwards. Expecting some shocked embarrassed look from her, which I was certainly showing, she giggled, laughing instead, then looked down at my hands, which were stupidly still mashed against her chest as I leaned into her against the fridge.

“I guess they do have more than one or two useful purposes don’t they?” she teased. “Though bumper guards wouldn’t have been my first guess.”

“What? Oh…fu, I mean…” catching the word before I’d spoken it. “I mean…sorry, I didn’t see you,” I told her apologetically, only then removing my hands though I still hadn’t completely regained my balance, falling into her once again as I failed miserably at trying to lean back, until she actually placed her hands on me, pushing off. But she laughed, and that helped some.

“Nothing to be sorry for,” she said softly. “We are family after all.” And suddenly the image of Linda and Kay sucking my brother’s cock suddenly came to mind.

“Yeah…guess we are, aren’t we?” I said wondering as I absentmindedly began trying to unscrew the wine bottle before realizing I needed a corkscrew instead.

Finally taking the wine and the four glasses that Kay had placed on the counter for me, I walked back out to the patio just in time to see Linda whispering in her sister’s ear. Kay looked towards me as I came out, smiled, grinned really…and whispered something back to her sister to which they then both laughed. üsküdar escort I felt my face flush, realized she had to have said something about me ‘accidentally’ placing my hands on Linda’s tits, and tossed back a confused silly smile. Suddenly feeling exactly like “Petey” for some reason.


It had been a delightful dinner. Jack had cooked the steaks to perfection, the corn was sweet and delicious as was the potato salad that Linda had made. We’d also consumed both bottles of wine, leaving me at least with a nice little buzz without making me feel even sillier than I was. Jack had uncorked a third bottle of wine from his own stock as the girls headed back into the kitchen after having cleared the table off.

“I think the girls are up to something,” Jack told me.

“Oh? What?”

“Hell if I know, but they’ve been whispering and giggling back and forth all evening.”

“Yeah…I noticed that, but I thought they were talking about me and how I accidentally found my hands on Linda’s breasts!”

Jack looked at me. “How does one ‘accidentally’ do that?” So then I had to explain it to him, which he laughed at. “Good story, but no…there’s something else going on besides that,” he told me curiously. Kay hinted at something earlier before you got here, said something about another little surprise she and Linda had picked up at the store.

“What store?”

Jack started to tell me, then obviously thought better of it. “You’d never believe me if I told you, and besides, it would take too long to tell you now. The girls are already on their way out.”

Sure enough, we both turned and watched as Linda and Kay emerged from the house. Kay was carrying what looked to be like some sort of board game.

“What’s that?” Jack asked. Kay was grinning, Linda was blushing.

“A game.”

“What sort of game?” Jack asked again.

“It’s called, ‘Ah oh!'”

“Ah oh!” Jack responded back, meaning it the way it was intended. “Any game with a name like that…”

“Calls for another round of drinks,” Kay said refilling everyone’s glass. “You set up the board Linda, then we’ll explain the rules to the boys here.”

I watched as Linda opened the board setting it squarely in the middle of the patio table. It had a single spiraling path that ended in the middle of the board. Several squares of differing colors had what appeared to be the names of differing cards that had to be drawn if you landed on them. Some were merely symbols, like one, which was a cocktail glass meaning you had to take a drink of some sort of beverage.

“This is one of those adult party games!” I said in surprise, suddenly realizing that as I glanced at another of the symbols in silhouette and realized it was a couple fucking in one of various positions as depicted around the spiraling wheel.

“Yep!” Kay giggled. “Thought it might be kind of fun to play it, especially since we need at least four in order to do so.”

“Gee Kay, I dunno…not sure I’m really up for this, especially with you…Jack, and hell, I’ve barely even met your sister!”

Kay shot me a look. “Didn’t Jack tell you what Linda and I gave him for a birthday present?” she asked seriously.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. “Ah…yeah,” was all I could think of to say.

“Well then? We’re all adults here, and besides…I think this could be a lot of fun, don’t you Linda?” she asked turning to face her sister. Linda was blushing, but she was nodding her head yes. “Well?”

“Well…ok, I guess.” I told her, and then sat down consuming my glass of wine in one gulp.

The pieces consisted of plastic colored images of guys with obvious erections, and women with very noticeable breasts. Kay handed each of us two blank cards that said “I dare you to” on one side.

“Each of us gets to fill out our own ‘dare you’s'”, she told us. “They’ll be mixed in with the other ones that come with the game. Beyond that, all we do is roll the dice, do what ever the cards tell us to do, or whatever the squares you land on tell us to do.”

“So what happens if you get to the middle? Then what?” Jack asked.

“Then you turn around and go back the other way again, but only if you roll doubles. Otherwise you stay where you are.” She was grinning.

“Ah oh,” I said starting to understand. “Gzactly!” Both girls said in unison, speaking the word they’d always spoken ever since growing up together, meaning ‘exactly’.

“What happens if you get stuck in the middle?” Jack asked not quite catching on as yet.

“Well, that depends on who ends up in the middle with them,” Kay offered. “In which case, you then draw a ‘naughty’ card.”

“Naughty card?” I asked nervously. “What’s on a naughty card?”

“Guess you’ll find out if you have to draw one,” Kay giggled.

“What happens if Jack and I end up in the middle together without one of you?” I had to ask.

“Ah oh!” Kay giggled once again, “Hence the name.”

“I think it should be called tuzla escort ‘Oh fuck!’ instead,” Jack added. “Especially if Pete and I end up in the middle together.

“But it’s certainly ok if we do?” Linda said suddenly jumping in.

“Ah oh…” Jack said smiling. “Guess I should have seen that one coming!”

“Ok, nuff…lets play!” Kay said taking her seat, choosing a light blue very busty looking figure as her playing piece.

Jack went first. “What does this mean?” he asked. Kay glanced at the board.

“It means you have to stand on one leg, patting the top of your head with your hand until it’s your turn to roll again. If you put your leg down, or quit patting your head, then you have to take your clothes off.”

“You mean a piece of clothing,” he said smugly.

“No…says right here, ‘all’ of your clothing!”

“Damn…this game gets serious in a hurry doesn’t it?” he confirmed reading the rules.


Jack made it through to his turn, though Linda had now taken his place performing the same act. “Do you still have to do this if you’re already naked?” she asked.

“Yep!” Kay giggled. “Which could get interesting,” she added with a knowing wink.

Everyone had either taken a drink based on the square they’d landed on, or a “Tell a naughty story” card. Which Jack had gotten quite a kick out of in telling as poor Linda continued to jump up and down patting her head until she finally gave up. “Ok…ok, I give up!” she announced matter of factly, already removing her clothes without so much as a hint about being embarrassed about it. And though I found myself becoming aroused, I turned away as she finished undressing.

“Do I get to sit now?” she asked.

“I suppose,” Kay quipped giggling. “Ok, Pete…your turn!”

I rolled, landing on the first ‘Dare you to’ card. Picking one from the deck, I turned it over and immediately saw it was one of the hand-written ones.

“Well? What’s it say?” Kay asked.

“It…it…says,” I began, faltering for words as Kay grabbed the card out of my hand.

“It says:” she began with a smile, “I dare you to lean over and suck the right nipple of the person on your left for one full turn.”

“Who wrote that?” Jack asked smiling.

“I did,” Linda blushed actually admitting it. “So I guess Pete, that means, you get to suck Kay’s right titty.”

I quickly glanced over towards Jack, all he did was smile and shake his head. “You drew it…you do it!” he told me.

Seeing as that Kay was still fully dressed, I proceeded to make the attempt to do that through her blouse. “It says, nipple!” Kay stated seriously. And then to my amazement, she unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled her bra down exposing her breast. Once again I glanced over towards my brother, but all he did was palm the dice and smile at me.

“Suck away little brother!”

So…I did.

If I’d been a bit buzzy earlier, I was really getting buzzy now. So far, no one had been stranded in the middle for very long, at least not long enough for anyone else to join them and have to draw a so-called ‘naughty card’. But then, all that changed. Kay was the first to arrive, followed by Linda when it came to be her turn.

“Now what?” I asked curiously, an edge of bewildered excitement coursing through me as I contemplated the possibilities here.

Linda drew the first naughty card from the deck. “What’s it say?” Jack asked impatiently as Linda read it to herself. She was blushing.

“It says…that I have to perform oral sex on the person I’m with,” she said blushingly. I glanced over towards Kay, and though she’d so far managed to remain dressed, she immediately stood and slipped off her white shorts and panties, sitting down again facing her sister as she sat. Only then did she reach for the one-minute sand-clock turning it over.

“You may begin!” she said with a giggle.

Without even a moments hesitation Linda knelt before her sister’s exposed pussy and began lapping at her unabashedly.

“Holy shit!” I moaned without even realizing I’d spoken.

“You can say that again,” Jack confirmed standing up so he could see better. And I realized when he did, that Jack was sporting an enormous erection, long ago having lost his clothing as well, but obviously not the least bit embarrassed by it at all.

“Time!” he announced reluctantly. “Ok, my turn!”

Jack landed on another ‘dare you to’ card and read. “I dare you to fondle the woman’s pussy on your left.” That was Linda. And he immediately stood, beginning to do so for the full minute of the sand glass as Linda sat back in her chair, eyes closed, legs spread obviously enjoying it.

“Whew! Some game!” I said moments later. “This is pretty wild,” I added nervously.

“Hell, and we’re just getting started too!” Kay finished just as the last of the sand fell in the minute glass. “Time!”

It wasn’t long before everyone was naked, feeling less and less inhibited with the help of several drinks along the way, which was just as well when I ended up in the middle of the board, along with Kay when she joined me moments later.

“Naughty card!” Jack yelled excitedly drawing it before even Kay could retrieve it.

“What’s it say?” Linda questioned, the same question I was asking silently, nervously.

“Ah oh…” Jack mused glancing over towards me.

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